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April 2008

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April 30
Lebanon squabbling over dialogue puts Berri's initiative on hold
Qaeda shadow seen looming over Lebanon
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 30, 2008
Economists calm fears over wage hike
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April 29
Lebanon: Fatah says it will take over security at all Palestinian camps
Bush: US concerned over delayed election in Lebanon
UNIFIL denies Hezbollah cover-up in South Lebanon
Mofaz to Rice: Hezbollah controls south Lebanon
Arab League chief to return to Lebanon for new talks
Hariri Tribunal Registrar begins duty, bringing its creation one step closer
Lebanon: A dozen Israeli Air Force jets buzzes Beirut
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 29. 2008
Bahrain's Islamists enraged by Lebanese singer call for ban
Lebanese stocks rally on political hopes
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April 28
Hariri sets deadline for Lebanese presidential election
Jumblat slams Hezbollah after detention of French lawmaker
Israel: UNIFIL is concealing information about Hezbollah
Spanish defence minister arrives in southern Lebanon
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April 27
Hariri probe doesn't worry Syria, President Assad says
Hezbollah detains French Socialist official for 4 hours
Lebanese MP: Hezbollah involved in plan to naturalize Iranians
French delegate to socialist meet in Beirut quizzed by armed men
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April 26
Syria's shadow still looms large over Lebanon
Lebanon sets May 13 new date to elect president
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April 25
Assassinations shake Christian town
Lebanon prison mutiny, hostage-taking, ends
Lebanon protest demands that Egypt open Gaza border
Lebanon's economic riddle
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April 24
Hezbollah building telecom network in Sidon: paper
Riots erupt at Lebanon's largest prison
UN: Armed Hezbollah a key challenge to Lebanon
UNIFIL faces new criticism from militants
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 24, 2008
Lebanon: Driving Force
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April 23
UN force in Lebanon takes latest al-Qaeda threats seriously
Lebanon's Jumblat still open to dialogue with opposition
Lebanese army fires at Israeli jets flying over south
Lebanon: Little support for al-Qaeda attacks, says US
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 23, 2008
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April 22
Al-Qaida threat to UNIFIL is "bad omen"- minister
Western and Arab powers urge end to Lebanon crisis
Lebanese politics totters into perilous absurdity
Deadlock leaves Lebanon in presidential limbo
UN peacekeeeping force confirms 'incident' in southern Lebanon
UNIFIL finds Hezbollah arms, gunmen scatter peacekeepers
Al-Qaeda leader Zawahiri slams UN presence in Lebanon
UN chief urges Lebanon election, disarming of Hezbollah
French, Syrian FMs meet on Lebanon
Lebanon fails to elect president for 18th time
Lebanon leaders trade charges over Zahle shooting
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 22, 2008
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April 21
Saudi Arabia warns Lebanon against foreign influence
Lebanon closes illegal crossings with Syria
UN urges Lebanon and Syria to redefine, normalize ties
Rice will discuss Lebanon crisis in Kuwait
Lebanon’s Zahle tense after deadly shooting
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 21, 2008
Hotel occupancy in Beirut nosedives in 2007, remains lowest in region
Beirut Stock Exchange mirrors political roller coaster
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April 20
Shooting in Zahle kills two phalange members
Hezbollah describes new US accusations "as baseless"
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon demand end To Gaza siege
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April 19
Lebanon's parliament speaker sets stage for dialogue
Victims of 1983 attack on US Embassy in Beirut recalled
Rice marks 25th anniversary of Beirut embassy attack
U.S. to provide Lebanon high-level security, law enforcement training
Lebanon puts off trial of suspect in alleged NY terror plot
Kuwaiti firm acquires Lebanon's Monoprix and Giant for $97 million
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April 18
US marks 25th anniversary of Beirut embassy bombing
US says it knows who bombed Beirut embassy
Rice says US never left Lebanon
Bush: US backs Lebanon sovereignty, democracy
Berlusconi says Italy will keep troops in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 18, 2008
Geagea predicts more assassinations in Lebanon
Lebanon offers voluntary Eurobond debt exchange
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April 17
Syria, US at odds over Hariri probe
Washington reiterates backing for Lebanese government
Assad says war with Isreal is a real possibility
Lebanon opposition warns against amending UNIFIL rules
Hezbollah kidnaps policeman in southern Beirut
Lebanon finds Berlusconi's engagement comment dangerous
Top US diplomat in Lebanon to meet with rival leaders
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 17, 2008
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April 16
Hezbollah slams international inaction over Israeli incursions
UN Security Council calls for disarming Hezbollah
Lebanon: Muslims and Christians tackle migration together
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 16, 2008
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April 15
Hezbollah denies planning to launch war inside Israel
Israel says Syria arming Hezbollah despite UN resolution
Lebanon top Shiite cleric assails Israeli FM's visit to Qatar
Moussa: Time is short before situation in Lebanon gets worse
Lebanese govt defends detention of officers in Hariri probe
Pro-Syrian speaker Berri discusses Lebanon Crisis In Qatar
Seven Kuwaiti Shi'ites to face trial over Mughniyeh eulogy
Lebanese demand knowledge of missing held in Syria
Hezbollah: We'll take fight to Israel's backyard
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 15, 2008
Lebanon mandates Bank Audi, CS for bond exchange offer
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April 14
Israeli soldiers make brief incursion into Lebanon
U.S. sees Iran's Beirut strategy in Iraq gambit
Lebanon: Hezbollah Sets Up In West Bekaa
Iran: Hezbollah Getting Training In Iran
Syria: Officers Executed In Connection With Mughniyah Death
Syria: Missile Storage Facilities Completed
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 14, 2008
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April 13
Lebanon marks civil war amid new tensions
Israel fears Iran may ship Hezbollah arms via Beirut port
Jordan's king sees regional perils for Lebanon crisis
Lebanese speaker meets Mubarak, calls for dialogue to solve crisis
Were Syrian officers involved in Mughniyeh killing?
Lebanon's Siniora arrives in Amman for talks on Lebanese crisis
The terrible human cost of cluster bombs
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April 12
Lebanon's chances for diminishing hatreds seem remote
Lebanon marks civil war outbreak as new conflict looms
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April 11
Daniel Bellemare in a Race with the Culprits
Al Wattan: 20 Hezbollah men die in Iran training
General nabbed in Hariri case was asked to find ‘scapegoat’
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April 10
France denies killing Hariri probe witness
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 11, 2008
UN erects barbed wire fence on Lebanon-Israel border
Syria accuses US of using Hariri probe as pressure tool
Hariri probe witness hiding in Europe: report
Lebanon "is at the crossroads" warns Qabbani
UN chief appoints Belgian's UN ambassador to coordinate Lebanon ops
US Rice rules out deal with Syria in Lebanese probe
Witness in Hariri case goes missing
Syria: President's brother-in-law 'accused of US-backed coup'
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 10, 2008
Abdullah, Mubarak Discuss Lebanon, key regional issues
European Parliament torn over Lebanon crisis
Lebanon: Economy of Knowledge
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April 9
France accused of killing witness in Hariri probe
U.S. sees Iran and Syria "Lebanon" gambit in Iraq
Murr calls for electing Suleiman as president in a bid to 'salavage Lebanon'
Geagea sees more killings, deadlock in Lebanon
Bulgaria drugs trade funds Hezbollah: report
Head of UN Hariri murder probe seeks extended mandate
Indonesia: Hezbollah-owned TV begins broadcasts
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 9, 2008
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April 8
Syria: Saudis behind Mughniyeh's death say Iranian sources
Syrian witness in Hariri murder probe missing in France: FM
UN probe describes Lebanese network for political murders
Syria says cooperating with UN Hariri murder probe
Christian university in Lebanon takes precautions against threat
Israeli drill delays Mughniyeh report: Paper
Exclusive: Major Assad regime row delays publication of Mughniyeh probe
Air raid sirens sound in Israel civil defence drill
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 8, 2008
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April 7
Syria ready to help Lebanon overcome crisis
Israeli ministers tested in massive attack scenario
Lebanon's growth 4 pct in 2007 despite crisis
Israel downplays reports on Syrian MI chief arrest
'Warning to Assad sparked tension'
Beirut's largest synagogue in danger of being demolished
Lebanon speaker in Syria for talks on political crisis
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 7, 2008
Has the moment come to replace the US dollar?
Lebanon falls to 48th place on annual credit-access index
Lebanon's growth 4 pct in 2007 despite crisis
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April 6
Hezbollah: Israeli drills are preparation for new war
Syrian MI chief under house arrest: Khaddam
Siniora accuses Syria of trying to hold Lebanon hostage
Israel reassures Syria, Lebanon ahead of missile drills
Lebanon on high alert as Israeli home front drill begins
Michel Suleiman perfect candidate for Presidency: Siniora
Damascus risks more isolation on Lebanon
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April 5
Barak: Northern front highly volatile
British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes
Hezbollah to 'follow closely' Israeli drill along Lebanese border
Israel: Brief alert following believed infiltration from Lebanon
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April 4
Lebanon PM wary of Israeli manoeuvres
Ramon: Hezbollah is 'wary' of retaliation
Israel assures Syria it doesn't seek war
40 killed by Israeli cluster bombs in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 4, 2008
Merger talks boost Lebanon's Bank Audi -traders
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April 3
Israel plays down risk of conflict with Syria
Bar closures threaten famed Beirut nite-spot
Lebanon army chief doubts political crisis will be solved
Syria confirms, Iran denies Israeli comments on listening stations
Kuwait to mediate between feuding Saudi Arabia, Syria
Lebanon's teachers strike for better pay
MK Tibi's visit in Beirut sparks rage among Israel's right wing
Israel worried Syrian army moves a preamble for Hezbollah operation
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 3, 2008
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April 2
Hezbollah criticizes Saudi Arabia
Syria denies summoning reserves
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 2, 2008
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April 1
Syria risks more isolation over Lebanon
Barak warns Hezbollah not to 'test' Israel
Syria says offer made to trade presidential vote for Hariri tribunal
Iran incites cold war with U.S. in Lebanon roiled by Hezbollah
April Fool: Lebanon finally gets a president
Egypt says Lebanon solution would ease strained Arab ties
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 1, 2008

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