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December 2011

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December 31
Lebanon: Rallies in north blast Assad regime
Charbel: Lebanon not sanctuary for Al-Qaeda
Lebanon vows to prevent arms smuggling across Syria border
Lebanon security situation to remain vulnerable in 2012
Lebanon status quo set to hold until Syria turns corner - analysts
Feltman: 'other options' must be studied should Arab mission fail
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December 30
Group’s aid to Syria protesters goes from online to in-person
U.S. targets Hezbollah-linked money laundering Activity for Cartels
Lebanon PM says no evidence of al Qaeda on Syria border
Human rights report says torture in Lebanon is “widespread"
Envoy: Al-Qaeda smuggling arms to Syria
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December 29
MP Daher: Assad's brother Maher is missing
Hezbollah, Israel have no interest in seeking new war
Al-Qaeda claims stump Lebanese Cabinet
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December 28
Charbel denies Ghosn’s Al-Qaeda accusations
Rai: Imposed reforms will destroy Syria
Lebanese Shiite Imam 'died in Libya 13 years ago'
Blast rocks south Lebanon restaurant
Lebanon’s 2012 economic prospects dim
Syrian troops open fire on car on Lebanese border, killing 3
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December 27
Lebanon 'will not send observers to Syria'
Lebanon’s Sadr died in Libya prison in 1998, says report
Assad cannot outsmart the Arab League, he will fall hard: Hariri
Rai, Future bloc call for weapons-free country
Sleiman calls for urban arms collection
Ghosn stands firm on charge of Al-Qaeda infiltration
Jumblatt condemns Syria attacks, says timing suspicious
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December 26
Daher: Claims al-Qaida in north Lebanon baseless
Interior minister: Nothing concrete on Al-Qaeda cells in Lebanon
Daher says Assad’s regime considered “toppled”
Rai calls for arms-free Lebanon, amnesty to Lebanese who fled to Israel
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December 25
Cold war’ heats up between Washington, Hezbollah
Fatah surrenders member to Lebanese Army
Hezbollah congratulates Christians on Christmas
Hamadeh: No elections while Hezbollah still armed
Mansour: Lebanon will not take part in Syria observer mission
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December 24
Hezbollah says U.S. behind Syria blasts, Hariri blames regime
LF warns of security chaos on Lebanese Syrian borders
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December 23
Lebanon condemns ‘terrorist’ bombings in Syria
Feltman: Lebanon should drop neutral policy toward Syria
Hezbollah denies drugs, money laundering claims
Private sector rallies against wage plan
Power crisis threatens Lebanese economy
Lebanon growth hinges on regional developments
Suleiman pledges more protection for UNIFIL
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December 22
Israel concerned by Hezbollah’s increased violent activity
Lebanon telecom employee jailed for spying for Israel
Christmas brings joy across sects
Mikati warns sects to tread carefully over election law
Hariri holds talks with Turkey's Erdogan, Davutoglu
Nasrallah meets Aoun, stresses need for coordination in Cabinet
Anti-Assad Lebanese University students rally in north
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December 21
Lebanon DM says al-Qaeda militants are entering Lebanon
Hezbollah in dire financial straits, report says
Syrian unrest slows deposit, loan growth in Lebanon
Despite withdrawal, Israel still controls infrastructure in disputed Lebanon village
Officials fear al-Qaida in Lebanon
Assad will fall, former Lebanese PM says
American found dead in Lebanon mountains
Correspondent for Lebanon's As-Safir detained in Syria: source
Arrival of Arab observer mission will not prevent Assad’s demise: Hariri
France set on keeping troops in UNIFIL
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December 20
Maronite, Orthodox electoral law draws outrage
Some Arsal refugees may be Al-Qaeda: sources
Hezbollah denies US money laundering charges
Lebanese leaders divided over Syrian-Arab League deal
Hezbollah: U.S. accusations of money laundering false
Iran envoy meets Rai, praises Syria over decision to allow in observers
Body of missing US citizen found in eastern Lebanon
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December 19
Lebanon army uncovers rockets near Israel border
Tensions high in Ain al-Hilweh after shooting
Maronite agreement on election law draws fire
Beirut MPs to renew demand for declaring Beirut arms-free city
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December 18
Tension high in Ain Al-Hilweh after killing Fatah commander bodyguard
Lebanon complains against Israel over spy devises
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December 17
The turn to armed rebellion in Syria: The rise of the Free Syrian Army
Syrian refugees give firsthand account of slide into bloodshed
Vatican in bid to resolve Syria crisis as U.S. prepares to strike deal with Iran
Nearly 5,000 Syrian refugees in north Lebanon
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December 16
U.S. transfers last prisoner to Iraqi government
Syria's wounded seek refuge in Lebanon's second city
U.S. sues businesses it says helped Hezbollah
Lebanon’s Shura Council approves pay hike
Maronite leaders approve Orthodox draft electoral law
Prosecutors accuse Lebanon bank of laundering money for Hezbollah
US Suit Seeks $480 Million in Hezbollah Assets
US government blames Hezbollah for role in $300 million money laundering scheme
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December 15
Lebanon banks fund Hariri court, seeking stability
Lebanon teachers strike on pay, action could spread
Lebanon's private banks cover UN Hariri court funds
Lebanon Tourism Sector Hit By Regional Turmoil
Hezbollah wants U.S. envoy questioned on spies
Hariri tribunal prosecutor to step down in February
STL prosecutor to submit report on arrest of suspects
Syria-Lebanon border shootings wound 8 Syrians and 2 Lebanese
Hezbollah, Kataeb MPs trade insults in parliament
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December 14
Beirut Bank Seen as a Hub of Hezbollah’s Financing
Lebanese Drug Lord Charged in US: Links to Zetas and Hezbollah
Hizbollah accuses four people of being among 10 CIA spies
Syrian gunfire wounds two in Lebanon: official
Hezbollah Allegedly Helps Cartels Launder Coke Money
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December 13
Syria's wounded make dangerous trek to refuge in Lebanon
Hezbollah identifies undercover CIA officers
French accusations put Syria's allies in spotlight
Lebanon wary of spillover from Syria
Hezbollah rejects French accusations over UN attack
Lebanon unions vow crippling strike
Security worries escalate in south
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December 12
UNIFIL Force Commander condemns new rocket attack in Lebanon
UN mission investigates rocket attack in south Lebanon
Syria denies link to bombing of UN troops
Rocket fired from Lebanon at Israel falls short
France says Syria behind Lebanon attack
Jumblatt accuses Syria of using Lebanon to attack France
Mikati fails to reach deal to avert strikes
Hezbollah and judge engage in war of words
Rai calls on state to round up arms
One person wounded in south Lebanon by rocket
Lebanon unaffected by bank outlook cut
Liban Lait CEO released unharmed
'Beirut Hotel' censored in Lebanon
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December 11
Attack on peacekeepers in Lebanon was ‘a message from Syria’, Hariri says
Jumblatt advises Hezbollah to distance itself from Damascus
U.S. Embassy served as venue to recruit CIA spies: Hezbollah
Mikat denies Syria influenced his decision to fund STL
US condemns attack on French troops in Lebanon
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December 10
Is France trying to get out of Lebanon?
Analysts suspect UNIFIL attack linked to pressure on Syria
UN deplores Lebanon attack on peacekeepers
Activists see little progress on human rights in Lebanon
Lebanon, Armenia sign new bilateral agreements
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December 9
Lebanon road bomb wounds French peacekeepers
Russian pressure on Iran induced Lebanon to fund STL: Future MP
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December 8
US will assist Lebanon in securing its border with Syria, says envoy
Syria: Eye-witness account of Talkalakh siege
U.S. to aid Lebanese border defense
BMI: Wage hike poses key risk to economy
Cabinet approves wage increase amid GLC rejection
Hariri expresses full hearted support to Syrian opposition
Syrian strict measures bring border movement to a standstill
EU, US welcome Lebanon payment of STL dues
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December 7
Hezbollah's Nasrallah vows to arm more heavily
Feltman says U.S. to assist Lebanon to secure borders
Feltman: US worried about regional impact of Syrian crisis
March 14 slams Hezbollah, Amal over Zahrani ‘piracy’
Special Tribunal says will not probe 'false witnesses'
IDF uses ‘Black Swan’ to train cadets for Hezbollah battles
Barak: Syrian Maneuvers Signal Fear
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December 6
Syrian opposition leader warns Iran, Hezbollah
Sanctions-hit Syria eyes Lebanon, Iraq corridors
Hezbollah Chief in Rare Public Address in Lebanon
Hezbollah chief tells critics to “leave Resistance alone”
Nasrallah: We would safeguard resistance with our blood
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December 5
Druze, Christian figures urge calm before Ashura
Bassil blasts power plant shutdown
Hezbollah showed real face by siding with Assad: Ghalioun
Abdullah Azzam Brigades denies link to Israel rocket attack
Lebanon banking-system outlook negative: Moody's
Sectarian tension in Sidon ahead of Ashura
Charbel says security good but warns of fifth column
Authorities arrest 3 suspects in Sidon arson attacks
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December 4
Jumblatt warns of danger of sectarian strife in Lebanon
Rifai says there is “coldness” between Mikati, Hezbollah
Ahmad Karami: Nasrallah’s speech will not disrupt cabinet
Soueid slams Zahrani power plant work stoppage
Qabbani: Zahrani power plant incident ‘very dangerous’
Zahrani power plant remains shut as dispute continues
Lebanon's MEA pilots end five-day strike
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December 3
Lebanon border residents fearful after Syria shootout
Nasrallah: Hezbollah will back government
Rebel leader vows to cut Syria's ties to Iran, Hezbollah
Hariri: Funding of STL obviously disturbs Nasrallah
Fresh Syria violence kills 4, wounds 2 Lebanese
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December 2
Israel detonates spy device - Hezbollah
Lebanon army deploys on Syrian border
Lebanese banks tighten control on Syrian account holders
Hezbollah says will give priority to Lebanon's interests
UN's Hariri tribunal confirms Lebanese payment
Lebanon's MEA tells pilots to end strike or face sack
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December 1
Syrian Uprising Spills Over Into Lebanon's Raucous Political Scene
Six killed as Syrian forces raid village near Lebanese border
U.S. welcomes Lebanon's funding of special tribunal
Future Movement hails gov't decision to fund Hariri court
Hezbollah approved the transfer of the funds to STL - report
Rival camps put their spins on STL funding breakthrough
STL funding: Mikati's surprise move
Hezbollah, Israel show no interest in escalation
Prosecutor charges 9 people over archdiocese heist

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