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June 2006

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June 30
Sfeir: Only regular army should undertake Lebanon’s defence
Lebanon debates defense strategy, denounces Gaza invasion
Development boom heads for Beirut
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June 29
Lebanon leaders put off Hezbollah talks amid regional tensions
Lebanese leaders denounce Israel's 'state terrorism'
Syria vows to defend itself after Israeli overflight
Israel on alert for Hezbollah strikes after warning to Syria
Lebanese leaders meet on Hezbollah amid regional tensions
Syria, Lebanon direct negotiations seen likely after Berri's surprise visit
Aoun says dialogue futile, but feels 'obliged' to keep it up
Prominent Lebanse musician escapes kidnaping attempt
Lebanon issues a ban on fireworks during World Cup
Deyaar to showcase premium real estate projects at DREAM 06 exhibition
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June 28
Lebanese leaders to resume talks on Hezbollah arms
Lebanon defense startegey main item on upcoming dialogue agenda
Siniora: Syria, Lebanon 'will eventually have to cooperate'
Tourism study predicts boom for Lebanon
UAE firm, Syria sign MoU to set up $2.7 billion Internet city
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June 27
Assad: Qaida's Presence in Lebanon Growing
Lebanon cenzors magazine carrying articles on Iran, Bahrain
Syria's Assad remarks reverberate in Lebanon
Reef Real Estate unveils new project in Lebanon
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June 26
Islamic extremists hiding out in Lebanon: Assad
Syria: No imposed diplomatic ties with Lebanon
Assad ready to meet slain Lebanon ex-PM's son
Sfeir criticizes attacks on France as Baabda resumes war of words
Assad says Siniora, Hariri, Aoun are welcome if they decide to visit Damsacus
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June 25
Futute TV bomb planting suspect arrested in Lebanon
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June 24
Bomb found at Hariri-owned TV in Beirut
Syria lists four conditions for starting talks with Lebanon
Siniora: Problems with Syria unresolved for lack of diplomatic ties
Hariri relays France's support for Lebanon independence, donor parley
Lebanon To Hike VAT On Deposit Interest
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June 23
Saad Hariri says Lebanon-Syria diplomatic ties possible
US accuses Iran, Hezbollah of being behind attacks in Iraq
Feature: Welcome to Beirut, Sin City of the Arab world
Romania's exclusion of Lebanese president causes flap with France
Army intelligence chief says spy network, assassinations not related
Aoun, Hezbollah stage sit-in to protest Constitutional Council formative law
Francophone controversy continues to reverbate among Lebanon leaders
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June 22
Syria says too early for diplomatic ties with Lebanon
Hezbollah denies ties to Iraq insurgency
New British ambassador to Lebanon appointed
Franophone invite triggers bitter strife among Lebanon leaders
Hariri: Constitution defends presidency, not Lahoud
Real-estate boom in Beirut promises advent of affordable housing
Lebanon expects $2b from tourism
Law on food safety in Lebanon
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June 21
Lebanon's Lahoud accuses France over summit snub
US diplomats warn Lebanon not to complain against Israel
Intelligence chief: Strategic threats on Israel rising
US says Hezbollah involved in Killing US, British and Iraqi soldiers
US prevented an Israeli operation against Lebanon - paper
Lebanese Shiite leader calls for "freezing" UN Resolution 1559
NEAL Splits from Tayyar Aoun
Lebanese risk losing out in global market
Lebanon Gets Observer Status in Arab Group at WTO Talks
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June 20
Alarm sounded over Lebanese economy
Iranian 'agents' active on Lebanon border: Israeli general
UN says Lebanon ill treats asylum seekers
Syrian remarks on Siniora's visit 'violate all diplomatic norms'
Lebanon-Romania diplomatic row continues
Sarraf: 'Lebanon will drown in solid waste'
Alarm sounded over Lebanese economy
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June 19
Lebanese businessmen freed in Iraq: official
Israeli Arab officer sentenced for Hezbollah spying
MK Eitam: Iran in Israel's backyard
Syria blames Siniora for failing to respond to invitation
Francophone invitation triggers diplomatic riddle in Beirut
Spy ring chief denies involvement in Hariri murder, explosions
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June 18
Lebanon booms against all odds
Siniora says ousting gov't a 'dream', asserts Taef formula
Solidere ditributes dividend, re-elects board members
ArtDeco furniture exhibition struggles to draw crowds during World Cup
Lebanon booms against all odds
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June 17
Lebanon denies okaying nudist beaches, gay rights group
Spy ring: Two Israeli agents 'flew in to Beirut' days before Jihad bombing
Beirut to complain to UN about 'Israeli' hand in assassinations
Anti-Syrian politicians warn against abusing Israeli spy network issue
Lebanon begins probe into politician's killing
Bolton says UN may adopt new measures against Syria
Minister upbeat about Lebanon's tourism prospects
Beirut property boom ignores political crises
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June 16
Lebanon assassin turned in Israel jail: militant chief
Israel daily demands inquiry into Lebanon Jihad bombing
Lebanon: War in the shadows
Lebanon says Israel used sophisticated techonolgy in killing Jihad chief
Islamic Jihad leader praises Lebanse army for uncovering Isreali spy network
Kaddoumi says Palestinian weapons issue 'might be settled very soon'
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June 15
UN Security Council extends, widens UN Hariri probe
Lebanon says Israeli plane detonated bomb that killed Jihad chief
UN Council extends mandate of commission probing Hariri killing
US faults Syrian efforts in Hariri probe
‘Considerable progress’ reported on UN Hariri probe
Qaddoumi: Only PLO has authority to hold talks with Lebanon
Siniora, Hariri commend army for uncovering Israeli spy network
Jumblat says 'honor pact' does not apply to 'tyrant Damascus'
Olmert: Israel will pullout form Shebaa farms once officially Lebanese
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June 14
UN probe sees possible link between Hariri and other Lebanon murders
Missing Lebanese businessmen held by police in Iraq
New evidence Mossad behind Lebanon assassinations
Ministry of Tourism launches new official Lebanon tourism website
Pakradoni urges Fatfat to diclose names of arrested rioters
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June 13
Lebanon's army 'foils Israeli attack cell'
BBC to train Lebanese journalists
Bolton: Disentangling Syria from Lebanon 'an important priority'
Lebanese national dies in Vietnam boat sinking
Hezbollah chief says no need to change government
New Judicial Council members appointed, ending months of wrangling
Fatfat says rumors about releasing rioters without charge baseless
Lebanon’s Bank Audi gets Euromoney award
IIB launches new investment in prime Beirut property
Incentive schemes ‘help Lebanon investments’
Robust growth forecast for Gulf economies in 2006
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June 12
Hariri's son says Assad at least partly blamed for father's death
Khaddam confident UN Hariri probe will convict Syria
Lebanon says Israeli spy cell exposed
Jumblat: No reconciliation with Syria's 'bunch of murderes'
Syria satisfied 'in principle' with UN probe into Hariri killing
Minister calls for privatizing Lebanon electricity
Lebanon PM hails UN Hariri investigator
Israeli 'terror network' might be linked to Lebanon assassinations: Manar TV
Escalating war of words threatens Siniora's gov't, urges early elections
Lebanese interest in Hariri probe moves back stage
IMF praises Lebanon's adjustment efforts
Fneish wants to spark electric revival
Minister calls for privatizing Lebanon electricity
Investors start $500mn Syria project
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June 11
Lebanon calls UN report into Hariri killing 'positive'
Syria wants me assassinated too, opposition leader claims
UN report cites Syrian cooperation in Hariri murder probe
IDF begins massive exercise in north
Sfeir decries increase in Christian emigration, sale of property
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June 10
Lebanese suspect arrested in Islamic Jihad chief's killing
Lebanon speaker wants Arab mediation with Syria
Brammertz backs call for extending Hariri murder probe
Lebanon says Islamic Jihad killing suspect arrested
UN chief investigator delivers Hariri murder report to Annan
Brammertz will make no new revelations: UN diplomats
MIT gathering believes in hi-tech Lebanon
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June 9
World cup 06: Football fever grips Lebanon
UN official to deliver Hariri murder report on Saturday
Beirut press, UN offices evacuated after bomb threat
Dialogue leaders present divergent views on Lebanon's defense strategy
Cabinet denouces Hezbollah TV satire, street protests
Gemayel: Riots by Hezbollah supporters "dangerous"
Syrian economy faces challenges as oil reserves decline
Lebanon off list of 20 nations with highest piracy
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June 8
Lebanese leaders adjourn talks on Hezbollah arms
Lebanon leaders hold dialogue session
Annan urges Syria, Lebanon to agree on Shebaa
US Lawmakers Impatient With Syria
Heavy investment in Beirut real estate defies tensions
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June 7
Lebanese leaders to resume talks on Hezbollah arms
Lebanon 'mass grave' turns out to be old cemetery
Syria issues arrest warrant against Khaddam
Hezbollah defense strategy continues to dominate Lebanon politcal scene
UN investigator to present 2nd report on Hariri's killing
Lebanese PM travels to Turkey
New pro-Syrian bloc born in Lebanon
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June 6
Lebanon Riots Show Hezbollah's Power
Syria 'cautiously optimistic' on next Hariri report
Gemayel says riots alarming as Aoun defends Hezbollah
EDL announces greater summer rationing
Intel takes education initiative to Lebanon
Dubai International Financial Center chooses Saidi as chief economist
Gulf states aware oil windfall won't last: IMF
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June 5
Exiled Syrian opposition pledges to protect Alawite minority
Syria Opposition leader says civil disobedience can unseat Assad
Syrian dissidents to go on hunger strike
Hezbollah chief says TV satire protests were spontaneous: Manar TV
Hezbollah chief accuses March 14 camp of inciting sectarian tension
Lebanon tension rises to alarming levels after Hezbolah TV satire
Fatfat isuues two conflicting reports on Gemayel incident: Manar TV
Oman and Lebanon to set up joint tourism project
Common market for Arab nations mooted
IMF warns of 'crisis' if no Lebanon reform
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June 4
Hezbollah says Lebanon majority MPs feeding sectarianism
Lebanon PM says tension with Syria must end
PetroCanada buys into US firm's Syria project
Turkey: 350 Arabian Businessmen Come for Investment
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June 3
US intel: Hezbollah could become threat alongside Iran
Riots over TV satire burn Lebanon’s reputation
Hezbolloh TV satire, Karami rally highten sectarian tension in Lebanon
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June 2
Three hurt in Lebanon protests over TV Hezbollah parody
Calm restored after Shiites riot against TV program mocking Hezbollah
LBC, Lebanese Forces on verge of seperation over shares, politics
Egyptian, Lebanese win new EU-funded press freedom award
Karami commemoration rally to boost formation of pro-Syrian gathereing
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June 1
Zarqawi calls for disarmament of Lebanon's Hezbollah
Hezbollah supporters riot after TV program mocks leader
Hizbollah loyalists protest in Beirut over TV satire
Jailed Syria dissident enters third week of hunger strike
Deal: Shebaa Frams in exchange for Hezbollah
Lebanon seeks way to disarm Palestinian militia groups
IMF forecast for Lebanon: some sunny spots in a cloudy climate
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2006 Article IV Consultation with Lebanon
Siniora vows to create jobs by privatizing telecommunications
Lebanon: More Recommendations

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