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August 2007

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August 31
Lebanese troops close in on militants at camp
Army steps up raids on Islamists after 5 soldiers die
Lebanon Prime Minister to visit Berlin next week
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 31, 2007
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August 30
Anti-Syrian Lebanese MP joins presidential race
Militants wives tell families of hardships at besieged camp
US tells Lebanon army: 'you can count on our support'
Battles at Lebanon camp continue as two more soldiers die
Hezbollah denounces watchdog's report
Lebanon's Lahoud says will install government if no deal
Lebanese MP Boutros Harb runs for presidency
Report accuses Hezbollah of indiscriminate attacks against civilians
Hezbollah sets up independent wireless phone network
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 30, 2007
Lebanese army receives 130 US Humvees
Arabic-themed school blasted for misappropriating Gibran's name
No proof Israeli soldiers in Lebanon are alive: U.N
Lebanese minister slams Hezbollah phone network
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August 29
Rights group says Hezbollah trying to silence it
Lebanon ups security after threats against Arab envoys
Lebanon slams rights report on Hezbollah war with Israel
Hezbollah to blast Israel with blitz of law suits
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 29, 2007
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August 28
Israel worried by Iranian owned anti-ship missile
Lebanon poised to disable Hezbollah phone network
Lebanese helicopters pound Islamists in siege camp
Saudi Arabia bans Al Hayat from distribution in the kingdom
Barak: Hezbollah has 20,000 rockets, more than before war
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 28, 2007
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August 27
Mediators try to evacuate wounded from Lebanon siege camp
Israel warns Hezbollah rearming out of reach
Israel takes Lebanon war panel's advice: officials
Lebanon militants request evacuation of wounded
UAE, Saudi ambassadors in Lebanon receive death threats
Israel: Hezbollah rocket arsenal bigger than before 2006 War
Israel ignores plight of former Lebanese 'agent'
Gibran Arabic school opening in New York draws protests
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 27, 2007
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August 26
Three soldiers killed in Lebanon camp battle
Lebanese army readies final assault on Islamists
France ready to open up to Syria if it stays out of Lebanon
Lebanon Sunnis rally for threatened Saudi envoy
Lebanese helicopters pound refugee camp
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August 25
Lebanese army resumes raids on refugee camp
Saudi envoy quits Lebanon amid attack warnings
Civilians evacuated from Lebanon camp released by army
Lebanon on brink of blackout due to lack of fuel - Paper
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August 24
UN Council extends Lebanon peace force for year
Militants' families evacuated from Lebanon camp
Report: Hezbollah to move its HQ to a secret location
Hezbollah exhibits 'victory' over Israel
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 24, 2007
Lebanon: Militants want families out
Lebanon camp militants say civilians ready to leave
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August 23
Cluster bombs kill one, wound three in Lebanon
French envoy in new bid to break Lebanon deadlock
Two Lebanese soldiers die in battle with Islamists
Lebanon arrests two Palestinian suspects in UNFIL bombing
Lebanon army awaits news from militants on evacuation
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 23, 2007
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August 22
Germany agrees to cut troops in Lebanon mission
Presidential race adds to Lebanese political tensions
France launches fresh bid to end Lebanon deadlock
Lebanon mediator says contact with militants lost
France introduces draft resolution to extend UNFIL's mission
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 22, 2007
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August 21
Lebanese army allows militants' families to leave camp
Saudi-Syria tensions seethe over Lebanon
Syrian-Saudi war of words bodes ill for troubled region
Hanegbi to Winograd panel: War led to diplomatic achievement
Lebanese army fights for equipment
Militants said seeking truce in Lebanon camp war
Lebanon anti-Syrians mull election standard-bearer
Lebanon charges siege camp Islamists with terrorism
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 21, 2007
Lebanon fails to attract foreign investment
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August 20
Lebanon Christian leaders meet to agree on next president
Mehdi fighters 'trained by Hezbollah in Lebanon'
Cluster bomb kills Hezbollah guerrilla in Lebanon
Lebanese army helicopters drop bombs on militants
Lebanese soldier dies as army pounds camp from air
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 20, 2007
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August 19
Lebanese bomb camp in bid to flush out Islamists
Fighting in Lebanon camp kills two soldiers
Opposition leader slams Syria over Saudi row
Future Isreali army structure to focus on ground, not air
Sniper kills Lebanese soldier in camp battle
Call to cut phone call costs in Lebanon
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August 18
Lebanon charges over 100 Fatah-el-Islam militants
UN chief welcomes Dutch agreement to host Hariri tribunal
Proposal: Longer U.N. stay in Lebanon
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August 17
Netherlands to host tribunal prosecuting Lebanon PM Killing
Saudi accuses Syria of trying to stoke regional disorder
Russia delivers air defense system to Syria says report
Lebanese army says two militants killed in siege camp
Three months on, Lebanese army still battling Islamists
Lebanese helicopters pound besieged militants
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 17, 2007
Syrian killed, 5 injured in Lebanon scrap metal shop blast
Syria, Lebanon to get Egyptian gas soon
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August 16
Hezbollah brings Israel war to computer screen
Hezbollah marks war anniversary with pomp and piety
Dutch govt signals green light to hosting Hariri tribunal
Report: Bodies of 3 PFLP men killed in 1982 found in Lebanon
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August 15
Expert: Hezbollah possess sophisticated weapons
Israel braced for new attack a year after war with Hezbollah
Lebanon presidential elections a game of tug and pull
Israel must take Hezbollah leader seriously: minister
Nasrallah vows 'surprise' that could shake region if Israel attacks Lebanon
Lebanon: A year after end of war, UN envoy stresses need to heal rifts
Lebanon appeals to besieged Islamists to surrender
UN slams Israel over details of ordnance dropped on Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: Auguts 15, 2007
US to label Iran Revoultionary Guard terrorists
PLO in Lebanon reorganizes to confront challenge from Hamas Islamists
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August 14
Hezbollah warns Israel against new attacks on Lebanon
Lebanese army wants more from U.S.
Lebanese helicopters hit Fatah al-Islam bunkers
Militant warns of more Fatah al-Islam attacks
Army chief: Fatah el-Islam is a branch of Al-Qaeda
Arabs rank first among visitors to Lebanon
Syria has no plans for war on Israel: Syrian VP
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 14, 2007
Arabs rank first among visitors to Lebanon
Lebanon: Branching Out
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August 13
Hezbollah exhibit celebrates war ‘heroes’
US adds Fatah al-Islam to terrorism blacklist
Lebanon arrests 4 Palestinians planning bombings
Islamist sniper kills soldier at Lebanon camp
Britain's image 'damaged' by reaction to Lebanon war: MPs
Jerusalem source: Syria is worried by Iran's 'bear hug'
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 13, 2007
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August 12
Islamist hints at attacks by militants outside camp
Palestinian fighters keep a low profile in Lebanon
Hezbollah buys frontier land to attack Israel
UN troops keep south Lebanon calm year after war
Lebanese army turns down siege surrender
Hezbollah marks war 'victory' amid Lebanon crisis
U.S. declares Lebanon's Fatah al-Islam group terrorist
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August 11
Syria says it supports French bid to end Lebanon crisis
Stench of corpses hampers Lebanon soldiers in crisly camp battle
KFAED finances 12 projects in Lebanon
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August 10
Hezbollah showcases 'divine victory' over Israel
Lebanese army clashes with Islamists after air raid
Lebanese helicopters, artillery bombard militants in Nahr al-Bared
Iran cleric says talks only way to resolve crisis
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 10, 2007
Lebanon banks show growth despite political instability
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August 9
Syria reveals army deaths from militant campaign
Lebanese army claims breakthrough in siege camp
Lebanon president may cede his authorities to army
Fatah Al-Islam confirms deputy leader's death
Israel needs rocket defense system: Official
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 9, 2007
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August 8
Four Islamists, 2 troops killed in Lebanon camp
Alwaleed's Rotana TV merging with Lebanese LBC
UN food agency to help farmers in southern Lebanon
Lebanese presidency battle begins
Army captures weapons, ammunition from siege camp
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 8, 2007
Solution to DSL problems under under consideration by Lebanon telcom
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August 7
Lebanon top Shiite cleric says US desperate for victory
France says by-elections democratic, sovereign choice
One year on, war pollution still stains Lebanon's shores
Both sides draw comfort from Lebanon poll result
Vote shows sharp divide among Lebanon Christians
Lebanon announce death of Fatah Islam deputy commander
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 7, 2007
UN chief urges Council to extend Lebanon peacekeeping mandate
Gemayel calls for unity
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August 6
Lebanon majority hails 'victory' despite losing seat
By-elections strengthen Lebanon opposition
Israelis warned of Hezbollah kidnap threat abroad
Lebanese opposition candidate wins seat by 418 votes
Syrian-backed opposition claims victory in Lebanon poll
Lebanon opposition vote win further splits Christians
Lebanese vote widens gap among Lebanon Christians
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 6, 2007
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August 5
Lebanese army still battling Islamists at refugee camp
Two Lebanese soldiers killed fighting Islamist militants
Lebanese Shiite cleric calls for forming "Axis of the Good" to face US
Lebanon opposition claims victory in Metn by-election
Lebanon holds tense balloting to replace murdered MPs
Lebanon ruling majority in by-election showdown
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August 4
UN 'gravely concerned' over arms smuggling to Lebanon
Lebanon Christians divided ahead of key vote
Lebanon observes tight security ahead of key elections
Power supply hit as fighting rages on at Lebanon camp
Lebanese soldier killed in battle at camp
Four militants, three Lebanese soldiers killed in fighting
Polls in divided Lebanon test for presidential vote
Lebanon and Iran in Asian final
Hezbollah vows not to use arms against Lebanese foes
Hezbollah says U.S. trying to intimidate Lebanese
Hezbollah leader slams U.S. arms deals, says aim is to drown Mideast in wars
Romney responds to Hezbollah remarks
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August 3
UN invites countries to submit candidates for Hariri tribunal
UN concerned by arms smuggling across Syria border
Bush warning meant for Syria: Don’t meddle in Lebanon
Lebanese by-elections likely to prove dramatic
Fierce fighting between Lebanese army and Islamists
EU gives EUR 4 million for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 3, 2007
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August 2
Bush freezes assets of those tied to Lebanon violence
Three troops killed as Lebanese army battles Islamists
Lebanon's top Shiite Muslim cleric bans honor killings
Islamists rocket power station in north Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 2, 2007
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August 1
Three Lebanese soldiers killed at battle camp
Ongoing camp battle mars Lebanese Army Day
Lebanese leaders praise troops on eve of Army Day
Israeli PM sees no war with neighbours in coming months
Lebanese to seek unity on Army Day
Lebanon Press Roundup: August 1, 2007

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