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July 2002

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July 31
Beirut Gunman Kills 8 at Office
Lebanon welcomes extension of U.N. mission along border with Israel
Lebanese office worker kills eight colleagues
Gunman Kills Eight at Beirut School
Beirut clerk goes on shooting spree
Pro-Syrian Maronite bloc takes shape
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Feverish race between reconciliation and political explosion in cell phone dispute - An-Nashra, Arabic
No breakthrough in sight for cellular standoff
Gemayel, Fadlallah call for national unity
Samir Franjieh takes aim at opposition’s detractors
Aridi gets tough on illegal stations
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal takes issue with Future TV
New AIDS clinic promises anonymity
Mini-bus owners reject GLC concessions
Athens, Beirut ink cooperation deal
Cyberia joins rivals to create region’s top internet provider
Capturing Arab capital tops business agenda
Lebanon Brief News
July 30
Security Council extends U.N. mission in Lebanon for six months
Prosecutor demands death penalty for killer of three soldiers
Accountability Act Author Says it's Time to Eject Syria from Lebanon
Al Waleed Declares Support for Lahoud Against Hariri
Efforts go on to resolve cellular row
Efforts go on to resolve cellular row
Politics, threat of war loom over Baghdad trade pact
Amal elections yield  new faces, by-laws
Phalange head slams reformers
Syria affirms commitment to good relations
Landlords, tenants seek update on proposed draft of property law
Mini-bus owners scoff at GLC compromise
Bekaa farmers cry for alternative to illegal crops amid drug crackdown
Armenians threaten legal action against Israel over seized land
Two die after fight lands three in Jounieh ditch
Hizbullah will bargain on Israeli prisoner swap
Lebanon seeks to soften UN criticism of its activity in south
Nasrallah calls on Israel to renew prisoner-exchange talks
Hezbollah interested in prisoner exchange
U.N. Projects Gloomy Prospects for Mideast Economies
Low private sector confidence may hinder Lebanon’s stability
Lebanon Brief News
July 29
Police arrest four men in drug lab raid
French President won't add Hezbollah to terror list
Lebanon's mobile sale under fire
Arduos task of de-mining South Lebanon
Tueni: 'Lahoud says in French Riviera he would soon remove Hariri'
Berri Last-Ditch Effort to Pull Cellular Miracle?
Al Waleed Steps Out, Karami Steps In
Gemayel Forms Breakaway 'Katayeb Reformist Movement'
Conflict over cellular issue hints at future clashes
Gemayel vows to reform Phalange
Pakradouni urges Christian dialogue with Syria
Expats journey to the land of their ancestors
Maronite MPs to form new bloc
Mystery gunmen clash with Israeli troops south of Rmaish
Osama Saad declares he will stand in vacated Sidon seat
Committee rules cell-phone booklet ‘illegal’
Cardinal Sfeir blasts officials for not respecting institutions
Hizbullah opens fire on IAF warplanes
Lebanon says Iraq ready to develop refinery
Lebanon Brief News
July 28
Hezbollah opens anti-aircraft fire on Israeli planes
Two Lebanese smugglers killed by Syrian border police
Hariri Says Lebanon Cannot Defy U.S. and Still Needs Syrian Army
Berri Leads Amal For 3 More Years
Assad Keen About 'Fraternal Ties' with Lebanon
Hizbullah fires at IDF patrol on Lebanon border
2 Persons Held by Authorities in Connection with Jibreel's Assassination
Arab businesses hurt by boycott of US goods
Lebanese brides dance away
2 Persons Held by Authorities in Connection with Jibreel's Assassination
July 27
Al-Qaida Seen Courting Hezbollah
U.S. Claims Detecting Low-Level Hizbullah-Al Qaida Contacts
IDF, Hezbollah exchange fire near Lebanese border, no injuries
Public secondary school teachers announce end to boycott
Fuleihan downplays row over cellular deadline
Pakradouni sues Amin Gemayel over ‘slut’ insult
Official decries Annan’s ‘harsh’ UNIFIL report
Politicians join mourners for Saad’s funeral
Sfeir’s visitors denounce sectarianism
Lebanon abandons hoops tournament
Shiite cleric denounces government policies
Lebanon Brief News
July 26
Thousands attend funeral for Lebanese parliamentarian
Syria Puzzles U.S. by Upgrading Intelligence-Sharing Against bin Laden
Abu Obeida May Face Death Before Army Firing Squad
LF Reports New Wave of Arrests by Military Intelligence
Pakradouni Sues Ex-President Gemayel for LL1 Billion
Lebanon Quits Arab Hoops Tourney
Leb pulls out of Arab basketball tournament after violence in Tunisia
Amal elections aim to moot Hizbullah power
Lebanese Forces Party slams arrest of two members
Premier seeking lower interest rates
Aridi: Cell-phone row can be solved
Murr vows to nab editor’s assailant
Diesel ban leaves passengers stranded
Parents back teachers as exam boycott enters third week
Jbeil gets green light to collect taxes
Lebanese stocks lower, privatisation worries weigh
Lebanon pound steady, hopes high for mobile sell-off
Lebanon Brief News
July 25
Carlos says he felt 'deep satisfaction' with Sept. 11 attacks
Lebanese Parliament Member Saad Dies
Parliament Member Mustafa Saad Dies of Lung Cancer
Sharaa Proclaims Syria, Lebanon Inseparable, Blasts Bush
President Challenges Premier Into Aug. 31 Cellular Showdown
Mediation efforts over Lebanon cellular issue meet with ‘deadlock’
New environment law imposes heavy penalties
Metn MP calls for ‘strategic partnership’ with Syria
Berri rejects UN demands to deploy army in South
Phalange tells Damascus of Christians’ concerns
Lahoud, Bouteflika affirm Arab Peace Initiative
MPs spar in wake of Maronite congress
Aridi backs Hariri in telecoms dispute with Qordahi
UN report paints grim picture of world development
Byblos H1 2002 net profit drops
Lebanese tourism rises slightly in 1Q 2002
Lebanon’s Solidere sells $52.5 million property to Kuwaiti firm
Cash-strapped Lebanon auctions two cellular networks
France grants dlrs 1 million for Lebanese water projects
PM says cutting interest rates a priority
Banque Audi H1 profits up to $17.54 mln
Lebanon Brief News
July 24
MEDIA: No Place for Politics, Economic Influence in Press - UNDP
Hariri Takes Cellular Dispute with Lahoud to Point of No Return
Human Rights Group Blasts Lebanon's Treatment of Asylum Seekers
New pro-Syrian Maronite front in the making
Hariri rips Qordahi over cell phones, says issue is 'purely political'
UN warns 'armed factions' to stop blocking peacekeepers mission
Refugees react with fury to deadly Gaza attack
Gabriel Murr asks council to reject Myrna’s challenge
Prosecutor to probe Casino du Liban's ‘black box’ allegations
Activists urge MPs to apply prison sentencing law evenly
U.S. seeks out Iranians amid doubts over Khatami
Lebanese president visits Algeria
Hizbollah fires at Israeli warplanes over Lebanon
Gas touted as ‘green’ solution for vehicles
Qanso gives mini-bus drivers scant hope
Iraq, Lebanon join efforts to reactivate Tripoli oil refinery
AFD loans Lebanon $12 million for pipeline rehabilitation
Lebanon Brief News
July 23
Assad Pledges Inquiry into 174 Missing Lebanese
Islamists claim responsibility for Sidon mosque bomb
Lebanon Islamists Warn Army, Claim Bomb Attempt
Berri refuses cell phone request
Berri refuses cell phone request
Sidelined Beirut pessimistic about Arab Peace Initiative
Army joins police to eradicate hashish crop
Wild dog mauls man to death after homing in on abandoned bone meal
Hizbullah reinforcing its positions on Lebanese border
Security chief tips off judiciary about squandering of public funds
Development donors find cheer in cultural heritage
Faqra ruins get long-awaited face-lift in tourism push
Golden voice speaks out for young cancer victims
Yields stable on Lebanon's July 25 treasury bills
Lebanon puts two national mobile phone operations up for sale
Report warns of economic doom if telecom sale fails
Lebanon Brief News
July 22
Lebanese authorities destroy cannabis fields
"Iran paid off Argentina to cover-up Jewish bombing"
Bush Admin. Can't Link Iran to Blast of Jewish Center in Argentina
Lahoud-Hariri Cellular Clash Worsens
Lebanese couturier seeks ticket to Hollywood
Lahoud ignores US calls to rein in Hizbullah
SSNP takes aim at Maronite World Congress
Bomb found in mosque of Hamadeh mediator
Central bank governor radiates confidence
Amin Gemayel slams clerics for ‘questioning sovereignty’
Mini-bus drivers promise more protests
The SLA's still suffer from their Nakba day
Report: Israel threatens to strike inside Syria for Hizbullah attacks
Syria criticizes Annan report on Lebanon, Hizbullah
Lebanon central bank absorbs BLC bank losses-BLC
Lebanon July 18 t-bills raise $466.05 million
Big banks’ merger talks fail ­ but idea lives on
Lebanon Brief News
July 21
Arab tourists find haven in Lebanon
Abu Obeida's Deliverer Escapes Time-Bomb Assassination
Hariri, Lebanon's Muftis See Assad Separately in Damascus
Israel to attack targets inside Syria the next time Hizbullah strikes Israel
Cyprus President hosts banquet in honor of Lebanese counterpart
July 20
British sapper loses leg in south Lebanon land mine explosion
Lebanon army defuses bomb found in mosque
8,000 more mines and explosives cleared: Lebanese army
Hizbollah Chief Discusses Israel Prisoner Swap With Dutch Ambassador
Pakradouni pursues new political front, accuses Qornet Shehwan of working against Christians' interest
Muslim gathering condemns Maronite World Congress resolutions
Hizbullah digging along border as UNIFIL's Fijibatt prepares to leave
Berri refuses to mediate in cellular row
Lahoud: Palestinians’ right of return key to Mideast peace
Jbeil MP describes Paris II donor conference as useless
Zouk locals demand action over pollution
Lebanon Brief News
July 19
Refugees return must be part of ME settlement: Lahoud
Beirut landmark fades into history
Lebanese real estate giant sells Beirut land plot for dlrs 52.5 million
Lebanese-born Canadian accused in terror plot
Assad Willing to Correct Power Tilt Against Lebanon's Christians
Lahoud-Hariri Cellular Dispute Flares to Desk-Banging Quarrel
Cabinet sends cellular issue back to House
Annan thought to favor end to UNIFIL
Foreign Ministry downbeat on UNIFIL mandate’s future
Qornet Shehwan alleges smear ‘campaign’
Four arrested in attempt to free convict
Car dealer brands diesel ban ‘a crime’
Teachers take protest to Grand Serail
Lebanon cabinet wants clarification of telecom law
Cyprus, Lebanon sign 3 cooperation agreements
Lebanese stocks up, underlying mood remains low
Lebanon pound steady on privatisation hopes
Lebanon Brief News
July 18
Government invites investors to buy or operate mobile phone companies
United States and Israel put the squeeze on Hizbullah
Lebanon parliament passes telecom privatisation law
Germany talks crime with Lebanon
House gives strong backing to telecoms law
Industrialists decry diesel ban
Tempers flare as mini-bus owners protest ban
Hariri meets with Battle for talks on Quartet
Hamadeh handed to military judiciary
Private hospitals refuse state employees
Jezzine sets plan to lure tourists
Hizbullah fires again over Galilee
UNIFIL to be downsized
Lebanese taxi-driver sets himself on fire to protest government ban
Ministry floats takeover idea if telecom auction fails
BLOM Bank weathers economic storm
Port workers condemn ‘blind  privatization’ of grain silos
Lebanon's TMA cargo airline expands into charters
Lebanon Brief News
July 17
Annan recommends extending UN Lebanon mission
Lebanon minibus drivers clash with police
U.N. chief accuses Lebanon and Israel of repeated border violations
U.S. concerned about closer Lebanese-Iraqi trade relations
Solange Gemayel Blasts Pakradouni as 'Forcefully Imposed Leader'
Feature: Khaled sings on in Lebanon
UN to extend term of interim force in Lebanese: diplomatic source
Mini-bus owners continue protests
Nasrallah: mini-bus owners not to blame in diesel saga
Legislature grinds to a halt as MPs skip controversial debate
Hamadeh handed over to army
Aoun files suit against Hrawi over alleged $75 million theft
Officials target Arab technological drift in ESCWA forum
Sea Polluted by high levels of sewage
Beirut, Damascus ink cooperation deal
Lebanon ministry hints at mobile takeover
Lebanon gross FX reserves up to $4.4 bln mid-July
Lebanon's Blom bank '02 H1 profit up to $40.7 mln
Lebanon Brief News
July 16
UN forum in Beirut hears call for science and technology ‘renaissance’
Abu Obeida Badih Hamade's photos
Lebanese bus drivers, police clash over diesel ban
Handover ends Lebanon stand-off
Suspected killer of three soldiers handed over to the Lebanese army
Abu Obeida Surrenders to Army, River of Blood Averted
Gadhafi's Son Blames Sadr's Disappearance on Secret Service Assassins
Ein El Helweh killer handed over to Lebanese authorities
Islamic leader admits harboring murder suspect
Aridi bans ‘detrimental’ content on satellite TV; Economy, relations with Syria and sectarianism branded ‘sensitive’
Ben-Eliezer tells Mubarak that Hezbollah is dragging Syria into a war
Mini-bus drivers stand firm in defiance of diesel ban
Murr vows to widen diesel ban
Teachers’ leader marks down education policy
MPs rally behind disgruntled educators 
Hariri links privatization to Paris II conference
Phalange sue Amin Gemayel for defamation
Israel Judge holds suspected Hezbollah spy until end of trial
Audi, Libano-Francaise discontinue merger talks
Lebanon's public debt up to $28.8 bln by end-May
Lebanon records $825.1 mln BOP deficit at end-May
Lebanon Brief News
July 15
Militant leaders agree to hand over suspected killer of three soldiers
Lebanese forces tighten ring around camp, seeking fugitive's surrender
Shahruid meets Palestinian radicals, Hezbollah in Syria
Army Rushes Commando Reinforcements to Ein el-Hilweh
Army tightens siege as hunt for Ain al-Hilweh killer goes on
Lack of state control over camps blamed for deaths
‘Quartet’ nations reject call for talks on Arab Peace Initiative
Diesel protesters take to streets
Clerics look at religion from the left, attack sectarianism
Lebanon H1 budget gap down to 40.7 pct of spending
NSSF boss says rising healthcare costs could spell trouble
Lebanon Brief News
July 14
Algeria singer: Peace rally no mistake
Syria Struggles To Introduce Reforms
Gang rapists would face execution in Lebanon: spokesman
No trace of wanted man in searches of Lebanon camp
Palestinians Seen on Civil War Brink Over Ein el-Hilweh Killer
War-time Beirut Hilton imploded to make room for new hotel
Lebanon decree organises cellular phone sell-off
July 13
Israeli MIA families appeal to leaders of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran
Hizbollah Leader Says Group Not Linked to Al Qaeda
Palestinians hunt wanted man in Lebanon camp
Army Blockades Ein el-Hilweh to Flush Out Troops Killer
Killings rattle Ain al-Hilweh
All sides condemn violent outburst near camp
Hizbullah-Israel swap may include Barghouti
Cabinet moves on quarries and ­ finally ­ media
MP says Assad supports Lebanese sovereignty
Israeli officials: Progress in Hezbollah prisoner exchange talks
Hezbollah prisoner swap on the cards
Government plans profitable future for ecotourism
Lebanon Brief News
July 12
Lebanese army after Palestinian man in killing of three soldiers
Lebanese security clampdown after Sidon shootout
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Lebanon witnesses the most dangerous security incident since the assassination of the "four judges". Will the army enter the Ein El Heweh Palestinian camp? - Annashra, Arabic
Suspected Hobeika Assassin Kills 3 Lebanese Troops in Sidon
Suspected Hezbollah spy named as Nissim Nasser, 35, from Holon
'Worst Assault on State Authority Since Assassination of 4 Judges'
Report: Captured Palestinian leader to be expelled to Lebanon in swap
3 Soldiers Killed in South Lebanon
Gemayel: US targeting of Hizbullah is ‘no joke’
Berri scoffs at threats from American senator
Aoun sees regional shakeup enabling his return
Court reduces Hindi jail term
Three army intelligence soldiers Killed in South Lebanon
Three Lebanese intelligence officers shot dead in arrest operation
Nasrallah: 'Some progress' made in prisoner exchange negotiations
Hizbullah rejects terms for prisoner swap
Israeli suspected of spying for Hizbullah named
Salameh announces plan to map underwater site
LAU head tells graduates to make ‘sacrifices to achieve peace’
IC’s class of 2002 urged to value happiness over materialism
Cabinet rules on quarries, mini-buses
NSSF announces official drug list
Brain drain threatens to sap society
Unfinished Hilton Hotel Demolished in Downtown Beirut
Mini-bus drivers still not happy with Cabinet
Health Ministry defends itself against hospitals’ accusations
Angry telecom workers force call for strike action
Lebanon Brief News
July 11
Gen. Aoun's Top Coordinator Acquitted by Military Court
US senator mocked for parroting Israeli line on Hizbullah ‘terror’
Lebanon court sentences anti-Syria Christians
Phalange leadership expels Gemayel after month-long mediation efforts
Troika meets over lunch to hash out Paris II, cellular issue, diesel ban
Claims of ‘political pressure’ prolong Metn saga
Mini-bus owners protest as diesel ban nears
Owner of Lebanese derelict ship denies link to Al-Qaeda
Naveh: Syria key to missing Israelis
Powerful bomb guts home of security officer in South
Israel to fight Belgian bill meant to circumvent Sharon trial decision
Arabs’ own conflict more dangerous than West
Greenpeace members lay siege to Environment Ministry
Litani water treatment project set to begin second phase
Lebanon Brief News
July 10
Lebanon Says U.S. Terror Charges Are Campaign Talk
Hezbollah includes Palestinian leader in proposed prisoner swap
Phalange Party ousts fromer Lebanese President
Phalange Party ousts former Lebanese president and founder's son
Bomb explodes outside officer's home in Sidon
Phalange Party to Expel Ex-President Gemayel
U.S. Senator Proclaims Hizbullah A-Team of Terrorism
Hariri syas US desire for regional stability rules out war
Sfeir urges all Lebanese to join ranks
Study paints gloomy picture on emigration
UNIFIL report criticizes Lebanon
Gabriel Murr, MP Lahoud dismiss latest challenge to Metn by-election
Lahoud, Berri, Hariri to brainstorm over lunch
Premier stands by costly postwar reconstruction
‘Unconstitutional’ law convicted man of aiding Hizbullah
Angry mini-bus drivers stage second day of protests
Villagers pleased quarries have been closed
Forum to study role of IT in employment, poverty
Iraq to refurbish Lebanese refinery - papers
Lebanon Brief News
July 9
Co-founder of Islamic charity seeks political asylum in U.S.
Myrna's challenge of uncle gabriel may turn loser Mokheiber to a winner
Lebanon Feels Hurt Over Senator Graham's Terrorist Camps Claim
Patriarch Hazim Assures Lebanon's Christians Assad Is No Occupier
London steps up pressure to blackball Hizbullah unit
Angry mini-bus drivers block roads to protest diesel ban
Court case brings Metn squabble back to life
Beirut frets impact of US senator’s bile
Saudi Arabia pledges support for ‘Paris II’
Karam flogs ‘greedy’ politicians
US-based national groups agree on joint recommendations
AUB hosts computer science conference
Hizbullah official raises new prospects of attacks
Hariri says US desire for regional stability rules out war
Solidere marina takes root
Salameh backs mergers of big players
Lebanon Brief News
July 8
Lebanon "surprised" by US senator's warning over terror camps
'Terrorist camps in Lebanon, Syria bigger threat to US than Iraq'
Senators say Leb, Syria terror camps to be smashed before Saddam
LF Outlines Policy Guidelines in First Downtown Rally
Hariri Wins Saudi Pledge to Attend Paris-2
Berri sounds alarm for urgent measures to rescue foundering economy
Hariri talks up prospects for Paris II
Phalange leadership ready to expel Gemayel from party
Mourners remember slain LF member
De Villepin’s tour marks French return to scene
Mikati: Reform is key to future success
More funds needed to speed return of displaced
New AUB crop faces weak job market, regional crisis
Sfeir urges NDU students to show faith in the homeland
Jazz trumpeter plays Latin-mainstream fusion
Arab Fund lends Lebanon $56mln for infrastructure
Lebanon Brief News
July 7
Children in Shlomi sent to bomb shelters by Hizbullah anti-aircraft fire
Al-Qaida, Hezbollah Alliance Doubted
Lebanon's Arab tourism surges
Muslim cleric rules out al-Qaida-Hezbollah partnership
Iran claims that 4 kidnapped Iranians are held in Israel
Lebanon Christians mourn slain anti-Syria activist
Teenager killed in Lebanon rally accident
Arab FMs to meet in Cairo Friday to discuss Mideast situation
Foreign Ministry: Israel responsible for fate of four kidnapped Iranians
Israeli warplanes overfly all Lebanon, draw Hezbollah fire
Lebanese prime minister heads back to Saudi after talks in Cairo
Mubarak meets Lebanese PM on Mideast situation
July 6
France Urges Lebanon to Take Hold of its Own Destiny
French minister plays coy on Hizbullah
French FM Villepin calls for self-control in south Lebanon
Prince’s comments spur denials from all
Lahoud, Omran urge ‘war of words’ against Israel
Peaceful sit-in protests jailing of Syrian dissident
Mini-bus operators plan strike over diesel ban
Teachers holding firm: No pay equals no report cards
NGO aims to improve cancer treatment in poor countries
Lebanon Brief News
July 5
France calls for self-control in south Lebanon
French foreign minister calls for 'viable' Palestinian state
US backs plans to bail out Lebanon from financial crisis
Villepin calls for international community to mobilise for Mideast peace
Aoun Sues Hrawi for $75 Million in Libel Damage
Lebanese intellectuals rally for Syrian dissident
Saudi intelligence chief heads home from Lebanon after recovery
French FM starts Arab tour in Lebanon
Hariri and Lahoud get on same page in bid to spur recovery
Aridi plays down rumors after Alwaleed comments
Let out of the house, CATS stretch their legs in open-air extravaganza
Chirac ‘sending message’ to Lahoud
NGOs regroup to snuff out forest fires
Hariri meets visiting US Senate delegation
Nassib Lahoud says plenty of ‘agreement’ with Aoun
Former SLA member’s car set ablaze outside home
French businessmen on mission to ‘make contacts’
Banker urges drop in interest rates to boost economic health
Lebanon pound strengthens, eyes debt aid meeting
Selloff snags threaten Lebanon debt plan -analysts
Lebanon Brief News
July 4
Lebanese mark July 4th with protests
Farrakhan in Lebanon to combat pro-Israel lobby
Farrakhan in Lebanon to combat Zionist lobby
Lebanon calls for Bush to make "personal effort" for Mideast peace
Alleged al-Qaeda links seen as bid to corner Lebanon's Hezbollah
Israel responsible for fate of four abducted Iranians
Former Israeli collaborator's car torched in south Lebanon
Musical "Cats" opens Lebanon summer festivals
Al Waleed's Anti-Hariri Fireworks Seen Fizzling Out
US reiterates distaste for Hizbullah
Hariri answers ‘princely’ criticism with optimism
Qornet Shehwan does damage control
Lebanese-Canadians ‘have to work together’
Final wording approved for draft telecoms law
ISF closes down all quarries in Nabatieh
Government approves suspended dam contract with French firm
Lebanon Brief News
July 3
Sen.: Syria Giving Mixed Signals
President: U.S. strike on Iraq could fuel Arab anger
Hezbollah fires at Israeli warplanes
France names new counter-espionage chief
Saudi prince criticizes Hariri at opening of dlrs 140 million hotel resort
Lebanon's summer festivals go on despite Sept 11
Billionaire Financial Titans Clash over Lebanon's Premiership
Movenpick Opens in Princely Extravaganza
Economist hails Paris II ­ but few others do
All eyes on Parliament as cellular deadline looms
Cellular saga puts pressure on Qordahi to perform
Hezbollah says Israel preparing attack on Lebanon
Time running out on UNIFIL renewal
Saad confirms government’s illegal use of municipal funds
Overdue work aims to spruce up Sidon’s Old City
Angels, flying fish dominate curious world of Mexican artist
Children to get helping hand this summer
Arab banks ‘should lead drive for more openness’
Lebanon says privatisation laws to be adopted before end year
Lebanon says to seek long-term loans at aid talks
First International bank merges with Société Bancaire du Liban
Lebanon Brief News
July 2
US puts UN peacekeeping mission in Leb in clear and present danger
French foreign minister to visit Lebanon, Syria, Jordan
Shin Bet foils recent Hezbollah attempts to kidnap more Israelis
Hariri hails Paris talks breakthrough
Assad: End to sectarian division is key to ‘increased’ sovereignty
Maronite leaders step up defense of congress
Battle calls for Washington lobby
Arab ministers tout mini-summit
Baalbek ceremony provides stage for criticism of government
Metn officials grill Karam over lack of support
Arab world ‘has a lot of catching up to do’
Syria stands by Hezbollah
Lebanon Brief News
July 1
Assad: Syria Will Stick by Hizbollah, Palestinians
France to host a meeting of Lebanon's creditors
Hizbullah gunners fire at aircraft, raining shells on northern Israel -Jpost
Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas fire at Israeli jets
Terror Alliance Worries US: Hezbollah, Al Qaeda Seen Joining Forces
Jumblatt fears new coalition of far-right groups
Hariri, Nasrallah agree to Ouzai truce
Hizbullah denies Al-Qaeda link again
Wife of Israeli suspected of spying for Hizbullah points out absurdity
AUB graduates must play ‘critical role’
Saudi prince dedicates seat of learning to underprivileged
Sonera sells LibanCell stake for $22.5 mln
Lebanon Brief News

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