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August 2002

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August 31
Israel warns Lebanon over water use
Lebanese leader accuses Israel of issuing warning over water
Turkey tops Lebanon; Russia beats Venezuela
Saad Wins Lebanon Parliamentary Seat
Navy opens fire on cigarettes smugglers, kills one, wounds another
Muslims should withdraw their assets from US, says leading Shiite cleric
Rein in Hizbullah or face attack, Israel tells Syria
Israel repeats warning over Shebaa: warns of ‘crushing answer’
Israel Threatens to Punish Syria for Hizbullah Attacks
Lahoud meets members of new loyalist grouping
Ehden massacre suspect returns home
Lebanon refugees’ resentment rising
US immigration assurances end Iraqis’ protest
GCC offers vote of confidence; Lebanon gets backing from gulf body
Would-be kingmakers come up against deadline in Sidon
Israel Asks US for Help After Increased Violence on Lebanese Border
Iraq will not fall as quickly as Afghanistan, vice president says
Government to take over cell firms on weekend
Siniora: Taxing T-bills will scare investors
News in Brief
August 30
Iraq's vice president blames Washington for the freeze of U.N. dialogue
Syria cited as key player in Iraqi military builup
Lebanese cleric says drop US investments
Muslims Urged to Withdraw Funds from U.S.
Lebanon at Loggerheads Anew with Israel
Chirac: Paris-2 This Autumn, Hariri Sees Khaddam
U.S., Yugoslavia Dominate Tourney
Israel warns Syria over Hezbollah attack
Three Israeli soldiers hurt in Hezbollah shelling
Hizbullah breaks silence in Shebaa Farms
Hezbollah Shells Israeli Positions
New pro-Syrian grouping set to meet with Lahoud
Chirac confirms ‘Paris II’ this fall ‘Our country will assist’
Phalange Party factions hurl barbs for auspicious event
Cabinet dissolves religious body after dispute over rebuilding of mosque
World’s most powerful states criticized
Judiciary starts investigation into Murr TV
Sidon by-elections may see new candidate
Private hospitals take their medicine
Impounded bikes to be cleared en masse
Co-Op unable to compensate shareholders
Siniora stands firmly by 2003 budget draft
Beydoun predicts smooth sailing for spending cuts
Lebanon takes first steps toward WTO
News in Brief
August 29
Lebanese team's arrival hindered by visa problem
Three Israeli soldiers reportedly wounded in Hezbollah attack
Politician Alone In Outcry Against Al-Najjar, U.S. Says
Mystery Shrouds U.S. Deportation of Palestinian Professor to Lebanon
Iraq Continues Diplomatic Campaign, VP heads to Lebanon
Pro-Syrian front reshuffles political alliances
New Christian group meets with positive reaction
European envoys hope nation avoids US threat
AUB refuses to bow over dismissals
Refugee hunger strikers defy police
Lebanese environmentalist in trouble in S. Africa
Experts bemoan state of public bureaucracy
Private sector wants to see state cut down to size
Lebanon's power production up 3.7 percent
Port of Beirut sees 4.5 percent revenue drop in 1H 2002
Banks association chief backs draft budget
Ministers to wind up budget talks next week
News in Brief
August 28
Israeli Mossad recruits former Lahd militias members
Dialogue can solve all problems in the era: Lebanese President
Lebanon's Palestinians protest university fee rise
42 Christian Politicians Form Parliament's Biggest Single Bloc
New loyalist group unveils founding document
MPs, parties rally round Syria as US Congress bill looms
Berri keeps up drumbeat of criticism over entry of Palestinian professor
Politics blamed for showdown between AUB, Labor Ministry
Sidon by-election broadens with new challenger
GCC to press for implementation of Arab Peace Initiative
Man kills wife, self, as children play outside
UNRWA cutbacks rile Palestinians
Jounieh enjoys tourist revival
Efficiency project will aid environment, economy
Nabatieh factory upsets locals
Cabinet begins ‘difficult’ talks over 2003 budget proposal
Economic bodies concerned about higher levies
‘Time running out’ to solve country’s many ills
TMA to offer discount shipping  for farm produce
Cellis employees’ demands still unanswered
Lebanon's power sector undergoes privatization
News in Brief
August 27
Al-Waleed hints at becoming Lebanese PM
Lebanon's Palestinians mark killing of PFLP head
Libya seeks information on missing Lebanon cleric
Iraqi vice president leaves for visits to Syria, Lebanon
Murr Fields 500 Around-the-Clock Police Patrols Across Lebanon
Saudi prince leaves door open to becoming Lebanese prime minister
New Christian group to be officially unveiled on Tuesday
Lahoud-Qornet Shehwan meeting elicits positive reactions
Berri fumes over Najjar affair
Dusk-to-dawn ISF patrols ordered: Squads to include anti-terrorist units
Top leaders already retooling draft budget
AUB, Labor Ministry clash over permits
ST graduates blocked from new studies
Lebanese software industry reaches $150 million
War on deficit aims to inspire confidence
2003 budget ‘will hit small traders’
Cellis workers vow strike over indemnity deal
News in Brief
August 26
Syria frees 11 Lebanese detainees, families say
PLO dissident in Lebanon controls new Fatah groups
Lebanon assembly head blasts taking Palestinian exile
Lebanon criticizes American's deportation of Palestinian professor
Palestinian deported from U.S. has nowhere to go
U.S. Plane Ejects Palestinian Deportee at Beirut Airport
Government Wraps Up 'Out-of-Abyss' 2003 Budget
3 Grenades Fail to Explode Near U.S. Embassy in Aukar
Finance Ministry unveils ambitious draft budget for 2003
Qornet Shehwan defends talks with Lahoud
20 years on, Bashir Gemayel’s death commands remembrance
Phalange, Gemayel  exchange jabs
Sidon by-election may turn into three-way contest
Grenades found near US Embassy
Lahoud urged to help renew faith in state
Environment Ministry calls for more bite
Beirut grants temporary refuge to Palestinian kicked out of US
Lebanon's 2003 draft budget foresees drastic deficit drop
New Beirut road open for traffic
News in Brief
August 25
Deported Palestinian professor lands in Lebanon
Police find three hand grenades near US Embassy in Beirut
Assad Regime Blasts Syria Accountability Bill in U.S.
Satterfield in Beirut Next Week
Palestinian deported from U.S. arrives in Lebanon
August 24
Investments shift likely to benefit Sunnis in Lebanon
Influx of foreign funds to Lebanon carries risks as well as rewards
Search set to begin for Lebanon offshore oil and gas
Lahoud-Qornet Shahwan Talks Trigger Off National Dialogue
Lahoud hosts Qornet Shehwan members
Fadlallah: America wants Iraqi oil, not freedom for its people
AUB administration fires union leader
Former lifeguard remembers better times on Ouzai beach
Revolutionary treatment provides shortcut to weight loss
Government mulls increase in civil service work hours
Lebanon sees 2003 budget gap down to 23 pct/spending
News in Brief
August 23
Lebanon cleric says oil key to U.S. hit on Saddam
Lebanon issues report for World Summit in Johannesburg
Syrian Scenario Sees U.S. Paratroopers Raining Down on Baghdad
Qornet Shehwan to meet with Lahoud at Baabda
Maronite patriarch offers ideas on religious media impasse
Hariri skips summit on development
Battle visits with Qabbani and Qabalan
Gabriel Murr in spat with ministry employee
Opinion poll gives favorable result for President Lahoud
Committee issues program details on boycott of US goods
Fires ravage South despite efforts of Civil Defense, army
Beirut municipality to amend ban on two-wheeled motor vehicles
Two lesbians arrested for ‘unnatural’ sex
Nouhad Soueid injured in car accident
Lebanon to boost pumping from Hatzbani River source springs
Summer festivals saved by high attendance of Gulf tourists
Lebanon stocks up, led by Solidere
News in Brief
August 22
Lebanon Banks Hardly Feel Saudi Money Flight from U.S.
Experts speculate on Mansour’s sanity
Budget cuts to dominate political talks
Jumblatt: Stick with Taif
Fatah takes steps to reassert authority in Ain al-Hilweh
Arrests break up nightclub drug ring
Parties gather to back intifada, Palestinians’ right of return
Refugees protest resettlement delay
Panel urges jobs for the disabled
Norway Helps Lebanon's Demining Program
Central Bank releases positive news on balance of payments
Transport workers protest over indemnities delay
Lebanon records $751.8 mln BOP deficit at end-June
Lebanon cbank says completes $3 bln debt swap
Lebanon's pound firm, market eyes budget draft
News in Brief
August 21
Hasbani water pipe may spark Lebanon border tension
Lebanese security forces arrest money-laundering gang
Hopes rise for new Lahoud-Qornet Shehwan understanding
Christian broadcasters defiant
SSNP threatens to quit Hariri Cabinet
Sfeir stresses need to provide jobs for graduates
Fares: ‘I cannot be on one side’
Pro-Hariri MP blames Christian division on infighting
Lebanese groups complain about violation of public freedom rights
Lebanese national uses false documents to access Florida airport
Gen Aoun: 'I am Simply Working to Get Syria Out'
Diaspora groups warn of collective violence against Lebanese population
Private hospitals to again take State Employees’ Co-op patients
Banque Libanaise pour le Commerce splits stocks in restructuring drive
Industrialists angle to take bigger piece of Iraqi pie
Lebanon approves 1,132 building projects last month
News in Brief
August 20
Jumblatt prepares to receive Lahoud in the Chouf
MTV show hosts opposition figures in controversial debate on graft
Pakradouni warns against ‘Islamic fundamentalism’
MP flays health minister over slighting Christian leaders
Shatila children set to picture their lives in a new light
South’s attractions await state help
Lebanese Hoops Players Get Visas
Bottom line of Lebanon's Banque Audi rises 5.8 percent in 1H02
Insurance firms come under the spotlight
Transport workers see red over retirement payments
Lebanese public debt exceeds 30 billion US dollars
News in Brief
August 19
Syria sounds alarm on US ambitions in Middle East
Army quells northern disorders as Palestinians overpower Dinniyeh group
Jumblat Urges S. Arabia to Withdraw Its $750 Billion U.S. Assets
Critics slam Qornet Shehwan Gathering’s latest stance on Syria
Factions clash at Ain al-Hilweh
Army shoots man dead after feud turns violent
Aoun rejects reliance on America
Samir Franjieh: Qornet Shehwan won't solicit US to end Syrian presence
State leaves National Social Security Fund short of cash
Scouts turn vacation into adventure
British firm to execute seismic oil study in Lebanon
Lebanon Aug 15 t-bills raise $246.08 million
News in Brief
August 18
Could Lebanon Be an Oil or Gas Wealthy Nation?
Lebanese, Palestinian militants clash in camp, wounding one person
Islamist Groups Clash in Lebanon Refugee Camp
Islamist Groups Clash in Lebanon Refugee Camp
Outrage Over Report on Arafat Ouster
Lebanese army kills man in clan clashes-sources
Sharon Plans to Deport Arafat to Lebanon
Lebanon gross fx reserves up to $4.52 bln mid-Aug
Lebanese pound stable on power sell-off plans
August 17
Arafat's Militiamen, Abu Mohjen's Gunmen Square Off for New Battles
Qornet Shahwan Deplores Sedition Threats to Confirm Need for Syria
Berri Forecasts Israeli War on Lebanon, Syria
Qornet Shehwan seeks dialogue with President Lahoud
PM rumored to be musing security body cutback
Hamade denies plan to close down Tele-Lumiere
CDR opens new Hazmieh highway for public use
Berri denounces US threats against Iran
Nothing to offer but an empty hand on sustainable development
Human rights training camp teaches awareness and activist skills
Beirut stocks edge up, underlying sentiment weak
News in Brief
August 16
Sharon plans to deport Arafat to Lebanon or Libya
Israel May Hit Lebanon, Syria Before Bush Attacks Iraq
Syria says U.S. seeks Israeli dominance via Iraq
Court sentences Lebanese singer, others for collaboration with Israel
Ain al-Hilweh clash diminishes Fatah’s control
Qornet Shehwan rounds on detractors
Christians celebrate Assumption Day with parades across country
In a land split by factionalism, a new drive for unity
Municipality banishes motorbikes from Beirut
Survey reveals public not happy with politics or politicians
Green activists blast ban on diesel as ‘political’
PM to make speech at World summit
‘Arab state’ urges follow-up meets on peace initiative
Lebanese basketball squad hit by US visa problems
News in Brief
August 15
3 basketball team players unable to travel to U.S. because of visa delay
Dinniyeh Rebels To Disarm, Go to House Arrest Pending Deportation
Under pressure, Palestinian groups take on Al Qaeda
State of Lebanon Goes on Summer Vacation
Uneasy calm takes hold in Ain al-Hilweh
House approves EDL sell-off
Cabinet tackles thorny issue of appointments
Jumblatt takes stock of proposed gathering
Mouawad, Franjieh clash over Syria
Magistrate questions mental health of Teachers Fund killer
Unlicensed religious media outlets seek saving grace ahead of shake-up
ESCWA urges Arabs to unite for Johannesburg summit
Lebanese budget deficit goes down
Cell firm workers immobile in face of lay-off threat
Government to pay dlrs 38 million each to two cellular phone companies
Mini-bus drivers left in the dark
Fransabank hands out advice on reviving Lebanese economy
News in Brief
August 14
Lebanon Islamists vow revenge at gunman's funeral
Beirut resurrection woos tourists
Islamic insurgents stage last stand in Ain al-Hilweh
Arafat's men fight Lebanon Muslim rebels
Lebanese camp tension explodes into war
Lebanon's Dinniyeh Afghans Vow to Die in Ein El-Hilweh Tora Bora
Israeli invasion remembrance day takes decidedly pro-Syria tone
MPs urged to create ties with US counterparts
Parliament sees lengthy debate before recess
Fighting breaks out in Lebanese refugee camp
Two die in Lebanon battle
Northern NGOs to be united under umbrella organization
Lebanon Aug 15 treasury bill yields unchanged
EDL workers return to work after government agrees compromise
Budget deficit drops thanks to higher tax revenues
Qordahi, Qanso to settle fate of cellular employees
Business leaders refuse to pay staff new allowance
News in Brief
August 13
Government fears grow over violence in Lebanon
Two killed, seven wounded in Lebanon camp clash
Report claims Iran running Bekaa training camp
Lebanese authorities confiscate huge quantity of hashish in Beirut
Arafat's Police Clash with Dinniyeh Rebels in Ein El-Hilweh Camp
Four Killed, in Worst Clash in Ein EL-Hilweh
Fatah militant killed, six wounded in Lebanon camp shootout
Clashes rock Palestinian camp in Lebanon
Aounists Contest 2004 Elections, Support Syria Accountability Act
Saved by the Bell. No Lebanon Blackout
TV prosecutions questioned
US may seize Arab airports by force to attack Iraq : report
EDL workers turn up the heat with open-ended strike
Goksel seeking place to live in capital
Husseini praises outgoing Iranian ambassador’s help with South
Moratinos to leave post in December
Tannenbaum's children send birthday gift to captive father
Jordan's al-Wihdat beats al-Nejmeh from 3-2
Lebanon Jan-Jul budget gap down to 38.9 pct/spending
Striking Lebanon workers hint at power stoppage
Passenger traffic through Beirut airport up 37 percent in July
News in Brief
August 12
U.S. May Seize Arab Airports by Force to Attack Iraq
Sfeir Warns: 'Media Conflict May Herald a Dictatorship'
Amin Gemayel links Pakradouni to assassination plot
Woman killed as bombing rocks village of Batshay
Battle over rights of EDL staff looks set to escalate
Husseini says economy, not controlling media, is ‘urgent’ issue
Qordahi reveals cellular sector freeze on hiring
Lebanon's MEA buys six Airbus A321 planes
MEA is up, up and away on new track
News in Brief
August 11
Explosion in home outside Beirut leaves one person dead, two wounded
Woman killed in bomb attack on Lebanese apartments
Aridi Lays Counter-Ambush for Surete General Over Media Freedom
Israel sends back two infiltrators from Lebanon
Threat of Total Blackout Looms over Lebanon
August 10
MTV, LBCI Confront Government Attempts to Muzzle Media
Two Bearded Lebanese Scare Israel's Northern Command
Opposition blasts TV station charges
Antelias anniversary rally condemned for second day
Aridi left in the dark over legal proceedings against MTV
Gun-control nightmare: How do you disarm a loaded population?
PLO man slams Battle comments
Administrative appointments back on political agenda
Bad, but not as bad as environmentalist expected
Two suspected Hizbullah men caught infiltrating into Israel
Dubai Islamic Bank inks $25m deal with Bank of Beirut
EDL workers to stage indefinite strike
Government reaches interim deal with cell firms
Out of the red: MEA records zero losses
Europeans publish details of financial input to Lebanon
GLC, industrialists lock horns over transport allowance
News in Brief
August 9
Hamas Says Will Target Israeli Leadership
Lebanese TV station charged - BBC
Pro-Palestinians against Estee Lauder in Beirut
IDF captures two infiltrators near Lebanese border
Lebanon files libel suit against Christian TV station
Government on Collision Course with Lebanon's Free Media
Cabinet OKs cellular deal
Judiciary prepares to investigate charges against LBCI
MTV talk show falls foul of law
MTV accused of slander over political show
Battle ‘encouraged’ by Ain al-Hilweh roundup
Jumblatt, parties slam rally marking Aug. 7 crackdown
PLO political chief urges Arabs to take ‘firm’ stand
Roumieh prison to be given a facelift
Archives boss demands media assistance
Israel intends to block Belgian law meant to allow Sharon trial
Lebanon approves financial plan for purchase of six Airbus jets
Lebanon mobile firm says government offer low
Lebanese pound steady on progress in mobile sector
Lebanon sets offer to mobile network operators
Bank of Beirut signs a revolving Murabaha facility
Brief News
August 8
Palestinian Fanatics Threaten to Turn Lebanon into 'Pool of Blood'
Lebanon activists mark August 7 crackdown
Islamists threaten ‘bloodbath’ if more fugitives handed over
Lahoud, Hariri rapprochement sets stage for Cabinet meeting
Maronite bishops urge state to respect human rights
Authorities turn spotlight on religious media
Jumblatt shuns protest memorial
PLO political chief arrives in Beirut for talks
Summer water shortages cripple Beirut
Road works to close key streets for a year
Iran Establishes Rocket Training Centers In Lebanon
Beydoun touts improvements in collection of EDL bills
Brief News
August 7
Saudi Arabia, Lebanon replace folk artistes
Belgian bill would allow Sharon to be tried in absentia
Lebanon Islamists warn against arrest of militants
Fatah Threatens to Expel Dinniyeh Rebels by Force from Ein El-Hilweh
Speaker Berri Fires Cousin of Unesco Killer from Amal
US concerned over Lebanese-Iraqi trade ties
Abu Obeida's Trial Begins in Beirut Aug. 28
Lebanon's Prime Minister receives Bulgarian counterpart
Ain al-Hilweh bomb linked to Islamist fugitives
MP speaks of those arrested in crackdown
Amal denies links to shooting spree gunman
LBCI chiefs charged over shootings report
Battle’s queries on trade with Iraq raise eyebrows
Government condemned over green policy
Chinese firm wins Beirut Port Authority crane tender
Lebanon cellular offer seen $5-6 mln per month
Brief News
August 6
Judge orders investigation of leading Christian television station
Arab Americans Feel Angry, Scared, Betrayed
Lebanon station may be charged over slayings cover
Small bomb explodes in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon
4th Bomb Blast in 5 Days Puts Ein El-Hilweh on Powder Keg
Bomb rips through car in Lebanon refugee camp
Shootout adds to tensions in Ain al-Hilweh
Opposition groups rally to protest Aug. 7 crackdown
South suffers summertime blues
Study suggests ‘terrorism’ not related to poverty
Ties with Bulgaria take step forward
Hammoud warns against US campaign in Iraq
Israel arrests Arabs spying for Lebanese groups
Aridi puts LBCI under ‘review’
Four Israeli Arabs accused of spying for Hizbullah
Conspiracy starts with exploding Ein El Helweh camp - Al Qanat, Arabic
Israeli Arabs Arrested for Suspected Espionage
Bulgarian prime minister meets Lebanese officials
4 Israeli-Arabs arrested for passing intelligence to Hezbollah
Lebanon's latest ABC mall to open in 2003
Lebanon Brief News
August 5
Bulgaria PM in Lebanon to boost ties
Clashes in Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp, four wounded
Lebanese members of Parliament stress distinguished ties with Syria
Alarming Border Tension With Israel After Bus Slaughter
Patriarch: 'Unesco Murderer Shot Computer of Indemnity Records'
Maronite congress tops all-party meeting
Gemayel pinpoints country’s woes
Sfeir demands answers in wake of killing spree
Lahoud lays cornerstone for dam in Kesrouan
Minister says illegal weapons are widespread
Husseini slams Hariri, Berri for cellular impasse
Lebanon, mobile firms to start talks today
Lebanon Brief News
August 4
Three wounded in inter-Palestinian fighting in Lebanon refugee camp
26 militants charged for attempting to revive crushed Islamic party
Small bomb explodes in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon
Lebanese TV station to be punished for alleged "inciting sectarianism"
Dinniyeh Fugitives Under Palestinian House Arrest
Grenade explodes near Fatah member's house in 2nd attack in 2 days
Israel jets fly over Lebanon, Hizbollah opens fire
Hamas claims bus attack in Israel-Hizbollah TV
August 3
Aridi sees red over LBCI’s coverage of shooting spree
Security concerns delay shooting crime re-enactment
Maronite bloc reaches out to other parties
Gathering to tackle rising sectarianism
Fares: Cellular issue just part of problem
Hariri reported to back Siniora or Bizri for Sidon elections
Mini-bus drivers stifled by diesel deadlock, defy ban
Tourists battle cheats, rip-offs
Corruption watchdog puts region in the spotlight
NGOs join forces to rid Arab world of graft
Central Bank reveals surplus in June balance of payments
Officials welcome Port of Beirut bid for Chinese cranes
Export show launched at Port of Beirut
Bank of Beirut signs $25m murabaha deal
Lebanon Brief News
August 2
Bomb explodes near home of Fatah official Khaled Chayeb in Lebanon
Syria calls Jenin report Sharon's licence to kill
Man Pleads Guilty in Al-Qaida Probe
Agreement on Lebanon cellular transition breaks deadlock
New Maronite political bloc set to expand
Mansour to re-enact shootings; Investigators reject sectarian motives
Illegal weapons in the spotlight after gunman’s rampage
Killer’s family, friends express disbelief
Lahoud targets detractors in Army Day speech
Qornet Shehwan to mark last year’s crackdown
Karam heads south on tourism road show
Lebanon stocks drift, awaiting privatisations
Lebanon pound firm on optimism for debt aid summit
Lebanon Brief News
August 1
Cabinet agrees on compromise over cellular phone operators.
Accused Lebanon Shooter Wanted Revenge
Killer Admits Willful Murder, a Ticket to the Gallows
Cabinet OKs Cellular Phone Agreement
France Telecom Vetoes Berri's Cellular Compromise
Lebanon Gunman kills Eight in bloody attack
Village suffers shock, disbelief after native son’s rampage
MPs, teachers unite in horror at shooting
Last-minute snag delays possible cell phone deal
Islamic National Gathering calls for dialogue on ‘extremism’
Pakradouni extends offer of dialogue to Qornet Shehwan Gathering
New political bloc prepares to engage with Qornet Shehwan
Hizbullah continues to fire at IAF planes - Jpost
Hammoud welcomes UN move to extend UNIFIL mandate
UN Security Council extends UNIFIL mandate for six months - Jpost
SmartBus rolls into the future
446 industrial firms established in Lebanon in 1H 2002
Lebanon Brief News

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