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December 2007

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December 31
Al-Qaeda's threat increases security among UN troops in Lebanon
Israeli parliament report blasts army over Lebanon war
Lebanon War probe: IDF 'played into Hebzollah's hands'
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December 30
Specter sees 'real opportunity' for resuming Syria-Israel peace talks
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December 29
Siniora accuses Berri of usurping legislative power; Berri hits back
Lebanon presidential vacuum persists as dialogue stalls
Hamas accuses Fatah over stabbing in Lebanese camp
Lebanon president vote postponed to January 12
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December 28
Sfeir: Only saints can save Lebanon
Geagea: Hezbollah's scope of operation goes beyond Lebanon
Lebanon denounces assassination of Butto
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December 27
Lebanese MPs seek law to name army chief as president
Arab fund lends $75 mn for Lebanon rebuilding
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 27, 2007
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December 26
Olmert says won't step down after war report published
'Fatah al-Islam at work in Gaza'
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December 25
Syria denies threatening Spanish peacekeepers
A festive Christmas as Lebanese defy political tension
Lebanon limps into 2008 after year of turmoil
Committing to free Lebanese media, despite bloodshed
Opposition says govt constitutional amendment 'worthless'
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December 24
Lebanese govt drafts law to let army head be president
Lebanon Crisis Threatens U.S.-Syria Thaw
Israel says use of cluster bombs in Lebanon was 'legal'
Israel army chief during Lebanon war decorated
Syria threatens Spanish UN soldiers in Lebanon
Damascus: Bush trying to push Lebanon into Iraq-like crisis
Syria says US 'torpedoing' Lebanon deal
UAE's Etisalat considers bid for Lebanese telco
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December 23
Lebanon's new low as leader talks fail
Hezbollah: Shape of govt must be decided before vote
Israel allocates $200 million for Gaza, Lebanon rocket defense system
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December 22
Lebanon still in Limbo as presidential vote postponed
Hezbollah says Lebanon won't obey Bush's orders
Syria pressed to end impasse in Lebanon
US urges UN pressure on those blocking Lebanon polls
US seeks sanctions on Syria for blocking Lebanon vote
Lebanon presidential vote delayed to December 29
Hariri court to be based in former Dutch intelligence HQ
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December 21
Hezbollah says Bush proposal threatens Lebanon stability
Lebanon again postpones presidential vote
Lebanon vote must take place, Sarkozy tells Syria
Christmas in the Arab World: Hope in Iraq but little stability in Lebanon
Israel releases tape of Hezbollah captive in apparent gesture
Lebanon mired in instability, desperate for solution
Aoun: It is normal for Syrian stance to be closer to the opposition's
Bush critical of Syria
Oil boom helps Lebanon economy grow
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December 20
Bush: No patience for Syria's Assad
Bush encourages March 14 to elect president with 'half+1'
Syria says working for end to Lebanon crisis
Bush: Patience with Syria's Assad ran out long ago
Head of state leads Lebanon's Christmas list
2007 brings more crisis to Lebanon
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December 19
Sarkozy demands Syrian action on Lebanon: report
Muslims mark Eid, but politics takes away from holiday cheer
Lebanon: Year-end holidays in shadow of crisis
US, France press Lebanon to fill vacant presidency
US envoy pursues Lebanon talks on delayed vote
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December 18
Lebanon charges al Qaeda cell in church bomb plot
Iran strips Hezbollah leader of power
US envoy back in Lebanon to discuss crisis
Lebanon's Hariri blames stalemate on Syria
Lebanese jailed for 12 years for Germany attack plot
Paris meet urges Lebanon to end crisis, elect president
Aussi anti-terrorism agents question Mufti over Hezbollah
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 18, 2007
Lebanon: "No-one can negotiate on our right to return" - Palestinians
Hezbollah setting the stage to control Lebanon: Shehayeb
Harb warns against a scheme to partition Lebanon
Lebanon: a telecom market waiting to be tapped
Lebanon: Seeking Stability
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December 17
Lebanese rival leaders trade accusations of stalemate
Lebanese presidential vote postponed until Dec. 22
Geagea doubts there was any deal for Lebanon vote
Lebanon heads into 2008 mired in a deep political crisis
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 17, 2007
Lebanon presidential vote uncertain
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December 16
US envoy meets Lebanese presidential front-runner
Lebanon under Western pressure to fill presidential void
Israel rules out attacks by Hezbollah, Syria in 2008
Lebanese politics leave Israel troubled
Lebanon a tough place for Iraqi refugees
Lebanese man faces trial for German train bomb attempt
Lebanese film wins top prize at Dubai festival
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December 15
U.S. says no reason for delay in Lebanon vote
New UN Hariri probe chief meets Lebanese leaders
Western powers press Lebanon to fill vacant presidency
Assassination leads to call for unity
US envoy urges Lebanon to fill vacant presidency
Bramertz meets Berri before handing over case to successor
The New Focal Point of Israel's Schisms
Lebanon, China sign MoU to establish GSM cellular network operating system
Lebanese crisis puts telecom sell-off at risk
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December 14
Hezbollah denies reports its chief demoted by Iran
Sarkozy warns of ’last chance’ for Lebanon to choose president
Lebanese army calls for unity at General’s funeral
Lebanese rivals unite to bury general killed in bombing
Israel faces army recruitment problems: report
Lebanon questions 4 in fatal bombing
Infighting further weakens once dominant Christians
Lebanon in mourning for slain general
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 14, 2007
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December 13
Bush warns against Syrian interference in Lebanon
Lebanon's latest bomb attack adds to worry, pessimism
General’s killing draws Lebanon army into political crisis
Lebanese authorities tracking owners of bombing car
Lebanon probes slaying of army general
Hajj killing a clear message to army chief - Lebanon media
Lebanon hunts general's still-unknown killers
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 13, 2007
UNSC condemns “terrorist” attack in Lebanon
Murder of general deepens crisis in Lebanon
North Korea may have aided Hezbollah: U.S. report
Killing of Lebanese general spurs calls for quick vote
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December 12
Lebanese cabinet calls on parliament to elect a president
Siniora : General’s killing meant to foil presidency vote
Speculation about army chief targeted in Beirut attack
United condemnation follows murder of Lebanese general
Bomb kills Lebanese general tipped for army chief
Panicky Lebanese search for their loved ones at blast scene
Syria hints at Israel in Lebanese general's killing
UN chief outraged by another terrorist bombing in Lebanon
Merkel phones Lebanese premier after general is killed
White House condemns assassination of Lebanese general
EU backs Lebanese democracy after ’contemptible’ bombing
Security Council concerned over delayed Lebanon election
Arab League condemns 'terrorist Beirut blast'
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 12, 2007
Another Israeli-Arab leader accused of aiding terrorism
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December 11
Lebanon crisis imposed by Syria and Iran, says analyst
Political tug-of-war leaves Lebanon vote in limbo
Palestinians hold protest for bombed-out Lebanon camp
Talk of prisoner swap between Israel and Hezbollah
No end in sight to Lebanon standoff: media
Verdict on Lebanese suspect in German train bombing on December 18
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 11, 2007
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December 10
Harb says Syria shadow hangs over Lebanon vote
Germany deports Iranian jailed for 1992 murders
Hezbollah supporters protest electricity outage
Lebanese president vote postponed again
Lebanon presidential vote postponed for eighth time
Suleiman edges closer to Lebanese presidency
Slain Lebanon press magnate remembered with prize
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 10, 2007
Another delay of Lebanon presidential vote expected
EU to give 80 million euros in financial aid to Lebanon
Lebanon's Solidere in $4 bln joint work with SODIC
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December 9
Army chief home town fetes Lebanon ’next president’
Lebanese church head backs constitutional amendment
Minister sees Lebanon as pawn in proxy conflict
Syria sees isolation fading after Annapolis
Deadlock for new leader in Lebanon
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December 8
Lebanon's Geagea sees Suleiman becoming president
Lebanon parliament petitioned on presidential poll
US urges Lebanon to expedite electing new president
UN chief urges Syria's Assad not to interfere in Lebanon vote
Salameh: Lebanon budget deficit need 6-7% yearly growth in GDP
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December 7
Lebanon presidential vote again postponed
Lebanon presidential vote delayed
Lebanon vote unlikely to take place anytime soon
Row over constitution may again block Lebanon vote
Lebanese lottery scammer arrested in Cyprus
Lebanese presidential vote unlikely on Friday
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 7, 2007
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December 6
Rival Lebanese leaders fail to reach agreement
Lebanon presidential vote seen delayed again
Rival Lebanese hold talks on eve of president vote
Ban urges rival Lebanese leaders to show ’statesmanship’
Lebanese army outlaws military clothes for civilians
Hariri probe chief won’t predict trial end date
UN worried by Lebanon presidential vote
Hariri probe head 'more confident than ever' of success
U.N. officials fret over a leadership void in Lebanon
Israeli police want journalists charged fro trips to Lebanon and Syria
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 6, 2007
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December 5
Lebanon's Berri sure army chief to be president
French FM meets Lebanese leaders to spur presidential vote
Political maneuvers at fever pitch ahead of Lebanon vote
PM Saniora criticizes opposition on presidential election delay
Palestinian militants clash in Lebanon camp
Obstacles in Lebanese army chief's rise
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 5, 2007
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December 4
French FM in fresh bid to spur Lebanon presidential vote
Deal on Lebanon president imminent
Lebanon adjourns German bomb plot trial
Lebanon: refugees coerced to return to Iraq
French FM back in Beirut to discuss presidential crisis
Lebanon Press Headlines: November 4, 2007
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December 3
US allies pushed onto back foot in Lebanon
Aoun declares "Lebanese Christians' Overture"
Syria is already reaping benefits of attending Annapolis
Saudi eyes relaunch of Israel talks with Syria, Lebanon
Majority plans petition to vote Suleiman president
Lebanon leaders back army chief as presidency
Hezbollah says United States is interfering with Lebanese election
Lebanon Press Headlines: December 3, 2007
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December 2
Hezbollah hints at support for Suleiman
Washington: No place yet for Syria in peace process
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December 1
Lebanon majority backs army chief for president
Beirut downtown suffers as opposition sit-in goes on
Lebanon opposition sit-in enters second year
Heading homewards despite the deadlock
Lebanon on CreditWatch

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