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March 2003

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March 31
Exclusive: Arab-American Corporal Proud of His Roots
Is Lebanon the Future of Iraq?
Dozens of volunteers head to fight in Iraq from Lebanon
Lebanese head to Iraq to fight U.S.-led forces
U.S. Escalates War-Like Threats Against Syria
Hariri discusses regional crisis with Assad
Fatah commander denies sending suicide bombers to Iraq
Baalbek volunteers head for iraq
Hamra bank drama turns into political theater
Police storm Acid nightclub
Protesters condemn war against Iraq
Edward Said’s words inspire, educate
Private sector digging deep to weather economic fallout from Iraq crisis
Lebanon in Brief
March 30
U.S.-Syria Relations Head for Worse
Iraq and the Lessons of Lebanon: 'Don't Forget to Leave'
Bomb drama at Beirut bank
Arabiya TV says missing crew safe , in Kuwait
HSBC linked to Saddam bankers
March 29
Lebanon warns action on Syria would unite Arabs
Human Bomb Surrenders to Police at British Bank in Beirut
Lebanese gunman storms British Bank
Hariri Returns from Europe a Doctor
Summertime to begin in Lebanon
Lahoud affirms opposition to war in talks with Battle
75,000 march in Tripoli against assault on Iraq
Opposition divided over Assad’s remarks
Qornet Shehwan calls on authorities to utilize unity
Iraqis, Arabs will emerge as political victors
War in Iraq threatens jobs at home
Use of in-vitro fertilization on the increase
Equity Review for the Week Ending March 28
Lebanon pound makes slight gains against dollar
Lebanon in Brief
March 28
Hundreds of Hizbullah enroute to northern Iraq
Syria's Assad: 'We will not wait' to be next U.S. target
Lebanese cleric: US, UK troops "massacre" Iraq Arabs
Baghdad may be another 'Beirut': French experts
Igor Ivanov and Prime Minister of Lebanon to Discuss Iraqi Crisis
Search still on for ITV News team
Lahoud: Regional crisis should not disrupt political harmony
Hariri heads to Moscow to drum up support
Assad rejects Powell’s assertion that Syrian presence is ‘occupation’
State gets tough on anti-war protesters
Berri Expels Amal's Ministers in Hariri's Cabinet, Reshuffle Expected
Amal expels 2 cabinet ministers from party
Lawyer says US erred in reason to strike Iraq
2 Lebanese TV men missing in southern Iraq
Hasbaya region flooding a ‘serious catastrophe’
Diabetes sufferers not receiving proper care, expert warns
USAID funds workshop on water policy
NGO tackles disregard for traffic laws
Global financial bodies upbeat on economy
Hotel industry hit hard by war
Lebanon in Brief
March 27
10 people wounded during anti-war protest in Lebanon
Lebanese children call for end to war on Iraq
Syrian religious leader urges suicide attacks
Assad Convinced Iraq will Duplicate Lebanon's Ouster of Israeli Occupation
Syria's Assad: U.S., Britain cannot control Iraq
Hariri warns of growing ‘fundamentalism’
Mob storms KFC as anti-war protests sweep country
Edward Said’s intellectual star rises over AUB
Fadlallah warns US over Iraq war
Hammoud: security council must step in
Local media beefs up war coverage
Central Bank fighting money laundering
Bekaa hardest hit by vicious storms
Officials ‘inconsistent’ in applying quarry closures
Farmers group seeks regional trade deal
Lebanon news in brief
March 26
Letter From Lebanon - For War's Full Story , Watch Both US and Arab TV
Media group asks top U.S. general to order inquiry into fate of ITN crew
Lebanese assist ITN investigation
Protesters attempt to storm UK Embassy
Small bomb blasts British Council
Sources deny Battle sought reprimand for Aridi
Lebanon, Syria bid for closer alliance with EU
Berri slams Powell for ‘occupation’ comments
Mission Lebanon: Spreading democracy, tolerance in region
Tammam Salam speaks out against US designs
Rain gnaws at patience, and infrastructure
INTERVIEW-Middle East Airlines sees sell-off in late 2004
Lebanon in Brief
March 25
U.S. General in Iraq War of Lebanese Descent
Serbia's national airline resumes some flights to the Middle East
Syria, Libya, Lebanon Organize Anti-War Protests
Shreidi Targeted in Ein el-Hilweh Bomb
Faraya Collapse Claims Two Lives
Storms continue to batter Lebanon
Organizers say demonstration could bring 100,000 to the streets
Lebanon, Greece back UN for post-war reconstruction
Americans voice their opposition to Iraq war
Aridi’s remarks anger US diplomatic mission
Arab foreign ministers’ ideas   ‘theoretical’
TV stations scrap usual schedule in favor of war coverage
Voluntary subscribers swell ranks of NSSF
Civil Defense chief lauds members for record number of rescues
Search intensifies for Lebanese journalist missing in Iraq
Byblos Bank plans bold move into Sudan
War gives cargo airline and opportunity
Lebanon in Brief
March 24
From Beirut to Baghdad, an old hostage takes a risk to show 'futility of violence'
INTERVIEW-Iraqi Shi'ites might turn against U.S.-SCIRI
Pride, protests mix in Mexico, Lebanon
Second defendant in alleged terror sleeper cell pleads guilty
Lebanon snubs US request to expel Iraqi diplomats
Rival militants hurl bombs at homes inside Palestinian refugee camp
Lahoud condemns US-led offensive
Southern border tense but should remain calm
Thousands protest against US, UK aggression on Iraq
Kurds celebrate Nowruz and affirm solidarity with Iraq
Hariri will visit Europe to discuss regional situation
2 workers trapped as snow collapses hotel roof
4 young men charged with belonging to devil worshipping cult
Security forces hunt for school vandals
Lebanese newsman for ITN missing in Iraq
Prominent photographer passes away
Lebanon to lose 500 million dollars due to Iraq war
Lebanese telecom law may be enacted this year
Lebanon in Brief
March 23
British TV reporter dead, Lebanese translator missing, says ITN
Unfazed by War, U.S. Video Gamers Play On
Three Lebanese men sentenced for arms smuggling into Gaza
March 22
Kuwait Airways to halt flights to US, Europe, Iran, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon
Left-wing students march on US Embassy
Lahoud presses home dangers of war
Sidon blast on ‘wrong’ target kills man, injures 14
Political parties plan massive anti-war demonstration
UNIFIL fears war will ‘spill over‘ in the South
Lebanon refuses to close Iraqi Embassy
War won’t cause panic in local money market
Lebanese industry counts cost of war
Equity Review for the Week Ended March 21, 2003
Lebanon in Brief
March 21
The View From Lebanon
Belgium's FM Michel opposes trying foreign leaders, including PM Sharon
Lebanon rejects U.S. call to expel Iraqi diplomats as a sovereign matter
Lebanese Cleric Urges Saddam's Ouster
MEA Sticks to Air Travel Schedule as Foreign Carriers Cancel Flights
One Killed in Sidon Bomb Meant for Dutch Woman
Refugees in tears watching war unleashed on Iraq
Anti-war protesters clash with ISF at British Embassy
Lahoud condemns war as violation of UN Charter
Embassies urge nationals to use caution
Flights to ‘safety’ fully booked as many flee Gulf conflict
Lebanese flood Iraqi Embassy with offers to fight invasion
US basketball players leave ahead of war
Recent polls highlight opposition to military strikes on Iraq
Slain American activist honored and remembered
Lebanon pound near bottom of band, eyes Iraq war
Arabs ‘missing out’ on venture capital
Lebanon gross fx reserves up sharply in mid-March
Lebanon in Brief
March 20
U.S. closes embassies, consulates
One dead, 13 hurt in south Lebanon blast-sources
Court sentences man who shot judge to 18 years in prison
Hezbollah are heroes in Lebanese computer games
Ten of thousands take to streets across Mideast to protest war
Gov't-backed clerics warn against individual edicts calling for jihad against U.S.
Iranian FM condemns attack, but Iraqi exile hopeful 'despot' will soon be gone
World's airlines make flight cuts
Lufthansa cancels flights with Israel, Lebanon, Kuwait and Syria
Hezbollah again denies involvement in bombings
Defense sources: Syria and Lebanon are taking steps to keep North quiet
Hizbullah beefs up defensive border positions
Haaretz: Don't complicate matters in the north
Hezbollah deploys Katyushas as deterrence against Israel
ISF, army on red alert
USJ rector slams Syrian ‘occupation,’ hits out at local ‘collaborators’
Students demand Geagea’s release; Rally held in support of LF
Political parties say responsibilities ‘must be assumed’ in standing up to US
Hariri urges diplomacy ‘until the last minute’
Berri renews criticism of government
Poll shows negative views of US
Airlines take precautions against ‘SARS’
Qordahi seriously considering reducing cellular fees
Lebanon In Brief
March 19
Israel reports rocket buildup by Hizbullah in Lebanon
Report: Hizbullah deploys Katyusha rockets along Israeli-Lebanese border
Argentina calls on Israel to give evidence against Iran
Iraq high on agenda as top leaders discuss crisis
Relatives of 1983 Marine barracks bombing sue Iran
Career fair will offer new opportunities
Hammoud denies Israel issued warning
Ministry moves to prevent spread of mysterious respiratory disease
Leftist and religious student groups clash in Tripoli
Meeting called to protest killing of US activist in Gaza
World Health Organization announces media award
A day at the races turns out a winner
Research center critical of mobile privatization
Online information system will help cut red tape
Lebanon In Brief
March 18
Airlines Begin Canceling Mideast Flights
Hizbollah Computer Game Recalls Israeli Battles
Foreign office advise against all non-essentila travel to Lebanon
Britain advises against nonessential travel to Lebanon
Man gets 20-day sentence for mosque sign fire
Top leaders warn of Washington’s designs on region
Beirut reaffirms anti-war stance, support for diplomacy
Beirutis remaining calm despite looming conflict
Warnings issued
IC students stage demonstration against war on Iraq
Zahle MP’s immunity likely to stay intact
Genevieve Gemayel passes away aged 95
How does a water-rich country suffer from chronic water supply shortages?
Sradar Bank announces rise in net profits, assets and deposits
Fabled Beirut street still tugs at the heartstrings
Budget deficit takes welcome dive in first two months of year
Lebanon in Brief
March 17
Hizbullah Wants No War with U.S. But Will Fight Back if Attacked
Relatives, victims of 1983 Beirut explosion sue Iranian government
How Iran planned the Buenos Aires blast
U.S. Embassy calls on American citizens in Lebanon to depart, exercise caution
Moratinos to hold talks with Lahoud on peace process
Youth worker: State is wasting its time persecuting ‘devil worshippers’
Opposition leaders to mull regional crisis
Israeli warplanes fly as far north as Tripoli
ISF arrests hundreds in weekend security sweep
Press freedoms group slams An-Nahar investigation
Two separate anti-war protests gather 5,000 in capital
Lebanon’s selection to host Francophone Games seen as a sign of trust
Returned artifact marks first step in recovery process
“US officer” Joins Lebanese ex-President for Last-Ditch Mediation
U.S. Orders Personnel Out of Mideast
Lebanon budget deficit 34.42 pct spending end-Feb
Lecourtier looks toward future progress
Lebanon In Brief
March 16
Syrian, Iranian Presidents Discuss Iraq
Hezbollah anti-aircraft missile lands in main Kiryat Shmona street
Israeli jets swoop on Lebanon, break sound barrier
March 15
Syria defends snub to Arab League on Iraq
New Nail in Arab League Coffin — Lebanon, Syria Under Egypt's Fire
Bishop Bishara Raii Says Bkirki is Only Authority to Handle Aql Aweet Affair
Israeli town hit by rocket
Hizbollah fires at Israeli planes over Lebanon
Lahoud underlines the important of Syrian- Lebanese unity of
Lebanon Rejects Powell's Branding of Syrian Presence as Occupation
U.S. For First Time Calls Syria's Military Presence 'Occupation'
State Prosecutor Demands Death for Beirut Mass Murderer
Lebanon's Devil Worshippers Hold Graveside Orgies
Aounists complain of ‘police climate’ as state cancels meeting, seminar
US troops ‘face suicide attacks’; Nasrallah sees no welcome in Iraq
US troops ‘face suicide attacks’; Nasrallah sees no welcome in Iraq
Shiites split over Ashura commemoration
Muslim clerics see red over God letter; Addoum could prosecute An-Nahar
Religious, political leaders call for alliance of faiths against conflict
Senior leaders speak out against looming conflict
Leaders keep heads down as regional storm gathers
Murr promises ISF will help to eradicate devil worshipping ‘perverts’
Activists slam authorities over professor Akkra’s ‘ban’
Addoum seeks charges against MP who questioned judiciary
Anti-war protesters will take to Beirut streets Saturday
EU envoy sees regional role for Lebanon
Beirut ‘deserves to host 2009 games’
Equity Review for the Week Ended March 14, 2003
A message for dairy farmers: A happy cow makes healthy milk
Lebanon In Brief
March 14
Shiite Muslim men cut their heads with swords...
Bomb Blast Escalates Inter-Palestinian War of Attrition in Ein El-Hilweh
Lebanon's Gemayel says Saddam will not step down
INTERVIEW-Lebanon to sell 40 pct of power sector-minister
Lebanon pound steady at band bottom on Iraq fears
Mideast Economies Brace for Iraq War
March 13
Hizbollah warns US war will meet suicide attacks
Addoum probes blasphemy charges against Annahar, threats by Fanatics
Prosecution Demands Lifting MP's Immunity for Slandering Judges
Hariri Proclaims Lebanon Safe Haven for War Escapees
March 12
Ex-Lebanese Leader Amine Gemayel Reveals Gulf Contacts
Devil worship suspect arrested in Lebanon
Arab delegation to go to Baghdad on Friday with or without Syria and Lebanon
Lebanon's Iraqi Refugees in Limbo as War Looms
Terrorism a regime tool
INTERVIEW-Hamas says Israel plans assassinations abroad
Nasrallah: US-led invasion of Iraq to lead to Israel's elimination
Devil worshipping rumors rife among children
Arab ministerial committee denies plan to ask Saddam to step down
America invades Iraq, Playboy “invades” Lebanon
U.S. Evacuates Beirut Embassy Staff to Avert War Backlash
An Nahar Confronts Fanatics Over Editorial Daring God to Crush Bush
Lebanon's Judges Stage First Ever Strike to Protest Slander
Thousands set to mark Ashura in Nabatieh
Shiite leaders call for bloodless commemoration
Officials, bankers sanguine on economic effects of war
Washington showing disdain for international institutions
Activists praise new decree on motorcycles
Medical pioneer passes away
Farmers don’t have the required clout to get message through to government
Cabbies demand diesel or lower prices
Lebanon In Brief
March 11
Al-Qaida's Latest: Plotting strikes on U.S. interests overseas, source says
Lebanese FM denies France, Russia's request for Saddam's exile
Two Lebanese terror suspects deny links to al-Qaida
Lebanon's economy can offset negative impact of Iraq war
U.S. Introduces Aerial Regulations to Avert Attacks on Lebanon-Bound Jetliners
Nation-Wide Petition Planned for Geagea's Freedom
Lebanon, Syria Boycott Arab Committee Trip to Meet Saddam
Israeli Warplanes Buzz S. Lebanon, Gunboats Scare Off Fishermen
Opposition MPs call for national dialogue
State accused of ignoring poverty belt round capital
Police seek to allay fears of ‘devil worship’
Hammoud set for Baghdad peace mission
Aridi: Washington ‘patronizes Israeli terrorism’
NSSF appointment dispute takes on sectarian hue
Syrian gas to feed Lebanese power station before year-end
Law on import monopolies to be put on hold
Banque Libanaise is back from brink
Bank of Beirut inaugurates international banking unit in Cyprus
Lebanon In Brief
March 10
March to Damascus draws thousands
Berri sees war coming soon, or not at all
Hammoud, Gemayel to visit Iraq
Sfeir sends out call for national unity
Tallet Hoqban’s bloody history draws to a close
10 killed as truck crashes near Tripoli
LF to issue petition for release of imprisoned leader
Air pollution is affecting the health of the nation
Siniora: Country needs women at the top
Country readies for Islamic media meet
Marathon rises from ashes of Beirut and personal tragedy
Beirut blamed for squandered electricity
Entrepreneurs look to brighten Syria’s future
Lebanon In Brief
March 9
Former Lebanese president Amine Gemayel in Iraq peace effort
Truck overturns in northern Lebanon, killing 10, injuring 15
Iran denies Argentina blast role
Syria, Lebanon anti-war stands hailed
Thousands pour into Syria to back anti-U.S. stance
Iraeli Planes Spy on Hizbullah Missiles Day and Night
Hobeika's Remains Exhumed After Widow's Squabble with Murr
Thousands Pay Allegiance to Assad, Lahoud in Mass Demonstration
Martyrdom-Ready Human Shields Leave Lebanon for Iraq
March 8
Lebanon Palestinians protest against U.S., Israel
Nine Lebanese leave for Iraq to serve as 'human shields'
Iraq's U.S. Military Governor a Truce Observer from S. Lebanon
Slain Fatah Activist Buried as Killer Cousin Vanishes from Ein El Hilweh
Political figures praise Maronite bishops’ anti-war statement
Nasrallah welcomes patriarch’s support for Assad
6,000 march in Tripoli to protest war on Iraq
AUB human rights exhibition censored
Pro-regime rally follows road to Damascus
Russian envoy urges more efforts to avoid conflict
Elections divide secondary school teachers league
Anti-corruption activists debate how to promote transparency
Australian ambassador concerned with equality of women and discrimination
Lenient building laws hinder progress
Lebanon, Algeria ink deal for offshore oil exploration
New shopping streets struggle amid economic downturn
US group to study Normandy landfill
USTDA to Help Fund Commercial Development Study of Beirut Waterfro
Equity Review
Lebanon In Brief
March 7
Hizbollah says Bush lying about democracy in Iraq
Thousands march in anti-war protest in Lebanon
Lebanon's Hizbollah Serves Needy, Gains Support
Crackdown on Devil Worshippers Underway, 3 Students Arrested
Lahoud praises tripartite anti-war declaration
Electricity in the air at Cabinet meet
Bkirki-Syrian rapprochement ‘unlikely’
Politicians praise Maronite bishops’ stand on conflict
Fashion designer found strangled in Beirut workshop
Religious leader intervenes in Ain al-Hilweh dispute
Sfeir laments bloodletting in Holy Land
Project gives students early career advice
Farmers count their loses after severe storms
Lebanese eurobonds doing well
Byblos Bank marks 10th anniversary of youth quiz
U.S., Lebanon sign grant agreement to develop landfill area
Saudis make good on $700 million loan pledge
Algeria mulls refurbishing Lebanon’s defunct oil refineries
Lebanon In Brief
March 6
Lebanese president: International will against Iraq war is growing
Lebanon assured over Israel war plans
Maronite Church Extends First Goodwill Gesture to Assad
Fatah Poised to Attack Ein El-Hilweh's Islamists
Bkirki, Baabda and Damascus drawn closer by Iraq concerns
Maronite Bishops lament outcome of Arab Summit
Gabriel Murr slams state for repressing freedoms
Peace prayers take place across nation
Flooding after effects drown trees, lingering hopes of quick recovery
Sidon municipality takes fortune telling into its own hands
GLC chief speaks out against tampering with NSSF money
Political arrests, assassinations on the rise
Boycott committee heightens actions as form of ‘resistance’ against Zionists
London buses marooned in Beirut after taking ‘human shields’ to Baghdad
$700 Million Saudi Loan Furthers Immunization Against War Impact
Frem says government needs to act quickly to boost industrial sector
IMF report gives Lebanon good marks for effort
Lebanon receives US$700 million loan from Saudi Arabia
Lebanon In Brief
March 5
Syria Fears Aftermath of an Iraq War
Human shield buses stuck in Beirut, seek fare home
European Union donates 15 million euros in aid to Palestinian refugees
Hizbullah Fighters Digging in Against Israeli Tank Buildup
Arab delegation to meet UN chief
Patriarch holds special prayers for peace
Tension mounting in Ain al-Hilweh
Aoun: Syria will be weaker after Iraq war
Beirut at center of purse-snatching wave
Couple narrowly escapes death after rock slide at home
Muslims mark New Year with call to resist US
Government urged to assess storm damage
UN trying to keep Lebanese border peaceful
Prizes bring down curtain on shopping festival
IMF welcomes Lebanon reforms, urges privatisation
Syria to launch debit cards, permits credit card use
Lebanon 2002 public debt rises to $29.36 billion
Lebanon's gross forex reserves $8.3 bln by end-Feb
Lebanon In Brief
March 4
Tense Israeli-Lebanese border could heat up during war on Iraq
Man detained for kidnapping his daughters from U.S. released on bail
Two terror suspects in Lebanon deny al Qaeda links
Saddam Vows Bush Won't Survive Iraq's War, "His Head Rolls with Mine'
Interpol Interrogates Al Qaida suspects, Beirut Court Opens Their Trial
Civil War Looming at Ein El-Hilweh
Berri discusses options for new election law
Social and Economic Council plans elderly fund
Ain al-Hilweh simmers after dispute ends in bloodshed
Top diplomats won’t attend Doha meeting
Leaders express mixed reactions to Sharm el-Sheikh summit
Spat halts wheels of justice
MP blasts state for ignoring farmers
Bank of Beirut opens offices in Cyprus
Lebanese keep trading with Iraq even as war looms
Exports to Europe ‘unlikely to rise’ despite new pact
Central Bank denies thawing frozen accounts
Lebanon In Brief
March 3
Israel Seen Itching for All-Out War Against Syria Plus Hizbullah
Woman Perishes in Bsharri Snow Avalanche, 2 Men Injured
Lebanese still divided after Sharm el-Sheikh summit
Beirut, Damascus firm on summit resolutions
Bomb kills alleged Al-Qaeda man
Evidence ‘points to Israeli role’ in assassinations
Hizbullah rolls out new computer game
Anti-war groups march on US Embassy
Country mobilizes to inspect and clear storm damage
Severe storms cause problems for ski resorts
AUB joins global theatrical protest day with anti-war drama
Turkish ambassador confesses to a ‘love affair’ with Lebanon
Siniora: War will have little effect here
Middle East Airlines takes delivery of first A321
Kolb takes the reins at Radisson Martinez Hotel Beirut
Lebanon In Brief
March 2
Israel May Finish off Hizbullah, Syria's Missile Arsenal Once U.S. Attacks Iraq
Israel May Finish off Hizbullah, Syria's Missile Arsenal Once U.S. Attacks Iraq
Beirut: Playground of the Arab elite
March 1
Fundamentalist killed in Lebanon explosion
Arabs Oppose War on Iraq, Snub UAE on Saddam Exile
Hizbullah Shoots Israeli Jets with SE-18 Russian Missiles?
Car bomb kills accused Qaeda man in Lebanon camp
Bin Ladinist Assassinated in Ein El-Hilweh
Vendetta Cited as Motive for Assassination of Hizbullah Security Chief
Lahoud urges cohesion in ‘delicate’ situation
US ‘playing down border tensions’
Tenants vow to take to the streets; proposed new rent law causes uproar
Fares: Mideast peace is path to reducing terror
How to secure better representation?
Top Hizbullah official shot dead in Beirut’s southern suburbs
American court sentences Lebanese pair over cigarette-smuggling charge
Accusations fly over damage caused by riverside floods
Hariri ‘poorer’ now ranked 83rd richest
Siniora rejects criticism of new form for retirees
Regulars give Modca a fond farewell
Paris makes good on pledge to help restructure debt
EU trade deal kicks off with tariff drop
Abu Dhabi to host upcoming Lebanese exhibition
Shops plan to continue sales into March
In Brief

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