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May 2008

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May 31
Siniora discusses share allocations in new Lebanses government
Attacks against army checkpoints prompt fear in Lebanon
Amid stability, Saudis are heading back to Lebanon
Qatari firms see new dawn in Lebanon trade relations
Arab markets set to benefit from geopolitic gains
EDL losses add to Beirut's budget woes
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May 30
Lebanon's tourism phoenix rises again
Chertoff: Hezbollah makes Al Qaeda look 'minor league'
Return of Siniora as PM upsets Hezbollah
French, Syrian leaders discuss Middle East
U.S. terrorism claimants compete for Iranian assets
German mediator assumes Israelis held by Hezbollah are dead
Lebanon's Siniora begins to form cabinet
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 30, 2008
Deal Imminent between Israel and Hezbollah
Lebanon's tourism phoenix rises again
Lebanon's gross public debt reaches $43.2 billion
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May 29
Summer music festivals back on in Lebanon
Lebanon back on track as top tourist spot
Siniora unlikely to face opposition: Analysts
Opposition angry as Lebanon appoints new PM
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May 28
Lebanon president asks Siniora to form new cabinet
Israeli convicted of spying for Hezbollah to be deported to Lebanon
Motorbikes banned in Lebanese capital
Lebanon blames Israel, UNIFIL for disruption in cell phone lines
Lebanese soldier killed during gunfight betwen rival groups in Aramoun
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 28, 2008
Lebanon's Siniora set to lead new government
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May 27
US suggests Hezbollah speech shows self-inflicted damage
Isreal to release Lebanese-born prisoner Sunday: Family
Hezbollah chief warns against any efforts to disarm group
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May 26
Hezbollah leader says no plans to control Lebanon
Lebanon election a stopgap solution: analysts
Progress in Israel-Lebanon prisoner swap talks
Lebanon president to appoint PM on Wednesday
Arab League urges Syria-Saudi thaw after Lebanon deal
Lebanon's new president to form government
New Lebanese president assumes office
Lebanon majority bloc expected to pick new PM
Hezbollah is viewed as a rising threat
Hopes rise new president will heal Lebanon rifts
Israel: UNIFIL is ignoring Hezbollah violations in south Lebanon
Neutrality fuels rise of Lebanon's new president
New president calls for unity in Lebanon
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 26, 2008
Berri takes swipe at US policy in Mideast
Israel says Hariri case too weak
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May 25
World leaders hail Lebanon vote
Lebanon elects president after months of turmoil
Lebanese parliament elects army chief as president
Canadian PM congratulates new Lebanese president
Lebanon's new president appeals for unity
Lebanese parliament elects Suleiman as president
Tight security in Lebanon ahead of election
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May 24
Hezbollah's army survives under Lebanon peace deal
Troubled Lebanon will test abilities of 'Savior'
Lebanon's premier says ‘time for a change'
War-weary Lebanese festive ahead of presidential election
Syria rejects linking Israel peace with cutting off Iran
Lebanon’s Christians boosted by Doha deal
Unsolved key issues ignites fear among Lebanese
Lebanese Premier says "Lebanon is the winner in Doha"
Lebanon deal should boost 2008 growth - Salameh
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May 23
Bush bid to isolate Mideast hardliners backfires -analysts
Lebanon deal fails to tackle conflict's causes: French FM
Syrian foreign minister due in Lebanon for election of new president
Hezbollah welcomes Lebanon deal
Qatar pulls off mediation coup in Lebanon crisis
Israel-Syria peace could defuse major conflicts: Experts
Lebanon palace prepares to welcome new tenant
Hariri tipped to become Lebanon's new prime minister
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 23, 2008
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May 22
US, UK say Hezbollah weaker after Beirut fighting
Lebanese hoping for new era after deal to end crisis
UNIFIL stands down following Iran-backed takeover in Lebanon
Israel and Syria's secret talks overshadow Beirut deal
UN Security Council welcomes Lebanon deal
Qatari deal defuses Lebanese crisis
US spins up Lebanon deal, cool on Israel, Syria
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 22, 2008
US must tolerate outreach to Hezbollah, Syria
Shares in Lebanon real estate rose after deal is reached
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May 21
Doha deal saves Lebanon from brink, rifts remain
Lebanese cautious on fate of political deal
Hezbollah's Lebanon veto power boosts Iran's Middle East influence
Israel and Syria admit the start of formal peace talks in Istanbul
US calls on Lebanese to follow through on political deal
US puts best face on Lebanon deal that boosts Hezbollah
Rival Lebanese sign deal; presidential vote Sunday
Rival Lebanon leaders ink deal to end crisis
Bush may attack Iran before term ends: Report
White House denies Iran attack report
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 21, 2008
Hizbollah pressed to sign peace deal
Lebanon rival leaders reach deal to end crisis
Lebanon: Economy on the Edge
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May 20
Lebanon grapples with hatred unleashed by violence
Lebanon crisis eases, but menace remains
Lebanon opposition would get ‘blocking minority'
Qatar sets Lebanon opposition Wednesday deadline
Lebanese rivals running out of time
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 20, 2008
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May 19
Lebanese Sunnis bitter after Hezbollah triumph
Lebanese Christian leader demands Arab peacekeepers deployed
'Hezbollah was smart to halt offensive'
Qatari PM announces "dead end" in Lebanese talks
Lebanese peace talks in Qatar on brink of collapse
Lebanon opposition rejects Qatari compromise
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 19, 2008
Beirut rivals take battle to Arab League
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May 18
Hezbollah’s Actions Ignite Sectarian Fuse in Lebanon
Exclusive: Israel’s Missed Boat in Lebanon
Israel rules out releasing Palestinians for Hezbollah-kidnapped soldiers
Feuding Lebanese factions trade accusations
Lebanon talks in Qatar progress, major hurdles remain
Lebanese ask Qatar to propose solution on Hezbollah arms
High-level Lebanese talks tackle Hezbollah weapons
Exclusive: Command vessel USS Mount Whitney posted off Lebanon
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May 17
Hezbollah's military and strategic failure in Chouf
Lebanese leaders tackle core issues at Qatar talks
US watches Doha talks fearing Hezbollah may reap political gains
Lebanon dialogue skewed by Hezbollah power play
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May 16
Lebanon may attract Sunnis seeking to wage jihad
Lebanon Sunnis bitter over power shift toward Hezbollah
Despite fragile calm, Lebanese fear a return to civil war
Christians marginalised in Lebanon crisis
Hezbollah shows might in Lebanon, but faces limits
Saudis, US grapple with Iran challenge
Lebanon leaders begin crisis talks in Qatar
Lebanon foes agree to resume dialogue
Qatar hosts squabbling Lebanese politicians
Lebanese government, Hezbollah seek end to political stalemate
Syria upbeat on Lebanon agreement
Lebanon crisis defused after climbdown
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 16, 2008
In Lebanon 'things will get worse and not better'
Lebanon's Solidere up 12 pct after crisis eases
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May 15
'Untouchable' Hezbollah emerges victorious
Dialogue skewed by Hezbollah power play
Lebanese to hold crisis talks in Qatar
Arab mediators announce deal to end Lebanon violence
Lebanon opposition lifts blockade on airport
Lebanese Cabinet reverses anti-Hezbollah decisions
Israel says Hezbollah could have seized power in Lebanon
Hezbollah says it will return Lebanon to normal
Hopes rise for Lebanon mediation
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 15, 2008
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May 14
Lebanon crisis shows hues of Iraq
Hezbollah deals more damage to Bush's credibility
US 'stands strongly' with Lebanon, Israel: Bush
Grim logic to movement's silencing of Sunni media
Lebanese Sunnis can't accept loss of Beirut to Shiite Hezbollah
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon mark 60 years in exile
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 14, 2008
Arab League in bid to resolve Lebanon crisis
Saudis sends sharp warning to Iran over Lebanon
Washington pledges to support Lebanese army
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May 13
Lebanon's Hariri vows no surrender to Hezbollah
Saudi says Lebanon violence may affect Iran ties
Pro-govt Lebanon TV station resumes broadcasting
Lebanon: Army "under tremendous pressure" but still united
Lebanon army ready to use force to halt fighting
Can Arab states pull Lebanon back from the brink?
Druze areas bear scars of sectarian violence
In Lebanon, a call for U.S. action
Saudi warns Iran over Lebanon 'coup'
Bush warns Syria, Iran over Lebanon violence
Lebanese army begins drive to restore order
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 13, 2008
Hezbollah capture of mountain village seen as threat to Israel
Lebanon's Future TV to resume broadcasting after forced closure
Fighting in Tripoli, but Lebanon's capital is calm
Outgunned Lebanese army no longer seen as neutral
Lebanon reaches out for international help
Ex-IDF Chief: Hezbollah rule in Lebanon may help Israel beat it
Lebanon army set to use force to halt fighting
Lebanon: Army to 'impose order' on Hezbollah
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May 12
Lebanese army says will intervene from Tuesday
Lebanon's Christians watch clashes warily
Renewed fighting erupts in crisis-torn Lebanon
Mountain clashes bring Lebanon death toll to 81
Thirty six killed in Lebanon mountain battle
Gunmen clash in Tripoli, instability grips Lebanon
Lebanese army deploys in mountains outside Beirut
U.N. and world powers condemn Lebanon violence
Lebanon's house speaker postpones session until June 10
Arab delegation expected in Beirut Wednesday
Heavy fighting breaks out in north Lebanon
Lebanese Army steps into Beirut fray
Israel on alert as sectarian clashes rage across Lebanon
USS Cole heads back to Mediterranean
Lebanese fleeing violence to Cyprus by boat
US frets for civilians caught in Lebanon fighting
Israel eyes dangers, opportunities in Hezbollah takeover
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 12, 2008
Hezbollah seizes key areas of Lebanon
Lebanese violence spreads to mountains outside capital
Hezbollah-led forces take revolt to mountains above Beirut
Fierce fighting breaks out east of Beirut
Lebanon Presidential Vote Seen Unlikely Amid Violence
Lebanon facing threat of civil war
Lebanon tense as Arab League tries to end crisis
Arab League to send high-level mission to Beirut
Arab League tries to broker Lebanon settlement
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May 11
Hezbollah fighters pile pressure on Lebanon rivals
Lebanon army deploys but clashes rage on
Clashes in northern and eastern Lebanon, outside Beirut
Israel's Barak admits 'serious' concern over Lebanon crisis
17 dead in north; Druze-Hezbollah clashes break out
Lebanon troops patrol Beirut after Hezbollah pullout
Israel fears Lebanon unrest will bolster Iran allies
Fighting in north Lebanon as Hezbollah ends Beirut takeover
Lebanon struggles to defuse crisis
Lebanese declaration threatens civil war
Lebanese army won't take on Hezbollah
Lebanese troops patrol Beirut after Hezbollah pullout
Hezbollah fighters in Beirut melt away
Moves against Hezbollah freezed
Lebanese opposition ends west Beirut takeover
Hezbollah fighters retreat from Beirut after 37 die in clashes
US warily welcomes less violence in Lebanon
Arabs hold crisis talks on Hezbollah ‘coup’ in Beirut
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May 10
Lebanese army overturn measures against Hezbollah
Hezbollah starts withdrawing gunmen from Beirut
Lebanon's Siniora vows to defy Hezbollah "coup"
14 killed in clashes in north Lebanon
Six killed during Beirut funeral: hospital official
Hezbollah ‘wants to define the fate of Lebanon’
Lebanon PM urges amy to restore order as 11 more killed
Lebanon army in bid to end violence
Fighting in Beirut threatens a top Bush Administration priority
Warfare in Beirut: more Mideast trouble for Bush, U.S. allies
Powerless US falls back on 'remote-control' diplomacy for Lebanon
Tension reigns after three deadly days in Lebanon
Hezbollah sweeps over much of Beirut Muslim sector
16 die in Beirut as Lebanon crisis continues
Hezbollah to withdraw fighters in Beirut; 12 die in clash
Fresh violence in Lebanon kills 11
Hezbollah phone system sparks new Lebanon unrest
'Iran backs Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon'
US: Hezbollah must be 'accountable' for Lebanon unrest
Arabs to hold urgent talks on Lebanon crisis
Top Shiite cleric does not see Iraq-style sectarian strife in Lebanon
US says Syria, Iran linked to Lebanon violence
McCain says Beirut situation demands action
blank.gif (59 bytes)
May 9
On-the-spot: Lebanon's 'one-sided civil war'
Lebanon in turmoil as Hezbollah takes west Beirut
Lebanon ruling coalition denounces Hezbollah "coup"
International alarm at Hezbollah "coup" in Beirut
Hezbollah Prevailing in Beirut Siege
Hezbollah imposes control on Beirut
U.S. supports embattled Lebanese government
PM Fillon says France working to prevent civil war in Lebanon
Kouchner offers French help in Lebanon crisis
Lebanon: Hizbollah forces MPs out of capital
Lebanese MP asks army to protect Tripoli
Western nations start planning Lebanon evacuations
France plans for possible Lebanon evacuation
Lebanon faces most serious crisis since civil war: UN envoy
Hundreds flood Lebanon border crossings with Syria
Iran accuses US, Israel of provoking Lebanon violence
Hezbollah fighters overrun west Beirut, take over media
Hezbollah gunmen seize control of Beirut neighborhoods
Hezbollah overruns west Beirut as Lebanon on brink
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 9, 2008
Hezbollah says Lebanon 'declares war' after gunbattles
Sectarian street clashes in Beirut boil up into gunbattles
Moody's maintains Lebanon rating despite political crisis
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May 8
Hezbollah 'ready for war' in Lebanon
Lebanon on the brink as violence erupts
Fighting rocks Beirut, ten killed, Hezbollah defiant
Beirut gunbattles as Hezbollah says govt 'declares war'
Lebanon opposition rejects proposal to end crisis
Lebanon's Hariri proposes compromise to end 'siege'
Gunbattles break out in Beirut
Nasrallah says Lebanon crackdown 'declaration of war'
Hezbollah says Beirut government declares war
U.N. Security Council urges calm, restraint in Lebanon
U.S.: Hezbollah must end 'disruptive activities'
Confrontation in Lebanon appears to escalate
Sectarian clashes escalate in Lebanon
Sunnis, Shiites clash for a second day in Lebanon
Lebanon violence spreads beyond Beirut
Sunnis, Shiites clashes spread across Lebanon
Hezbollah protests tighten screw on government
Saudi warns Lebanon opposition against escalation
Hezbollah piles pressure on Lebanese government
Lebanon air links paralysed by anti-government protests
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 8, 2008
Violence flares in Beirut amid opposition protests
Lebanon Grand Mufti accuses Hezbollah of 'invading' Beirut
blank.gif (59 bytes)
May 7
Lebanon opposition vows to keep up protests
Anti-government protests turn violent in Beirut
Clashes erupt in Lebanon as Hezbollah stages strike
Lebanon's political conflict turns violent
Lebanon's labour union cancels protest
Hezbollah-led protesters block Beirut streets, airport road
Navigation through Beirut airport suspended, nearby roads blocked
Bomb wounds five in Lebanon ahead of labour protest
Lebanon wants IMF economic monitoring - IMF report
Strike call highlights Lebanon’s divisions
Lebanon wants IMF economic monitoring - IMF report
blank.gif (59 bytes)
May 6
Lebanon's political tension spills out on the streets
Christian rival supporters scuffle at Lebanese university
Lebanon braces for general strike amid rising tensions
Beirut cabinet challenges Hezbollah
Lebanon airport official removed over alleged Hezbollah ties
Lebanon to probe Hezbollah telephone network
Lebanon raises wages on eve of strike
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 6, 2008
Lebanon 'vulnerable' in Standard & Poor's liquidity index
Lebanon raises wages on eve of strike
Lebanon: Wage Wars
blank.gif (59 bytes)
May 5
Lebanon probes reports of Hezbollah surveillance cameras
Hezbollah trains Iraqis in Iran, officials say
Lebanon Press Highlights: May 5, 2008
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May 4
Top Lebanon Christian cleric heads for US talks
Rice links Israel-Syria peace push to Lebanon: paper
Report: Hezbollah can intercept calls in Lebanon thanks to Iran
Lebanon property market booming despite crisis
blank.gif (59 bytes)
May 3
Jumblat calls for expelling the Iranian ambassador
Iranians suspected of monitoring Lebanese Forces leader
Hezbollah says proud to be on the US terrorist list
Hezbollah labels Jumblat's charges as fiction, nightmares
Another delay for Lebanon's mobile network privatisations
Lebanon's Solidere sees steady earnings in 2008
blank.gif (59 bytes)
May 2
Another delay for Lebanon's mobile network privatisations
Arab economic summit kicks off in Lebanon
Moussa: Lebanon deadlock could be broken soon
Lebanon inflation climbs, GDP growth recovers
Lebanon may increase minimum wage as much as 33%
Jumblat: Hezbollah watches airport; warns politicians
Lebanon: Trial of terrorist suspects begins in Beirut
Lebanon rivals set for first talks in nearly five months
Lebanon: Palestinians protest exclusion as govt moots minimum wage
Lebanon may increase minimum wage as much as 33%
Lebanon inflation climbs, GDP growth recovers
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May 1
Something odd may be going on in southern Lebanon
Arab League envoy sees progress in his talks in Beirut
Lebanese singer performs in Bahrain despite Islamist opposition
Iran the 'most active' state sponsor of terrorism: Report
Lebanon expected to plung into a major balckout, Hezbollah blamed
Hundreds protest in Beirut against price rises
Sunni Mufti accuses Hezbollah of armed invasion, vows response
Arab League envoy in Beirut to try to end political impasse
Lebanon's Solidere, Ajman plan $60 bln project
Lebanon urged to protect domestic workers from abuse, exploitation
Lebanon economy to grow at least 4 pct in 2008
Azour hails exchange of $882 million of Eurobonds as sign of stability
Lebanon's Solidere, Ajman plan $60 bln project

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