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January 2010

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January 31
Lebanon's March 14 Alliance vows adherence to principles
Israel arrests Lebanese civilian in Shebaa: army
Ethiopian Airlines plane crash 'similar' to earlier disaster
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January 30
Pilot disorientation accidents have become a phenomenon
Searchers sweep seabed for Lebanon crash black boxes
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January 29
Crews scan sea floor off Beirut for crashed jet
Hariri: Israeli threats against Hezbollah target Lebanon
Debt-ridden Lebanon sheikh stages his own abduction
Hariri tribunal's president to visit Lebanon
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 29, 2010
Lebanon: Hand grenades detected near Alwite leader's residence
Lebanon: Imam's abduction stirs demos along boder highway
Hezbollah denies link to jet crash
Spain takes command of UN force in Lebanon
Lebanon to decide on sale of mobile phone companies by year-end
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January 28
Egypt's Mubarak, Lebanon's Hariri meet in Cairo
Black boxes found three days after Lebanon plane crash
Lebanon’s foreign domestic workers fight back
Ethiopian Airlines defends pilot after fatal crash
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 28, 2010
Lebanese, Egyptian prime ministers discuss trade, energy
Lebanon Byblos Bank 2009 Net Profit Up 20% At $146.1 Million
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January 27
Peres: Iran preventing peace, destabilizing Lebanon, Yemen
Lebanese PM on first official visit to Egypt
Search intensifies for black boxes of Ethiopian jet
Lebanon Press Highlights: Januray 27, 2010
Mulim cleric abducted in Lebanese Biqaa region
Lebanese army members attend U.S. military seminars
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January 26
Egypt prosecutor calls for death penalty in Hezbollah trial
Probe to query why doomed plane veered off course
Pilot in Beirut crash didn't follow tower's advice
Israel rattles its sabres at Lebanon
US investigators to assist Lebanon with plane crash probe
Group raps Lebanon, Jordan for mistreating Palestinians
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 26, 2010
Witnesses: Plane tumbled out of sky off Lebanon
Ethiopian airlines crash: Experts look at possible causes
Passengers on board crashed Ethiopian plane identified
U.S. asks Israel to refrain from retaliatory operations
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January 25
'No word of survivors' following Ethiopian Airlines crash
Ethiopian jet crash deaths rise as 34 bodies found
Palestinians deny holding military exercise in Lebanon: report
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 25, 2010
Hezbollah stresses readiness for war with Israel
Scores feared dead as Ethiopian plane crashes off Beirut
Lebanon: Lowering voting age triggers heated debate
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January 24
No escalation on Lebanon border: Israeli commander
Arab ministers slam US interference in satellite TV
Syria calling up reserves - report
Netanyahu: Israel has no intention to attack Lebanon
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January 23
Israeli minister warns of new war with Hezbollah
France vows to prevent Israeli strike on Lebanon's infrastructure
Hezbollah hits back at Kouchner attack
Hezbollah's relocation of rocket sites poses wider threat
Lebanese media warns of ban if US hits out at Hezbollah TV
Abu Jamra: Aoun trying to sedate opposers in order to contain them
Hezbollah hit squads keep swinging
Lebanon: Border tension rises amid talk of war, Israeli maneuvers
Lebanon minister vows action as counterfeit drugs hit market
Hariri: France concerned with just peace for Lebanon and the Middle East
3 wounded in Lebanon over Egypt's Gaza barrier
IFC buys 8 percent of Lebanon's Byblos Bank
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January 22
Building boom transforms heart of Beirut
Hezbollah on Alert on Israeli-Lebanese border
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 22, 2010
Lebanon activists launch campaign targeting Egypt's "wall of shame"
Hariri: Restoring relations with Syria needs time
Australian man jailed for terrorism in Lebanon
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January 21
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 21, 2010
Party of God on war footing
Palestinian, Lebanese survivors relive Haiti quake terror
Lebanon: Hariri fears new Israeli attack against Lebanon
Political rifts complicate Lebanon's municipal elections
Lebanon Aims to Raise $250 Million in Middle East Airlines IPO
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January 20
Palestinians outside refugee camps must disarm: Lebanon
US Mideast envoy: Lebanon is key to regional peace
Lebanon: Cabinet postpones municipal elections amid heated debate
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 20, 2010
Lebanon: Central bank governor cites 22 percent growth in deposits
Lebanon firm on disarming Palestinians outside camps
U.S. Mideast envoy discusses peace process in Beirut
Lebanon: Central bank governor cites 22 percent growth in deposits
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January 19
Lebanon says 2009 was best on record for tourism
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 19, 2010
Lebanon says 2009 was best on record for tourism
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January 18
Palestinian group refuses to disarm outside Lebanon camps
US Mideast envoy Mitchell expected in Beirut on Tuesday
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 18, 2010
Al Waleed seeks to consolidate assets
Iran to establish first Gulf trade center
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January 17
Lebanese protest Egypt's Gaza barrier
Report: Syria allows Hezbollah to train on anti aircraft missiles
Iranian dissident ‘killed by Hezbollah member’
Jumblatt: Syria reconciliation nearly complete
Hezbollah says Arab leaders bow to U.S. pressure
Israeli army crosses into Lebanon: state media
Lebanon’s M1 to buy part of EFG-Hermes stake in Bank Audi
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January 16
Protests in north Lebanon as electricity rationed
Tehran 'fully supports' Lebanon unity
Lebanon facing environmental challenges
Lebanese Muslim accuses Christian teacher of veil snatching
Lebanese businessman caught with $1 million notes
March 14: Discussions on ending political sectarianism must be shelved
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January 15
Hezbollah warns Israel against launching new war
Israel suspects Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah in Jordan blast
Lebanon: Israeli collaborator denies role in Islamic Jihad killings
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 15, 2009
Lebanon PM says consensus needed before abolishing sectarianism
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January 14
Turkey warns Lebanon that Israel may be planning attack
Inter-Palestinian Fighting Spreads to Lebanon
Analysis: Hariri tribunal losing political support
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 14, 2010
Lebanon's public debt reached $51 billion in 2009 - minister
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January 13
Lebanon denies al-Qaida infiltrating
Lebanese speaker renews call for abolishing political sectarianism
Bomb hurts 3 in south Lebanon Hezbollah stronghold
Barak: Lebanon responsible if situation deteriorates
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 13, 2010
Hezbollah condemns Der Spiegel's slander
Tribute to outgoing registrar of Lebanon tribunal
Syria to allow foreign ownership of banks
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January 12
Lebanon, Syria criticize US air screening rules
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 12, 2010
Lebanese authorities arrest drug baron
Jumblat: Aoun meeting brings reconciliation process to an end
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January 11
Turkish PM lashes out at Israel for threatening peace
U.S. official in Beirut for security cooperation talks
Hariri's struggles in Lebanon show limits of U.S. influence
Lebanese president visits UN peacekeepers in south
Lebanese army fires on Israeli fighter planes
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 11, 2010
Entry visas scrapped as Hariri consolidates ties with Turkey
Geagea says new chapter with Syria already opened
Kingdom opens 5-star hotel in Beirut
Wild Discovery becomes first Lebanese network of travel agencies to offset greenhouse emissions
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January 10
Jumblat, Hezbollah seal Lebanon reconciliation accord
Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas must wait until Israel is ready
Lebanon detains wanted Islamist
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January 9
Hundreds of Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihadi members fleeing to Lebanon
Lebanon asks US to reverse ban on Hezbollah TV
Report: Hezbollah funded by drug trade in Europe
Lebanon's Premier Hariri to visit Turkey
Lebanese President meets McCain in Beirut
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January 8
Life sentence for men planning UNIFIL attack
Lebanon voices concern over US airport screening measures
Israel accuses Hezbollah of planting explosives
Israel successfully tests Iron Dome missile shield
Israel to UN: Investigate bomb cache in Lebanon
Israel says new missile shield looks good
US congressman discusses Iraqi refugees in Lebanon
Report: Merkel aide warns Lebanon of over "terror" infiltration
Lebanese president concerned about U.S. airports security measures
Suspected Fatah al-Islam terrorist arrested in Lebanon: report
Hamas ready to cooperate with Beirut blast investigation: report
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 8, 2009
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January 7
Hariri tribunal chief steps aside
UNIFIL peacekeepers find bombs buried near Israel border
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January 6
Lebanon MidEast's 'Most Improved Democracy'
Jordan King, PM Hariri urge Israeli pullout from all occupied Arab land
Dahia blast occurred during live ammunition training by Hamas
Syria will back Hezbollah if Israel attacks - report
Israeli village stirs up hummus war with record bid
McCain to visit Beirut for regional peace talks
Lebanese speaker warns against discussion over Hezbollah disarmament
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 5, 2009
Lebanon's Jumblatt considers Damascus trip
Phalange Party calls on Hezbollah ministers to abide by cabinet decisions or resign
Lebanon: Alfa subscribers temporarily lose network service
Lebanon's public debt to GDP expected to fall in 2010: Salameh
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January 4
Jumblat-Wahhab meet raises specter of a new coalition
Grenade thrown at Palestinian party offices in southern Lebanon
Lebanon Press Highlights: January 4, 2010
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January 3
Fatah official says Palestinian camps won't shelter Al-Qaeda activists
One injured after clash in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon
Suleiman, Sarkozy lay stress on 1701, Syria-Lebanon ties
Lebanon: Psychic predicts local, regional and international events

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