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December 2002

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December 31
Update: Army Guns Down Dekouane Barracks Killer in Suburban Shootout
Casualties narrowly averted as guard throws dynamite stick out of harm's way
Dynamite blast at Fatah Day rally in Lebanon
Israeli Party Demands Shelling Assad's Palace, Reinvasion of S. Lebanon
Lebanese security forces kill barracks gunman
Lebanese soldier opens fire at barracks, killing one and wounding four
Hariri works for deal with Jumblatt
Qornet Shehwan flays confirmation of MTV closure
Harb urges probe into Tele-Liban, Future TV
Franjieh says government reshuffle inevitable
Hizbullah says Bekaa blast was ordnance disposal
Same old New Year’s Eve? Party animals, and others, prepare to meet 2003
Calendars: Traditional method of keeping time lives on
Relatives demand release of Lebanese prisoners in Iraq
MK Lieberman: Bomb Assad if Syria attacks
Lebanon Economy: 2002 highlights
Exports are up but need to keep growing
Brief News
December 30
Israel checking whether Hezbollah conducted missile tests
Explosion reported at Hezbollah training camp in eastern Lebanon
Clearing landmines in Lebanon
Hizbullah Test-Fires Locally Made Missile in Bekaa?
‘Crisis committee’ proposed in response to Israeli threats
MTV closure ruling causes fury among opposition
2002: Lebanon’s media in the dock
Sfeir: Syrians have been here too long
Patriarch visits housing projects aiming to provide young Christians with homes
Jumblatt to present ‘final’ budget position Thursday
Miss Europe brings back the beauty
Communist Party’s internal standoff intensifies
Blast heard northeast of Baalbek
Former SLA men voted for Sharon in Likud primaries
Lebanon prospers as world tourism suffers
Lebanon Dec 26 t-bills raise $152.87 million
Brief News
December 29
Explosion reported in eastern Lebanon
Clerics in dilemma over cloning
Miss Russia crowned Miss Europe 2002 in Beirut
December 28
U.S. Forces To Defend Israel Against Iraqi Missiles: Report
Lebanese General Named Second-in-Command of U.S. Army to Invade Iraq
Justice Palace gunman ‘had ties’ with Dinnieh group
Court makes MTV closure permanent
Canada will uphold Hizbullah ban
Ottawa refuses to review Hizbullah ban
Aridi launches new broadside at Washington
Ain al-Hilweh housing project nears completion
Mixed reactions as ex-detainees receive compensation
PSP youth group aims to ramp up size, influence
Shiite-run education on rise despite ‘terrorism’ label
Southern suburbs finally get clean water
Euromed, WTO talks point way to future despite many challenges
Top French business school to train local managers
Jammal Trust Bank duels with EDL over power bill
Brief News
December 27
Six fleeing persons return back from Israel
Bomb explodes in front of coffee shop in Palestinian refugee camp
Muslim Charity Man Appeals Deportation
Arabs blast Sharon's charges against Syria
Five Bin Laden Disciples May be Executed in Beirut
Runaway Lebanese Hijacker from Geneva Grabbed in Morocco
Court of Appeals Maintains MTV Closure Pending New Plea
Sharon heats up Mideast tension; Syria scoffs at ‘laughable’ accusations
Lahoud: no Iraqi weapons in South
Cabinet reshuffle ‘inevitable’ by February
Judicial shooting case to close ‘within days’
Jumblatt bloc threatens to vote against budget
Beirut formally asks Ottawa to take Hizbullah off terror list
Prosecutor wants life sentences for militants
State announces detainee payments
Christian clerics call for justice, peace
Social Affairs Ministry inks projects with UN
Lebanese pound strong in end-of-year trading lull
Country emerges from 2002 stronger
Companies eyeing mobile phone sector to be named
EDL cuts power supply to Jammal Trust Bank
Brief News
December 26
Lebanese cleric: US bases in Gulf are occupation
Iraqi Missiles Allegedly Poised in Syria, Lebanon to Blast Israeli Cities
Army Patrols Beirut Around-The-Clock
Emirates to support top Lebanon team
December 25
Syria denies Sharon's accusations it received Iraqi weapon of mass destruction
Syria rejects Israel weapons claim
Iraqi rockets sent to Syria for use by Hezbollah
Escaped Lebanese hijacker rearrested after more than three months
Lebanon Seeks Life Sentences for Terror
December 24
Lebanon asks Canada to remove Hezbollah from list of banned terrorist list
Lebanese prosecutor demands life in prison for five accused Muslim extremists
Hezbollah Becomes Potent Anti-U.S. Force
Lebanon denies intention to build a project on al-Hasbani river - paper
Osbat Al Ansar Seen Behind Attempt to Murder Beirut Magistrate
Bomb Wrecks House of Palestinian Militant in Sidon
Ex-convict shoots judge in Beirut courtroom
Lawyers, politicians appalled by Justice Palace shooting
Patriarch’s seasonal message paints grim picture
Hizbullah provides Canadian reporter with recording of Nasrallah speech
Fares mimics Berri, pronounces Cabinet ‘dead’
Russia reassures Lebanon over Iraq
Hezbollah Becomes Potent Anti-U.S. Force
Cedar reforestation plan takes root
Health Ministry to sanction new nurses’ order
UNRWA denies making cuts to services
Industry can be built on snow
Budget draft might run into trouble in Parliament
Central Bank takes bigger role in helping recovery
Lebanon invites interest in mobile auction, tender
Brief News
December 23
Judge shot, wounded in Lebanon
Gunman wounds judge in Beirut court
Beirut Judge Shot at His Justice Palace Chambers
Berri declares Cabinet ‘dead’
Le Pen meets Sfeir, salutes Christian right
Future Television denies Aridi sent it warning over US ad
Communist heroine tells her story
Communist Party forges ahead with elections
Saleh ‘satisfied’ with talks, achievements in Lebanon
Cleanup begins after storm sweeps country
Lebanon central bank says T-bill yields fall
Lebanon Dec 19 t-bills raise $219.7 million
Police Report
Brief News
December 22
Le Pen in Beirut, backs Lebanese Christian rightists
Hezbollah agent arrested in Gaza Strip
Syrian Cabinet grants licenses to five Arab banks
Berri Pronounces Current Government a "Dead Corpse"
Battered Lebanese Take Stock of Storm Losses
December 21
Critics say detention of Middle Eastern men harms terrorism fight
Are South American countries downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism?
Bomb explodes in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon
Lebanon Cannot Get Slim Girls From U.S. Embassy
Storm Tortures Lebanon, No Lights in Beirut
Powerful storm doles out flooding, blackouts
Pierre Gemayel launches broadside at Michel Murr
Aridi launches tirade against Battle
Murr resurrects specter of ‘satanic cults’
Aridi warns FTV over airing of US propaganda
Saleh calls on Arabs to close ranks
Political deadlock ‘suffocating’ Beirut
UAE group intends to bid for cellular license
Hariri: Privatization will end political meddling
Top advertising agencies join forces
Equity review
Brief News
December 20
U.S.: South American Groups Back Hezbollah
14 dead in Mid-East storms
Lebanon opens mobile telephone sector for privatization
Winter storms flood homes in south, east Lebanon
Storms flood Beirut and Amman, strand tourists in Jordan, force docking of Egyptian boat in Israel and disrupt Cairo airport
Four cooperation agreements between Lebanon, Yemen
Yemen says Iraq war will cost US its antiterror coalition
Custody Battle Rattles Fragile Lebanese-U.S. Ties
Aridi Quarrels with U.S. Over Image-Propping Videotapes
Yemen Says Bush Will Lose Arab Sentiment if He Attacks Iraq
Saleh brings call for ‘new Arab order’
Aridi refuses to air ‘ad’ made by US Muslims
FBI agents follow up killing of American
US Embassy speaks out on custody case
LF man arrested for possession of  ‘coded papers’
Diplomats slam US road map delay
Palestinians turn up heat on UNRWA
Labor, management fight it out as law and custom fail to produce settlements
Le Pen expected to arrive Friday evening
Date set for US-Arab Economic Forum
Lebanon budget deficit 42.4 pct spending at end-Nov
Lebanese pound stable after S&P improves outlook
Ratings agency optimistic on economy
Cell licenses ‘will not be sold’ if bids are too low
Record number of visitors expected at Shopping Festival
Siniora inks $15 million loan agreement with Arab Monetary Fund
Brief News
December 19
Lebanon TV refuses U.S. ads
Three Lebanon Sisters Caught in US Custody Standoff
US judge orders Iran to pay $301MLN to former hostage
Aridi Quarrels with U.S. Over Image-Propping Videotapes
Custody Battle for 3 Lebanese-American Girls Flares to New Zenith
Activists slam ISF for failing to curb car theft
Lahoud plays down possibility of Cabinet reshuffle
Loyalists lash out at Qornet Shehwan
Beirut bar saga resolved at last?
85 Iraqis in Lebanon return home
Fransabank completes issue of $60 million in bonds
USDA offers $20 mln export credits to Lebanon
Americans raise aid to $40 million
Particulars of cellular auction to be published Friday
S&P revises Lebanon's outlook to stable
December 18
Lebanon rejects U.S.image spots
'Blair Won't Believe His Ears If Assad Pledges to Curb Hizbullah'
Iraqi exiles in Beirut head home despite fears
Iraq question raises tension on Israel's northern border
Hizbullah: Some Israelis want pre-emptive war
3,000 brave wet weather to condemn 2003 budget
Hizbullah offers to help Ottawa rectify ban ‘error’
Downtown bars closed once again
Army officer insists Blue Line is not legal border
Ambassador asks Beirut to let girls leave for US
Battle pleads for girls to join American mom
Lahd plans to open restaurant in Tel Aviv
Berlin and Beirut: 2 divided cities struggle to regain their identities
US democracy program draws criticism
Saad: Politics are trumping reform
Siniora touts 2003 budget draft Minister: loans are ‘proof of our success’
Moody’s upbeat but rating won’t change until pledges are honored
WTO bid focuses on vital services sector
Souq al-Barghout brings pre-war flavor back to Beirut
News in Brief
December 17
Iranian deported to Lebanon after sneaking into Israel
Mofaz in NY: Israel may need to 'clean up' South Lebanon
Israel threatens to bring Lebanon back to the stone age
Assad describes Damascus terror HQs as 'press centers'
U.S. Seeks Lebanon Aid in Custody Fight
Teachers demonstrate against new taxes
Israeli troops arrest Iranian sneaking in from Lebanon
Lahoud Warns Against Piecemeal Settlement of Refugees
Unions, Civil Servants Challenge Hariri's Belt-Tightening Budget
Teachers to lead 2003 budget protest
Beirut demands Ottawa explain Hizbullah ban
Downtown bars can reopen but only as restaurants
Jumblatt considers new economic paths
Mofaz rejects Lebanese proposal for pumping water from Wazzani
Mofaz says Israel will destroy Lebanon missile batteries if attacked
Truce credited with ending blasts in Ain al-Hilweh
Polish president pays landmark visit
Lahoud says Palestinian-American cannot buy real estate
Mrad shrugs off criticism of state’s support for LU
National Bloc attempts revival as it steers newly independent course
Turkey suggests free trade deal with Lebanon
Lecourtier fleshes out  water plans in North
Engineers’ chief says surveying laws must be kept up to date
Beirut ‘should retool’ to win out in new economy
Yields lower on Lebanon Dec 19 treasury bills
T-bill rates take another plunge
Foreign workers take blame for many of economy’s problems
Academics discuss realities and definitions of globalization
Souq al-Barghout lays out tempting bargains
News in Brief
December 16
Yemeni leaders head for Moscow, Beirut
Polish president discusses bilateral, Mideast issues with Lebanese leaders
Anti-Tax Strike Paralyzes Lebanon's Academic Sector Tuesday
Cellis inks deal freeing way for auction, tender
Hizbullah: Media misquoted Nasrallah
Phalange calls for Arab Christian conference
Lahoud pledges support for North
Hamas marks anniversary
Students to hold Beirut peace gathering
A word of advice on ethics, corruption
Naameh residents block road to controversial landfill
Lebanon central bank says T-bill yields down
Advertising, media brass examine slump
Fuleihan inaugurates Iraqi trade exhibition
Al-Hayat joins forces with LBC
News in Brief
December 15
Hamas reperesentative in Lebanon rejects talks to stop 'resistance'
Hoss Asks What Kordahi Gained from Mobile Dispute
Assad Says He Pulled 'Big Portion' of Syrian Army From Lebanon
LBC, Al-Hayat Launch Pioneering Merger
Lebanese Cultural Week begins
Syrian army moves are little concern to Israel
December 14
Mobile Phone Saga Settled, Privatization on Track
Lebanon to host Miss Europe 2002
Qornet Shehwan breaks silence with moderated criticism
Lack of ‘permits’ blamed for downtown pub closures
Canadian Embassy issues warning
Jumblatt takes aim at role of Cabinet
Syria moves troops on border, but experts say steps are defensive
Iran dealing with Fatah via Lebanon
Lebanon hits out at Canadian ban on Hizbullah
Hammoud wants Ottawa to explain Hizbullah ban
Father locked in custody battle with US Embassy
Countering corruption is theme of new publication
Social Economic Council demands bigger policy say
Business meet to champion investment
Lebanese-Canadian business group elects new head
Arabian Advanced Systems goes digital in Beirut
Lebanon's Cellis signs mobile transfer deal   
Qordahi closes in on cellular transfer
Fuleihan: 2004 WTO accession ‘doable’
Toshiba lauds sophistication of Lebanese market
Equity Review
News in Brief 
December 13
Lebanon criticizes Canada for declaring Hezbollah to be terrorist
Lebanon calls on Canada to reverse ban on Hezbollah political wing
Nightspots Closure May Herald Berri-Hariri Feud
MTV: 'Let's Not Shoot a Bird with 155mm Artillery Shell'
Lebanon checks Canada ban of Hezbollah
120 Kurds detained in Lebanon as illegal immigrants
Osbat Al Ansar Smuggles Iraqi Nerve Gas to bin Laden Via Turkey?!
Lebanon Sticks to its Guns in Water Dispute with Israel
Lahoud Calls for Disarming Israel's Mass Destruction Weapons as Well as Iraq
Larsen warns of border tension
Conflicting stories fly over bar shutdowns
Harb: Parliament has been ‘bypassed’
Hizbullah denounces Canada for inclusion on terror list
Sects gather to discuss media freedoms
ISF arrests over 120 in crackdown on smuggling
Father accuses US of ‘kidnapping’
Scholars say weak courts have fallen prey to political elites
Hizbullah, Druze lose out in GLC elections to NSSF board
Lebanese pound strong as privatisation progresses
Cell firms agree to sign themselves away
Siniora predicts balanced budget by 2006
Expert warns government over copyright piracy
Beydoun inks deal to privatize Tripoli’s water
US company to help select port operator
Central Bank to publish economic data via online portal
MEA pilots ask Labor Ministry for mediation
News in Brief
December 12
Hezbollah: Canada ban unjustified
Hizbollah Canada Ban Sop to US, Alienates Muslims
Lebanon stops ship carrying over 120 Kurd migrants
Hezbollah slams Canada decision to ban group
Hezbollah accuses Canada of bowing to US
U.N. envoy urges Lebanon-Israel restraint
US extends security checks to Lebanese residents
AUB professor warns of Iraqi quagmire
Berri repeats call for new Cabinet
Battle urges Beirut to push reforms
MTV verdict set for late December
Authorities close 8 bars in downtown Beirut
Roed-Larsen due in Beirut for talks on Iraq, peace plan
Rights activists encourage students to rebel
Food producers ‘should start focusing on quality control’
Israeli gets 6 years for spying for Hezbollah; Canada totally bans group
Canada Set for Total Ban on Hizbollah
Lebanon says expects balanced budget by 2006
Salameh denies hidden strings in $4 billion loan
Qordahi amends cell-phone deal
Finance Ministry computerizes car transactions
News in Brief 
December 11
Canada adds Hezbollah, two other groups to list of banned terrorist
Israel jails Lebanese-Jewish man as Hizbollah spy
Bar Brawl Shuts 8 Downtown Nightspots
Residents on southern border concerned after Israeli threats
Jumblatt cries foul at ‘generosity’ of bankers
New suspect detained in local Al-Qaeda case
Addoum denies human-trafficking problem
Lebanon detains suspected al-Qaida member
Wet roads claim 2 lives in car accidents
Poverty blamed for rapid increase in average marrying age
Press Federation keeps Baalbaki at top
Lebanon details no-interest debt plan to ease service
Banks agree to bail out government, will lend state $4 billion with no interest
Cell firms refuse to ink transfer of ownership deal
EU envoy pronounces ‘Paris II’ a success
News in Brief 
December 10
Iran may present greater threat than Iraq
U.S. Votes 'Yes' to Hariri's Economic Reforms
Lebanon questions Qaeda-linked suspect
Court of Appeals Overturns Abu Obeida's Death Verdict
Kharrazi denies cooperation between Hizbullah and Al-Qaeda
Qornet Shehwan to renew activities after month’s lull
Islamic university spreads to Sidon
Mediation touted as efficient means to solve legal conflicts
US cautions citizens against visiting Lebanon
Nabatieh man confesses to ‘honor’ killing
Universite St. Joseph reels out student film festival
IDF to strengthen patrols on northern border
Hizbollah says Israeli attack on Lebanon possible
Lebanon banks near deal to buy $4 bln govt debt
Lebanon cbank announces lower T-bill yields
Banks mull zero-interest T-bills
Cell firms given deadline to sign transfer deals
Payment crisis plagues NSSF
Annual fair brings centuries-old relics back into vogue
News in Brief
December 9
U.S. Reminds Citizens of Travel Dangers in Lebanon
Israeli official warns that al-Qaida is operating every place in world
Iranian foreign minister rules out al-Qaida-Hezbollah partnership
Unknown group takes credit for blast on Lebanese border
US congratulates Lebanon on success of Paris II conference
Iran FM: Iraq war to impose U.S. hegemony
Lebanon at Swords Points With Israel
Lahoud: No Al-Qaeda in Lebanon
‘Double agent’ played deadly game
Funerals held for murdered pair
Qaida men in Lebanon said directing Gaza 'terrorists'
Probe of Kenyan attacks points to joint Hizbullah, al-Qaida operation
Bomb strikes Israeli Army patrol
Two Israeli soldiers wounded in border bombing
Phalange faction hits out at party’s leadership
PSP marks birthday of Kamal Jumblatt
Melchite patriarch ‘forbids’ youths from emigrating
Iran, Syria call for action against Israel's arms arsenal
Lebanon banks may buy $4 bln zero interest govmt debt
Lebanon cbank says short-term T-bill yields drop
Lahoud refuses to bend to cell firms’ demands
Nassib Lahoud: Cellular row undermines ‘Paris II’
Police Reports
News in Brief
December 8
Mombasa bombing reveals possible al-Qa'eda-Hizbollah link
Bomb Wounds 2 Israelis on Lebanon Border
Unknown Lebanese group claims responsibility for attack on soldiers
Bomb injures two Israeli soldiers at Lebanese border
Hariri is Not Quitting, Mobile Phone Deal Shaping Up
Hizbullah Eulogizes Christian Bomb Victim as National Martyr
Iran Joins Syria, Lebanon in Facing Sharon's War Threats
Jewish Lobby Demands Freeze on Hezbollah Assets in Canada
Japan considers sending ASDF planes to evacuate Japanese nationals
December 7
Iran Foreign minister to visit Syria, Lebanon
In an interview with LBC, Rumsfeld says preferable for Saddam to leave Iraq
Graham threatens ban on Hezbollah
Two dead in roadside bomb in Lebanon; relative accuses Israel
December 6
Bomb kills two in south Lebanon
Explosion kills man and his nephew in south Lebanon
Hizbollah Rejects Accusation It Works with Al Qaeda
Hezbollah denies Israeli accusation of al-Qaida links
Saddam's Secret Service Blamed for Dissident's Murder in Tyre
December 5
Ottawa defends Hezbollah as pressure grows for ban
Sharon: al-Qaida in Gaza, South Lebanon
Attacks in Kenya signal Al Qaeda's expanding
Muslim Clerics Warn Against Sectarian Strife Over Dynamited Shrine
Lebanon's Shiite Muslims split on feast ending fasting month of Ramadan
Kordahi Sabotages Hariri's Bid to Sell Mobile Phone Licenses
Maronite bishops slam cellular deal
Political leaders condemn bomb attack on Anjar mosque
Iraqi dissident found murdered in South
Talk of a government reshuffle on the back burner
Restoring the nation’s memory
Christian parties urge action on Taif Accord, UN resolutions
Musa meets governors to discuss quarry ban
Japan to fund study on tourism projects
‘Heartfelt greetings’: Battle’s message to Lebanon to mark Eid al-Fitr
Rashaya al-Wadi cries out for restoration
Water shortages mean Tripoli residents face long dry spell
Cellular firms balk at transfer agreement
Fuleihan says April is target for WTO talks
Beirut Stock Exchange de-lists Bou Khalil shares
News in Brief
December 4
Hezbollah calls for global attacks
Iraqi opposition group says Iraq killed activist
U.S. embassy says not snubbed at Ramadan meal
Bomb damages mosque, Islamic shrine in east Lebanon
Lahoud-Hariri Accord Still Unshaken by Kordahi's Revolt
Iraqi migrant found strangled in south Lebanon
Hariri rams borrowing bill through House
Beydoun praises Orontes River agreement
Franjieh backs Addoum, judiciary, state
Lebanese struggle to maintain health
Salameh kicks off project to reopen National Library
Battle attends signing of Jezzine development pact
LU professors demand resignation of directors
Lebanon pound holds on to gains, confidence grows
EDL write-off factored in official ‘neglect’
Privatization of airports moves one step further
Private sector cautious over ‘Paris II’
News in Brief
December 3
Lebanon's Gays Find Closet Door Firmly Closed
Nurse who killed Lebanese Jewish banker in blaze is jailed for 10 years
House approves electricity bill exemption
Ex-World Bank official: Pound should be allowed to float
Women’s groups tout plan to pass on nationality
Tyre dump ‘threatens water supplies’
UN report lists ‘failures of neoliberalism’
Popular SL Chi waits out MTV saga
One Ramadan night: Faithful await key appointment with destiny
Lebanese shun U.S.-hosted Ramadan meal over Israel
Lebanon parliament approves debt swap borrowing
Central Bank cuts T-bill rates
LibanPost still fighting for trust and profits
Fransabank hails $10 million loan from German company as ‘faith in future’
News in Brief
December 2
Hariri's Government Braces for Storms in Parliament
Australian faces Lebanon court on Al Qaeda link claim
Phalangists make pro-Syrian tilt formal
Lahoud defends Cellis, LibanCell payouts
Amal infighting even extends to Cabinet
Heavy infighting at top of Amal
Ferzli blasts ‘unaccountable’ leaders
LU professors balk at new appointments
One dead as troops swoop down on car thieves
Car crashes into fence on Israeli border
Lebanon can’t get Wazzani water pumping
Lebanon gross FX reserves up at $5.2 bln end-Nov
Lebanon central bank says T-bill yields down
Bank of Beirut says sells $55 mln preferred shares
Beirut’s best-kept secret: a Saturday market
Teleferique dispute nears resolution
News in Brief
December 1
Feast ending Ramadan next Thursday-Shi'ite cleric
Family Remembers American Missionary killed in Lebanon
Outcry Over Mobile Phones Jolts Lahoud-Hariri Truce

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