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January 2008

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January 31
Lebanon says Israel report sets scene for new war
Dozens, including military, questioned over Beirut riots
Lebanon army chief says Israel report a victory
Amnesty International says Lebanon war report ’deeply flawed’
Israel's Olmert seen staying on after report: aides
Hamas: Lebanon War Report Shows Israeli Weakness
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 31, 2008
Syria ready to activate electricity agreement with Lebanon
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January 30
Israeli opposition calls for Olmert resignation after report
Hezbollah : Israel report confirms it suffered defeat in Lebanon
Pressure eases on Olmert after Lebanon war report
Israel report finds Lebanon war a 'serious failure'
Lebanon presidential frontrunner phones Assad: Syria
Moussa: Arab efforts in Lebanon could still succeed
Lebanon war report could rock Israeli government
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 30, 2008
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January 29
Security Council slams ’terrorist’ attack in Beirut
Beirut riots have hurt army chief's presidential chances
Hezbollah demands swift Lebanese army probe into riots
Hezbollah criticises Lebanon army over riot deaths
Lebanese Fairuz's concert delights Syrian fans
Olmert braces for final report on Lebanon war
German naval vessel rescues freighter's crew off Lebanon
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 29, 2008
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January 28
Top Shiite cleric warns of more Beirut unrest
Lebanon on high alert after deadly riots
Lebanon army dragged into political conflict: analysts
Lebanon in mourning after fresh violence
Fairouz fans angry over the diva's concert in Syria
Lebanon calm as Shiites bury their dead
Hezbollah demands inquiry into Beirut killings
Olmert voices confidence that he "still have many years in power"
Lebanon set to mourn seven riot victims
Olmert again battles for survival over Lebanon war
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 28, 2008
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January 27
Syrian demand rejected by Arab leaders
Eight shot dead in Beirut opposition protests
Lebanon PM declares day of mourning after riots
Lebanon Assassination Politics
Arab foreign ministers urge Lebanon to resolve crisis
At least 7 killed in Beirut riots amid fears of civil unrest
Lebanon Shiite cleric calls for Bush trial over Iraq
Olmert faces calls to quit ahead of Lebanon war verdict
Israel's Olmert steels himself ahead of Lebanon war
Arab FMs to hold crisis talks on Lebanon, Gaza
Bush condemns bombing in Beirut
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January 26
Lebanon buries slain officer
Moussa issues report, urges Arabs to do more for Lebanon
Slaying of top investigator sparks outrage
Lebanon police investigate bombing
Lebanon vows to fight 'empire of terror' after killings
Risk of 'open warfare' in Lebanon as standoff continues
Lebanon mourns assassinated intelligence officer
Police say Beirut bomb death toll rises to five
Rice decries 'foreign interference' in Lebanon following bombing
Condemnation as blast kills top Lebanese investigator
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January 25
Saad Hariri accuses Syria over latest Lebanon blast
Lebanese blame political vacuum for assassination
Intelligence officer among four killed in Lebanon blast
Police intelligence officer killed in Beirut car bomb
Slain Lebanese officer 'possesed sensitive terrorism file'
Hariri condemns Beirut blast as message to Arabs
Feltman leaves Lebanon, US Ambassador to UAE to replace him
US embassy denounces Lebanon bomb attack
White House condemns Beirut bombing
Solana sees "sinister agenda" behind Beirut blast
UK: Lebanon blast must not derail probe into killings
Main Lebanon-Syria highway blocked as protest at Bombing
Druze leader fears Hezbollah bracing for war
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 25, 2008
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January 24
Fears mount of Lebanon crisis spilling onto streets
Protestors block Lebanon roads over rising prices
Political crisis stops funds pledged to Lebanon
Performance by Fairouz stirs up political friction between Lebanon and Syria
No alternative to Arab plan to solve Lebanon crisis: Siniora
Lebanon: Mobile phone sale on hold
Hezbollah warns Israel against attacking Lebanon, harming Nasrallah
Lebanese PM in Egypt for talks on presidential crisis
Olmert: I do not regret my wartime decisions
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 24, 2008
Lebanese PM calls for calm after Monday's protest at power cuts
Political crisis stops funds pledged to Lebanon
Lebanon: Mobile phone sale on hold
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January 23
Palestinian factions reject peace with Israel, slam Arabs
Olmert: 2006 war with Hezbollah restored Israel's deterrence
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 23, 2008
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January 22
War of words over Nasrallah's comments on Israeli soldiers
Official: Syria tightens controls on Lebanese food exports
Sunni-Shiite violence rises in Lebanon amid political crisis
Israel army chiefs want Olmert to take rap for Lebanon war
Netanyahu: Withdrawals from South Lebanon, Gaza "bases for Iran"
Nasrallah reopens bereaved family's wounds
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 22, 2008
Lebanon delays sale of mobile companies by 3 months
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January 21
Angry protesters briefly block major road in Beirut
Bomb destroys car in Beirut
Hezbollah-led opposition seeking to change regime: Gemayel
Lebanese army shoots at Israeli jets
Refugees in Lebanon protest Israel Gaza lockdown
Lebanon newspaper says it has photos of IDF soldiers' remains
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 21, 2008
Political crisis hits Lebanon stocks
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January 20
Germany warns Jews of terror threat from Lebanon
Lebanon vote delayed as mediator sees "closed door"
Israeli ministers slam 'sewage rat' Nasrallah
Israeli ministers urge assassination of Nasrallah
Lebanon presidential vote delayed to Feb 11
Arab League chief holds new Lebanon crisis talks
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January 19
Arab states must clarify plan to end Lebanon crisis: Berri
Arab League chief satisfied after talks with Assad
Hezbollah has 'heads' of Israeli soldiers, says Nasrallah
Hezbollah leader blasts Bush in first public appearance in a year
Hezbollah chief in public for first time in more than year
UNIFIL in joint exercises with Lebanon military
Lebanese Shiites gather at Ashura rally
Lebanese banks get rich as country staggers
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January 18
UN Security Council condemns Beirut bomb attack
Christians fleeing Iraq swell Lebanon's congregations
Arab League chief sees progress in Lebanon crisis talks
US, Lebanon lodge complaints over Syrian FM's visit: Berlin
German coalition split over FM's contact with Syria
Israeli troops release Lebanese man detained near border
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 18, 2008
Winograd panel split over extent of PM's responsibility
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January 17
Lebanese progress toward ending deadlock: Mussa
Lebanon rival leaders meet for first time in 3 months
Syrian Foreign Min: Middle East Peace "Top Priority"
US experts begin inspecting remains of Beirut blast
Arab League chief tries to break Lebanon deadlock
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 17, 2008
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January 16
Lebanon U.S.-targeted blast raises stakes
Bush says Iran and Syria must end Lebanon interference
Security tightened as Lebanon probes anti-US attack
US Embassy vehicle hit by car bomb
Embassy car was likely target in Lebanon: US
US restricts staff after Lebanon blast
Syria rejects Saudi criticism over Lebanon role
Attack on US embassy car linked to Lebanese crisis
Amr Moussa in Beirut for another bid to break presidential deadlock
Syrian foreign minister due in Berlin
Hezbollah chief warns against U.S. attack on Iran
Iran backs Arab League efforts to end Lebanon deadlock
Bomb hits US vehicle in Beirut amid high tension
Thailand satellite terminates Lebanon's al-Manar TV test
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 16, 2008
Rice expresses outrage over Lebanon bombing, says US will 'not be deterred'
Lebanese leaders condemn Beirut blast
Russia `strongly condemns' bomb attack in Lebanon
Germany condemns attack on US embassy vehicle
Political instability affects Saudi prisoners in Lebanon
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January 15
US says bombing aims to undermine Lebanon stability
Three killed in Beirut attack on US embassy car
Lebanon issue arrest warrants against 10 al-Qaida suspects
Australia: Hezbollah-backed TV channel is back
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 15, 2008
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January 14
Back to UN if Arab plan for Lebanon fails: French FM
Saudi Arabia urges Syria to help break Lebanon deadlock
Israel: Outsiders behind last week’s Lebanon rockets
Germany says threat of terrorist attacks not as severe as thought
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 14, 2008
Mubarak: World will forget Lebanon if Arab plan fails
'War starts with words:' Sfeir warns
Lebanon: 2007 Year in Review
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January 13
Hezbollah chief attacks Bush, says its honor to be his enemy
Syria backs Arab League efforts to end Lebanon deadlock
Sarkozy: Lebanon is gateway to normalizing ties with Syria
Hezbollah: Political solution needed before vote
Mofaz: Management failed in 2nd Lebanon War
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January 12
Arab League chief fails to break Lebanese deadlock
'Victory shall be ours by blood and will,' says Hezbollah chief
Italian soccer team adopts Hezbollah-like logo
Beirut warns Germany of possible terror attacks
Arab League chief to continue mediation in Lebanon
Ban slams attack on UNIFIL, rocket on Israel
March 14 students win AUB elections
Saudi prince ready to invest $2bn in Citigroup
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January 11
Lebanon presidential vote postponed for 12th time
Lebanon presidential vote delayed despite Arab bid
Lebanon Arrests Another Al-Qaida-Inspired Militant
Security Council blasts attack on UN troops in Lebanon
UN vows to pursue peace mission after Lebanon attack
UNIFIL 'leaks' to Hezbollah worry Israel
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 11, 2008
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January 10
Arab League chief seems impatient with Lebanese leaders
Lebanon’s Hezbollah slams Bush visit
Lebanon arrests top member of Qaeda-inspired group
Aoun lashes back at Sfeir, says opposition is 'running out of patience'
Arab League chief hopeful of progress in Lebanon
UNIFIL's Quick Reaction Force conducts live fire training exercise
Lebanese planned ’bloodbath’ on German trains: police
French delegation affirms good relations with Syria despite spat over Lebanon
Moussa: Solution could be reached "in a couple of days"
Lebanon: Militant leader threatens new attacks
Lebanon's BLOM signs $101 mln loan to Jordan firm
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January 9
Arab League chief starts tough mission in Lebanon
Gunboats and rocket attacks blight Bush peace mission
Tensions rise on eve of Bush visit
Israel early warning system fails to spot Katyusha strike
Jordan's king meets Lebanon's Seniora, supports Arab League plan
Ireland’s consul to Lebanon visits wounded peacekeepers
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 9, 2008
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January 8
Irish UN officers wounded in Lebanon blast
Lebanese army denies report of rockets fired at Israel
Rockets fired from Lebanon hit Israel
Fatah al-Islam chief warns of attacks on Lebanon army
Beirut to complain to UN after Israel 'kidnaps' shepherd
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 8, 2008
Police: Rocket from Lebanon hits Israel
Israel's Barak says Hezbollah stronger than ever
Solana gives EU blessing to Lebanese election plan
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January 7
Formidable obstacles face Arab plan for Lebanon
Israeli border incident sparks row with Lebanon
UN chief presses Lebanese leaders to end poll impasse
France backs Arab League crisis plan for Lebanon poll
UN: 'Good progress' made in setting up Lebanon's Hariri tribunal
American Israeli critic meets senior Hezbollah official
Israeli troops take Lebanese shepherd in southern Lebanon
Lebanon shares surge 6 pct on Arab plan hopes
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January 6
Arab plan for Lebanon wins broad support
Lebanon majority backs Arab plan to end crisis
Arab League chief to discuss Lebanon plan in Beirut
Arab FMs back army chief as Lebanon president
Lebanon war inquiry to release final report Jan. 30
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January 5
UN troops in Lebanon ready to fight terror: Spanish PM
Bush may add Lebanon, Iraq to stops on trip
Bush blames Lebanon stalemate on Syrian interference
Lebanese presidential election a priority: Egypt
Lebanon on alert after Israel reports bird flu
Lebanon heads towards a critical week
Spanish PM on surprise visit to Lebanon
Lebanese Mufti cautions against sectarian tensions
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January 4
Lebanon ruling majority urges Arab states to halt Syria meddling
Palestinian militant found dead in refugee camp in Lebanon
Hezbollah-Israeli swap is at "delicate point," sources say
Syria Mininster, Iran adviser discuss Lebanon developments
Lebanon Press Headlines: January 4, 2008
Fatah al-Islam re-emerges in Ain al-Hilweh camp: Paper
Lebanon's finance minister responds to Nasrallah's criticism
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January 3
No link between al-Qaeda and Hezbollah says Nasrallah
French mediation on Lebanon to go forward: Nasrallah
Israel 'unaware' of Hezbollah offer to trade for soldiers' remains
Hezbollah dismisses senior commander for wartime failures
Jumblat: Hezbollah-led opposition aims at eleminating the state
Opposition plans to close airport, ports, launch sit-ins at Bkerki, US Embassy
Lebanon opposition figure preaches open-ended crisis, dead Taef
Lebanon Press Headlines:January 3, 2008
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January 2
Nasrallah: No president unless opposition gets veto power
Amid tensions, France takes note of Syrian non-cooperation
Syria breaks off contacts with France over Lebanon
Hariri accuses Syria of trying to foil Arab efforts to salavage Lebanon
Syria has several active 'terrorist' cells in Lebanon - report
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January 1
Report: Marking Hezbollah bunkers as 'nature preserves' led to Israeli failure
Jumblat: Hezbollah can have veto power 'over our dead bodies'
Syria unwilling to pressure Lebanon allies: minister
Army ends tension between Hezbollah, Hariri supporters
Hayek predicts 2008 will be generally good to Lebanon
French and Syrians talk as Lebanon crisis drags

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