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February 2007

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February 28
UN envoy talks to Hezbollah about captured Israeli soldiers
Lebanon arrests officer for alleged spying on Hezbollah
Jumblat's visit to US sparks hostile campaign in Lebanon
UN relays Israel concerns over arms smuggling
Israel to UN: Stop Hezbollah arms flow
Israel threatens to use force to stop Hezabollah
Everyone hates the UN in Lebanon
Solana calls for "constructive role" for Syria in Lebanon
Gunmen abduct Lebanese worker in Nigeria oil delta
Families of captured Israeli soldiers seek UN chief's aid
Lebanon Press Headlines: February 28, 2007
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February 27
Hezbollah deputy chief warns US, Israel
Jumblat: Hezbollah state already in south Lebanon
Top U.S. spy: Iran training Iraqis in Iran, Lebanon
Lebanon will 'burn' if winner emerges - Moussa
Authorities discover "sophisticated" explosives in south Lebanon
A push for regime change in Syria
Lebanon police confiscates liquid explosive from Palestinian camp
Saudi Arabia attempting to persuade Syria over Lebanon rift
Lebanese PM denies arming Sunni extremist groups
Lebanon Press Headlines: February 27, 2007
UN envoy discusses Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace
Lebanon's Jumblatt asks US for aid against Syria
Peretz: Likud was to blame for letting Hezbollah gain strength
Lebanese president asked to Arab summit
Iran denies joint plan with Saudi to resolve Lebanon crisis
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February 26
US resorts to clandestine operations in Lebanon, Iran
Hezbollah building new line of defense, amassing land
Hezbollah regroups in a new mountain stronghold
Olmert tells defense heads to prepare for war with Syria
Lebanon Press Headlines: February 26, 2007
Hariri inquiry unlikely to finish soon: Minister
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February 25
Israeli spy chief predicts war-free Mideast in 2007
Joseph Samaha, prominent Lebanese journalist, dies at 58
Lebanese Government to sell two mobile telephone companies
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February 24
Hezbollah rearms, Israel warns, as frontline flashpoint town rebuilds
Lebanese press forecasts settlement to political crisis soon
British U-turn brings global ban on cluster bombs a step closer
Bassil: Banks have no formula to reduce Lebanon's budget deficit
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February 23
Suspicion of UN troops grows in south Lebanon
Syrian, Hezbollah stocking up on missiles, rockets
Gunmen kill Lebanese engineer in Nigerian oil city
Exiting naval commando chief slams Navy's conduct during Lebanon war
UN envoy to arrive in Lebanon to oversee truce
Lebanon Press Headlines: February 23, 2007
Lahoud warns against losing chance for solving Lebanon crisis
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February 22
Geagea calls for adopting tribunal before cabinet
Israel gripped by Syria war fears
Peretz urges Israel to avoid verbal escalation with Syria
Lebanese police find explosives on Beirut street
Syrian troops move closer to Israel border: report
Syria beefing up its arsenal in wake of Lebanon war
Lebanon fines journalists for defaming Lahoud
Olmert says U.N., Lebanese army curbing Hezbollah
Niger Delta militants say Lebanese hostage escaped, not freed
Hezbollah slams assets freeze
Lebanon Press Headlines: February 22, 2007
Rights group to Lebanese activists: Help free seized Israeli soldiers
UAE grants $300 million loan to Lebanon
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February 21
Army chief says Israel may have to confront Hezbollah
Army emerges as Lebanon best defense against war
Israel in Golan war games to learn Lebanon lessons
U.S. doesn't want post-war reconstruction: Hezbollah
Lebanon unrest worries Britain
Lebanese army fire at Israeli planes
Israeli warplanes fly low over south Lebanon
Hezbollah construction company ignores US blacklisting
US blacklists Hezbollah construction company
Lebanon Press Headlines: February 21, 2007
Arms smuggled from Syria to Hezbollah weekly: report
Lebanese hostage released in Nigeria
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February 20
UAE grants $300 million loan to Lebanon
Lebanon to ask U.N. to extend Hariri probe
Former Lebanese PM due in Iran over political crisis
Syrian coast guards fire on Lebanese fishing boat, killing one
Lebanese army defuses bomb placed inside a car tyre
Peres briefed on Hezbollah arms buildup
Lebanon Press Headlines: February 20, 2007
Chirac laments Hariri in ceremony marking latter's death
Nasrallah depressed, researchers say
UAE grants $300 million loan to Lebanon
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February 19
Lebanon opposition weighs civil disobedience
Hezbollah growing more powerful, says Israeli general
Sfeir tells politicians wars begin with words
UN troops face grave risks in Lebanon
Report: Syrian President Assad denies rift with Iran
Hezbollah's sit-in to continue until objectives achieved - Raad
Ex-Lebanese PM visits Damascus, says talks were "positive"
Israeali officer: Hezbollah has already rebuilt its force
Lebanon Press Headlines: Feb 19, 2007
Lebanon heading to crossroads
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February 18
Iran, Syria urge Muslims to stay united against US
Assad weathers crises, but regime still suffers from uncertainty
Syria, Iran vow to confront US plots
Army arrests 15 stone throwers in south Lebanon
Lebanon Numbers Under Fire
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February 17
Iran and Syria vow alliance against US, Israel
Iran, Lebanon limbs of same body: Ahmadinejad
"Critical" Assad talks in Tehran over Hariri tribunal
Economist warn raising taxes could worsen Lebanon economic slump
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February 16
Hezbollah vows to continue campaign to bring down govt
Hezbollah will not forgive Lebanon arms seizure
Hariri says UN could impose murder tribunal
Hezbollah katyushas fell between the cracks
Lebanon DM vows to restructure security apparatus
Syria's Assad in Iran for talks on Iraq and Lebanon
Saudi prince Al-Walid Bin Talal to invest in Tel Aviv hotel - report
UN Hariri probe to help investigate latest bus bombings
Lebanese army, UNIFIL finish Blue Line verification
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February 15
Syria lashes out at Lebanese leaders
Eleven hurt in Lebanon clash
Bush renews call for special Lebanon court
Pope meets relatives of Hezbollah-seized Israeli soldiers
Lebanese suspect Bechara attempts suicide in Slovak prison - press
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February 14
Lebanese turn Hariri memory into show of defiance
Anti-Syrian Lebanese crowds honor slain Hariri
Lebanese stage massive rally in memory of Hariri
Some fear Lebanon's democratic system
Bush reaffirms US support for a free and democratic Lebanon
Lebanese mark date Hariri assassinated
Lebanon defiant in face of bombings
Majority leaders accuse Assad of masterminding Hariri murder
Lebanese lawmakers blame Syria for bomb attack on buses
Chirac calls for unity and justice on Hariri anniversary
UN Security Council condemns Lebanon bus blasts
Lebanon: Amnesty International condemns targeting of civilians
Lebanon Shiite bloc begins to show cracks
Bombs sow fear in Lebanon before Hariri anniversary
Fitch affirms Lebanon at 'B-'; outlook stable
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February 13
UN says Israel, Lebanon armies violated cease-fire
March 14 says Lebanon sliding towards Iraq-style violence
Lebanese prime minister vows to catch bomb "terrorists"
Sadness rips through Lebanon Christian mountain area
Rivals face off on eve of Hariri muder anniversary
Lebanon bus blasts kill 3 on eve of Hariri memorial
Three killed in Lebanon Christian town bus bombings
Israel gearing up for next war with Hezbollah
Ban Ki-moon condemns terrorist bus bombings in Lebanon
Hariri anniversary threatens Valentine's Day standoff
Mufti's motorcade was not attacked by demonstrators: statement
German EU presidency condemns Lebanon bombings
France condemns Lebanon bomb attacks
Beckett condemns 'targeted' Lebanon bombings
French drones remain grounded for lack of agreement
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February 12
$5 million U.S. reward for Hezbollah, Jihad suspects
Lebanon deeply divided on Hariri murder anniversary
Fatah-Islam briefly kidnap three Lebanese policemen
Lebanese, UN officials agree to work on marking border
Arab League's Moussa upbeat on Lebanon deal
Hariri anniversary threatens to inflame Lebanon passions
Lebanon scraps compulsory military service
Arab League chief hopeful of Lebanon deal despite hurdles
Assad threatened to kill Nabih Berri, report says
UN commander meets Lebanese, Israeli officers
French and Lebanese Defence Ministers meet for talks
East Mediterranean oil feud revisited
Beirut expects $6-7 billion for mobile license
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February 11
Arab League head in Syria for talks on Lebanese crisis
Berri to set 'working group' to discuss Hariri tribunal
Hariri's widow urges Nasrallah to make anniversary a unifying event
Cypriot president will not back down in oil exploration dispute with Turkey
Arab League leader in Syria for talks on Lebanon
US delivers more SUVs to Lebanon
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February 10
Explosive faceoff feared on Hariri murder anniversary
Lahoud calls on army, UN to remark parts of border
Gemayel demands answers to Lebanon murders
Lebanon to take day off for anniversary of Hariri murder
Lebanon hit by black market weapons boom
Merkel warns Syria not to meddle in Lebanon
Gemayel backs Siniora over Hariri murder court
UN chief names Pedersen Lebanon's special coordinator
Lebanese Higher Shiite Council bans use of arms
Gemayal says Hariri tribunal will seek truth not revenge
World Bank reaffirms commitment to Lebanon
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February 9
Will the Syrian wager on Iran succeed in obstructing the international tribunal?
Lebanon, Again: The Israelis want another go
Trish Schuh: The Salvador Option in Beirut
Lebanon's anti-Syrian majority to mark Hariri anniversary
Lebanese DM: seized Hezbollah arms will be used by army
Lebanon prepares to sell 2 mobile firms: minister
UN send tanks to Lebanon-Israeli border shootout
Hezbollah demands return of arms seized by army
Lebanon Defense Minister speaks of possible threats against UN Force
UN boosts border presence after Israeli-Lebanese clash
Former Lebanese president says UN tribunal non-negotiable
U.N. appeals to Israel, Lebanon to observe fragile truce
U.S. delivers more police equipment to Lebanon
Lebanese authorities confiscate arms near Beirut
Lebanon prepares to sell 2 mobile firms: minister
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February 8
Bush to meet with former Lebanese president Gemayel
Siniora calls on army to respond to Israel 'violations'
Israel intensifies flights over Lebanon border
Siniora blasts Isreali 'violation' of Lebanese sovereignty
UN boosts border presence after Israeli-Lebanese clash
Israel says hopes to keep Lebanon border calm
Lebanon: Long-term environmental challenges ahead
Assad: Syria firm in its support for Hezbollah, Hamas
Hezbollah receives SA-18 missiles from Syria
UNIFIL says Israeli-Lebanon border incident was serious
Tourism takes a beating in crisis-hit Lebanon
Shooting erupts across Israel-Lebanon border
Arab Leagus envoy expresses fear over Lebanon future
Israeli, Lebanese troops trade fire across border
Lebanon praises German help with improving border security
Lebanon: Long-term environmental challenges ahead
Tourism takes a beating in crisis-hit Lebanon
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February 7
Israel weighing force against Hezbollah
Israeli bulldozers searching for bombs
Lebanon prime minister puts onus on U.S.
Israel warns Hezbollah regaining strength In South Lebanon
Lebanon crisis may block Hariri murder court
Hezbollah resumes threat along Isreali border
US, Iran help reconstruct Lebanon's destroyed bridges
UN OK's tribunal on Lebanon political killings
Seven months on, IDF implementing lessons of Lebanon war
Lebanon boycotts Munich meet because Israel attending
Israeli ambassador to UN complains about Hezbollah bombs
US, Iran help reconstruct Lebanon's destroyed bridges
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February 6
Defiant Hezbollah returns to Israel border
Hezbollah says explosives found near border not new
Lahoud says Siniora's letter to UN unconstitutional
Lebanon, UN sign pact for Hariri murder tribunal
UN Legal aide signes Hariri Tribunal document
Germany grants Lebanon border security equipment
Israel slams UNIFIL, Lebanon over bombs
Lebanon Christians vow to avoid violence, discord
U.N.: Lebanon should OK Hariri tribunal
blank.gif (59 bytes)
February 5
Hezbollah finds itself frustrated on the political battlefield
Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia now talking
Aid at risk if Lebanon crisis drags on: minister
Arab diplomacy struggles to defuse Lebanon crisis
Students return to Lebanese university
Israeli army says Hezbollah bombs found
Opposition strike is a "failure" and a "time bomb": Tofaili
Syria behind 'coup d'etat' in Lebanon: Gemayel
Lebanese women protest against return to civil war
Ties between Iran and Hezbollah alarm government
IDF 'must do more' to prevent Hezbollah arms smuggling
IDF locates, destroys suspicious device near Lebanon border
Arab League chief to resume Lebanon mediation 'soon'
Aid at risk if Lebanon crisis drags on: minister
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February 4
Nasrallah admits Iran supplies Hezbollah with arms
New Group Calling for Dialogue in Lebanon
Syria says it foiled attempt to smuggle arms to Lebanon
Beirut residents fear new outbreak of civil war
Lebanon ex-president says Syria trying to topple govt
Iran plays big role in Lebanon, evoking both gratitude and complaints
Arab League official due in Beirut Monday - sources
Olmert: Winograd panel agrees ground push was necessary
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February 3
Beirut political crisis could endanger aid pledges
French lawmakers urge terror label for Hezbollah
Lebanon's Sunni clerics issue fatwa
Beirut political crisis could endanger aid pledges
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February 2
American involvement deepens in Lebanon
Sunni, Christian leaders caution against bloodshe
Hezbollah raises its flag across border
Italian general takes command of U.N. force in Lebanon
Israel planes still buzzing Lebanon: U.N. commander
Lebanon spent $3 billion on debt interest last year
Olmert: Israel won Lebanon war
Israeli leader defends war in Lebanon
Consumers feel pinch as prices record new high
Lebanon deficit balloons to nearly 40 percent of spending
Small-business owners fear new VAT could be final blow
Lebanon spent $3 billion on debt interest last year
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February 1
Israel PM grilled by Lebanon war commission
Palestinians say they will not be dragged into Lebanese politics
Analysis: 13 CIA agents wanted in Germany
Democracy in Lebanon up for debate
Asaad: Hezbollah using Lebanon's Shiites to defend Iran
Lebanese expatriates call on leaders to solve the political crisis
Cyprus denounces Turkey's threats against its Lebanon oil deal
Olmert testifies to Lebanon war panel

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