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April 2009

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April 30
Hariri suspects' release may shift fragile balance
UK backs Hariri tribunal after talks with Lebanon's Suleiman
Lebanese President urges peace as he visits Britain
Bellemare: The Hariri case goes far beyond the four generals
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 30, 2009
17 arrested in Curacao in alleged drug ring with links to Lebanon
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April 29
Lebanon frees generals held in Hariri killing
Lebanon frees Hariri suspects after tribunal ruling
Mubarak: Foreign powers seek to sabotage Egypt
Families of released Lebanese generals happy over tribunal decision
UN releases four suspects in Hariri murder
Lebanese told no kissing in anti-swine flu drive
Egypt refers 49 for plotting Hezbollah attacks
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 29, 2009
Hezbollah warns Lebanon over Israeli-US maneuvers
UN court to rule on custody of Hariri suspects
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April 28
Rival Lebanon camps postpone national dialogue
UN chief raps 'intimidation' by Lebanon militias
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 28, 2009
EU begins deploying monitors for crucial Lebanon elections
Hezbollah praises arrest of Mossad spy network
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April 27
Lebanon tribunal judge to decide fate of 4 generals Wednesday
Lebanon bans pork imports over swine flu fears
Beirut’s Cedar Island delayed
Clinton says moderation is Lebanon’s best hope
US concerned Hezbollah-led alliance would win polls
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 27, 2009
UN raps Hezbollah for 'violating Egypt's sovereignty'
Arab League chief: We are not mediating over Hezbollah cell
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April 26
Espionage game: Reported fall of spy rings exacts heavy toll
Clinton vows to never sell out Lebanon to Syria
Clinton calls for free elections on Lebanon visit
pdf.gif (130 bytes) EU Mission Begins Observation of Parliamentary Elections
IDF: Surge in attempts to smuggle drugs from Lebanon
Clinton in Beirut ahead of crucial vote
US sent two diplomats to Syria: Clinton
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April 25
Three arrested in Lebanon on Israel spy charges
Plan to build fake island makes waves in Lebanon
Moussa says Lebanese president is tackling Hezbollah issue
Arab pop star Haifa Wehbe gets married
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April 24
Hezbollah looks for election win that could shake up Lebanon
Hezbollah planned three synchronized attacks in Egypt
Ban condemns Hezbollah's interference in Egypt's internal affairs
EU to send 90 election observers to Lebanon
Lebanese parliament based on sectarian split
Lebanese daily under pressure because of political tension and rivalry
Lebanon perky economy bucking the trend
Israelis in Europe warned of Hezbollah kidnap threat
Lebanon, France signed declaration on judicial co-op
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 24, 2008
NY man sentenced to 5 years for aiding Hezbollah
Lebanon's first Syria ambassador begins work
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April 23
Hezbollah projected to win Lebanese parliament majority
Egypt wages 'cold war' of words on Hezbollah
With votes for sale in Lebanon, money from abroad floods in
Lebanon charges ex-general with spying for Israel
Mubarak to Hezbollah: Beware of Egypt's wrath
Hezbollah cell worries Egypt
Anti-Hezbollah outrage flares in Egypt
587 candidates in race for Lebanon parliament
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 23, 2009
U.S. helps train Lebanese police
More lists announced as Lebanon's electoral race intensifies
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April 22
Islamic leader blames Hezbollah, Hamas for Israel's wars
Egypt parliament, media join forces against Hezbollah
Lebanese-born Swedish man set up militant camp: U.S. prosecutor
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 22, 2009
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April 21
Egypt summons Iran envoy over Hezbollah spat
Turkey, Lebanon discuss Obama policies, Mideast
Egypt accuses Lebanon officials of aiding Hezbollah cell
Report: Hezbollah cell posed as Aksa Brigades
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 21, 2009
Top Lebanese Shiite cleric calls for Muslim-Jewish dialogue
Lebanon: Enlightening Strategies
Lebanon’s homecoming headache
Lebanon: Enlightening Strategies
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April 20
Medical tests for Hezbollah suspects ahead of trial
Lebanon’s first ambassador to Syria takes office
Lebanon fails to end Egypt-Hezbollah spat
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April 19
UAE arrests key suspect in Hariri murder case
Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites
On jumpy Israel-Lebanon frontier, a quiet drug war
Fatah official lashes out at Hezbollah
Egypt's Shiites apprehensive as Hezbollah tensions mount
Lebanese Armenians and the ‘Madness’ of Political Alignment
Hezbollah and Iran have become Egyptian targets
Egypt prosecutor asks death penalty for Hizbullah ringleader
Saudi tourists make up biggest spenders in Lebanon
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April 18
Fatah armed wing says it severed ties with Hezbollah
Hezbollah 'infiltrated' Fatah claims official
Army ambush puts spotlight on Lebanon's Wild West
Lebanon’s cedars are threatened by warming
D-Day set for Lebanon generals in Hariri case
Egypt seeks arrest of Hezbollah chief
Assad hails diplomatic moves toward Beirut
Lebanon's economic resilience "remarkable" -IMF
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April 17
Hariri tribunal loses its registrar
Earthquake panics Lebanon, but no reported injuries
Lebanon may have ‘commercial quantities’ of oil
Judge at UN-backed Lebanon tribunal demands reasons for detentions
Lebanese army presses on with Biqaa crackdown
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 17, 2009
No word on release of Hariri suspects
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April 16
Lebanon arrests another suspect over spying for Israel
Israel to withdraw from Lebanon's Ghajar by late April
Belgium offers Leopard tanks to Lebanon at "encouraging prices"
Lebanese Army uncovers major drugs factory, arrests 69 criminals
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 16, 2009
Egyptian security moves betray growing fear of Iran
Bassil blames government for failing to provide cheap internet service
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April 15
Hezbollah: We are no longer ignored by West
Iran dismisses Egypt claims on Hezbollah
Hezbollah says Egyptian claims a vendetta
Hezbollah says gave information on arrested spy
Egypt accuses Iran as police hunt 'Hezbollah cell'
Families of Egyptian "Hezbollah" detainees allege intimidation
Lebanon arrests 69 suspects in Bekaa sweep
One dead as army hunts killers of Lebanese soldiers
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 15, 2009
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April 14
Lebanese ex-general accused of spying for Israel
US to donate unmanned military aircraft to Lebanon
Lebanon Boosts Security After Soldiers' Killing
Egypt accuses Hezbollah of plotting attacks
Lebanese cargo ship hijacked off Horn of Africa
Top Lebanese ex-officer admits to spying for Israel
Israel army on high alert on Egyptian border
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 14, 2009
Experts: Hezbollah in Sinai just tip of the iceberg
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April 13
Tensions rise as Egypt widens Hizbollah crackdown
Attack on Lebanese army convy kills 4, wounds 11
Lebanon's Hezbollah savors increasing legitimacy
Hamas "surprised" by Egypt's Hezbollah allegations
Egypt: 10 Lebanese of alleged Hezbollah cell hiding in Sinai
Egypt police surround wanted Lebanese in Sinai-source
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April 12
On jumpy Lebanon-Israel frontier, a quiet drug war
Egypt state-controlled paper denounces Hezbollah
Egypt: Hezbollah cell plotted against Israeli tourists
Egypt foils plot and arrests 49 'Hizbollah suspects'
Israel minister: Hezbollah chief 'deserves to die'
Report: US to add US$100 million for Lebanon military aid
Hezbollah ring 'a fašade for Iran's Suez thrust'
'Nasrallah wants to turn Egypt into Lebanon'
‘Gaza arms’ seized in Egypt shootout
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April 11
Hezbollah chief denies plotting attacks in Egypt
Hezbollah-hit Americans sue North Korea
Moody's upgrade highlights Lebanon's unique credit trend
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April 10
'Iran behind Hezbollah bid to strike Egypt targets'
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 10, 2009
'Hezbollah cell smuggled arms to Gaza'
US to deliver heavy weaponry to Lebanon ahead of elections
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April 9
Egypt to question 'Hezbollah plotters' further
Hezbollah followers lash out at Egypt attack accusations
Lebanon to turn over files on Hariri slaying to U.N. Tribunal
Obama taps Lebanon hand as top US Mideast diplomat
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 9, 2009
Standard & Poor's: Lebanon 'highly vulnerable to decline in remittances'
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April 8
Lebanon cleric: Obama sincere toward Muslims
Egypt accuses Hezbollah of plotting attacks
Warrants lifted against generals in Hariri case
Hezbollah warns of repercussions following Siniora nomination
Lebanese PM Fouad Siniora to run in poll
Hezbollah prepares for vote, takes aim at United States
Lebanon's MTV returns after seven years off air
Lebanese parties sharpen knives ahead of vote
Lebanon approves referral of Hariri dossier to The Hague
Hezbollah to abolish confessionalism
UK gov't criticized for admitting Jihadists to Parliament
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 8, 2009
Report: Egypt arrests 7 Israeli Arabs for spying for Hamas, Hezbollah
Bahaa Hariri buys 5 pc stake in Kuwait’s KIPCO
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April 7
Italy supports Lebanon's stability, visiting FM says
Siniora to run in parliament elections for Sidon seat
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 7, 2009
Lebanese censors draw criticism from artists
Italian FM holds talks with Lebanese officials
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April 6
Short '06 Lebanon War Stokes Pentagon Debate
Lebanese PM calls for unity govt after elections
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 6, 2009
Lebanese banks holding up well in difficult times
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April 5
Lebanon must reform economy, on ‘short leash’
Lebanon: Hariri launches political paltform as elections fever heightens
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April 4
Britain says U.S. doesn't object to engaging Hezbollah
Lebanon’s Baroud sees political will for smooth vote
Lebanon: Geagea announces Cedar Revolution II, declares list of candidates
Lebanese President to visit Turkey
New York police prepares for potential Hezbollah threat
Lebanon's financial stability encouraged EIB aid: president
Lebanese election scene takes shape
Moody's upgrades four Lebanese banks following sovereign upgrade
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April 3
Lebanon is cheery despite the economic gloom
Key witness in Hariri case not in France -- official
Lebanon inaugurates pioneer scientific ship
Lebanon's Solidere confident in spite of share fall
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 3, 2009
Lebanon is cheery despite the economic gloom
Lebanon's Solidere confident in spite of share fall
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April 2
Beirut: Arab investment losses total $2.5 trillion
Assad expresses support to Hezbollah, says won't yield to tribunal
Lebanon Central Bank says will cut loan reserve requirement
Lebanese police recover kidnapped teen
Hezbollah says it can ensure unity cabinet
Hezbollah lays out platform, candidates
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 2, 2009
Poland to pull out its troops from UNIFIL
UN court asks Lebanon to hand over Hariri case
Elections loom largest for Lebanon markets
Hezbollah, other parties announce poll candidates
Lebanon's Salameh sees stable interest rates
Lebanon Central Bank says will cut loan reserve requirement
Beirut: Arab investment losses total $2.5 trillion
Elections loom largest for Lebanon markets
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April 1
Moody's upgrades Lebanon's bond rating
Lebanon says 16 Israeli jets flew over country
Lebanon Press Highlights: April 1, 2009
Israel fears Afghanistan surge could sap UNIFIL's strength
Moody's upgrades Lebanon's bond rating

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