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April 2003

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April 30
Syrian military withdrawal from Lebanon on cards
France urges Syria to pull troops out of Lebanon
Powell heads for Syria, Lebanon to press for change after Iraq victory
Lebanese parliament approves new Hariri government
Signs of improving Washington-Damascus ties before Powell's visit - Irna
Lebanon chosen by UN agency to host World Environment Day
Lebanese parliament approves new Hariri government
France urges Syria to pull troops out of Lebanon
Powell: "I Will Discuss with Assad Why Syria is Still in Lebanon"
Berri keeps tight rein on criticism as MPs weigh in on new government
Powell to Visit Syria and Lebanon, but Delays Israel Trip - NYT
Powell restricts Mideast tour to Syria, Lebanon - AFP
Fresh row breaks out
Powell expected to make lightning visit to Lebanon - DS
USAID: no plans to abandon Lebanon
AUB job fair offers hope but few actual vacancies
Sidon dump solution takes shape
Ecuadorian minister picks up Order of Merit during visit home
2 Iraqis die of asphyxiation in Bint Jbeil
Byblos Bank reports income flat for quarter
Bank of Beirut announces drop in earnings
Syria permits 3 private sector banks
Three Private Arab Banks Receive Licenses To Operate In Syria
UAE-Lebanon trade expected to expand
‘State development projects hold key to economic growth’
Lebanon News in Brief
April 29
Syria seeks road map role
Hizbollah fires at Israeli jets over south Lebanon
U.S. Sharpens Focus on Lebanon, Syria, Powell in Beirut This Weekend
Hizbullah Goes on High Alert to Confront Israeli Attacks on Leaders in Beirut
Sharaa in Baabda Thursday, Hariri is Back in Beirut
Battle expresses US support for withdrawal of “all foreign troops” from Lebanon
Hariri, Chirac agree on need to address Palestinian crisis
Government prepares to face first test
Phalange, Hizbullah pledge cooperation
Pakradouni: Syria, Lebanon need not fear Americans
Sfeir says Geagea should be freed
Israel welcomes post-war ‘new Middle East’
Spate of factional fighting rocks Ain al-Hilweh
Politics left out of Easter sermon; Archbishop Aoude urges repentance
No solution yet to Sidon’s garbage disposal problem
Car thieves arrested after high-speed chase
Druze plan to abduct IDF soldier with help from Hizbullah, Hamas
Bank of Beirut first quarter 2003 net edges lower
Ratings agency upgrades outlook for Lebanon
Central bankers hold conclave in Beirut
Lebanon News in Brief
April 28
Visiting Congressman Says US Wants Action, Not Talk, from Syria
Sources deny reports on possible cabinet reshuffle in Syria
Man shot in Lebanon refugee camp
Hashemite Heir Predicts from Beirut a Constitutional Monarchy in Iraq
U.S. to step up pressure on Syria
Chalabi Creates Uproar in Dismissive Remarks on Lebanon
U.S. Congressman Meets Assad, Demands Syrian Pullout from Lebanon
Lebanon's Change of Government Heralds a Similar Move in Syria
April 27
Israelis in a Shiite Land: Hard Lessons From Lebanon - Nytimes
Syria warned to curb 'terror links'
Syria Says Lebanese Hezbollah For 'Liberation'
April 26
U.S. congressman urges Syria to withdraw from Lebanon
U.S. lawmaker says Syria made "historic mistakes"
Four Blasts Rip Into Lebanon Camp, Shaky Lull Over
Israel's Military Establishment Clamors for War to Smash Hizbullah
Amin Gemayel stresses need to recover sovereignty
US lawmaker says Syrian support for Hizbullah damages ties
Obeid to hold first meeting with Battle next week
Qornet Shehwan mulls new document
Sfeir backs Syria in face of American threats
Hizbullah, Israelis keep electronic eyes peeled
More financial help ‘is on the way’; New soft loans expected soon
Siniora urges Arabs to address weaknesses
Nation still reaping benefits of ‘Paris II’
Lebanon News in Brief
April 25
President Khatami to visit Lebanon in May
Amin Gemayel Tipped as Next U.N. Chief with Rumsfeld's Backing
German Bus Hijacker Turns Out to Be Lebanese
Israel's Lebanon invasion holds lesson for U.S. in Iraq
Powell Plans 'Candid' Dialogue in Syria
Lahoud, Franjieh Trade Opening Salvos for Lebanon's Next Presidency
Nasrallah :'We will fight to Last Breath if U.S. Attacks Lebanon'
Nasrallah urges Arab unity to face down US, Israel
Foreign envoys take interest in new government
Cabinet gives thumbs up to draft policy
MPs promise heated debate in House over new Cabinet
Battle wants US dialogue with Syria and Lebanon
Obeid upbeat on relations with Kuwait
Volunteer fighters in Iraq disappear with little news of whereabouts
Armenians mark anniversary of 1915 genocide
Tripoli man admits to killing wife and child
Sidon orders closure of collapsed dump
Lebanon News in Brief
April 24
Democrat Graham Calls for U.S. Pressure on Syria
U.S., Russia Beat Parliament to a Vote of Confidence in Hariri's Government
Explosion rocks shop at Lebanese refugee camp
Lebanese Drag Queen called in to serve civil duty in the military
MTV's 'Execution' Touches Off Stinging Attack on Regime
Court of Appeals Lowers MTV's Coffin into Its Grave
Final verdict on MTV: shut down for good
Hizbullah stresses importance to both Beirut and Damascus
Qabalan and Lahoud express support for Damascus
Diplomats don’t expect Powell to include Lebanon on tour
Jumblatt urges Sfeir to give new Cabinet a chance
Sidon dump collapses into sea
Hiroshima victim brings message of hope to Lebanon
Does capital need more parking lots or fewer cars?
Hariri stresses importance of transparency
Balance of payments continues in surplus
ITU holds Arab telecom Forum May-end in Beirut
S&P revises Lebanon outlook to positive
S&P revises outlook on 3 Lebanese banks
Lebanese pound gains on positive economic mood
Lebanon News in Brief
April 23
Lebanese asked not to travel to SARS affected areas
Lebanese court rejects appeal by anti-Syrian TV, paving way for its closure
Hizbullah Vows to Do Battle Against U.S. if It Attacks Syria
New Cabinet fails to inspire Christians
Nasrallah: Freedom is the best defense
Lahoud says US must act on realizing democracy in Iraq
Obeid: Israel a ‘big threat’ to peace
Arabic language ‘endangered’
Arslan rips ‘carbon copy’ government
Ministers receive draft policy statement
President Bush says no current plans for military action to follow war in Iraq
Hizbollah Urges Muslims to Defend Syria Against US
Lebanon Charges 32 with 'Terror' Offenses
Health blooms into a growth industry
Blom posts higher profits despite regional tensions
Lebanon's public debt up to $29.28 bln by end-Feb
Lebanon records $699.1 mln BOP surplus at end-Feb
Lebanon News in Brief
April 22
Lebanon: Let Arabs take part in rebuilding Iraq
LF Stages 'Resurrection March' for Geagea's Release, Defying Secret Service
9 years on, 8,000 march to demand freedom for Geagea
Hizbullah Warns Bush of Pan-Islamic 'Revenge Attacks' Soon
Lebanese Motorist Rams Border Fence with Israel, Sparks Military Alert
New government to meet Tuesday to finalize policy statement
Incoming Cabinet draws mixed reviews
Easter Masses reflect political uneasiness
Tricky issues confront new foreign minister
Search ordered for former Iraqi official
Beirutis take ISF to task over rash of car thefts
Rescuers hunt for driver of truck that plunged into Qassimiyeh River
Hosting World Environment Day will bring opportunities, challenges
First Lebanese company to become Inmarsat distribution partner
Lebanon, Algeria ink deal for offshore oil exploration
Lebanon in Brief
April 20
Christian Prelates lament Iilusive consensus, pray for a 'good ruler' to Save Lebanon
Lebanese Muslim chief warns of US threat against Syria
Bush: Syria 'Getting the Message' on Iraq
Syria wants positive dialogue with US -US lawmaker
US Deputy Secretary of State: Syria may face sanctions
Patriarch Takes Hariri's New Government to Task
April 19
Lebanese man says he was paid to kill Shiite leaders
Blast Rocks Edge of Palestinian Camp in Lebanon
Lebanon's New Cabinet Will Foster Close Syria Ties
World Bank loan targets historic areas
New Drive for U.S. Sanctions to Get Syria Out of Lebanon
Comments and crticism about the new Cabinet
Berri hopes critics of Cabinet will be silenced by removal of voting taboo
Christian opposition simmers over new government
Sfeir makes plea for unity in Good Friday sermon
Survivors remember Qana massacre
Report: Payments from diaspora are growing by leap and bounds
April 18
Syria on Neocons' Hit List
Hariri's New Cabinet Tightens Syria's Grip on Lebanon
Israel Suggests U.S. Air, Sea Raids on Suspected Iraqi Hideouts in Lebanon
US warns Lebanon against harboring Saddam’s cronies
Lahoud slams American threats against Syria
New Hariri Cabinet holds few surprises
Religious authorities of all confessions receive gift of public land in Beirut
Thieves on the run after robbing Metn bank
New Lebanese cabinet unveiled - BBC
Lebanon unveils most pro-Syrian cabinet ever amid US warnings to Damascus
Lebanon's new 30-member Cabinet formed - UPI
New Lebanese Cabinet named without major changes - AP
Leading bank offers hard truths on economy
World Bank Loan To Revitalize Historic Cities In Lebanon
Lebanon in Brief
April 17
Aoun Says Syrian Regime is Finished, Calls for National Conference in France
U.S. Warships Patrol Lebanese Shores to Block Saddam's Escape
Hariri's New Government Shrinks as 'Giants' Refuse to Join
No surprise as Hariri gets nod to form next government
Lebanon gears up for new government
Lahoud sends Murr to brief Sfeir on latest developments
Cabinet shuffle follows tension at the top
Is the opposition being appeased or divided?
Beit Mery cultural center to open shortly
Local branch of US NGO wins $65 million contract for Iraq
Lebanon gross fx reserves $10.02 bln mid-April
Saidi: Arab world must look to Europe
Business people expect more of the same from new lineup
Country’s first technological pole hailed as success
Insurance group defends new law
Lebanon pound slips on Syria tensions, PM drama
Lebanon in Brief
April 16
US ships flex muscle in Med to deter Iraq escapees
Lebanese PM reinstalled - BBC
UN rights body calls for immediate release of Lebanese detainees in Israel
Lebanese premier to form new government - UPI
Lebanese president asks PM Hariri to form new cabinet - Haaretz
Lebanon PM Hariri says to stay on in post - Reuters
Lebanon starts talks on new government
Resigning Hariri to Form 'War Government' from Lebanon's Political Giants
Berri gets his wish as Cabinet resigns
Leaders focus on American threat to Syria
LF Activists Pray on Knees for Geagea's Release
Lebanese Forces supporters press for Geagea’s release
Beirut sends mixed signals on summits
Syrian and Lebanese experts meet to discuss demographic cooperation
Merhej smells a rat in US policy toward Iraq
AIDS drug deal to slash treatment costs
Lebanon budget deficit 38.62 pct spending end-March
Increase in public and private transport results in chaos
Lebanon in Brief
April 15
Syria and Hizbullah reject American criticism
Syria in the Crosshairs of Familiar Group of Hawks
Lebanon PM Hariri submits resignation, expected to form new gov't
Lebanon PM resigns as US puts pressure on Syria
Lebanese oppose US threats but some want Syria out
Arabs fear Syria threats signal wider US targets
Lebanon's prime minister, cabinet resign
Solidarity Drive for Geagea's Release Kicks Off
U.N. Agency: Iraq War Losses Top $400 Billion
Hizbullah: ‘Whatever happens, we are ready’
Hizbullah warns of fallout from US regional plans
Local Shiite clerics condemn tension in Najaf
Lebanese leaders stand by Syria against US
LF marks anniversary of Geagea’s arrest
Jany Le Pen says husband has ‘cordiality’ with Saddam
Salameh says government has to keep tough economic course
ESCWA conference looks at development
Lebanon in Brief
April 14
Israel joins pressure on Syria over terrorism
U.S. captures Hizbullah combatants in Iraq
Israel Demands Syria to Destroy Hezbollah
U.S. denies Iraqi oil to Lebanon
Top Shi'ite cleric says Sunnis likely to rule Iraq
U.S. Tightens War-Like Noose on Syria, Israel Wants Lebanon Demilitarized
Lebanon's Shiites Want Najaf's Mobsters Smothered, Seistani's Siege Lifted
Alwaleed Sees End to Public Mud-Slinging With Jumblatt
Hizbullah denies claims that it sent fighters to Iraq
Hizbullah dismisses American threats
Berri warns against American new world order
French foreign minister says time not right to apply pressure on syria
Jumblatt versus Alwaleed bin Talal: Round two
Catholics celebrate Palm Sunday; Prayers held for world peace, reconciliation
Authorities nab 4 more ‘Islamic extremists’
Mikati: Tripoli port will handle Iraq trade
Lebanon in Brief
April 13
Kiryat Shmona mayor urges Pessah break in IAF flights over Lebanon
France Says Not Time for U.S. Accusations on Syria
Israel says row ended, envoy to return to Belgium
Hizbollah Fires at Israeli Jets Over South Lebanon
Israeli court rejects citizenship for pro-Israeli Lebanese officers
Lebanon, France back UN role for post-war Iraq
Walid Jumblatt Fires a New Salvo in Spat with Saudi Alwaleed
France Wants Reluctant Lebanon to Support Roadmap
Gebran Tueni Calms Kuwait's Critics of Lebanon
April 12
Authorities arrest four more suspects
Lebanon Holds 18 Over Failed McDonald's Car Bomb
Israel Teams Up with Bush's Hawks for War Against Syria
Al-Waleed Bin Talal Clashes in a Shootout with Walid Jumblat
President warns of global tension should washington act alone
Syria's occupation of Lebanon, support for terror under fresh scrutiny in US
As the guns fall silent in Iraq, local infighting begins
Fadlallah urges Iraqis not to submit to ‘occupation’
13 years after conflict’s end, relatives of ‘disappeared’ cry out for justice
Law professor says US aims to impose will on region
How to prevent civil war: Remember the last one
Colleagues remember Antranig Manugian
Gearing up to put exports on fast track
Mikati: Tripoli will be part of new ‘oil-for-food’
Insurance firms get testy with Fuleihan
Salameh: Euro-Med should be revamped
Banks set to lower interest rates on loans
Equity review
Lebanon in Brief
April 11
America Faces Israel Scenario
Beirut 1982, Baghdad 2003
Baghdad's easy fall fuels Arab conspiracy theories
Hizbollah Says Fires at Israeli Jets Over Lebanon
Israel Stages Biggest Air Foray Over Lebanon Upon Saddam's Downfall
Australia bans six more Islamic groups
Nation-Wide Manhunt Underway for 'Merchants of Death' in Lebanon
Unlike Gen. Aoun, Saddam Melts into Oblivion
Government warns against Israeli exploitation of regional crisis
Compulsory car insurance goes into effect
Lahoud lauds ISF for nabbing terror suspects
Diplomatic appointments still not settled
Hezbollah: Lebanon 'doesn't face direct military action'
‘Business as usual’ at the Iraqi Embassy
SARS procedures under way at Beirut International Airport
Lebanon banks cut interest on pound, dollar lending
Lebanon pound gains as dealers see end to Iraq war
Hotel owners hold emergency meeting as sector hit hard by Iraq war
Lebanon in Brief
April 10
Divided Arabs contemplate their second catastrophe
A Replay of Israel's Lebanon Adventure?
Israel Stages Biggest Air Foray Over Lebanon Upon Saddam's Downfall
MTV's Final Verdict Set for April 23
ISF arrests ‘terrorist network’ linked to McDonald’s bomb
Hizbullah moves to court Christians
Berri sees US-Russian plot at work in Baghdad
WHO, local hospitals deny rumors about SARS
Aridi calls shelling of press headquarters a ‘war crime’
Government mulls response to historic events in Iraqi capital
Assessing environmental, health costs of war
Human shield buses still stuck in port
On the spot: Arab reaction to Saddam's fall
Qordahi accuses mobile firms of obstructing monitoring
Lebanon delays mobile auction until end-June
Lebanon in Brief
April 9
Arabs Shocked, Relieved at Baghdad's Fall
Disillusioned Arab fighters go home
Lebanon Arrests Five in Anti-U.S. Bombings
Lebanon says Islamic fundamentalists attacked McDonald's
French foreign min to tour Middle East this week
Hurt and disillusioned, some Arab fighters go home
Hizbollah fires at Israeli jets over south Lebanon
Armitage: 'U.S. Will NOT Attack Syria Despite Hizbullah Grudge'
Officials play down reports of rift with Kuwait
Lahoud blasts Americans for killing journalists in Baghdad
Senior Hizbullah official praises national unity during Bkirki visit
Rising anti-Western anger prompts foreign nationals to leave
Plan to fill empty diplomatic posts reaches ‘advanced stage’
It’s a dog’s life: Strays on the increase as officials struggle to cope
Dora McDonald’s reopens, but customers stay away
ISF prepares to enforce motorcyle law
Pound gains strength against dollar
UN carves Beirut Port out of ‘oil-for-food’ scheme
Lebanon's public debt falls to $29.21 bln end-Jan
Lebanon records January BOP surplus of $648.3 mln
Lebanon in Brief
April 8
Lebanese-American organization condemns Syrian government
Grossman IV by Lebanese Broadcasting / Al-Hayat
Sri Sri takes Art of Living to Lebanese clergymen
Iran Stands Trial in 1983 Suicide Bombing in Beirut
Khatami to visit Syria and Lebanon: SPA
Kuwaiti MP's Push for Punishing Lebanon Not a Serious Threat
The U.S. Threat to Syria, Iran is Real
High-ranking Hizbullah delegation to visit Bkirki
Hizbullah ‘has not sent fighters to Iraq’
Murr upbeat about relationship between president, Sfeir
Battle says post-war Iraq will have transitional government of Iraqis
Suspect cleared in McDonald’s blast
Monnot’s nightlife not for everyone
New project to renovate over 200 buildings across Beirut
Export ‘statistics’ cause widespread confusion
Private sector keen not to hurt ties with Kuwait
Lebanon in Brief
April 7
Lebanese, Syrian Evangelic Synod condemn the war against Iraq
Baghdad a flashback to Beirut of 1982
Hariri Faces Anti-Lebanon Kuwait Grudge Over Iraq
Death River Population Escape Car-Bomb Massacre in Beirut
Lahoud condemns blast at Dora McDonald’s
Americans in Lebanon express quiet concern for situation
Gorbachev urges US to ‘overcome arrogance’
Daily Star journalist wins prestigious fellowship
Christian, Muslim clergy stand together against war
Franjieh calls for dialogue ‘without any conditions’
Lebanese perfumery chain reveals expansion plans
Tourism hit especially hard by war in Iraq
Lebanon in Brief
April 6
Lebanon Denounces McDonald's Bomb Blast
Explosives Found Outside Lebanon McDonald's
Belgium restricts 'genocide law'
Bomb Hurts Five at McDonald's in Lebanon
Lebanon's Forgotten Palestinians Waste Away in Camps
Bomb attack on Beirut McDonald's
April 5
Top Shi'ite cleric rejects any US-led govt in Iraq
Lebanon: A Failed Bid to Avert War
Watching the war on Arabic TV
America has ‘Damascus is her sights’
Hoss warns of resettlement ‘earthquake’
Shiite clerics divided over defense of Najaf and Karbala
Regional tensions unlikely to have ‘snowball’ effect
Anti-war protests begin to lose sense of purpose
Iraqi refugee takes a pro-war stance
Former Soviet president says Iraqi ‘bloodbath’ must end
Students bemoan brain drain
Staff at radio station strikes over pay
‘Snow to Sea’ endurance race to be held in Jbeil
New car insurance law needs more time
DVD shops feeling the effects of war
Equity Review
Lebanon in Brief
April 4
Lebanon says fears US-led war not limited to Iraq
Sadr Brigades Cautions Against Desecrating Holy Karbala, Najaf
Hariri, Berri On Loggerheads Over New Government
Berri sticks to demand for full Cabinet shuffle
Hariri rules out changes to government a
Jumblatt slams neutrality of Arab regimes
US Embassy tells nationals to consider leaving Lebanon
Security beefed up at American chain restaurants
English military march splits national orchestra
Iraqi refugees cut adrift by war
Mouawad cautions against exclusive focus on war
SSNP leader says US won’t succeed politically in Iraq
Hamade: Lebanon stands by syria
ISF to enforce requirement for car insurance
Lebanon pound gains as traders see short war
World Bank finds weak foreign investment in region
Lebanon in Brief
April 3
Lebanon forfeits Davis Cup match in Hong Kong over mystery disease fears
US Embassy renews Lebanon warning
US advises Americans to consider leaving Lebanon
Israel offers lesson to US on Iraq war 
Hariri May Go After War, Berri Says Lebanon in Coma
Gorbachev in Beirut This Week
Aridi lashes out at Washington again
Lahoud urges government to rise above quarrels
Grenade wounds 1 on Hamra Street
Jumblatt mocks Saudi foreign minister
AUB anti-war protests see mixed reaction
New editor for Lebanon Edition
Bishops condemn war, call for aid to Iraqi refugees
Abboud: Authorities can’t halt smugglers
Torn between pure childhood and war
9,000 students take part in Sidon anti-war March
Sharon made safe by Belgian vote on war crime law
Belgium's war crimes law set to be curtailed following U.S., Israeli criticism
Horeca 2003 holds grand opening
Lebanon gross fx reserves up to $10 bln end-March
Lebanon in Brief
April 2
Beirut's Iraq embassy carries on despite war
'Roadmap' to Change Hariri's Cabinet Ushers Lebanon Back to Politics
Jets Buzz S. Lebanon Amid Hints of Concerted U.S.-Israeli Offensive
Volunteers still lining up for Iraq as first local victim is laid to rest
Hizbullah gunners open fire on Israeli warplanes violating Southern skies
Hariri rejects attacks against Kuwait but condemns war on Iraqi people
Washington blasts Beirut’s rights record
Arabic music as a means to express hope, rebellion, unity
Officials slam America’s accusations against Syria
Protesters march on Egyptian Embassy
Narghile is poison just like cigarettes
Khamseen winds on their way to Lebanon
Maritime insurance falls victim to Iraq war
Lebanon gross fx reserves up to $10 bln end-March
Lebanon in Brief
April 1
Syria defies U.S.; more volunteers stream into Iraq
Hizbollah fires at Israeli jets over Lebanon
Lebanon Redux?
Lebanon, Syria Seen on Collision Course with United States
Missing Lebanese in Iraq Surface in Kuwait
Kinchen admits coalition troops are ‘occupying forces’
Lahoud rips Washington’s warning to Damascus
Local volunteers head for Iraq to take up arms against US-UK troops
Edde says US and UK will live to regret invasion
Media watchdog chastises Beirut over treatment of journalists
LU students begin hunger strike to protest war
Beirut opposes cease-fire proposal as ‘legitimizing’ war on Iraq
Bombing hoax empties Sidon language center
Revellers plan lawsuit after nightclub raid
Electricity situation set to improve
New mechanism aims to increase income tax revenues
Lebanon in Brief

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