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October 2007

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October 31
UN Chief: Presidential poll key to resolve Lebanon problems
Rival leaders in Lebanon vote dispute meet in Paris
Isreal to UN: Hezbollah has tripled its land-to-sea missile arsenal
Amnesty calls for Lebanese inquiry into looting, abuses at Palestinian camp
Iranian FM postpones visit to Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 31, 2007
US says it can't confirm Hariri's claim of Syrian death plot
Syria demands from Hariri evidence of alleged assassination plot
Iran FM due in Beirut for talks on presidential poll
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October 30
Hariri says has evidence of Syrian plot to kill PM, himself
US official plans talks with France on Lebanon
Hariri, Aoun expected to meet in Paris
German DM visits country peacekeepers off Lebanese coast
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 30, 2007
Credit Libanais launches its operations in Bahrain
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October 29
'Mystery' US base causes confusion among Lebanese
'Clairvoyant' Michel Hayek sees election of new president, assassinations
Germany to extend mission in Lebanon
German defence minister begins Mideast tour
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 29, 2007
Lebanon projects a deficit of 6.3 pct of GDP in 2008 budget
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October 28
Hezbollah says it does not object to a president from the majority
Lebanon's Shiite cleric tells the British to act more European than American
Lebanon's Shebaa Farms remain a point of contention
French envoy discusses Lebanon's elections in Syria
Israel army bids to learn Lebanon war lessons
Zain eyes bid for Lebanon telecom firm: report
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October 27
Presidential impasse casts fear on Lebanon campus
Syrian, French foreign ministers discuss Lebanon
Milestones in Irish UN duty as troops stand down in Lebanon
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October 26
Beirut to unveil city's first parking meters
Palestinians wed in ruins of Lebanon siege camp
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 26, 2007
EIU says Lebanon's political and economic future is at risk
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October 25
Egypt urges no interference in Lebanon vote
Lebanon troops open fire on intruding Israeli warplanes
Egyptian Foreign Minister in Lebanon to try to end crisis
UN report suggests Syrian role in arming Hezbollah, others
UN chief calls for ending 'foreign interference' in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 25, 2007
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October 24
Suspicious fires destroy vast forests in northern Lebanon
Ban: Hezbollah's military build up is 'deeply disconcerting'
Arab police chiefs to meet in Beirut next week
Lebanon MPs living in 'gilded prison' for fear of assassins
Forest fires rage again in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 24, 2007
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October 23
Ex-Ahmadinejad translator: Lebanon war strengthened Iran
Officer who pulled Israel out of Lebanon may assist US in Iraqi withdrawal
Lebanon president choice stalled
MPs barricade themselves in Beirut hotel
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 23, 2007
Syrian deputy FM slams Lebanese ruling majority
Lebanon: Better Governance Practices
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October 22
Hezbollah warns against creation of US bases in Lebanon
Jumblat accuses Hezbollah of political assassinations
Hezbollah calls U.S. base in Lebanon 'a hostile act'
Lebanese presidential vote delayed to Nov. 12
Olmert: Hezbollah gave Israel letter from Ron Arad
Israel rejects UN envoy's idea for talks on Shebaa Farms
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 22, 2007
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October 21
EU mission fails to unite Lebanon foes
Fadlallah: U.S. offering Lebanon military base or face new strife
Lebanese press unmoved by EU troika visit
Report: Druze leader to seek Barak's help in toppling Syria gov't
Lebanon elections likely to be postponed
Surprise guest at Lebanon wedding party
'It's time to lure Syria away from Iran'
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October 20
Lebanon election set for delay again
Isreal's Barak discusses Iran, Lebanon with UN Chief
European FMs launch new bid to end Lebanon crisis
Angry parents want refugees out of Lebanon schools
Turkish minister holds talks in Beirut
UN envoy: Lebanese claim to Shebaa Farms area has merit
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October 19
US reportedly seeking greater influence in Lebanon
Hezbollah denounces U.S.-Lebanon plan
US to build "strategic partnership" with Lebanese army
Syria ready to open ties with friendly Lebanon
Syria says U.S. interference threatens Lebanon stability
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 19, 2007
Israel probe panel may not seek premier’s resignation
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October 18
US, Lebanese army deny reports of establishing US bases in Lebanon
Swapped POW wasn't a Hezbollah fighter, wife says
European troika visits Lebanon to support UNIFIL
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 18, 2007
Israel says Hezbollah must clarify Ron Arad fate
Hezbollah supporters mass for fighter funeral
IMF warns of inflation surge
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October 17
US said planning regime change in seven ME countries
US plans military presence, air base in northern Lebanon - Report
Families of Fatah Islam allowed to leave Lebanon
Lebanon urged to treat Palestinian refugees better
Nasralah reports progess in talks to free Israeli soldiers
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 17, 2007
Lebanon parliament holds first session in months
UN chief hails Israel-Lebanon prisoner swap
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October 16
Lebanon MPs unlikely to pick president at next session
Foreign powers sway Lebanon's quest for president
Lebanon investigates Palestinians over plot to hit UN
Lebanon says UN attack plot suspects are Palestinians
UN boosting Lebanon security after attack plot
Olmert says long road to final prisoner swap
Two Palestinians hurt in grenade blast at Lebanon school
Lebanese Paper: Hezbollah provided papers written by Ron Arad
Berlin-Tehran ties key to prisoner deals
Olmert: Israel-Hezbollah swap part of negotiations to free soldiers
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 16, 2007
Analysis: Swap is at most a mutual gesture of good will
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October 15
Hezbollah, Israel in partial prisoner swap
Swap linked to freeing two captured soldiers: Israel
Lebanon arrests group planning attacks on UN force
Israel denies captured soldiers were turned over to Iran
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 15, 2007
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October 14
Captured Israeli soldiers 'handed to Iran'
European envoys seek to diffuse Lebanese crisis
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October 13
Maronite leaders agree on forming committee
Celebration marks end of Ramadan in Lebanon
March 14 Bloc seeks "Lebanese made" president
Israeli tourist held in Lebanon jail recounts two-week ordeal
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October 12
Brazil denies Lebanese request to extardite Rana Koleilat
Top Lebanese cleric criticizes Cheney for hostility toward Iran
Siniora accuses Hezbollah of arming opposition groups
Families of dead Lebanese troops block refugee return
Ban sets up panel for selecting Lebanon tribunal judges
Army found evidence of Al-Qaeda threat to Lebanese PM: Paper
Man on trial in Lebanon says he planted bombs in Germany
Lebanese Christian opposition meets Sfeir, reasserts respect for constitution
Lebanon opposition slams government plan to sell cellular networks
Israeli held in Lebanon is deported to Germany
Lebanon opposition slams government plan to sell cellular networks
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October 11
Assad slams Lebanese parties who follow Israel
Report: Former SLA officers aiding Hezbollah
Israeli cluster bomb kills British deminer in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 11, 2007
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October 10
US court refuses to hear Lebanese-German torture appeal
First 100 families return to battered Lebanon camp
UN ships disrupt Israeli satellite TV
Lebanon's Hariri urges strong UN words on killings
Hariri seeks speedy tribunal, stopping 'destabilising coup'
Group linked to Al Qaida assassinated Hariri - report
Hariri calls on Russia, China to prevent interference in vote
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 10, 2007
MEA posts US$39 million profit despite Lebanon war
Lebanon mobile auction set for February
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October 9
Top US court rejects CIA kidnap case
Final Israeli Lebanon war report to spare Olmert
Lebanese Maronite seeks consensus on presidential candidate
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 9, 2007
Lebanon: Making Easy Work of Business
Lebanon Muslims, Christians unite in quest for jobs abroad
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October 8
Lebanon arrests 30 militants linked to alleged bomb plots
Beirut charges 20 militants including four Russians with terror
Lebanese paper: Former MK Bishara met with Hezbollah chief
MI: Syria likely to respond to Isreali air strike using Hezbollah
March 14 assails Hezbollah's suggestion of electing president by direct polls
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 8, 2007
Merrill Lynch paints gloomy picture of Lebanon
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October 7
Lebanon may break without U.S. support: Hariri
Beirut housing sector rides out crises
Lebanon MP: Nasrallah clearing way for more political murders
Beirut housing sector rides out crises
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October 6
Christian split in Lebanon raises specter of civil war
Lebanon's growing trend of arms and militias
Lebanese army to determinedly repulse conspiracies: army chief
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October 5
Hezbollah chief accuses Israel of Lebanbon killings
Syria plans disruption in Lebanon, Hariri says
Lebanon opposition says armed militants 'just having fun'
No place for Hezbollah “mini-state” in Lebanon
Lebanon must choose consensus president or 'face chaos'
Bush warns against 'foreign interference' in Lebanon vote
Russian embassy in Lebanon investigates terrorists reports
Lebanon police arrrests FPM members for weapons training
Lebanon deputy speaker says ready to chair simple majority vote
Lebanon charges 16 Palestinians, 4 Russians with terrorism
Lebanon issues warrant for militia chief
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 5, 2007
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October 4
Bush warns Syria not to meddle in Lebanon's election
98 Islamists buried in mass grave in north Lebanon
Hariri urges Rice to pressure Syria not to interfere in Lebanon
Palestinians clash in Lebanese refugee camp
Siniora discusses with Qatari Amir establishing oil refinery in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 4, 2007
Hezbollah: No reason to end 10-month sit-in yet
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October 3
Swathes of forest lost forever to Lebanon fires
Lebanon fighting fires with help from Italy, Cyprus and Jordan
Death toll from Beirut bombing rises to six
Woodland hit as forest fires rage in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 3, 2007
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October 2
Assad denies Syria behind killing anti-Syrian politicians
Lebanon can’t afford fiasco in picking president
Lebanon charges 14 Islamists with terrorism
Forest fires rage in Lebanon, cause unclear
Lebanon police detains 11 FPM members training with arms
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 2, 2007
Prominent Lebanese  banker warns of failure to elect president
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October 1
Tug of war complicating Lebanon's election outcome
Top Fatah Islam militant captured in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: October 1 ,2007

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