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September 2002

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September 31
Ramadan to start on Wednesday, says Lebanese cleric
Jordanian PM signs economic agreements in Beirut
Ashrafiyeh Ringed by Riot Police to Block Aounist Demonstration
Hizbullah opens fire on Israeli warplanes
Jordanian PM arrives on economic visit in Beirut
Free Patriotic Movement to hold protest despite ban
Hariri heads to Washington in run-up to ‘Paris II’
Student politics fails to connect with campus issues
Beydoun: Irrigation from Litani to begin in March
Russian envoy: Diplomacy key to region’s conflicts
Naim Qassem launches book on Hizbulla
Former Beirut MP urges Arab unity
News in Brief
September 30
Lebanon clerics back disputed border water plan
U.S. Suspends Aid to Lebanon, Citing Hizbullah, Aoun and Wazzani
Congress Forces Bush's Hand on Israel Capital
Sfeir Deplores Attempts to Smother Opposition, Addoum Intransigent
Qornet Shehwan decries reopening of Puma scandal
PM: Stop blaming Israel for weak Arab voice
Lahoud in Oman for talks on bilateral issues
LF dissidents hold official meeting
Government ‘needs to level the audiovisual playing field’
Pump arrives at Wazzani Springs
IMF experts to visit Lebanon in October
Beydoun: 110 towns to benefit from Litani
American expert offers advice to apple growers in Bekaa
News in Brief
September 29
Radical Palestinian warns of U.S. regional aims
U.S. Embassy Asks Americans in Lebanon to 'Take Extra Care'
Six Lebanese Perish Aboard Africa's Titanic
Hizbullah aims anti-aircraft guns at Israeli planes
Nasrallah vows to fight for Lebanese water
September 28
Work on Wazzani Springs suspended temporarily
U.S. warns Americans in Lebanon to be vigilant
War against Lebanon media intensifies
Court sentences killer of three soldiers to death
Abu Obeida Sentenced to Death, His Fiancee to 15 years in Jail
Lebanese court sentences gunman to death
Hizbullah Pledges 'Unto Death' Support for Arafat
Judiciary dredges up Gemayel’s role in Puma scandal
Assault on freedoms draws fire from far and wide
Some 100,000 answer Hizbullah call for mass rally to mark Intifada
More than 100,000 people attend Hezbollah rally in Lebanon
Francophone meet comes amid key world events
Tribunal questions alleged spies
Conditions conspire to cause extensive blackouts
LADE slams electoral interference
Dubai Shopping Festival starts promotional tour in Beirut
Fuleihan promises coherent law against fraud
Lebanese-UAE company wins right to build tourist project
News in Brief
September 27
Militants Are Said to Amass Missiles in South Lebanon
Tens of thousands march in Lebanon to support Palestinian uprising
Israel: Lebanese guerrillas plan to thwart U.S. strike on Iraq
Masses fill Beirut streets to support Palestinian uprising
Lebanon's Hizbollah Marks Uprising in Mass Rally
Lebanon Hizbollah Says U.S. Is Muslims' Foe
Lebanese cleric lashes out at "arrogant" U.S. official
Women protest against Estee Lauder in Beirut
Puma Scandal Resurrected to Persecute Ex-President Gemayel
Why Was the Puma Deal a Scandal
Al Waleed Buys MTV
Lebanon Seeks $1B from Israel, Sharon Hurls New Water War Threat
Refugee boat capsizes off Greek island, killing at least three
Sfeir condemns US anti-Syria bill
Judiciary requests that Puma Aircraft file be reopened
Sharon ‘ready to deal with’ Wazzani issue
Aridi doubts  Hariri media proposals
Islamic-Christian Gathering defies Israel, America
State, civic bodies put heads together for cultural wealth
Tour of South aimed at boosting ecotourism
July rebound boosts balance of payments
Beydoun calls for delay in settling EDL debts
News in Brief
September 26
Patriarch Disclaims Aoun's Support of U.S. Sanctions Against Syria
Addoum: Gen. Aoun Is not Above the Law, Touma May Be Prosecuted
Gebran Tueni Blasts 'Marshal Addoum's Republic'
Lebanon Protesters Back Arafat, Saddam, Blast Bush
Syria says Middle East in critical stage
Addoum: Search warrants do not target any group
Aridi blasts ‘power-hungry’ Aoun for comments on Jumblatt’s ties
Hariri: It’s time politicians gave up control of media
Expert warns country to do homework in water dispute
Mikati affirms right to water resources
More universities, less education?
Massacre survivors appeal to Belgian court to indict Sharon
Casino du Liban security clashes with striking workers
Lebanon records $383.9 mln BOP deficit at end-July
Lebanon public debt up to $29.06 bln by end-July
Lebanon airline pilots begin 12-hour strike
Business Briefs
Lawyers to settle compensation for Cellis, LibanCell
UN unveils investment analysis software
Exclusive dealer row resurfaces
News in Brief
September 25
Lebanon Protesters Back Arafat, Saddam, Blast Bush
Syria says Middle East in critical stage
Amnesty wants justice for Beirut massacre victims
U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees says budget deficit at five-year low
Lahoud Regime Bracing for Bone-Crushing Showdown with Aoun
Aoun Decries Lebanon's Transformation into 'Ugly Photocopy of Syria'
Qornet Shehwan stands firm in face of criticism
Addoum plans warrants against politicians
Consultative Gathering courts Maronite patriarch
Beydoun urges inquiry into ‘false’ EDL bills
Kinchen unveils dossier on Iraqi weapons
March for ex-AUB worker fizzles
Panel schedules session to draft water report
Experts debate challenges, virtues of decentralization
Peres: Lebanon Hizbollah Killed Israeli Soldiers
Israel keeps pumping water to Lebanese villages
Lebanon has chance to regain status as regional gateway
European Commission approves funds for 16 enviormental projects
News in Brief
September 24
Palestinians hear Arafat, march in Lebanon camp
Peres Rules Out Water War, Fearing Rain of Katyushas
Prosecutor investigates anti-Syria collaboration with U.S. Jewish lobby
Khaddam Warns of 'Seas of Blood' Drowning Mideast
Death on the Gallows Demanded for Unesco Killer
Hizbullah, Amal Battle it Out with Sticks, 14 Hospitalized
Harb pronounces Qornet Shehwan ‘solid’
Students hit by US security mania
Parliament must decide on fate of Gabriel Murr
Addoum: Aoun, others could face charges
Aoun flays Jumblatt for links with Damascus
EDL inspectors uncover electricity scam
Racially motivated crime and punishment
Italy rejects ‘military’ solution to Wazzani dispute
Lebanon to investigate anti-Syria comments
Bomb explodes near McDonald’s
Berri meets top Austrian leaders
Ex-MP Abdel-Majid Zein dies
Bus drivers stage brief strike over diesel ban
Lebanon cenbank says bought $900 mln since end-May
Beirut bourse widens price limits on Solidere
Salameh outlines keys to financial stability
Luxury hotel group mulls opening new outlet in Mount Lebanon
News in Brief
September 23
Arafat Defiant in Call to Lebanon Refugee Camp
EU water expert to visit Lebanon on dispute with Israel
Arafat Tells Ghassan Tueni: 'I Am Staying to the Last Stone'
Car-Bomb Shakes Jounieh, Wreck 3 Vehicles
Bomb blast rocks McDonald's car park in Lebanon
U.S. Broadcasting Network Pirates Radio Beirut Frequency
Wazzani water project: full speed ahead
Berri claims US targeting Mideast oil
Former MP ‘planned to rough up mayor’
Conflict conference wraps up with promise to keep talking
Green group claims public beach in danger
Shiri: IDF has red lines on Wazzani pumping
Alcatel installs broadband wireless networks in Lebanon
Heineken buys majority stake in Almaza
Hong Kong traders eye Lebanon as gateway to Levant
Agro-development tops think tank’s agenda
IT fair draws in the crowds
News in Brief
September 22
Thousands of Palestinian refugees protest assault on Arafat
Murr's Asset Declaration Found, But Is MTV Baron Off the Hook?
Relatives of Lebanese prisoners held in Israel demonstrate in Beirut
Hizbollah blasts U.S. involvement in water dispute
Lebanon nixes U.S. request to halt work on Wazzani
Galilee expert: We waste more than Lebanon will draw from Wazzani
Family says deported Palestinian professor is kicked out of Lebanon
African mine-clearer loses hand in explosion in south Lebanon
Abu Obeida Pleads Guilty to Murdering 3 Soldiers, Tells How
Berri Urges End of Political Cannibalism to Face Rolling Fireballs
Hariri Admits He and Berri Have No Right to TV Stations of Their Own
85 Lebanese companies to participate in Baghdad International Fair
September 21
Lahoud updates EU envoy on water dispute
Council speeds up Hasbani pipe installation
Gemayel: no crisis in Qornet Shehwan
Intellectual calls for alternative to US hegemony
Baabda combines presidential role with kinder, gentler comforts
Detainee group lists achievements
UNDP report says country needs ‘vision’
Quebec offers scholarships to local students
Human development is improving, but state lacks ‘vision’ on its role
Equity review: Market report
Cyprus, Lebanon seek cooperation in air services
Pharmacists tout generic drugs as solution to cost
News in Brief
September 20
Syria says Iraq not economy caused currency slide
South Lebanon looks forward for water
Congressmen Heap Abuse on Syria
U.S. Proposes a Halt on Wazzani Water Project
Jisr : Murr Lost Seat, Qornet Shahwan: 1-Month Parliament Strike
Government-opposition hostility set to intensify
Qornet Shehwan MPs announce boycott of House
Cabinet agrees to slash top officials’ wages
MTV may sing the blues after Rahbani court challenge
Beydoun: Country has right to Wazzani water
Salameh calls for dialogue, not war
Quebec minister warns of US cultural imperialism
French city plans twinning with Shatila
Booklet guides civil servants
Fuleihan set to impose mandatory auto insurance
Car rental agencies want illegal competitors off the road
Frem says more must be done to boost inter-Arab trade
Crowne Plaza adds class to Hamra
News in Brief
September 19
Lebanon promises to continue water project despite Israeli threats
Christian legislators boycott parliament to protest TV station's closure
Lebanon MPs boycott parliament over media freedom
Syria's pound weakens on possibility of Iraq strike
Fasion show featurs 'revolutionery' anti-Israeli dress
Lebanon and Israel spar at U.N. over Palestinian state
Lebanon rejects U.S. appeal to slow down work on Wazzani project
Alleged Militant Sentenced for Fraud
Congressmen Heap Abuse on Syria
Sharon Hurls New Water Threat, Hizbullah Vows 'Cruel Punishment'
Beirut presents water case to US experts
Officials talk as work proceeds on Wazzani
Hammoud puts Hasbani case before UN
Aoun storms out of TV debate
Berri in No Hurry to Decide Gabriel Murr's Political Future
Murr says ISF kept him from stating assets
Beirut to permit ‘some types’ of motorbikes
U.S. envoy discusses Hasbani water crisis with Lebanese prime minister
Confusion clouds public school registration
South’s pupils face classroom crisis
Industrial sector primed for export growth
GLC criticizes government policies across the board
News in Brief
September 18
Israel says Hezbollah a risk for Lebanon
U.S. expert hears Lebanon's case in water dispute
US probes Syria policy
Lebanon scorns US mediation efforts over Wazzani
U.S. expert hears Lebanon's case in water dispute
Judge Orders Open Hearing For Haddad
Islamist found shot dead in Lebanon refugee camp
Ben-Eliezer warns Beirut over water
U.S. Edges out UN in Mediating Water Dispute
Judicial Bombshell Imperils Gabriel Murr's Political Future
High Court ‘strips’ Murr of Metn seat
Hariri urges pressure on Jewish state to obey international law
Orontes River dam project moves one step closer
Detainee group decries ‘official silence’
Powell tells Peres U.S. takes pumping of Hasbani very seriously
Lebanon scorns US mediation efforts over Wazzani
Heineken buys Lebanese brewery Almaza for undisclosed cash amount
Lebanese dot.coms set new standards for region
News in Brief
September 17
U.S. seeks to avert 'water war' between Israel, Lebanon
Palestinians Mark 1982 Massacre
Lebanese judiciary moves to oust anti-Syrian MP
Lebanon welcomes Iraqi move to admit arms monitors
U.S. to Send More Water Experts to Lebanon
Beirut massacre survivors say world encourages Sharon
Israel threatens Lebanon on water, Peres to discuss issue with Powell
Muslim Extremist Found Dead in Ein Al Helweh camp
Lebanon, Syria hold joint artillery manoeuvres in northern Lebanon
Syria groups call for boycott of U.S. cigarettes
Lahoud, Hariri Close Ranks for Water Showdown with Israel
Bankers say pound likely to weather attack on Iraq if it’s brief
Qornet Shehwan leans away from resignations
US delegation inspects Hasbani water project
MTV: Selective haste?
Leftists gather on anniversary of resistance meet
Sabra and Shatila bitter memories
Audiovisual media body runs out of steam
Peres warns: Lebanon is 'dangerously provoking Israel'
Lebanese FM: Syria, Lebanon to join Quartet consultations
Fransabank predicates economic growth on reforms
Termium lineup grows but falls short of expectations
Lebanon's foreign direct investment drops last year
Lebanese Sue Zbc for $15m
Lebanon near head of weak Arab pack in attracting money
Investment in Arab states languishes
Public, private sectors urged to use resources to stimulate economy
News in Brief
September 16
US officials visit disputed pumping site in Lebanon
U.S. Congress to discuss four Israelis held by Hezbollah in Lebanon
Water Tiff Sparks New Lahoud-Hariri Spat
US experts tour Lebanon river amid Israel water row
U.S. expert inspects Wazzani River water pumping project
Ex-Detainee Defies Israel with Wazzani River Bank Wedding
Gemayel memorial turns into anti-government tirade
Mass for LF’s dead draws security
US experts to mediate in Hasbani water dispute
Jumblatt dismisses Qornet Shehwan
Hawi: Parties, not sects, are solution
Hariri, Chirac discuss Francophone summit
Aridi says ‘no compromise’ over media payments
Salameh tours site of rare find in Sidon
Journalists laud Nabil Khoury
U.S. experts to arrive in Lebanonn Monday to mediate water crisis
Report: Al Qaida regrouping in Middle East
Lebanon gross frx reserves $4.57 bln by mid-Sept
Syria scraps exclusive agent importation rights
News in Brief
September 15
U.S. experts to Lebanon to assess water dispute
One Canadian freed, second held in Lebanon
Chirac, Hariri rule out U.S. invasion of Iraq before Francophone Summit
French report says Lebanon will be divided - Al Qanat, Arabic (IE users)
US team expected to check diversion of Wazzani's waters
Spiegel: Syrian intelligence connection to 9/11 terrorists
Islamic Development Bank lends Lebanon $28.3 mln
Event management company to expand its activities to the UAE
September 14
US envoy to visit Israel, Lebanon in attempt to defuse water crisis
Lebanon official: Iraq may readmit UN
Lebanon says decision to divert water from shared river is final
Lebanon defies Israel over water project
Lebanon says uncowed by Israeli ''threats'' on water
Lebanon ‘in the right’ over Hasbani
Underground water is already being lost
U.S. envoy may mediate Middle East water dispute
Israel Hardens Stance on Hasbani, Calls it 'Reckless Provocation'
Nabil Khoury Dies After 27 months in Coma
Nasrallah flays opposition for self-centered focus
Lawyers’ chief rips MTV closure
Qornet Shehwan complains over MP’s immunity
Remembering Sabra and Shatila’s dead
Lebanese officials: Hasbani diversion to continue despite Israeli threats
Unsuspecting sharks glide into fishermen’s trap
Fuleihan meets with American business group
Government claims VAT has cut deficit spending
Mandatory auto insurance to boost sector’s revenues
Sept. 11 fails to ground rising fortunes of Arab airlines
News in Brief
September 13
Hizbollah Says U.S. Has No Right to Wage War
Hezbollah: We're not afraid of U.S.
TV closure raises doubts over free say in Lebanon
Bush Asks Sharon to "Shut Up" about Hasbani Waters
Sensational Robbery in a Hariri Bank
Lahoud calls on UN to restrain Israel
Shuffle hands promotion to judge who closed MTV
Loyalists reiterate pledge of allegiance to Damascus
Qornet Shehwan defends end to dialogue
Legal expert slams court for closing down MTV
Syrian decree orders division of border river’s water
Intellectuals call for Arab response to globalization
Anti-U.S. Protesters Crash Syria Rock Concert
Ghost' of dead Marine lectured in film
Lebanese slam proposed U.S. law punishing Syria
Lebanon shares slumber, politics and economy weigh
Lebanon central bank sells dollars as pound slips
Arab investors zero in on real estate
Casino du Liban workers threaten strike if mediation fails
MTV closure leaves staff out in the cold
LU professors balk at new budget cuts
News in Brief
September 12
Lebanon seeks U.N. help over Israel river ''threats''
Lebanon seeks foreign intervention to deter Israel over water project
Hariri rules out U.S. attack on Hizbullah, says Iraqi invasion inescapable
Battle, Lebanese officials mark ‘tragedy’ of Sept. 11
Hizbullah sends fighters to guard Hasbani pump
Stop water project or face war, Israel tells Lebanon
Hariri downplays US threats against Hizbullah
Jumblatt denounces Gemayel on range of issues
Leftists accuse government of stoking sectarianism
MPs question restrictions on visitors to Gabriel Murr
Ghosn: Labour Union will not be a tool
Lebanon to include private sector in electricity management
Lebanon, Syria, Iraq seek to promote transport cooperation
Summer tourist season falls short of hopes
Mikati discusses railroad with Iraqi, Syrian ministers
News in Brief
September 11
Lebanon says it has full right to pull water from rivers on Israeli border
Lebanon speeds up water pumping work in defiance of Israeli threat
Lebanon PM says Israel spreading al Qaeda rumours
Sharon Threatens Water War, Hizbullah Vows to Chop off his Hand
Israeli sabers rattling louder over Hasbani
Sharon warns against diverting Lebanon water sources
Lahoud finally weighs in on MTV debacle
Loyalist circles back MTV closure
Hizbullah official denounces ‘ruling elite’
Franjieh reaches out to object of his ire
Experts assess globalization’s impact on Arab culture
Syria says will not bow to U.S. terror law
Lebanon protests Israeli threats of war
Hezbollah warns Israel against preventing Lebanon from exploiting river
Sharon warns Lebanon not to divert water; Hizbullah rejects threats
Sharon hints military action possible to prevent diverting Hasbani
Sharon warns Lebanon not to divert water from Hasbani springs
Sharon holds talks with military leaders on Leb diversion of border river
USAID puts up $1 million to help improve water sector
LOTO gambles on technology
New fixed-income fund to list on Beirut bourse
Task force to exploit summit
News in Brief
September 10
U.S. Ambassador Asserts Hizbullah is 'Focal Terror Target'
Lebanon boosts security ahead of Sept. 11
Lebanon to strengthen security measures on Sept 11
Pro-regime politicians ‘ambush’ rally for press freedoms
Regime fights back as court bans MTV protests
Battle: ‘Hizbullah remains a terrorist organization’
US Envoy not welcome in South
Brazen car thieves add insult to injury
Lahoud tells businessmen 2003 budget good for country
Economy shows no sign of emerging from recession
Government ‘broke its promises’ to teachers
Lebanon's Bank of Beirut launches fund
News in Brief
September 9
Lebanon Slams U.S. Threats Against Hizbollah
Hizbullah defiant in face of US criticism
Convicted Leb hijacker on the run from life prison term in Switzerland
Authorities ban demonstrations to avoid religious tension
Lebanon Seeks Help For T-55 Overhaul
Syria's Supporters Sabotage Media Freedom Parley
Lebanon rejects US media freedom worries
Archbishop Audeh Blasts MTV Closure, Asserts 'Judges Are No Saints'
Hezbollah fires at incursive Israeli planes in south Lebanon
MTV debacle threatens to spin out of control
Demonstrators say ISF troopers beat them but not into submission
US official’s ‘A-team’ comment draws harsh response
Saddam's Alleged Mistress Says He Met Bin Laden
3,000 attend rally in support of Syria
President’s son gets married
Special Olympics end on high note
Yields unchanged on Lebanon Sept 12 treasury bills
News in Brief
September 8
MTV staff block major Beirut square, clash with police
Police Stun MTV Protestors With Water Hoses, Scare Downtown Cafes
Sfeir Abhorred Over Freedom Battle Triggered by Quarreling Brothers
U.S., France Deplore MTV Closure as Muzzling Press Liberty
September 7
Lebanon rejects US rebuke on TV shutdown
Freedom Battle Flares into Lahoud-Opposition Open Collision
Israeli Warship Fuels Fears of Attack on Ein el-Hilweh
US joins chorus against MTV closure
Hizbullah warns Washington against offensive here
Qornet Shehwan halts talks with Lahoud
Businesses in MTV building paralyzed under ISF siege
MTV to appeal shutdown as lawyers stage protest strike
Italian ambassador scoffs at US claims against Hizbullah
Emergency workers stage Hollywood-style disaster
Residents file suit against AUB for pollution
Telecommunications Ministry slashes internet connection fees
News in Brief
September 6
Hizbollah Says Will Defend Lebanon from U.S. Threat
Lebanese anti-Syrian TV appeals unpopular closure
Lawyers stage one-day strike to protest closure of TV station
MTV closure silences officials, unsettles government
U.S.Threatens to Sledgehammer Hizbullah to Settle 'Blood Debt'
Politicians slam MTV closure
Reactions to MTV’s closure
The media replies
Wazzani Springs pump nearing completion
Ministry, AUB wage battle over permits
Consultative Gathering wins stamp of approval from PM
Top official: U.S. will go after Hezbollah, the 'A-team of terrorists'
US official calls Hezbollah "A-team of terrorists"
Cabinet passes 2003 draft budget
Economists doubt 2003 draft budget’s ability to meet deficit target
Lebanon cabinet approves tight 2003 draft budget
News in Brief
September 5
Lebanese media fight TV station closure
Syria Says Israel Pulls Strings on U.S. Terror Law
Closure of Lebanese opposition station sparks protests
Troops ease measures around Palestinian refugee camp after clashes
Aoun: 'MTV Closure Heralds Syrianization of Lebanon's Regime'
Satterfield urges Beirut to embrace US ‘vision’
Judiciary forces Murr TV off the air
Army soldier, three Palestinians killed in Baalbek
Israeli threats ‘won’t stop’ Wazzani project
Environmentalists flay Musa’s Earth summit speech
Palestinians do not recognize Israeli trials
Lebanese security closes anti-Syria TV station
Three killed, 14 wounded in Lebanon camp clashes
Lebanon cabinet to take up contentious 2003 budget
Hariri fleshes out plan to put off NSSF payments
Lebanon looks to Malaysia to inject expertise into ICT sector
Lebanese desk will be among biggest at Baghdad trade fair
News in Brief
September 4
MTV Closed at Court Order, Putting Lebanon's Media Freedom in Peril
U.S. official urge Lebanon and Israel to negotiate rather than fight
U.S. Upholds Lebanon's Sovereignty, Opposes Anti-Syria Sanctions
U.S. Asks Syria, Lebanon to Curb Hizbullah Ahead of Invading Iraq
4 Killed, 12 Wounded in Army Clash with Abu Nidal Guerrillas
Abu Nidal group clashes with security forces in Lebanon
Violence erupts in Lebanese camp
Battle plays coy on Al-Qaeda reports
Fearing Hezbollah infiltration from Lebanon, IDF closes Northern Road
Berri hosts Consultative Gathering
Franjieh pays landmark visit to Phalange
Crowd holds ESCWA sit-in to back Barghouti
Cabinet postpones deliberations on key budgetary items
Cabbies protest budget proposal to deny them Social Security
Industrialists broadly welcome 2003 budget
Labor unions turn their fire on government policies
News in Brief
September 3
Arabs Deny 200 al-Qaida Members Are in Lebanon
Al-Qaeda claim raises tensions in Damascus
Israel closes northern road in fear of Hezbollah's attacks
Algeria Defeats Lebanon 100-70
Iran defeats Lebanon 2-0 in West Asian championship
Lebanon Scoffs at Israeli Claim of Bin Laden Terrorists in Ein El-Hilweh
Washington warns Damascus over Hizbullah attacks
Official confirms Syria allowing Qaida to operate in Lebanon
Syria 'harbours bin Laden's men'
Ben-Eliezer: Syria to blame for escalation
Israel fears Hizbullah may get deadly anti-aircraft missiles
Ain al-Hilweh unanimous in denying Al-Qaeda presence
Visiting Iranian official chastises Baghdad
Murr announces intention to draft new election law
MEA reports busy summer schedule
South Korean firms set sights on boosting local market share
Workers accuse state of ruining public transport
News in Brief
September 2
Lebanese dismiss al-Qaeda report
'Syria allowed hundreds of Qaida men to settle in Lebanon'
Israel seeks to halt Russia-Syria missile deal
Lebanon fires coach during World Championships
An al-Qaida refuge in Lebanon?
Israel Dreads New Russian Sams to Hizbullah Via Syria
Hezbollah says fires at IAF jets over Lebanon
Israeli soldier dies of wounds sustained in Hezbollah attack
US calls for calm on Israel-Lebanon border
Lahoud inaugurates development projects during Metn tour
Sharon convenes security cabinet on Hizbullah attacks
Jumblatt says Siniora’s budget draft plays into foreign hands
Berri defends use of Wazzani waters
Daher touts electoral law as key to reforms
Saad wins late brother’s seat by acclamation
Saint Theresa’s remains begin national tour
Hezbollah fires at IAF planes over south Lebanon
Saudi prince signs $50 mln deal with Kuwait group
Why Lebanon will not default - Matein Khalid, Kalije Times
News in Brief
September 1
Hizbollah fires at Israeli planes over Lebanon
Israel Links Hezbollah Attacks to US Planned Strike on Iraq
Lebanon Takes Over Cellis, LibanCell Amicably at Midnight

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