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April 2011

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April 30
Syria unrest could spread to Lebanon at any moment: analysts
Escaping Assad: Syrians bring tales of gunfire and defiance
Feature: Syrian families seek refuge in Lebanon border town
Lebanon highly concerned over Syria's destabilizing effect
Lebanese economy harmed by Political bickering: Hassan
Three Lebanese officers injured over illegal construction
Najjar: Powerful politicians blocking illegal construction crackdown
Hezbollah condemns Bahrain's decision to execute 4 nationals
Lebanese economy harmed by Political bickering: Hassan
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April 29
'Like rats,' inmates languish in notorious Lebanon prison
Israel trains Vietnam-style 'tunnel rats' to fight Hezbollah
Rocket explosions in northern Lebanese city
Syria prods its allies in Lebanon to speed up cabinet formation
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April 28
Hundreds of Syrians flee unrest into northern Lebanon
Push to ban liquor in southern Lebanese town
President said ready to give up interior ministry portfolio
Angry citizens block roads to protest rise in fuel prices
Lebanon's grand mufti calls for releasing Islamist ahead of trial
647 construction violations in South - report
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April 27
Lebanese FM orders UN representative to reject condemnation on Syria
Mikati has no intension to form government, Aoun says
Upheaval exposes Syria's economic vulnerabilities
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April 26
Bahrain Sees Hezbollah Plot in Protest
Lebanon charges 4 with kidnapping Estonians
Syria's upheaval will 'definitely' affect Lebanon's stability: Analysts
Jumblat calls on Assad to allow right to protest
Fatah, Jund al-Sham exchange fire in Lebanon's Ain al-Hilweh camp
Syria's upheaval expected to have 'terrible repercussions' on Lebanese economy
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April 25
Bahrain gov't accuses Hezbollah of aiding opposition groups
Beirut hit by tourism downturn as passenger numbers fall
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April 24
Wahhab unravels Saudi payments to Hariri allies
A banking Scandal in Lebanon
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April 23
Ivory Cost upheaval sheds light on Lebanese misfortune in West Africa
Death in Lebanon prison
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April 22
Israel Warns Hizbullah Attack Abroad Imminent
Lebanese maintain tense quiet about Syria’s turmoil
Lebanon's Hizb Ut-Tahrir rallies in support of Syrian protesters
Lebanon: Hizb Ut-Tahrir vows to defy protest ban
Hezbollah says UN chief report is biased toward Israel
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April 21
Hezbollah challenges Bahrain government
Mikati’s critical mission in Lebanon
Islamic group vows Lebanon rally despite ban
Two killed in police shooting over illegal houses in Lebanon
Lebanon bans pro- and anti-Assad demos in north
Ban regrets "no progress" in implementing remaining 1559 provisions
Israel alerted to several Hamas, Hezbollah kidnap plots abroad
March 14 warns Hezbollah against taking part in Syria's 'false accusations'
Lebanon gazoline prices inching close to record highs
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April 20
Estonian confirms men in YouTube video are kidnap victims
Lebanon: Kidnaped Estonians beg for help in video
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April 19
Lebanon arrests 7 over anti-Assad protests call
Bahrain halts deportation of Lebanese citizens
Rival Christian leaders hold 'ice-breaking meeting' in Bkerki
Hezbollah, March 14 lock horns over Syria's claims
Syria, Lebanon stability are inter-linked, pro-Assad gathering insists
Mikati calls for fostering president's decision-making role
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April 18
Lebanon president warns against deepening division via WikiLeaks
Lebanon cabinet formation in final stage, March 8 source says
Syrian allegations aim at discrediting Hariri, Jarrah says
Daher says March 8 wants Iranian religious rule in Lebanon
Syrian ambassador should be summoned, Fatfat says
Lebanon Trade activities witness a 'remarkable drop' in Q1
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April 17
Power vacuum, uncertainty continue in Lebanon
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April 16
Israel: 150 Lebanese villages would be destroyed if Hezbollah attacks
Lebanon looks to cash in on natural gas
Lebanon March 14 denies involvement in Syria's uprising
Syrian inspection measures stalls north Lebanon truck traffic
Mikati says extra time needed to form homogeneous government
Lebanon looks to cash in on natural gas
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April 15
Lebanon's Hariri proposed Brotherhood replace Assad
Syrian ambassador calls for prosecuting Hariri MP
Mikati: More time needed to form Lebanon's new cabinet
'War still on' for families of Lebanon's missing men
Hezbollah denies role in Libya uprising
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April 14
Syria's turn to be scared of things coming from Lebanon
Syria urges action after Lebanon MP 'implicated' in protests
Lebanese MP denies involvement in Syrian uprising
Syrian TV airs cofesssions saying Lebanese MP helped in unrest
Lebanon stops weapons from entering Syria
Lebanese launch their own rebellion against sectarian politics
Lebanon: Internal fissures delaying cabinet formation
Ambiguity still surrounds fate of kidnapped Estonians
Lebanon urged to investigate civil war missing
Israel tank 'enters disputed area' with Lebanon
Future Movement MP denies fueling unrest in Syria
Hezbollah 'planning attacks on Western targets'
Amid government deadlock in Lebanon, economy reels
Hezbollah, Iran still looking for a grip in Beirut
Future Bloc urges Nasrallah not to meddle in Arab affairs
Amid government deadlock in Lebanon, economy reels
IMF projects Lebanon's growth to fall to 2.5 pct
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April 14 (Arabic News Articles)
Lebanon cabinet dragging behind...a heavily burdened horse
"Syrian confessions" link protestors to 'Muslim Bothers' and Jamal Jarrah
Jarrah describes Syrian accusations as security fabrications
Future Bloc denies Jarrah's involvement in supplying Syrian men with weapons
Hariri bewildered: Iran today, Syria tomorrow
Estonian kidnappers thought they were French or British
Emirati crown prince accused of agitating situation in Syria
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April 13 (Arabic News Articles)
Forming Lebanese government coincides with hinting at Mikati's 'telephone file"
Munir Maqdah's last chance
Estonian Kidnappers: A new generation of Jihadists
New Cabinet: 'Third +1' for Mikati and 'half + 1' for March 8
Who is legitimizing the seizure of public land in south Lebanon?
Marh 8 media mobilizes Arab world revolutionaries, supports Syrian regime
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April 12
Lebanon fears being drawn into Iran-Saudi cold war
Israel's missile shield a potential gamechanger against Hamas, Hezbollah
Lebanese ISPs take legal action over 3G deployments
Bahrain tells 16 Lebanese to leave, 5 gone - diplomat
Rival Christian leaders claim vistory in engineers vote
Jumblat warns against verbal assaults at Iran
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April 11
Bahrain expells 15 Lebanese nationals, ambassador says
Mikati said edging closer to forming Lebanon's new cabinet
Lebanon ISF member, wanted killer shot dead in clash
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April 10
Thousands in Lebanon march against confessionalism
March 8 wins Beirut's engineers vote, March 14 wins north's
Nasrallah accuses Hariri of dragging Lebanon into regional conflicts
Bahrain gives Lebanese workers 48 hours to leave, residents say
Wikileaks: Lebanese Speaker wealth hits about US$2 billion
Habib: Nasrallah is using the Shia as fuel to achieve Iranian goals
Harb: Nasrallah ought to be careful with his accusations
Moussawi: We will spare no means to express loyalty to Iran
Soueid: Hezbollah is part of a non-Arab threat to the Arab world
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April 9
Hezbollah call on Lebanese politicians cited by WikiLeaks to resign
Lebanon war of words won't spill onto streets, analysts say
Hariri seeks to contain impact of Hezbollah's tension with Bahrain
Mikati should form government or quit, Aoun says
Local tension, regional turmoil weighing heavily on foreign invstements
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April 8
Lebanon charges 11 with kidnapping Estonians
WikiLeaks papers shed light on Hizbollah's Israel plans
Iran denies interfering in Lebanon
Lebanon's Hariri, Hezbollah lock horns over Iran
Lebanese residents attack US embassy convoy
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April 7
Stalemate in Lebanon amid Arab uprisings
Dissidents From Syria Seek Haven in Lebanon
Hariri accuses Iran of meddling in Arab affairs
Berri: March 8 no longer exists, now dubbed the “National Front"
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April 6
Ransom demand for Estonians kidnapped in Lebanon
Two die as Lebanese security forces end prison siege
Fatah al-Islam re-organizing in Ain al-Helweh - Sources
Security forces storm Lebanese prison, free guards
Lebanese threat 'real,' Washington says
Baroud: Lebanon vulnerable to security risks
Geagea: Kidnapped Estonians likely held in Syria
Lebanese property market booming, says Damac
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April 5
Kidnapped Estonians 'may be outside Lebanon'
U.S. renews Lebanon travel warning, citing political tensions
Lebanon 'to witness several security incidents soon'
Inmates riot at Lebanon prison, hold guards
Lebanon's religious leaders step up efforts to expedite cabinet formation
Mikati determined to form Lebanon's cabinet despite hurdles
Fresh riots break out at Lebanon's central jail
Lebanon Telecom Ministry vows to move ahead with 3G mobile internet technology
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April 4
Washington quietly halts arms delivery to Lebanon
Baroud warns of time bomb in Lebanon's penal system
Geagea: Hezbollah's arms jeopardize rather then protect Lebanon
Lebanon prison mutiny ends peacefully
Lebanese march against sectarian state structures
Lebanon anti-sectarianism protests hit by violence in sidon
Mikati 'won't step down despite difficulties facing cabinet formation'
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April 3
Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah members hide in Brazil, raise money: Report
UN staff, foreigners flee Ivory Coast
Prisoners riot in Lebanon's main jail
Lebanon clamps down on illegal operators
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April 2
Mikati rules out prospects of forming a new government soon
Army intervenes as Lebanon prison protest turns violent
US Embassy convoy attacked in southern Lebanon
Hezbollah says Lebanon should confront Israeli leaks of military sites
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April 1
Israel displays alleged Hezbollah sites in 270 villages
New group claims abduction of seven Estonians in Lebanon

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