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February 2003

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February 28
Ringleader Convicted in Smuggling Scheme
Hizbullah official shot dead in Beirut
Lahoud reaffirms call for Arab solidarity
Cabinet releases funds to cover storm damage
Chehab: Berri backs Christians on Iraq
Tourism Ministry denies obstructing pub and restaurant permits
Fuleihan chides states blocking free-trade deal
3 dead as weather inhibits transportation to hospital
Renovation of West Hall gives AUB a ‘heart’ transplant
Salameh unveils new plan to restore crumbling Beaufort Castle
Monnot to be dug up for the third time
Child Custody Battle Ends in Lebanon
France signs 500 mln euro loans to Lebanon
France lends Lebanon US$550 million
Lebanon pound steady ahead of possible Iraq war
Moody's Inclined to Improve Lebanon's Ratings
Hospitality event gathers visitors from far and wide
Brazil beckons Lebanese businessmen
Software industry looks for growth
Modca cafe to serve its last coffee after 32 years on Hamra Street
Mobile Phone Licenses on Hold, Endangering Privatization Process
In Brief
February 27
3 Sentenced in Cigarette Smuggling Case
FBI searches for 'lone wolf' terrorists
Rain Storms Collapse Syrian Customs Building On Lebanese Border
Lahoud, Hariri Chart Lebanon's Course in March 1 Arab Summit
Qanso: 200,000 could benefit from voluntary NSSF subscription
Hammoud calls for Arab unity at Sharm el-Sheikh summit
State goes all-out to battle effects of powerful storms
Pierre Gemayel: They stole our issues
Peace groups to gather for March on US Embassy
EU ambassador pushes for further reforms
AUB president addresses students’ concerns
Ceremony honors late historian
All Arab League nations to attend summit
Fuleihan rips Arabs for blocking trade deal
Boycott committee launched
Banking chief urges government to amend tax on interest
Banque Audi inks new card deal
In Brief
February 26
Mideast digs out of snow as storm begins retreating
Iraq to Send High-Level Team to Summit
Israel Warns of Spectacular Hizbullah Operations Once U.S. Attacks Iraq
Syrian Withdrawal from N. Lebanon is Completed
Malaysia, Lebanon to set up joint business council
American tech firm plans expansion in Mideast IT market
Abdullah inks deal on agricultural trade with Italy
Lebanon Creeps Out of Weather Catastrophe
A Turk Added to Bin Laden's Lebanon Cell
Nation grinds to halt as wild weather gets even worse
Litani floods riverside restaurants
All sides cautious in wake of redeployment
Sfeir fears effects of new Gulf war
Lahoud: Summit must aim to unify Arabs
Hariri: World opposes military solutions
Fuleihan urges Arabs to cooperate
Visiting Greek official stresses bid to avert war
Al-Qaeda suspect could get death
Beirut receives request to look after UN officials during Iraq conflict
Activists stress post-war danger to environment
Campaigners urge action over road deaths
In Brief
February 25
Snow Rings Beirut, Northern Town May Slip Off Earth's Face
Arab Summit in Limbo
Fattoush-Addoum in Legislative-Judicial Skirmish
Country braces for more stormy weather
Hariri tells Non-Aligned summit: War won’t bring peace
Detente in the offing for Bkirki, Damascus
Nasrallah slams US and its ‘military boots’
De-mining project set to finish 1 year ahead of schedule
Arslan meets with Saddam to show Lebanese support
Europe funds project to boost public health
Italian agriculture minister signs deal for ‘green corridor’
Fruit merchant murdered in Ain al-Hilweh
Pakradouni urges Arabs to stand with Pope for peace
Higher revenues mean drop in budget deficit
Lebanese businessmen not hopeful on future trade with Iraq
INTERVIEW-Lebanon privatisation going ahead despite rifts
In Brief
February 24
Syria cuts army presence in Lebanon by about 4,000
Syria, Lebanon Support Delaying Summit
Iraq asks for postponing summit, Lebanon agrees under conditions
Lebanon to brief Europeans on Arab position rejecting war
Lebanon braces for rare Arctic snowstorm
Snow Creeps Down Central Mountains to Blanket Lebanese Shores
Palestinian trader found shot dead in Lebanon camp
1 Palestinian Killed, 2 Syrians Wounded in Ein El-Hilweh
Leaders meet to plot recovery from destructive storms
Hizbullah moves to forge new image in West
Syrian redeployment ‘not due to regional tensions’
Samir Franjieh: Redeployment proves Damascus is unhappy
Hammoud sends mixed signals over summit date
Hariri calls for unity within Arab League
MPs join row between Murr and Siniora
Former envoy slams American hypocrisy
Lebanon budget deficit 35.2 pct spending end-Jan
Saradar one step closer to bridging digital divide
In Brief
February 23
Lebanon's Hezbollah official anticipates US war on Iraq in March
Two Syrians wounded in hand grenade explosion in refugee camp
Miss Lebanon 2003 to be crowned live on air by viewers
Bekaa Threatened with Major Catastrophe Amid Unabated Storms
16 Arab Countries Agree to Attend Arab Summit March 1
Former Israeli Ambassador Argov Dies
Angry Bedouin find loyalty to Israel goes unrewarded
February 22
Israeli Conflict With Hizbollah Clouded Before Iraq
Syrian army expected to complete redeployment in Lebanon on Sunday
Go-ahead for Arab League summit
Lessons of past weigh on Rumsfeld approach
Aounists: 'Syria's Stranglehold on Lebanon is Intact…Redeployment or Not'
Disastrous Rain Storms Threatening New Lahoud-Hariri Power Clash
No respite from flooding as rain keeps falling
Farmers demand compensation for flooded crops
Nasrallah: Arabs facing psychological warfare
Syrian redeployment could mean many things
Seminar celebrates coexistence as envisioned by sfeir, shamseddine
Dinnieh suspects protest ‘torture’
Hammoud says next Arab summit should reiterate earlier stands
Shaath lauds Lebanese diplomacy
Protesters urge Annan to work for peace
Court extends probe into pro-Israeli ad
Lebanon central bank says no new t-bills for now
Business Handbook covers all areas
Bank group: Interest tax is hurting capital markets
Plenty of engineers, too few projects; Students wonder if there will be jobs
Equity Review
In Brief
February 21
Hizbollah: US seeks new puppets, not help for Iraq
Golan Heights Villagers Face Spy Charges
U.S. Lauds Syrian Redeployment, Aoun Dissents
Palestinians in Syria, Lebanon protest against possible US war on Iraq
Iraq Denies Terrorist Ties
France commends partial pullout of Syrian forces from Lebanon
Unrelenting Storms Wreak Havoc Across Lebanon
Stormwaters cut off roads, villages
Cabinet tackles effects of heavy weather
Lahoud touts Arab summit as path to ‘credibility’
Smiles all around as Syrians redeploy
Battle welcomes withdrawal of troops from positions in North
‘No truth’ to reports of Israeli buildup along border
Top pharmacist rips nonprofit clinics
Monnot pubs, restaurants to settle legalities
Study laments fouling of Orontes River
Teachers’ league president heading for third term
War fears keep Lebanon's pound at weakest level
Lebanon public debt at $30.45 bln - agency
MEA to get five more Airbus planes  
Finance Ministry publishes detailed figures on public finances
In Brief
February 20
Al-Jazeera competitor launches
GCC raps Lebanon over session
Storms take heavy toll on infrastructure
Christian opposition hopes Syrian pullout is just the beginning
Lebanon seeks to iron out feud with Kuwait
Berri tries to smooth over row over Iraq crisis
Battle: It’s time UN enforced 1441
Communist leader accuses opposition of defection
New rent law irks landlords and tenants
EDL union threatens to call strike
New Arab news channel to go on air
Cabinet meet expected to discuss cellulars
Economist says Lebanon is doomed unless it restructures
In Brief
February 19
Kuwait warns Lebanon over Arab Iraq meet but says still values ties
Some Syrian Troops Begin Pullout from Lebanon
Syrian Army Redeploys Out of North Lebanon
Syria announces redeployment of troops from North
Syrian Army plans withdrawal from North Lebanon
Hammoud, Kuwait try to defuse Arab League row
25,000 anti-war protesters bring message to South
Heavy weather damages Sidon Citadel
British delegation upbeat on Lebanon’s prospects
Mother and 4 children among Masnaa dead
Rahbani’s epic rhapsody scales bold heights
Adopt a cedar tree and help keep Lebanon green
Israel holds 12 in Hizbullah spy ring
Israeli soldiers arrested in ‘Hizbullah spy case’
Syria rules out quick easing of forex controls
Lebanon public debt rises to $30.26 bln end-Nov
MEA welcomes first acquisition in 30 years as new Airbus flies into Beirut
In Brief
February 18
How U.S. handles post-war Iraq is what matters, Hezbollah says
Syrian army to redeploy from northern Lebanon
Lebanon says Syria to redeploy troops
Israeli police arrest Israeli soldiers in Hezbollah drugs for data case
Arab League chief tries to calm Kuwait's anger over ministers meeting
Islamic Jihad says that Israel will remain its enemy
Kuwait May Freeze Diplomatic, Economic Relations with Lebanon
Kuwiti MPs take aim at Lebanon over Iraq stance at Arab League
Israelis sting ‘Hizbullah spy ring’ in Ghajar
Lahoud rips double standards
Kuwait blasts Lebanon for handling of foreign ministers’ meeting
Murr warns Israel not to make trouble
Five Israelis indicted for passing intelligence to Hezbollah
Police bust Jewish-Arab network suspected of trading hashish for intelligence
Truck explosion prompts safety action on border
Fresh alert issued for coming storm
Politicians lament Arab disunity in Cairo
Fattoush says authorities, Hariri blocked reopening of brothers’ quarry
Environment comes to the rescue of producers
Lebanon gross fx reserves $8.2 bln at mid-February
Qordahi wants to delay cellular launch
Welcome to lebanon
In Brief
February 17
Lebanon warns Israel of war if it attempts to expel Palestinians
Kuwait complains about Lebanon's management of Arab FM meeting
Shakira to sing in Lebanon for 800,000 US dollars
Razan considers living in Lebanon a big headache
Israeli jets swoop on Lebanon, break sound barrier
Israel says border smugglers spied for Hizbollah
Israeli police charge nine Israelis with passing information to Hezbollah
Lahoud-Hariri feud still simmers but quietly
Nasrallah warns Israel not to attack Lebanon during Iraq war
10,000 take anti-war protest to streets of Beirut
17 dead in truck crash on Syrian border
Communist opposition holds fire over split
New Order of Nurses holds elections
Utility opens floodgates to drain excess at Lake Qaraoun
Hammoud calls for Arab unity against war
Lebanon PM suggests conditions for mobile sell-off
US group urges more action against piracy
In Brief
February 16
Hizbollah warns Israel against new Lebanon invasion
Hizbollah denies ties to 3 in U.S. smuggling case
Diesel tank truck overturns, catches fire at Lebanon-Syria border;17 dead
Fuel truck burns at Syria-Lebanon border, 11 dead
Lebanon's FM says Arab countries must unite in opposition to war
Arab Officials Meet Over Iraq Crisis
Uday's aide defects to West
February 15
Beirut Demonstrators Demand Straitjackets for Bush and Hawks
Lahoud urges unity as Iraq crisis deepens
Lahoud and Hariri move to end latest lengthy row
Critics rip government for inactivity during crisis
Anti-war protesters split over support of Saddam’s regime
Groups rally to back author of book on security sweeps
Legal profession suffers from decline in prestige and working conditions
Beydoun wants power protesters charged
Lawyers learn ins and outs of helping refugees
Hydroelectric output rises thanks to heavy rainfall
TV station launches program on Europe
$300m infusion rescues Al-Madina Bank
Economic strain puts damper on Shopping Festival in Nabatieh
War fears push Lebanon pound to bottom of band
In Brief
February 14
Lebanon's Lahoud calls for Iraq new chance
Opposition: Aide to Saddam elder son defected; Iraq denies
No Pubs, No Booze for Lebanon's Teenagers
Chirac-Hariri Meeting Seals Common Stand on Iraq
French envoy touts anti-war partnership
Judge orders closure of 47 bars in Monnot
20,000 Lebanese set to join global anti-war protest
Heavy thunderstorms pound country with more to follow
Mystery surrounds whereabouts of Odai Hussein’s aid
Brazil dismisses US-Israeli terror claims, says ‘tri-border area’ is well policed
Netanyahu slams Brussels court ruling
Israeli government vows to fight Belgian war crime ruling
Israel scorns 'anti-semitic little Belgium'
Professor faces more interrogation over book
Marriages across faith, sect are on the increase
Long-awaited Order of Nurses aims to unify medical staff
Bad weather exacerbates power cuts
Italian-Lebanese friendship group on defensive
Public is out of patience with motorcycles
Sri Lankan Embassy pursues abuse case
In Brief
February 13
Belgian move against Sharon angers Israel
Powell Asserts Hizbullah is a U.S. War Target, Scolds Syria
Al-Jabbouri: Odai assistant disappeared in Lebanon
Lebanese caricaturist Khaheel dies
Aide to Odai Saddam Hussein Vanishes in Beirut
Baddawi Power Blackout Turns Political
Karam credits Iraq crisis for massive tourist boom
Lahoud gets power back to Beddawi
Belgian court gives green light to Sharon case
Smooth sailing as local leaders circle wagons ahead of war in Gulf
Qornet Shehwan calls for unity to save region from danger
Money laundering case back under review
Prince Talal set to expand local projects
Prince Talal blasts regional leadership
Bomb rips through Spinneys in Tripoli
Muslim clerics warn against American designs in region
Communist Party faces disintegration as opposition prepares to split
Powell sends message of good wishes for Eid al-Adha
Belgium asserts right to try Sharon
Ministry says prices are up by 1.22 percent
Adult magazines make comeback to bookstore shelves
In Brief
February 12
War against Iraq pushes Gulf citizens to seek tourism in Lebanon
Israel to recall Belgium envoy over Sharon ruling
War could hit emerging markets over Mideast credit - S&P
February 11
Belgian Court Bars Sharon War-Crimes Case
Belgian court expected to rule PM Sharon can be tried for war crimes
War fear stopping Saudis from traveling abroad
Lebanon clash erupts after wild cat cuts power
Explosion damages Spinney's supermarket in Lebanon
Blast Shakes North Lebanon Supermarket, No Injuries
Lebanon's Mufti Urges Pan-Arab Revolt to Crush 'Executioners' Bush, Sharon
Lebanon Boasts Traveler Boom amid War Jitters
Hezbollah to attack Israel during Iraq war
Gulf Arabs flocking to Beirut
Post-Saddam Priorities: Syrians Leave Lebanon, Hizbullah Disarms, Arafat Out?
February 10
Cigarette taxes for terrorists
Energy find might transform country
US Embassy authorizes some personnel to leave
Political, religious leaders unite against war on holy occasions
Hizbullah reveals ‘Iraqi Taif’ plan
Addoum opens investigation into Bank Al-Madina
Media council advocates war ‘emergency center’
Hammoud urges Washington to avoid force
Arab Thought Foundation sets up headquarters in Beirut
Getting politics out student unions
EU grants duty-free entry to Lebanese agricultural products
Qordahi calls for scrutiny of cellular sell-off
17 telecom companies participating in Lebanon's cellphone tender
In Brief
February 9
Lebanon cbank says Bank al-Madina deposits safe
Businessman Implicated in Money-Laundering Saga is Abroad
Canadian diplomats remain in Mideast, despite tensions
Hezbollah: Muslims cannot give any support to U.S. war on Iraq
U.S. Advises Citizens To Leave Lebanon as War Specter Darkens
Assets of 12 Lebanese Frozen in Money-Laundering Scandal
Hamas, Hezbollah urge Muslims to act if US strikes Iraq
Ukrainian firm to lay Lebanon-Syria gas pipeline
February 8
Hamas, Hezbollah urge Muslims to act if US strikes Iraq
Some U.S. Diplomats Told to Leave Mideast
Nasrallah: War has nothing to do with Saddam’s regime
Squabbling on hold as nation grapples with regional crisis
Corm lashes out at government fiscal policy
Owners cry foul after court closes 3 Monnot night spots
British ‘won’t use bases on Cyprus’ to hit Iraq
Patten sees little benefit in attack on Iraq
EU envoy says Gulf conflict must not block Palestinian statehood
Sabra and Shatila survivors won’t be able to testify
From coast to mountain, Lebanon offers latest in tourist attractions
Medical profession suffers from glut of doctors
Rafic Charaf’s art reflected his own life and his country’s history
Women’s group discusses struggles and achievements
Seminar participants call for gradual abolition of death penalty
Hovnanian warns of dangers from steroids
Equity Review
Regulator freezes money laudering suspect accounts
Six Continents appoints general manager for Crowne Plaza Beirut
In Brief
February 7
Fuerstauer earns Lebanon's 1st ever Winter Asian Games gold
Group of women protest sale of Estee Lauder in Lebanon
U.S. Tells Diplomats to Leave Mideast
US evacuates embassy staff in Mideast: Lebanese radio
Lebanese Army Takes Control of Borderline with Israel
Lahoud: UN, not America, must decide on Iraq
Maronite League moves to unite Christians
Baabda keeping watchful eye on security measures in South
University professor convicted of selling drugs
Support group returns from Iraq sympathetic
Family claims Dinnieh suspect ‘is innocent’
Lebanon to attend World Water Forum
New public hospital schemes enter critical ward
Judge issues last call for Achrafieh bars
Fuleihan sings praises of private sector
Kordahi Kicks Up a New Cellular Storm
ESCWA seminar unveils IT plan for nation
TMA joins in Shopping Festival’s spirit
In Brief
February 6
Cyprus Foreign Minister to visit Lebanon for talks
Israeli warplanes make repeated overflights over neighboring Lebanon
2 linked with cigarette smuggling to fund Hezbollah
Powell's Evidence a Non-Starter in the Arab World
Lebanon Firms Up War Precautions
Northern Israelis object to overflights, too
Fatah hands over wanted men to army
Berri says Gulf conflict could begin in March; Leaders fear Israel might expel Palestinians to Lebanon
Ship sinks in Beirut Port after collision
‘Europa’ TV series will tout EU role in Lebanon
Workshops explore technology gap with wealthy West
Interior Ministry draws up action plan on drugs
Teachers suspend strike until after Cabinet meets
Official sources say some are defying quarry ban
Irish students learn about ‘double standards’
Lebanon beefing up its presence in south
Palestinians hand over two suspects to Lebanese army
Ukrainian firm clinches pipeline contract
Lebanon may benefit from short war
In Brief
February 5
Lebanon guards border in case Israel expels foes
Nawal and Abdullah Al Ruaished head to Lebanon for the holidays
Cleric charged in case of Muslim soldier killing Christian colleague in Lebanon
Beirut Barracks Murderer: "I am a Bin Ladenist and You Are Infidels'
Gale-Force Winds Shutter Sidon Port as Raging Sea Waves Lash Tripoli
Lahoud Rattles Sabers with His Former Premier
Chirac on Hariri's Bedside as Lahoud Calls by Telephone
Papandreou calls on Arabs to make Saddam toe the line
Lahoud says ‘precautions’ being taken on border
Sheikh charged and convicted of ‘fomenting sectarianism’
France pledges 2 million euros for cultural projects
Beirut flights busy as nationals escape turmoil in Ivory Coast
Interior minister takes aim at illicit drug crop
Gabriel Murr: ‘Flawed judiciary’ closed MTV
Lebanon ready to stop Israeli 'plan' to deport Palestinians
Lebanese Army shoots at Israeli jets
Frem calls for radical rethink to stimulate industry
Organic food brings healthy living and tofu fudge to city life
Arab world ‘must catch up’ on information technology
In Brief
February 4
Cairo to Host Periodical Arab Summit in Early March
Lahoud condemns ‘law of the jungle’ as war clouds gather
EU ratifies association agreement
UN official says Israeli planes avoid UNIFI; Aerial violations are ‘concerning’
Qornet Shehwan MP says status quo burdens Syria
Papandreou brings peace tour to Beirut
Catholic group aims to improve national prison system
Musa sings praises of housing loans; Program has helped 9,000 people
House panel tinkers with new rent law
Members of SLA collect ex-detainees’ money
Al-Bustan plans ‘festival of festivals’ for 10th anniversary
Fransabank upbeat on national economy
In Brief
February 3
Hezbollah threatens Israel over flights; denies having chemical weapons
Jumblat Overjoyed for Spaceship Debacle, Blasts Bush as 'God's Heir on Earth'
Lebanese premier undergoes kidney stone operation
Seven Palestinians detained in Prague, no terrorist links established so far
Hizbullah Threatens Upgraded Retaliation to Israel's Air Terrorism
Hizbullah touts readiness to repel any Israeli attack
US war talk draws fire in Beirut
CNN to air ad campaign promoting Lebanon as tourist destination
Jumblatt lashes out at Western politicians
Arab foreign ministers to discuss Iraq crisis
Only justice can bring peace to Middle East conflicts
First lady praises gender progress in Syria
Government slated over Ivory Coast riots
Chouf village turns against incinerator
Hizbullah leader: Columbia's destruction message to Arabs
Ad awards honor best among billboards
Lebanon moves towards offshore licensing
Lebanon gross fx reserves $8.1 bln at end-January
In Brief
February 2
Israeli war planes fly over Lebanon, carry out mock raids
Hezbollah fires at Israeli warplanes conducting mock raids
Beirut Media: America in Tears as Columbia Explodes Over Palestine
Aoun Blasts Hariri's Rosy Image of Lebanon
Hariri in Paris Hospital to Shatter His Kidney Stones
Midnight Bombers of Beirut Police Stations Grabbed
February 1
Regional fears replace celeuler sell-off dispute
Israelis flex muscles with overflights, mock attacks
Qornet Shehwan’s softer line on Syria welcomed
Intellectuals speak out
Hammoud claims broad Arab backing for summit call
Hariri: Syrian troop presence necessary
Flaws in Criminal Procedures Law allow rights abuses
Dinnieh lawyers file lawsuit against guards
Analysts say deficit target is within reach
Beirut puts free trade on Arab agenda
Street vendors are now part of big business
In Brief

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