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October 2002

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October 31
3 Students Injured, 11 Arrested in Clashes with Police in Ashrafieh
T.A. Court postpones discussion over fate of arrested Hezbollah member
Poll Says Arabs Dislike U.S. Policy
Israeli Government says senior Lebanese guerrilla arrested
Israel Says It Arrests Senior Hizbollah Militant
Baz says ‘Paris II’ can provide valuable breathing space
Banque Audi reports landmark profit hike
Future of engineering ‘hinges on IT upgrade’
French firm to manage Tripoli’s water
October 30
Lebanon set for fresh loan talks
A rare Arab opinion poll says Arabs dislike America but not democracy
Lebanon ban protests by opposing groups
Lebanon bans rival demonstrations to avoid escalating sectarian tension
Government Blocks Another Civil War Curtain-Raiser
Wazzani Pumps Turned on Despite Menacing Israeli Maneuvers
Hariri books dates for ‘Paris II’ conference
Pro- and anti-government groups exchange war of words
Hizbullah: Israelis fear military encounter; Israel claims resistance rearming
Beirut to raise objections on US ‘road map’ to peace
Eight villages get water as Wazzani pipes flow
Experts urge Lebanon to reduce greenhouse emissions
Arab Management event heavily theoretical
Qordahi zeros in on internet pirates
Finance Ministry unveils computerized tax system
Business leader urges officials to abandon sectarianism
MPs seek to counter NSSF ban on women’s benefits
Byblos Bank: Profits are steady, assets are not
News in Brief
October 29
Donors set to meet Nov 23 on Lebanon debt - Hariri
Sabah surprises all with her latest engagement to 23- year-old Omar Mihio
Sharon Warns of 'Tough War' with Lebanon
Qornet Shahwan Wants Murr's Ouster, Trial in Sharpening Dispute
Toufic Hindi Leaves Jail Nov. 9
GCC to give Lebanon $5b loan guarantees
October 28
Hizbullah steps up secret war against Israel
Lebanese Murr Television appeals court order to close down
Lebanon extradites alleged swindler to UAE
Banned Lebanon opposition TV appeals closure
Lebanese Premier visits United Arab Emirates  
Bahrain: Hariri stresses importance of economic cooperation
Qornet Shehwan protest draws mixed reactions
Hizbullah to issue updated version of manifesto
Fadlallah issues fatwa to defend faith
Salameh speaks on culture, diversity
Philanthropic association toasts first 125 years
Body of missing engineer found
Man wounded in Ain al-Hilweh
Brazilian Embassy opens doors for presidential elections
Lebanon: the Middle East’s Silicon Valley?
News in Brief
October 27
Former terror group member shot and wounded in Lebanese refugee camp
Shi'ite leader Fadlallah calls for dialogue with other religions
Bedouin Clan Angry Over Spy Charges
Blast rocks home of Fatah official in Lebanon camp
Harb Accuses Regime of Whipping Up Sectarian Animosities
Report: Israeli espionage equipment discovered inside southern Lebanon
Solidere plans to issue $100 million eurobond
Kuwait reschedules Jordan debt, mulls Lebanon support
October 26
Summertime ends in Lebanon
Middle Easterners of all beliefs welcomed by Seattle Maronites
Bin Laden Says Beirut Triggered Islam's War on U.S.
Israel shocked by spy trial of Bedouin colonel
America jumps on ‘Paris II’ bandwagon
Hizbullah ready to spoil ‘Sharon’s plans’: Jewish state ‘could attack Lebanon’
Opposition faces test of nerve over protest
Aoun blasts politicians for deceiving country
Akkar crisis unfolds on daily basis
Child’s death highlights detainees’ plight
Women’s groups call for Arab solidarity
Lebanese bank to raise size of preferred share to $75m
Government will take phone bids in December; 19 firms expressed interest
Lebanon, Iraq ink deal on standards: Move will bolster free-trade pact
News in Brief
October 25
Officer in Hezbollah spy case on tape with drug dealer
Israelis say Hizbullah espionage ring has deep roots
Israeli Arab officer charged with spying for Hezbollah
Hezbollah won't comment Israeli spy arrest
Arab ministers blast terrorism, Iraq strike
Top Lebanon Shi'ite cleric compares U.S. to Nazis
Lebanese Man Suspected of al-Qaida Links Denied Bail in Michigan
Officer in Hezbollah spy case on tape with drug dealer
Loyalists and Opposition in 'Below-the-Belt' Slander
Israelis say Hizbullah espionage ring has deep roots
Islamic group set to take on Qornet Shehwan; Baath rips ‘zionized’ opposition
Tueni warns of ‘crisis in the UN’, paints grim picture of world body
American universities downplay reports of problems for Arab students
Teachers, civil servants shut down education sector with one-day strike
Lahoud: Israel exploiting Sept. 11 under guise of fighting terror
Cabinet approves draft on cellular sell-off
French experts begin Wazzani fact-finding mission
Bedouin officer says he's innocent of spying for Hezbollah, drug dealing
Hizbullah's IDF spy remanded in military court | Who is Omar al-Hayeb?
French water experts seek end to Wazzani impasse
Tourism Ministry lauds students for hospitality work
Lebanese pound gains slightly on donor meet hopes
Credit risk decree lifts local banks
Microsoft peddles latest IT fixes
Lebanon sees $5 bln next year from privatisation
Lebanon to complete partial power sell-off in 2003
American capital rides into town
News in Brief
October 24
Court indicts senior Israeli officer in Hezbollah spy case
Biggest Hezbollah spy ring in Israel uncovered
Lebanon students urged to return to U.S.
Beirut Iraqi exiles ponder returning after amnesty
French experts study Israel-Lebanon water dispute
Teachers in Lebanon in one-day warning strike
Court indicts senior Israeli officer in Hezbollah spy case
Biggest Hezbollah spy ring in Israel uncovered
Beirut lukewarm on US road map for peace
MTV row could get uglier
Senior leaders gang up on Qornet Shehwan
Gabriel Murr reiterates faith in judiciary
Lebanese wait for news on jailed relatives after Iraqi prison amnesty
Unions team up for strike to protest draft budget
WB To Issue Loans To Lebanon
Financial community looks to IMF
Lebanese-Americans look to boost trade
Communications touted as key to development
Beirut to host Arab Engineering Union summit
News in Brief
October 23
Hezbollah alleges ‘Christian Zionist’ plot
Israeli spies discovered passing secrets to Hizbullah
Israeli officer denies spying for Hezbollah for money and drugs
Israeli officer arrested as Hezbollah spy
Israel holds Arab colonel over spying
Hizbullah threatens:Israeli attack on Wazzani project would ignite entire front
TV case prompts call for new Lebanon goverment
China appoints special Mideast peace envoy
Israel Holds 10 Bedouins over Lebanon Spying
Israeli Security Forces arrest 10 on suspicion of spying for Hezbollah
Muslim activist seeks asylum
UNESCO stresses freedom of expression after banning Journalist in Beirut
Ben-Eliezer to Russia: Get Lebanon to quit pumping from the Wazzani
Assad Flogs Bush, Hizbullah: 'Arabs Are Not Red Indians'
Lebanon opposition calls govt to quit over TV case
Water war looms for Lebanon, Israel
Charity Co-Founder Seeks Asylum
Hezbollah alleges ‘Christian Zionist’ plot
Burns puts Wazzani high on agenda for tour
Qornet Shehwan vows to fight MTV verdict
Smooth sailing as House opens session
Detainee loses daughter he never met
UN rewards environmental activist for ‘selfless work’
Japanese aid de-mining campaign
Palestinians protest LU fee hike
Industrial fair to showcase Syrian goods
Lebanon, Syria, Jordan sign pact on land transport
News in Brief
October 22
U.S. Envoy Urges Calm in Lebanon
Lebanese prosecutor indicts alleged al-Qaida members
US envoy Burns: Iraq war could be avoided
N.Y. Times to Own Int. Herald Trib
Stumbling in Beirut
Israeli jets roar across Lebanon, Hizbollah fires
Sharon Threatens Anew to Hit Lebanon, Speaks of 'Terrorist Buildup'
Hizbullah threatens Israel's infrastructure as Chirac pleads for cooled tempers
Patriarch Deplores Court Order Keeping MTV, RML Shut
Publications Court rejects MTV appeal
Diplomatic activity engulfs Beirut in week after Francophonie
Murr forms committee to draft election law
Leaders laud ‘successful’ summit
US might shut down Beirut embassy to avoid terrorist attack
Hezbollah threatens Israel's infrastructure as Chirac pleads for cooled tempers
UAE tycoon plans new look for Sin al-Fil
Bloated public debt gets second wind
Accountants told to get on the same page
News in Brief
October 21
Hezbollah threatens Israel's infrastructure as Chirac pleads for cooled tempers
Lebanese TV station loses appeal against closure
Syrians travelling abroad allowed to buy dollars
Francophone leaders assert U.N. primacy on Iraq
Court Keeps MTV Shuttered
‘Beirut Declaration’ takes stand on Iraq
Chirac holds talks in Jordan and Syria
Paris ‘wants to see Taif Accord implemented’
A successful story of Lebanese immigration: 12 million left to live abroad
Canadian politician says Lebanon is on road to recovery
French language fights for survival
Lahoud: ‘Dialogue’ shows country’s resilience
Media at summit seek news, not culture
Beirut inks film agreement  with Ottawa
Industrialists launch export center at Beirut Port
Lebanon records $280.6 mln BOP deficit at end-Aug
Lebanon public debt up to $29.39 bln end-August
Lebanon Oct 17 t-bills raise $253 million  
Summit Briefs
News in Brief
October 20
Francophone leaders assert U.N. primacy on Iraq
Diouf: new Francophonie Secretary-General
Bouteflika: Algeria to join Francophonie
Francophone summit ends with issuing Beirut declaration
Francophone Nations Push for International Political Role
Israeli reporter kicked out of Beirut summit
Visa International officials meet with Member Banks in Jordan and Lebanon
October 19
Three Die in Lebanon Accident
Lebanon accuses Israel of 'state terrorism'
Hezbollah summit presence sends signal?
Hezbollah leader unknown to PM Jean Chretien
Press violations in 20 Francophonie states
Chirac Cautions Lahoud Against Provoking Israel in Water Dispute
Francophonie touts dialogue over war
Boutros-Ghali blames US for Mideast impasse
UNESCO chief stresses freedoms
Burns will visit Beirut to push stance on Iraq
Hezbollah trying to obtain long-range missiles
Lebanon bans Israeli-French reporter from covering Summit
Muslims, Christians urge ‘dialogue’
UNHCR provides for Iraqi’s surgery
Journalism’s burden at the Francophonie
Business panel discusses sale of EDL
How to attract tourists: ‘more conferences’
Industrialist proclaims rebirth of economy
Private sector ‘can deliver’ region’s energy needs
New Brunswick premier touts e-solutions
Summit Briefs
News in Brief
October 18
Chirac says force should be last resort in Iraq
Lebanon bars Israeli-French journalist from summit
Algerian president attends French summit for first time, hails French language
Franco-phony: Or much ado about 'rien'
Francophone summit opens in Beirut with Iraq high on agenda
Chirac Addresses Lebanon as Aounists Picket French Embassy
Paris-2 Nov. 15 Unless U.S. Attacks Iraq
Anecdotes: Army Lancers, Downtown Dinner, Israel's TV Coverage
UNESCO Murderer Makes Sectarian Attempt to Escape Gallows
Australian man arrested in Lebanon on terrorist-related charges
Chirac speaks to MPs ‘from the heart’
Chirac says collaboration is key to success
Leaders roll out red carpet for Chirac
Canadian premier unveils new LibanPost branch
Israel repeats warning over Wazzani pump
Hariri: Country has right to its own waters
Aounists hold protest against Syrian presence
New Francophone financial body to be based in Beirut
Hotels prepare for bumper summit
Presidents unveil management center
Graduates receive special guest
Instability is ‘barrier to investment’
Canadian delegates get close-up view of development projects
Business forum urges changes to globalization
Long winding road: Lebanon takes first step toward WTO
Lebanon gross fx reserves up to $4.72 bln mid-Oct
News in Brief
Francophone Summit Briefs
October 17
Chirac offers to mediate Lebanon's water dispute with Israel
Chirac warns of escalation risks
Chirac says UN must be framework for Iraq action
Lebanon students gag selves to protest Syrian grip
Wazzani pump swings into action at long last
Chirac urges ‘confidence’ in Lebanon’s future
Lahoud vows to profit from higher profile
USJ students clash with security forces
Cabinet convenes early to welcome Wazzani ‘victory,’ Chirac’s arrival
Pakradouni hails Phalange role in liberation of South
Lebanon opens Wazzani floodgates
Lebanon begins Wazzani pumping
Siniora pegs hopes on ‘Paris II’
Get connected: Energy experts chart way ahead for region
Lebanon asks to borrow $5bn
Delegates overcome sticking points
Quebec agrees to help further e-government
Francophone mayors praise spirit of cultural diversity
Belgian, French officials visit Sidon
News in Brief
Francophone Summit Briefs
October 16
Israel issues threat in Lebanon water row
Lebanon Revels Water Project
US absent from Lebanese water ceremony amid dispute
Tensions Overshadow Inauguration of Lebanon's Water Pump Project
Lebanon taps river at the center of Israel row
Lebanese students protesting Syria's grip detained
Blasts hit Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon
Hizbullah will respond ‘in minutes’ to Wazzani strike
Beirut set to turn on  Wazzani pumps
Qornet Shehwan vows not to lose heart despite ‘suppression’
Beydoun decries assault of EDL workers
Hezbollah says on 'highest alert' for Wazzani project opening today
Hizbullah warns Israel against Wazzani strike
Government seeks $5bn in soft loans
Seminar looks at ways to trim ESCWA’s energy divide
Lebanon budget gap 39.8 pct of spending by end-Sept
Chirac to combine summit talks with official business
Boutros-Ghali spells out list of reforms
Historical background: French connection comes full circle
Young people have little faith in effectiveness of gathering
Ministers set stage for Francophonie
Lebanese-Canadians dream of home
Salameh recommends more activities, broader scope
French delegate says IFO must play global role
What some of the participants had to say
News in Brief
Francophone Summit Briefs
October 15
Hizbollah warns Israel over water dispute, says will retaliate 'within minutes'
Lebanon rejects U.N. water meter offer
Talks with Hezbollah to free Tannenbaum stuck after 2 years
Missing Engineer's Mystery: Car in Brital, Cellular in Roumieh
Lebanon's Bid for WHO Chair Gathers Momentum
Water pumping could spill into renewed conflict between Lebanon & Israel
EU unveils development plan for South
Opposition to ease criticism in MTV case
Nasrallah hails ‘political’ Francophonie
Resolution readied for Francophone summit
Canadian envoy urges Beirut to make most of summit
Maher backs Beirut’s claim to Wazzani water
Israel seeks French support in Wazzani water conflict
Lebanon digs in heels on Wazzani diversion plan
Rights activists urge summiteers to ‘go beyond words’
Protesters ask UNHCR to help Iraqi refugee
Tannenbaum family marks two years since kidnapping
Teachers begin two-day strike for unpaid wages
Will the Mediterranean Development Forum ever make a difference?
UN: Country needs new water policy
Ad campaign seeks to sway local buyers to buy locally made goods
News in Brief
October 14
Hezbollah warns Israel over water rights
French speakers to flex political muscles
Muslims Accept Falwell's Apology
Families urge Syria to look for missing Lebanese
Sfeir Decries Falwell's Affront to Prophet Mohammed
Regional tensions cloud Francophone summit
Wazzani Springs deal cannot hide naked truth
Work finished on Wazzani Springs pump
Army arrests dozens of Aoun supporters
FPM starts website in bid to reach backers
MTV lawyers denounce prosecutor’s ‘illegal’ case
Rights group: MTV closure a blow to freedom
Human rights, democracy, peace headline Francophonie meet
Clerics slam Falwell’s ‘terrorist’ claim
British group to help rid country of land mines
US, Israel water experts to confer on Wazzani
Lebanon Reconstruction Burdens Country's Economy
Lebanon hopes IMF review may lower interest rates
News in Brief
October 13
Ariel Sharon loses Lebanon donkey sweepstakes
Beirut hopes Francophone meeting buries war image
Rage meets Falwell's comment
Blast rocks UN aid office in Lebanon refugee camp
TV to Re-operate or Remain Shut Oct. 21
Undersea Frogmen, Rooftop Sharpshooters Guard Francophone Summit
Wazzani water for local use only, Lebanon tells U.S.
US expert coming for Wazzani deal
Lebanon rejects US comments on water clash
Shiite clerics in Lebanon, Iran enraged by calling Islam's prophet `terrorist'
Lebanon Cleric Attacks Falwell's Slur of Mohammad
Muslim cleric lashes out at Falwell for calling Prophet Mohammad a terrorist
Lebanon Settles For only Drinking Water, Defusing Israel's War Threat
Lebanese PM Vows to Go Ahead with Irrigation Plan
Japan Pledges $1 Billion Loan Guarantees to Lebanon
Lack of national drug policy pushes up prices
Privatization can help if done right
Heineken has big plans for local market
Lebanon Solidere to start souk project in 2003
October 12
Aziz vows iron resistance to any US strike
British MP urges Arabs to rise up against West
Qornet Shehwan keeps its head down for now
Hariri lines up Japanese support for ‘Paris II’
Hariri: Litani is no substitute
Summit organizers work around the clock
High-profile figures gather for summit; 37 leaders expected in capital
BLOM to boost size of share fund
Lebanon asks Japan for financial aid
Experts tout spread and popularity of French language
Poison, pollution threaten historic Koura
Musa pledges to enforce quarry ban
Saudis reopen cultural office after 27-year absence
U.S. envoy in Wazzani crisis due in Israel Sunday
News in Brief
October 11
Lebanon paper blasts Nobel prize choice
Iraq Ready to Respond to U.S. Attack "Within the Hour": Aziz
Japanese, Lebanese premiers discuss economic recovery, Mideast peace
Lebanon charges 22 people with planning terrorist acts
Tariq Aziz says Congress' approval of striking Iraq came as no surprise
Al Qaida Suspects in Lebanon Multiply from 3 to 22
Hariri makes pitch for ‘Paris II’ in Malaysia and Japan
Aridi accuses Washington of ‘total bias’ in Wazzani Springs affair
Al-Qaeda suspects ‘planned to set up local cell’, retrain militants
Tight security for Francophone summit
Interior Ministry to restrict traffic during Francophonie
French President will not call on Bkirki during summit
Amin Gemayel files lawsuit against Phalange Party leader
‘Diversity doesn’t guarantee discord’; Conference blames false perceptions
EU university exchange begins 2003
Lebanon tests Wazzani pumps, Israel awaits U.S. deal
Lebanese shares edge up ahead of Francophone meet
Lebanese pound steady ahead of Francophone meet
Solidere to issue $100 million eurobond
Industrialists head for Iraqi trade fair
News in Brief
October 10
Lebanon charges suspected al Qaeda organisers
Lebanon hooks up a new pipe to controversial Wazzani pump
Beirut's Key to Gen. Kenaan Prompts Sharp Pierre Sadek Caricature
Stiff U.S. Warning To Lebanon Against Wazzani Diversion
Hot Buttons: Talk show topics
Syria's intelligence chief in Lebanon returns to Damascus
3 Detainees Admit al-Qaida Link
Lebanon Wazzani pump passes first test
America seeks to avoid water crisis in South
Lahoud honors outgoing Syrian intelligence chief
Single-district idea crawls away again
Summit should pay dividends; Government expects high exposure for $6m
Coastal region revealed as source of fresh water; dozens of springs located
MPs doubt PM’s commitment to North
AUB picks American firm to build new student center along Corniche
U.S. calls Lebanon to stop water pumping; Sharon: We won't allow diversion
Report: U.S. expert to ask Lebanon to delay Wazzani pumping
Lebanon tests Wazzani pumps despite Israeli warnings
News in Brief
October 9
Official: Three detained in Lebanon last month are members of al-Qaida
Syria's top official leaves Lebanon post
Syria's strong man in Lebanon moves back to Damascus
Lebanon tests pumping station on border river with Israel
Curfew at Justice Palace for MTV Court Session
U.S. Pulls Wazzani Compromise, Allowing Groom to 'Touch' Bride
Ghazi Kanaan Transferred to New Post in Syria
Lahoud refuses to delay Wazzani water project
Gemayel claims he and people of Metn targeted by ‘hate campaign’
Beirut MP rips LBCI for airing ‘provocative’ sermon
Small businesses will feel summit pinch
Lebanese women advised to pioneer new path to liberation
Ministry says barrels contain no chemicals
Is talk of a ‘knowledge economy’ too much, too soon?
Technology zone to boost IT sector
Tobacco farmers fear government delay in buying their crops
TMA workers strike to protest salary delays
News in Brief
October 8
Lebanon to start pumping water from Wazzani River on Wednesday
U.S. seeks diplomatic solution for Lebanon's water dispute with Israel
Shrapnel from Hezbollah anti-aircraft shells causes blazes in W. Galilee
October 8
US Proposes 2-Stage Compromise to Defuse Lebanon- Israel Water Dispute
Lahoud Steps Back from Controversial Law
Tension mounts over new water pump on border
Lahoud ‘ready’ to discuss new election law options
Consultative Gathering endorses by-laws
AUB vows to redress gender balance
Wazzani trial pumping postponed
Hundreds mark anniversary of soldiers' abduction
U.S. officials meet Lebanese PM; Lebanon delays pump test
Lebanon seeks interest in privatising state power
Lebanon state power firm sees 2003 profit -paper
Fourth Arab Trade Fair opens in Tripoli
EDL expects to break even in 2002
Visa, BBAC join forces with new credit tool
Islamic shipowners forum urges modernization
Bank of Beirut issues preferred shares to Gulf investors
News in Brief
October 7
U.S. officials meet Lebanon PM on Israel water row
Lebanon to appeal to UN over Israel water row
Beirut prepares for Francophone summit heedless of Mideast tensions
Israel Harasses Wazzani Workers with Magnified Wolf Cries
Sadr Brigades Say Missing Imam Killed by Gadhafi
Sfeir leads chorus against single district
US pressure likely to ease tensions over Wazzani
Consultative Gathering speaks out
Bank of Beirut launches 5m share issue
Lebanese-Emirati venture to construct Khaldeh tourist complex
News in Brief
October 6
'Arabs believe our hands tied on Wazzani project' - Jerusalem Post
Beirut to begin pumping Wazzani, but Israel unlikely to react for now
SLA families protest 'abandonment'
Syria's Lebanon intelligence head replaced-sources
Hizbollah defends disputed Lebanon water plan
Lebanon Launches Crackdown On Foreign Dissidents
October 5
War or Peace in S. Lebanon Develops into Mideast Cliffhanger
Politicians play down proposal to hold single-district elections
Plan to establish Senate likely to spark confessional debate
Wazzani pumping test to begin Monday
Lahoud urges ‘united and clear stand’ on Jerusalem
Commandos in airport security drill ahead of Francophone summit
Judge to hear arguments over MTV closure
Christian conference to examine faith’s role in region
Boycotters sharpen their swords
Boycotters sharpen their swords
Beit Mery has a roots-up makeover
Jezzine’s new park will ‘serve the community’
The World Bank: developing a new focus on development
UAE expresses interest in investing in Lebanon
Arab life insurance: a market still waiting to come into its own
Relief for dentists
US aid suspension not to affect Lebanon: official
News in Brief
October 4
Lebanon Single-district elections plan raises a storm
Lahoud: US attack would damage region
Hizbullah vows to ‘defend Jerusalem’
Boycott campaigners join forces
Master plan for Tyre heralds city’s renaissance
Ain wa Zein Hospital marks decade of twinning with French partner
Hezbollah won't bow to pressure on Wazzani
Price of insurance policies set to rise more than 20 percent
Middle East Airlines turns its fortunes around
Tax dispute with Finance Ministry, professionals nears endgame
News in Brief
October 3
Maronite Bishops attack ‘campaign’ to open old cases
LF members dismiss Malek’s faction as ‘irrelevant’
Officials fear Israeli strike on Wazzani pumps
Debate over election rules gets serious
EU warns MTV shutdown could harm country’s standing
Arab world focuses on disability
Business Briefs
Money talks
Microsoft chief: Stopping piracy will improve IT
Beirut Port faces litmus test for 2002
News in Brief
October 2
Lebanon-born Israeli denies charges of spying for Hezbollah
Families of 4 Israelis kidnapped by Hezbollah get congressional hearing
WashPost: Israel, Lebanon mired in water dispute
Maronite Church Blasts Regime for Prosecuting Aoun, Gemayel
Argentina Denies Seeking Nasrallah's Arrest
Authorities Confirm Al Qaida Arrests, Maximum Security Interrogation
Israel's Aerial Rampage Heightens Water Dispute with Lebanon
South heats up
New lawsuit to target Gemayel
Israeli overflights draw fire from Hizbullah gunners
Authorities pick up suspected Al-Qaeda men
US denies rumors of aid cut for Lebanon
Consultative Gathering president extends offer of dialogue
Police clash with cigarette smugglers after car chase in Bekaa
Casino du Liban workers suspended
Beydoun rebuffs criticism over power cuts
Evidence Iran, Hezbollah involved in 1994 Buenos Aires bombing
Beirut finance conference courts Gulf investors
NGO urges House to speed up trade bill
Development forum to begin next week
Hi-tech start
Environment key to economic growth
News in Brief
October 1
U.S. approves $32 million aid to Lebanon
Lebanon arrests 3 al Qaida suspects
Lebanese police clash with smugglers
Argentina Asks Interpol to Arrest Hizbullah's Hassan Nasrallah
Hizbollah Fires on Israeli Planes over Lebanon
Lebanon convicts six of spying for Israel
Lebanon Detains 3 al-Qaida Suspects
Lebanon Court Sentences Accused Spies for Israel
‘Paris II’ on track with or without US backing
Francophone Summit will turn spotlight on Lebanon
Americans outline tough new procedures for visitors
Two deals inked during Lahoud’s Oman trip
MTV workers despair at closure of station
Seminar studies ways to improve electoral system
Fire sweeps through orchards, threatening villagers
Lebanon gross fx reserves up to $4.58 bln end-Sept
Heineken acquires majority stake in Lebanese brewery
Commercial banks see rise in consolidated balance sheets
Conference to tackle role of women in business
News in Brief

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