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January 2012

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January 31
IDF covert operations rise over past year
Lebanon opposes internationalization of Syria crisis: report
Syrian students flock to Lebanese schools
Barja residents block road to protest soldier’s disappearance
History curriculum revision sparks controversy
Gemayel calls for Arab League charter on freedoms
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January 30
Berri, Jumblatt in danger: reports
2 Lebanese missing, feared dead on border
Future MP chides Telecoms Minister
Aoun’s tirade against Hariri era draws ire
Fatah hosts Islamists in Ain al-Hilweh security meet
Mikati says Lebanon closer to launching electricity plan
Charbel: Reports on alleged assassination plot being checked
New UNIFIL chief: Israel and Lebanon should respect Blue Line
Sayyed comments on assassination plot against Rifi, Hassan
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January 29
Mikati says Lebanon won't be drawn into Syrian crisis
Rifi: Assassination attempt targeted Information Branch chief
Charbel: Steps taken to protect security chiefs
Iran says willing to help Lebanon end power cuts
Lebanon’s economy could suffer if Syria situation worsens - report
Asarta hands over UNIFIL helm to Italian successor
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January 28
Wounded Syrians treated at secret clinic in Lebanon
Syrian rebels moved Iranian hostages to Lebanon: Report
Zahle bishop oversees fence mending, Marouni a no-show
Sleiman seeks to restart dialogue in February
Future Movement hails ‘brave’ Syrian National Council
Syrian refugee numbers jump as 600 register in single week
Hamade, Youssef accuse Bassil of suspicious deals
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January 27
Geagea, Future MP praise SNC ‘new page’ vow
Residents vow to keep fighting high-voltage lines
After talks with Lavrov, Jumblatt calls for political solution in Syria
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January 26
Lebanese Economy May Grow at More Than 4%, Bank Governor Says
Syrian opposition says ready for new ties with Lebanon
March 14 warns Iran on south Lebanon
Lebanese in Nigeria live under specter of civil war
Bellemare meets Mikati, Mansour
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January 25
Future bloc calls for troops on Syrian border
Israel trying to sabotage Hezbollah-Syrian ties - Lebanese General
Why are Lebanon’s houses crumbling?
Lebanese ex-general gets 2 years as spy for Israel
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January 24
Lebanon to abide by Syria sanctions
UN names Italian head of Lebanon peace mission
Defense panel to probe Syrian attack in Arida
French UNIFIL commander: France paid harsh price for peace
Politicians, inmates slam state of Roumieh
Judge issues arrest warrants for owners of collapsed building
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January 23
Lebanon criticizes Arab League move on Syria
Lebanon and Iraq increase Combat Caravan fleet
Jumblat: Lebanon should distance itself from Syrian developments
Phalange Party questions govt. silence over Soleimani’s statements on Lebanon
Lebanese demand Army on border after teen killed
Berri to Bassil: level with the Lebanese people
Ain al-Hilweh residents call for an end to camp violence
Rai: Maronite Church committed to open, democratic state
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January 22
Thai police denies setting up Swedish-Lebanese terror suspect
Hezbollah guarded Assad during rally: Ahmad Hariri
Syria returns Lebanon fishermen, body of slain boy
Grief, rage as Arida residents bury fisherman
Hezbollah MP: government should prevent arms smuggling into Syria
Hamadeh urges dismissal of Change and Reform ministers
Hariri treated in France after skiing incident
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January 21
Syria seizes Lebanese boat, kill fisherman: relative
Merhebi holds Sleiman, Mikati responsible for Al-Aarida incident
Iran general’s remarks on south Lebanon draw March 14 ire
Lebanon growth dips to 1.5% amid regional tensions
Sarkozy warns against attacks on French troops in Lebanon
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January 20
Geagea says game over for Hezbollah, Assad out by years' end
Atris swears he's innocent, accuses Mossad
Lebanese fingerprint records feared in Israel: report
'Mossad set me up': Lebanese-born Swede held in Bangkok says
Ethiopia Airlines rejects Lebanon report into air crash
Beirut unaware of tribunal visit
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January 19
Lebanese Druze leader fears civil war in Syria
Beirut building collapse sparks fears of more tragedy
Nahhas likely to sign pay hikes legislation: sources
Mufti: Intelligence bodies behind terror
Lebanon: Spy arrests expose Israeli penetration
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January 18
Grief-stricken Ashrafieh buries victims of building collapse
Lebanon to consider Hezbollah's weapons
Traffic reduced on Jal al-Dib bridge on worries of collapse
Rescue operations called off, focus turns to helping survivors
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January 17
US, Thailand tussle over terror plot
Ethiopia Airlines rejects Lebanon report into air crash
Row between Ethiopia and Lebanon over 2010 plane crash findings
Deadly collapse raises hard questions
Lebanon politicians call on government to survey old buildings
Jumblatt warns Syrian tensions may lead to civil war
Death toll in Beirut building collapse rises to 25
In twisting terror case, Thai police seize chemicals, focus on Hezbollah
Retrial ordered in Suzan Tamim murder case
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January 16
Davutoglu voices confidence in Lebanon
Hezbollah-linked bomb plot Averted, Thai police say
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January 15
Probe into Beirut building collapse, death toll hits 20
Mikati: Lebanon has right to liberate land by all available means
Ban: No need to amend STL protocol
Bangkok threat: Hezbollah's Swedish connection
In Lebanon, Ban pays tribute to vital role played by UN peacekeepers
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January 14
Disarm Hezbollah, U.N. chief tells Lebanon
Hezbollah chief gloats over UN worries on party's arms
Hezbollah slams Ban, calls on regional powers to help end Syria crisis
Hariri says change in Syria imminent
Lebanon hosts UN conference on Arab democracy
Lebanese parties use dangerous dueling tactics
Wage hike issue strains Nahhas’ Cabinet role
Ban visits UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon
British diplomat Plumbly is new U.N. envoy in Lebanon
Ban underscores ‘unwavering’ UN commitment to Lebanon’s security and stability
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January 13
Thai police question Hezbollah-linked man as US warns of possible terror attack
Hezbollah denies member arrested in Bangkok security scare
UN chief visits Lebanon as Syria revolt seethes
Lebanon FM: Moussa Sadr never left Libya
Top U.S. general meets Lebanese leaders
Hezbollah, Baath members involved in arms smuggling to Syrian rebels - report
Lebanon detains man suspected of spying for Israel
Charbel: Army should be on Syria border
Ban to test Lebanon’s commitment to U.N.
10 indicted in Sidon plot to kill Hezbollah-linked sheikh
Bomb hits south Lebanon liquor store
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January 12
Libya open to probe into missing Lebanon imam
Orthodox, Maronites warn Christians not to sell land
Lebanon says arrested veteran spy for Israel
Roed-Larsen to sidestep Ban’s meetings after criticism
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January 11
Jumblatt admits dispute with Hezbollah over Syria crisis
Lebanon's women prisoners find freedom behind bars
Hariri, Geagea, Future bloc lambast Assad’s defiant
Hariri says Assad speech "ridiculous"
Lebanon: Electricity and heating out of order-due to the cold
Trade boom with Libya on Lebanon’s horizon
Watkins: UNDP to improve coordination with Lebanon
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January 10
Iran to build dam in Lebanon
Berri warns Syria threatened with dangers, backs Arab peace plan
UN chief not welcome in Lebanon: Hezbollah
Inter-factional rivalry raises tensions in Ain al-Hilweh
Rai reiterates controversial stance on Hezbollah arms
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January 9
In Harissa, independent Christians agree to daft 'plan for the future'
Lebanon to invite offshore gas tenders within three months
Hariri: Reconciliation with Assad out of question
PSP official says communication with Syria severed
Hamade: STL work, indictments will continue
Hezbollah says U.N.'s Ban not welcome in Lebanon
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January 8
Romney criticized for choosing right-wing Lebanese Christian as advisor
Lebanon 's Islamic Jihad MP says his party has an armed wing
Jumblatt must focus on resolving Lebanon's problems first, Syria says
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January 7
Lebanon joins the explosive race for energy riches
Jerusalem now target for Arab missiles, Israeli military warns
Lebanon should wait for solution on Cyprus before signing EEZ, officials say
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January 6
Al-Qaeda 'Infiltrating Syria via Lebanon' Debate Rages
Lebanon plans to hold bidding for oil, gas licenses in 2012
Lebanon may tap gas wealth in 2012
PM: UNIFIL to stay until Army controls south
Siniora denies any Al-Qaeda presence in Lebanon
Two Palestinians held in connection with Sidon bomb plot
Nahhas says he will not sign private sector-GLC wage deal
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January 5
Lebanon aims for gas drilling tenders within 3 month
Cabinet approves oil law, fails to address controversial issues
Report: IAF Drill Above Southern Lebanon
Hariri: Condemning Assad’s crimes is least thing to do
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January 4
Israel mulls building wall along part of Lebanon border
On Hezbollah TV, Syrians who support Assad claim to be the victims
Maronite bishops urge removal of Palestinian arms outside camps
Group claims kidnap of 5 Iranians in Syria, warns Hezbollah
Syrian regime change only solution: Jumblatt
Controversy over Al-Qaeda presence rages on
Employers-GLC wage plan back
Mikati pushes for consensus on administrative appointments
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January 3
Israel to build wall on Lebanon border, fence on Jordan border
Lebanon to host U.N. conference on reform in Arab world
Explosions could target Lebanon tourism
Shooting, bombing further rattle Ain al-Hilweh security
Arsal rejects claims of harboring Al-Qaeda
Israel to construct barrier on Lebanese border
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January 2
Lebanese lenders caught up in neighbourhood troubles
Hariri: Credibility of observers in Syria at stake
Al-Qaeda infiltrated extremist groups in Lebanon: MP
Hezbollah delegation meets Rai, warns Syria unrest could spill into Lebanon
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January 1
Franjieh: Campaign against Ghosn aimed at Lebanese Army
Mikati defends 2011 record, outlines 2012 objectives
Geagea: Lebanon to begin state building after Assad's fall
Hezbollah reiterates support for Syria
March 14: Fall of Syrian regime ‘inevitable’ in 2012
New rules threaten 250 Lebanese money changers

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