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November 2007

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November 30
Lebanon: Cautious Improvement
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Lebanon: IMF Report on Performance Under the Program Supported by Emergency Post-Conflict Assistance
Patriarch slams Lebanon opposition for vote boycott
Lebanese opposition vows to continue sit-in
Protest still paralyses central Beirut one year on
UN to Israel: stop Lebanon airspace violations
U.S. may be softening Syria policy
9/11 is a revenge for Palestinians and Lebanon: Bin Laden
Lebanon Press Headlines: November 30, 2007
Lebanon shares surge on hopes of deal in crisis
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November 29
Lebanon president vote postponed as compromise looms
Lebanon army chief gets Aoun's backing for presidency
Lebanon to put off vote again, army chief in focus
Lebanon army chief seen as neutral presidential candidate
Lebanon lawmakers back army chief
Brammertz warns assassins are still powerful in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Headlines: November 29, 2007
Old Israeli rocket kills man in Lebanon
Wife of Lebanese restaurant-chain owner pleads guilty to fraud in Detroit
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November 28
Army chief ‘could become’ Lebanon president
Lebanese majority backs army commander as president
Empty Lebanon presidency worries Christians
Lebanon president seen delayed again, hope emerges
Lebanon Press Headlines: November 28, 2007
Saudis call for Israeli talks with Syria, Lebanon
Fadlallah: Muslim wives may fight back if beaten by husbands
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November 27
Bush ties democratic Lebanon to Middle East peace
Two killed, six wounded in northern Lebanon clash
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon protest against US talks
Lebanon on hold until Annapolis summit is over
Lebanon Press Headlines: November 27, 2007
Siniora says Lebanon government 'will not be provocative'
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November 26
Syria has much to gain from Annapolis
Lebanon faces decisive week
Palestinians in Lebanon expect little from Mideast meet
Lebanese authorities seize millions of smuggled pills
Lebanon accuses Israel of firing on fishermen
Lebanon Press Headlines: November 26, 2007
Political wrangling causes price slump on Beirut Stock Exchange
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November 25
Hezbollah adds new demand in Lebanon
Lebanon could stay in limbo for weeks
Hezbollah raises specter of long Lebanon power void
Patriarch Sfeir says situation in Lebanon is 'critical'
Lebanese ‘holding back’ from violence for now
Lebanese PM vows to find head of state soon
Explosion Wounds Eight In Lebanon Refugee Camp
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November 24
Lebanon to attend Mideast peace conference
Lebanon's Siniora urges calm as govt takes powers
Vacuum in Lebanon as Lahoud steps down
Lebanon in void, president leaves palace vacant
Lebanon faces fresh turmoil as presidency ends in chaos
Lebanon’s Lahoud steps down, creating power vacuum
Lebanon's president hands power to army
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November 23
Political crisis deepens in Lebanon
World powers fear unrest in Lebanon leadership crisis
US urges calm in Lebanon amid political chaos
Lebanon’s Lahoud hands over security to army
Lebanon risks power vacuum after vote failure
Tanks on the streets as Lebanon crisis deepens
Lebanon vote set to Nov. 30, vacuum looms
Booby trap in Lebanon camp kills two soldiers
Lebanon fails to elect president
Vote in Lebanon appears doomed; army deploys
Divided Lebanon faces presidential vacuum
Lebanon final attempt to elect president seen futile
Opposition vote boycott deepens Lebanon crisis
Lebanon’s leaders unable to agree as deadline nears
Lebanon's inability to pick a president could bring chaos
Lebanon president vote derailed, talks deadlocked
Lebanese ruling majority turns down Aoun's initiative
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November 22
Lebanon opposition leader Aoun offers deal to end impasse
Lebanon crisis marks milestone in Christian decline
France's Kouchner says Lebanese crisis needs "a miracle"
Lebanon presidential election postponed
Politics, religion and foreign interference rule in Lebanon vote
Not so independent Lebanon has Independence Day
Lebanon near despair over quest for new president
Lebanese presidential vote seen unlikely
Lebanon deadlocked over presidency
Lebanese Shiite group accuse Nasrallah of fomenting civil strife
Ex-defense min.: IDF could have brought Hezbollah to its knees
Make-or-break talks on eve of Lebanon presidential vote
U.S. accuses Syria of meddling in Lebanon
Italy PM, Syria president urge political compromise in Lebanon
Rice tells Syria to stop meddling in Lebanon
Rice links detente with Syria to Lebanon vote
Lebanese debate compromise deal on presidency
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November 21
Christian leader says Syria blocking Lebanon deal
Lebanon deadlock could set off civil war, fuel Mideast volatility
Lebanon deal elusive as U.N. warns of confrontation
Lebanon girds for chaos as factional rift deepens
Tensions high as Lebanese president's term nears end
U.N.'s Ban warns against "confrontation" in Lebanon
Italian, French, Spanish FMs to meet in Beirut: official
Spain’s foreign minister to join efforts to end crisis in Lebanon
Kouchner to stay in Beirut till presidential elections’ day
Lebanon Press Headlines: November 21, 2007
French presidential aide in Syria for talks on Lebanon's deadlock
French president calls Syrian president in push for Lebanon deal
Hariri meets with Russian president to discuss presidential vote
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November 20
Lebanon pushes presidential election to brink
Lebanon delays president vote, tightens security
Hailstorm sets off bomblets in Lebanon
Security measures stepped up as prospects for electing president dim
Lebanon presidential vote postponed for fourth time
Aoun says ready to pullout if Hezbollah chooses another candidate
Germany adds to pressure on Lebanese to end election impasse
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 20, 2007
Comptroller's report paints bleak picture of Israeli army
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November 19
Lebanese factions deadlocked over president
Blocked Lebanon deal angers France's Kouchner
Lebanese gripped by fear over election tug-of-war
Arab League official in Lebanon to help resolve deadlock
French FM 'less confident' over Lebanon impasse
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 19, 2007
Hezbollah 'setting stage to control Lebanon, change regime'
Assad consults with Syria's leadership on Mideast peace talks, Lebanon
Jordan, Syria support compromise president in Lebanon
Lebanon: Fiscal Future in the Balance
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November 18
Diplomats scramble to push Lebanon deal as clock ticks
Lebanon enters decisive week in presidential crisis
Hezbollah launches massive project to rebuild south Beirut
Independent Ramzi Jreij wins Beirut Bar Association presidency
Tight security as thousands join Beirut marathon
Syria foils attempt to smuggle money to Lebanon
Israeli PM faces censure over ‘pointless’ deaths in Lebanon
Some in CIA want to re-hire top notch spy
Hezbollah launches massive project to rebuild south Beirut
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November 17
Italian FM pushes for Lebanon compromise
Lebanese patriarch submits candidates list
LBC calling off Geagea's interview provokes protests
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November 16
U.N.'s Ban warns Lebanon faces "brink of abyss"
Lebanon at crossroads before presidential deadline
Refugee camp clash augers ill for Lebanon
Lebanon’s Hariri upbeat about deal on new president
Hezbollah chooses candidate in Lebanon vote
Rival Palestinians clash in camp near Beirut airport
Ban Lebanon TV chief from attending British protest: Tories
UN chief presses Lebanese leaders on presidential vote
Lebanese army on alert over presidential elections
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 16, 2007
Will Lebanon reconsider selling its gold reserves
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November 15
UN chief urges free and fair election in Lebanon
Lebanon Maronite leader called to settle presidency row
UN chief says Hariri tribunal ’irreversible’
UN chief in Lebanon to break presidential deadlock
Report: Al-Qaeda planned hit on Hezbollah chief
Maid abuse under scrutiny in Lebanon
Feds' Jihad Jane Shame
Moussa: Arabs all want consensual new president in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 15, 2007
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November 14
Maronite Christian chief fields presidential candidate list
Lebanon awaits presidential candidate list
UN chief to meet Lebanese leaders on crisis
France offers hope and warning on Lebanon presidency
Lebanese woman pleads guilty in U.S. security case
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 14, 2007
Lahoud may take constitutional steps over presidency
Lebanon could get $6 billion for telecom sale
Bank scheme for Lebanese expats
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November 13
Canadian named to head Lebanon Hariri probe
French FM tries to break Lebanon deadlock
France urges consensus on Lebanon president
Lebanon governmnet rebukes Hezbollah chief
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 13, 2007
Drug bust in Lebanese part of border village of Ghajar
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November 12
US to provide Lebanon trainer jets : report
Iraqis face wide-raging problems in Mideast, detentions in Lebanon
France tries to resolve Lebanon political troubles
Turkey says trying to help free Israeli soldiers
French peacekeeper dies in accidental shooting in Lebanon
Syria accuses US of interfering in Lebanon vote
France's foreign minister heads to Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 12, 2007
Lebanon war officer Gal Hirsch takes off the gloves
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November 11
Nasrallah: No power can disarm Hezbollah
Hezbollah turns up the pressure in Lebanon crisis
Nasrallah: Israel preparing for new war
Lebanon on alert for new refugee camp unrest
Pope 'concerned' about Lebanon presidential vote
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November 10
Lebanon delays presidential vote to Nov 21
Israelis shoot two in Lebanon border village
Busted Los Angeles drug ring had ties to Hezbollah
Association of Banks in Lebanon renews terms of current members
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November 9
Envoys rush in bid to end Lebanon crisis
French FM back to Lebanon to help break deadlock
US: Syria, supporters may use violence in Lebanon
Lebanese presidential election delayed
Lebanon Palestinians keep Al Qaeda at bay
US pledges 'all means' for open and fair election in Lebanon
Israel indicts Palestinian for allegedly contacting Hezbollah
France steps up efforts to prod Lebanese leaders to agree
Refugees from Lebanon siege camp want EU visas
Italian peacekeepers take over security responsibilities at UNIFIL
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 9, 2007
Israel fears European countries might 'downsize' from UNIFIL
Hezbollah: Drill held at Israel border meant to ready us for war
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November 8
Security fears plague Lebanon ahead of presidential election deadline
Italy in new bid to end Lebanon deadlock
Welch hints absolute majority vote is not unprecedented in Lebanon
France, US pledge to help Lebanon retain sovereignty
UN chief calls for stepped-up efforts to achieve Israeli-Lebanese peace
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 8, 2007
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November 7
Maronite Bishops warn of Lebanon ‘disintegration’
Fadlallah: Attack against Iran could turn US forces in Iraq 'hostages'
Pro-Syrian MP condemn US decision to freeze his assets
Pro-Syrian Lebanese politician scoffs at US asset freeze
Interpol puts 5 Iranians, one Lebanese on most-wanted List
Forest fires rage again in Lebanon
Syria says new US sanctions “pitiful”
Small bomb explodes in Fatah chief's car in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 7, 2007
Hezbollah lashes at US for freezing assets of pro-Syrian Lebanese
Aoun warns of confrontation if a simple majority president is elected
Lebanon: Privatisation Comes Calling
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November 6
Lebanon presidential vote set to be postponed for third time
UN asks Israel to stop violations of Lebanon airspace
Lebanon pro-Syrian politicians describe US sanctions as 'silly'
Iran lobbies Interpol to leave Iranians, Lebanese off list
Lebanese government, UN deny Hezbollah exercises
US freezes assets of pro-Syrian agitators in Lebanon
UN Security Council demands free and fair Lebanon polls
Hezbollah gives Israel more clues in new strategy
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 6, 2007
Iran Role in Argentina Bombing Examined
Egypt's Orascom Telecom considering Lebanon's state mobile firm
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November 5
Hezbollah manoeuvres poses new challenge for Lebanon
Hezbollah commando units slip ino south Lebanon - report
Report: Hezbollah pulled off largest military training
Assad meets French envoys on Lebanon
Syria tells France it backs free Lebanon election
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 5, 2007
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November 4
Lebanon vote could be held outside parliament: candidate
Iranians face interpol notices for Argentine blast
Rice tells Syria not to meddle in Lebanon
French meet Syrians and urge free Lebanon election
Syria, US spar over Lebanon
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November 3
Major powers call for free, fair Lebanese poll
France Warns Syria Over Lebanon
Syria slams US 'interference' in Lebanese politics
Rice meets Syrian foreign minister on Lebanon
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November 2
Lebanese presidential crisis looms ahead of Rice's meeting with Europeans
France, Syria in first high-level meet since 2005
Rice warns against compromise with Pro-Syria opposition
Hezbollah recruiting from other sects to expand its power
Talks on Lebanon likely in Istanbul
Lebanese government unhappy with Amnesty report
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 2, 2007
Lebanon launches mobile phone privatisation
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November 1
Aoun, Hariri head home for more talks on president deadlock
Hezbollah leader says group stronger, Israel weaker
Lebanese troops open fire on Israeli warplanes
Lebanon set to privatise mobile phone network
Israel says Hezbollah can hit Tel Aviv
Lebanon to UN: Isreal has breached truce deal hundreds of times
Lebanon Press Roundup: November 1, 2007
Lebanon set to privatise mobile phone network

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