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February 2008

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February 29
Hezbollah rejects US ships off Lebanon
Hezbollah slams US warship as 'interference' in Lebanon
US dismisses Hezbollah criticism
Cole deployment escalates regional tensions: press
Siniora says Lebanon did not ask for US warship
Israeli troops keep watchful eye on Lebanese Border
U.S. ships positioning off Lebanon coast
Hezbollah: Deploying US warships will not affect us
U.S. Navy ships move closer to Lebanon amid tensions
Arab leaders press Syria over Lebanon impasse
Israel concerned about another Hezbollah build-up along border
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 29, 2008
Lebanon task force apt to stay Longer: UNIFIL Chief
Germany hands over maritime supervision in Lebanon to the Italians
Lebanon takes issue with Gulf states' travel warning
U.S. sends USS Cole warship off Lebanon coast
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February 28
No end in sight for Lebanon political impasse
Syria slow on Saudi invite to summit amid Lebanon row
Jordan, Saudi kings meet before Arab summit
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 28, 2008
Explosion near south Lebanon Shiite mosque wounds 4
Outcry as Hezbollah propagandist is allowed to tour Britain
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February 27
Arab League chief says Lebanon crisis getting more complex
Lebanon Fadlallah urges action to stop Muslim killing
Lebanon court summons Libyan leader over missing Imam
Hezbollah slain militant was organizer in 2006 War
Lebanon wants Arab countries to finanace its fiscal deficit
Lebanon to boycott Paris book fair over Israeli invite
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 27, 2008
Qatari, UAE firms announce projects in Syria
Lebanon wants Arab countries to finanace its fiscal deficit
Lebanon: Storm Warning
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February 26
Lebanese MPs call for expulsion of Hezbollah
Lebanon divisions threaten Arab League chief's new mission
Slain Hezbollah military chief's widow points finger at Syria
Mubarak says Syria part of Lebanon crisis
Germany hands over radar systems to the Lebanese navy
Germany funds environmental projects in Lebanon
Lebanon: Storm Warning
Lebanon on GCC ministers' agenda
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 26, 2008
Ousted American professor declares Support for Hezbollah
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February 25
Lebanon delays presidential vote after talks fail
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 25, 2008
Arab League chief fails in bid to resolve Lebanon crisis
Lebanese woman's 26-year battle for truth on missing son
Arab League chief meets rival Lebanese leaders
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February 24
Mubarak holds talks in Saudi on Lebanon crisis
Egypt and Saudi unite against Syria ahead of Arab summit
Lebanese minister in Damascus for talks on Arab gas pipeline
Arab League Chief Mussa starts fresh talks in Beirut
Lebanese minister in Damascus for talks on Arab gas pipeline
Lebanon's economy grew more than three per cent, minister says
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February 23
Saudis pullout about $ 5 billion in investment from Lebanon
Lebanese crisis puts Arab summit in jeopardy: Welch
Saudis pullout about $ 5 billion in investment from Lebanon
Lebanon earns average grade in telecom index
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February 22
Nasrallah accuses Israel of preparing for a new war
Fearing revenge attacks, Israel tightens airlines security
Arab League chief heads to Lebanon Sunday
Jordan denies arming anti-Syrian faction in Lebanon
Sanctions on businessman target Syria's inner sanctum
Merkel urges Syria to play 'constructive role' in Lebanese vote
Arab League chief Mussa postpones Beirut trip
Lebanese Forces leader challenges Nasrallah
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 22, 2008
Kuwait embassy threat adds to Lebanon tensions
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February 21
Fearing civil war, Lebanese arm themselves
Alarmed by violence, Lebanon clerics urge calm
US imposes sanctions on influential Syrian businessman
Kuwait advises citizens not to visit Lebanon
Threat prompts evacuation of Kuwaiti embassy in Beirut
Saudi-Syria crisis puts Arab summit at risk
Israel's death 'certain', Iran leader advisor says
US wants Israel to launch operation in Gaza
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 21, 2008
Bush orders new sanctions against Syria for meddling in Lebanon, Iraq
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February 20
Security warnings mark fears in Lebanon after Hezbollah threat
Israel fears for life of officials abroad after Hezbollah threat
Ahmadinejad in new attack on 'savage animal' Israel
Kuwaiti MPs sued for holding rally to mourn Mughniyeh
UN welcomes Lebanese decision to legalize Iraqi refugee status
Siniora rejects speaker's fromula for solving Lebanon crisis
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 20, 2008
Siniora: Lebanon solution essential for holding Arab summit
UAE urges Lebanese rivals to accept Arab plan
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February 19
British PM pledges support for Lebanese government
EU says Lebanon should elect president quickly
Lebanon opposition figure accuses Riyadh of supporting Israeli aggression
Snowstorm batters Lebanon, blocks roads, causes landslides
Lebanon seeks death penalty for Fatah el-Islam leader
Jumblat: Syria 'involved' in Mughniyeh killing
Israel concerned over impending UNIFIL breakdown
Lebanon braces for possible Hezbollah attack on Israel
Syria to present progress in Mughniyeh probe within days - report
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 19, 2008
Beirut comes in 37th for highest costs per year for office space worldwide
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February 18
Mossad's one-time top man in Beirut recalls Mughniyeh's rise
Lebanon indicts 56 accused of belonging to militant groups
Israel deploys Patriot missiles, fearing Hezbollah's reprisal
Kidnapped Israeli soldiers believed to be dead
Israel says has 'no illusions' over Iran's intentions
Syria points finger at Jumblat in Mughniyeh killing
Iran predicts Hezbollah will destroy Israel
Saudi Arabia advises citizens not to visit Lebanon
France shuts cultural centres in Lebanon
Kuwait urges restraint over slain Hezbollah commander
President Assad meets Clinton's advisor, Rand delegation
Aoun says killing Mughniyeh is an attack against Lebanon and Syria
Moussa says planning new bid to end Lebanon crisis
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 18, 2008
Hezbollah: Mugniyah revenge to be 'extremely costly' for Israel
Beirut Stock Exchange continues to sink under weight of political deadlock
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February 17
Palestinian killed in Beirut clash as tensions escalate
US intel chief says Hezbollah threat is serious
'Africa likely target for Hezbollah'
Israel PM denies plan to declare Hezbollah-held soldiers dead
Syria detains Arab suspects in Hezbollah chief killing
Hezbollah 'has only several thousand fighters'
Siniora discusses Lebanon impasse in Kuwait
Mufti calls for religious summit in Lebanon
Pope appeals for dialogue and reconciliation in Lebanon
Kuwaiti lawmakers denounce Mughnieh rally
Saudi King links attending Arab summit to resolving Lebanon crisis
Israel’s Barak says Hezbollah revenge attack is likely
Kuwaiti Shiites mourn Mughnieh as 'martyr hero'
20 injured in Beirut street clashes
Army controls streets in Beirut after clashes
Syria, Iran foresee large clash with Israel - paper
BBC sorry for Mughniyeh-Hariri parallel
Israel breached law with use of cluster bombs in Lebanon: HRW
Israel: soldiers captured by Hezbollah alive until proven otherwise
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February 16
Clash between rival fatcions in Beirut wounds 20
Syria denies joint probe with Iran on Mughniyeh's case
Lebanon has no interest in open war with Isreal: PM
FBI warns of possible Hezbollah revenge in U.S.
Suspects arrested in Mughniyeh asassination: Report
Hezbollah threat echoes in Argentina
Rival rallies stark reminder of divided Lebanon
Bush meets Saudi FM at White House
Lebanon central bank sees stable inflation rate this year
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February 15
Syria 'directly responsible' for situation in Lebanon: US
Nasrallah revenge call sparks fear of future in Lebanon
Hezbollah appoints successor to slain commander
Hezbollah foothold in Iran embassies may threatens Jews around the world
10 hurt in Lebanon as quake shakes Middle East
Israel bracing for Hezbollah strikes
Hezbollah militants ’ready for martyrdom against Israel’
Bush urges end to Syria-Iran influence in Lebanon
Hezbollah leader declares 'open war' on Israel
Barak orders army to be ready to defend Israel's norther borders
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 15, 2008
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February 14
Syrian FM says Hezbollah man’s killers will be found
Israel on alert as Hezbollah vows ‘open war
Israel knows how to deal with Hezbollah threats: FM
US backs 'strong democratic'Lebanon on Harriri anniversar
Hundreds of thousands gather to mark Hariri killing
Thousands gather for Beirut funeral of top Hezbollah commander
Iran’s Khamenei hails ’great’ Hezbollah commander
Israel braces for reprisal after Hezbollah man hit
Lebanon: Mughniyeh funeral, Hariri rally
Commander’s murder toughest blow for Hezbollah: press
Israel tightens security after Hezbollah killing
Alfa, Nokia Siemens sign a contract to improve coverage in Greater Beirut
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February 13
Hometown mourns slain Hezbollah ’legend’
Hezbollah commander was 'US most wanted terrorist'
Senior Hezbollah commander killed
Lebanon crisis simmers three years after Hariri death
Lebanon braces for mass rally to mark Hariri killing
Allegations fly as top Hezbollah man killed in Syria
War of words as Lebanese set to mark Hariri killing
Hariri’s assassination anniversary seen pushing Lebanon to the brink of strife
Nerves frayed on Lebanon's Valentine Day massacre
Christian split on Lebanon presidency prolongs Hezbollah fight
Israel denies assassinating Hezbollah commander
World a 'better place' without Hezbollah leader: US
Mughnieh murder 'Zionist gangsterism': Hamas
Hariri offers his condolences to his rival opposition party
Hezbollah commander killed in Syrian car bomb
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 13, 2008
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Lebanon’s Sunni Islamists—A Growing Force
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February 12
Bush accuses Iran, Syria of undermining Lebanon
Government, opposition supporters clash in Beirut
Lebanon: Internal Conflict in Chilling Rise
Israel's army under attack at home
Palestinian camp displaced hold Lebanon sit-in
Lebanon charges 19 soldiers over protest shootings
US restricts movements of its citizens in Beirut
US defence official meets Lebanese leaders on security help
Former MP Qandil predicts return of Syrian army to Lebanon
Train bomber's appeal rejected by Lebanon's court
Quake shakes south Lebanon
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 12, 2008
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February 11
Political rhetoric fuels fears of new civil strife in Lebanon
Syria hopes for Lebanon election before Arab summit
Saudi Arabia's Deposit and Lebanon's Economy
Saudi Arabia's Deposit and Lebanon's Economy
Lebanon: Rates Of Change
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February 10
Jumblat downplays war threats, advocates settlement
Geagea accuses Hezbollah of planning to escalate offensive
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 11, 2008
Two injured as rival supporters clash in Lebanon
Druze leader warns of anarchy and war in Lebanon
Israel officials: Hezbollah smuggling rockets under UN nose
Damascus Smears Lebanese PM Siniora as “Israeli agent”
Jumblat: March 14 ready to go to war, seize Hezbollah rockets
Israel: Hezbollah missiles deployed in South Lebanon
Hariri: National resolve the only way to end Lebanon impasse
Ayatollah's advice startles conservatives
Gun fire shots close to Lebanese Parliament Speaker's residence
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February 9
Arab League chief fails to break Lebanon deadlock
Hariri accuses Syria of trying to assassinate Lebanon
Lebanon presidential vote delayed to February 26
Lebanon Press Highlights: Februaty 9, 2008
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February 8
Rights group says Winograd report ‘deeply flawed’
Arab League chief hopes for breakthrough in Lebanon
Bombings won't stop Lebanese from tying knot
Arab League chief delays departure from Lebanon
Arab League chief's talks end in deadlock
Lebanon in confrontation with Syria, Iran: Hariri
German, Saudi ministers press Syria over Lebanon vote
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 8, 2008
Qatar withdraws its UN contingent from Lebanon
Lebanese fingers Beirut associate in German train bomb plot
Franjieh calls Bkirki 'home for thieves and criminals'
Israel shocks boars to stop false alarms
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February 7
Hariri blasts Syria and Iran, calls for mass rally
Lebanon opposition demands veto power
Enquiry key to preserving Lebanon army - Nasrallah
Arab League chief in new bid to solve Lebanon crisis
UNIFIL acts to protect civilians - spokesperson
Lebanon: Many businesses plan to expand despite unrest
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 7, 2008
Moody's affirms Lebanon's sovereign ratings
Lebanon: Many businesses plan to expand despite unrest
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February 6
Majority calls mass rally to commemorate Hariri murder
UN says tribunal won't be influenced by disintegration in Lebanon
Lebanon cleric advises 'modern Shiites'
Uproar in Israel over comments by war probe member
Lebanon debt/GDP ratio fell in 2007 - minister
Syria to host Arab League summit March 29-30
Syrian FM in Egypt to boost flagging support for summit
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 6, 2008
Siniora: Lebanon needs more power plants to meet demand
Lebanon debt/GDP ratio fell in 2007 - minister
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February 5
Sans president or parliament, Lebanon’s woes worsen
Attacks on army aim to scuttle Lebanon vote: analysts
Livni: War report paints a grave picture of Israel's leadership
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 5, 2008
IMF gives Lebanon glowing marks for financial resilience
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February 4
Lebanon to complain to UN on Israel shooting
Olmert tells MPs he bears full responsibility for Lebanon war
Arab League chief in new bid to resolve Lebanon crisis
Hezbollah warns Israel of retaliation after man shot dead
Lebanon's two main Shiite groups welcome soldiers arrest
Israel's Olmert avoids crisis as defense minister stays put
LBC, Future most popular among Lebanon TV viewers
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 4, 2008
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February 3
Lebanese killed by Israeli fire: Lebanese officials
Shiite Lebanese groups hail arrest of officers in riot shooting
Army probe: Israel bungled Lebanon war
Barak says he won't quit over Lebanon war report
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February 2
Lebanese army arrests 17 over deadly riot
Gunfire wounds Lebanese soldiers in latest attack: army
Lebanon army, government criticize recent attack on troops
Israelis told to prepare 'rocket rooms' for war
Lebanese Druze leader to meet Saudi king: official
Canadian inquiry blames Isreal for UNIFIL deaths in 2006
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February 1
Big changes needed within Israeli military: analysts
Israel’s right wing riding high, polls say
Iran completed 400 projects in Lebanon since Lebanon war
Setbacks in Arab League Mediation on Lebanon
Lebanon Press Highlights: February 1, 2006
Top IDF brass: Winograd Report is an 'earthquake'

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