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June 2003

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June 30
Lebanese ambassador to France dies at 59
Israel Acknowledges Running 'Secret Jail'
Syria, U.N. discuss wider peace under road map
Lebanese Prisoner Dies in Syrian Jail, Buried Hush-Hush in Zahleh
Lebanon Takes Cue from Syria to Bless Palestinian Truce with Israel
Father Salim Abu Stresses Freedom In Farewell USJ Address
Israel Holds Palestinian, Lebanese Prisoners Blindfolded on the Moon
Israel Escalates Air Incursions Despite U.N. Denunciation
Calm expected at legislative session
Obeid looks for compromise on diplomatic posts
Jumblatt slams Hariri for wasting resources
Amin Gemayel calls for national dialogue
Ain al-Hilweh talks aim to restore order
AUB gives out first honorary doctorates since 1969
AUB sends graduates forth into world for 134th time
Communist bar offers departure from regular Beirut fare
Child beggars exploited by organized gangs
Tyre resort caters to observant Muslims
Quarry shut down and owner imprisoned
$5 million anti-doping center will save time, money
Medical software aims to help doctors, save lives
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 29
CIA to Convey Angry Bush Message to Assad on Lebanon
U.N. Urges More Lebanese Troops on Border with Israel
Tahseen Khayat Won't Budge on Corruption Accusations Against Sayyed
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June 28
Syria Advises Hariri Not to Lock Horns with Lahoud
Residence Permit Regulations Ease for Foreigners with Lebanese Links
Another blow for survivors of Sabra and Shatila
Larsen to report on airspace violations by Israel
‘This government is not working. It’s time for an alternative’
Hariri and Lahoud suspend feud
Monaco and Lebanon sign on to protect sea
NTV owner interrogated by state prosecution
NDU conference looks at reasons behind emigration
Tax evaders are ‘damaging the country’
Quarries milk last chance to dig deep
Equity review
Caritas opens new center for migrants
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 27
UN envoy wants Lebanon, Syria on board for peace
Residence Permit Regulations Ease for Foreigners with Lebanese Links
Musician Bludgeoned to Death at His Home
Damascus smiles on Maronite Synod
Aridi blasts Washington for covering up financial scandals
Cabinet meeting goes smoothly
Hamas beats Fatah to pay compensation for clashes
NTV owner to appear for interrogation Friday
Academic returns after 20-year absence
Lebanon convicts four for tourist kidnap plot
Report: CIA director to convey stern message to Assad
Lebanon pound steady as special CD offer continues
E-commerce trips up on government red tape
State finances show improvement
Banks announce launch of new joint fund
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 26
CIA Coveys Bush's Anger to Assad for Failing to Curb Hizbullah
Pakradouni Quarrels with U.N. Security Guards in Beirut
Committee will investigate ‘illegal’ naturalizations
Lahoud, Brazilian foreign minister agree on need for fair peace
Obeid urges US to avoid double standards
Cabinet session expected to be calm
Fatah relieves senior commander over failure to join fighting in Ain al-Hilweh
Diab highlights growing scourge of drug abuse
USJ selects senior Jesuit as 21st president
Ex-SLA soldiers to guard Israeli buses against terror attacks
Moody’s: Lebanon’s macro-economic environment constrains banks rating
Bank of Beirut to launch fixed income fund
Opportunities conference promotes local industry
Lebanese businessmen step up competition for contracts in Iraq
Developing human capital
Bhamdoun to host jewelry market
Industry groups ink cooperation agreement
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 25
Ex-Lebanese Militia to Guard Israel Buses
Syrian Nonchalance Irks A Bush Administration Vying for a New Mideast
U.S. Laments Absence of Transparency in Lebanese Politics, Judiciary
NTV row looks set to get even more complicated
MTV case moves into 4th appeal
Diplomats want Jewish state to end flyovers
Hizbullah: no comment on Israeli charges against Islamic Movement
Lahoud trumpets his efforts to promote agricultural exports
Lebanon, tugging at the heart strings
Battered wives have few options available
Diab: Problem of street children must be addressed
Moody's comments on Lebanese banks
Banque du Liban to create country's e-infrastructure
Feasibility study of Lebanon's financial sector completed
New Burger King outlet opens in Aley, Lebanon
Parliament rejects phone tariff rise
Port of Beirut eases into role as transfer point for aid to Iraq
Berri optimistic about country’s WTO prospects
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 24
Divided Phalange Party Dives into Mudslinging Pakradouni-Gemayel Match
Lahoud: Peace process needs European role
President praises warm relations with Romanian
NTV employee investigated for lack of legal documents
Pakradouni defends stance on World Bank row
Schools row casts dark cloud over Cabinet meet
Officials seek solution for water pollution
Diab: Giving to charities is not a terrorist act
Lebanese-Australians try to fight prejudice
Lebanese-Canadians cling to roots
IMF backs Beirut’s plan to trim deficit
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 23
Hezbollah slams Australia's decision to list it as terrorist group
Belgium gives in to US on war crimes law
Hizbollah urges Australia to reverse ban
Lebanon drugs use soars
Belgium aims to revise war crimes law next month
NTV Director Goes on Trial as Staffers Abandon Ship
WEF Sees Arab-Israeli Contact, Lebanon Stays Away
Fischer Urges Lebanon to Influence Middle East Changes
Romania's Premier In Beirut for 2 Economic Pacts
Opposition MP says Syrian pullout in the cards
Lahoud’s Sofia visit boosts bilateral ties
Alleged slander could spur rift between leaders
Maronite church affirms Arab identity
Samaha envisions nurturing power of information
Hospitals ‘must improve waste disposal’
Kafaat University opens new campus
Wine industry receives international praise
Murder victims brought to Tyre for burial
Higher phone bills will ‘punish consumers’
Lebanon public debt flat at $29.69 bln end-April
Lebanon records $2.06 bln BOP surplus end-April
HP and Banque du Liban complete feasibility study for Secure Banking
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 22
Germany Says Syria, Lebanon Can Play Peace Role 
Israelis, Arabs rub shoulders at business forum
Syria urges Quartet Mideast mediators to include it and Lebanon in peace plan
Al-Qa'eda fighters set up base in Lebanese refugee camp
Iraq group warns US to leave
Bush Expected to Publicly Ask Syria to Leave Lebanon Soon
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June 21
Maronite Church affirms Arab identity, coexistence with Muslims in Lebanon
Belgium close to agreement to amend controversial war crimes law
Iraq group warns US to leave
Unknown Iraqi Group Vows to Kill U.S. Soldiers
Damascus: No Mideast peace without Syria and Lebanon
U.S. Congress Rallies for Anti-Syria Sanctions if It Stays on in Lebanon
Lahoud says new world order exists where ‘might is right’
Political calm reflects Damascus’ new line on resolving conflicts
Maronite Synod  concludes first meet since 1836
Energy Ministry Under Fire for Environmental Sin
Castro’s son slams ‘double standard’ of US democracy
‘Accessible’ booklet sets out rights, duties of citizens
Environment club rewards students
Equity Review
Hamade fears America will use globalization to impose its will
Activist: Top leaders don’t care about environment
Recipe for success: How the Indevco group moved from cartons to kitchens
Experts say region behind in development goals
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 20
Lebanon's finance minister calls U.S. ban "terrorism"
Powell raps ''inadequate'' Syrian moves on militants
The letters that put the case for Lebanese applicants
Supervision Or Espionage? Mobile Phone Service in Jeopardy
Surete Generale Chief Takes NTV to Court
Lebanese Woman May Become Australia's Governor-General
Lahoud lands in Bulgaria for start of state visit
GCC boss meets Obeid to discuss regional issues
Battle promotes Lebanon on US tour
From Beirut to Canada, Lebanese are on the move
Synod invites others to have their say
Surete Generale and Berri rift ‘contained’
Addoum mulls legal action over NTV affair
False alarm off Antelias as mystery barrels prove harmless
Lebanon says likely to miss 25 pct deficit target
Beirut housing ranked costlier than New York
Lebanon pound steady, banks still want special CDs
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 19
Lebanon calls for roadmap to include Lebanon, Syria 
Russian envoy confers with Lebanese figures on developments
Hizbollah Says Fires on Israeli Jets Over Lebanon 
Berri's Bloc Seen Angling for Brig. Gen. Sayyed's Dismissal
Syria Seen Planning New Redeployment Out of Northern, Eastern Lebanon
Lahd Becomes 'Gen. Hommos' in Tel Aviv
Cabinet urged to tackle media reforms
Lahoud: ‘Quartet’ talks could break deadlock
Maronite synod focuses on role of expatriates
Families denounce Nasrallah for calling detainees ‘martyrs’
Jbeil beach a magnet for homosexuals
Vegetarians beware, meat is still the mainstay of Lebanese diet
Siniora touts official checks and balances
Schools row may be jeopardizing projects
Arab states underspend in health sector
State accused of flouting ‘Paris II’ commitments
Farmers lose out to smuggled Jordanian watermelons
Cancer report offers hope for future
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 18
Lebanese-American Nominated to Head Major US Command
Russia, Syria stress comprehensive peace plan
Lahoud Wins by Points as Hariri Sticks to 'Bite the Bullet' Tactic
Lebanese Forces Complain of New Intimidation Campaign
Hizbullah Lands on Australia's Terrorist List
Israel's Air Force Stages Mock Dive-Bombing Raids In Lebanon
Cabinet gets back to work with marathon session
Islamists cry foul at Murr’s ‘hasty’ accusations
Addoum says nothing new in Future TV probe
US urged to have ‘road map’ include Lebanon, Syria
Maronite Synod explores topic of Lebanese abroad
Former minefields to become forests
St. Nicolas Stairs art event draws crowd
Finance Ministry to impose further austerity measures on Lebanese University
Trade between UAE and Lebanon jumps to $353 million
IFC and Citigroup establish $70 million trade facility in Jordan and Lebanon
Lebanon seeks speedy entry to WTO
E-plan to streamline government
Saidi says better data can encourage investment
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 17
Egyptians take truce bid to militants in Beirut, Damascus
Russia, EU want Syria, Lebanon in road map plan
Hizbollah fires on Israeli warplanes over Lebanon
Bush Uses Siniora Ban to Tell Lebanon to "Behave…or Else"
Lahoud Blames 'Extremists' for Future TV Attack
Hariri Seen Losing Combat Spirit Against Lahoud, Maybe Ousted?
Lahoud determined to halt political infighting
Calm descends ahead of Cabinet meeting
Witnesses give testimony in Future TV probe
Politicians urge respect for Constitution
Obeid in Damascus for talks on regional instability
Lahoud sends message of support to synod
Hafez Assad honored in Nabatieh 
Green space loses ground as desertification comes to Lebanon
Councils protest effects of tire burning
Construction contracts top out at $6.5bn for decade 1992-2002
MEA looks forward to better times
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 16
Australia joins U.S., Canada in ban on Hezbollah
Ansarullah Claim Missile Attack on F-TV, Hariri Unconvinced
Fouad Butros: Syrian Military Presence Is Not The Issue, Relations Are
Syria Reportedly Crosses Israel's Former Red Line in S. Lebanon
Queen Rania Launches Women Facing War Study from Beirut
Alarm Bells Caution Against Schemes to Re-Ignite Civil War
NTV's Chief Accuses Hariri of Breaking Media Laws
Ahbash Gunmen Shoot Amal Activist, Fears of New Mosques War
Future TV hit by rocket blasts; 'Ansar Allah' calls strike a ‘first warning’
Mystery surrounds attack on premier’s Future TV
Future TV building blasted by ‘Ansar Allah’
Gemayel warns Lebanon is ‘not its own master’
Officials mark anniversary of Assad’s death
Siniora banned from entering US
Aridi calls for resistance on cultural level
US blanks calls for independent ‘road map’; Syria, Lebanon will have to wait
Maronite bishops gather in Bkirki
Boueiz urges more ‘businesslike’ approach
Samaha predicts possible crisis in leadership
Melchite patriarch calls for fairer representation
Lebanese food takes Europe by storm
Long-awaited telecoms authority will have carte blanche privileges
Lebanon gross fx reserves up at $10.88 bln mid-June
Lebanon budget deficit 35.6 pct spending end-May
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 15
Lebanese Finance Minister Banned from U.S. Over Donation
Two rockets hit Lebanon TV station owned by prime minister
Missile attack on building housing Future TV and radio stations
Lebanon, Syria want just peace in Mideast
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June 14
US using military activity as last option, says Hassan Nasrallah
Israel Accuses Hizbullah of Upgrading Hamas Weaponry
Lebanese-American General Nominated to Command U.S. Forces in Mideast
President calls on MPs to promote unity
Hariri maintains diplomatic silence on ‘road map’
Media file will test Cabinet reconciliation
EU lawmaker offers hope to detainees in Syria
Aoun complains about Syrian presence in Lebanon
Human rights meet issues warning
Cosmetic surgery on the rise in looks-obsessed society
Wireless internet set to make its mark on Lebanon
3 Lebanese banks expected to start operating in Syria
Iraq aid cargo arrives in Beirut Port
IT expert holds out high hopes for future
Equity review
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 13
Lebanon restricts travellers from Toronto
Belgium sticks by war crimes law despite US anger
Jumblat Splits with Hariri, Goes Over to Lahoud Camp
IRNA head stresses Damascus-Tehran-Beirut ties
Lebanon Palestinians protest against Israel, U.S.
Belgium to transfer war crimes probe to Israel
Issam Fares Hammers Another Nail In Cabinet's Coffin
No Lebanese Hostages in Monrovia, Foreign Ministry Says
Overt muscle-flexing by Israeli air force continues
Beirut steps up against trade in people
Lebanese fleeing Liberia arrive at airport
Lebanese-European partnership ‘needs peace’
Foreign Affairs Committee pessimistic on ‘road map’
Boueiz: Decision on presidency must wait
Pakradouni says Ferzli is being manipulated
Speculation returns over renewed discord between Lahoud, Hariri
UNICEF report highlights school drop-outs
Heavy Hizbullah anti-aircraft fire over Galilee
Lebanon's pound steady as banks buy special CDs
Qordahi says privatization bill ready for Cabinet
Container terminal woes: end in sight?
Agricultural  policy slated for upgrade
Construction fair a hit despite hitches
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 12
Israeli warplanes roar over Beirut, shake windows
Rebels Hold 7 Lebanese in Monrovia, Demand $100,000 Ransom
Warning Sounded of Potential Lebanese Mass Graves in Syria
Jumblat and Lahoud Bare their Chests During Marathon Meeting
Jumblatt lauds president, PM for agreeing to use Constitution
Fadlallah: Attempt on Rantissi is message to US
Hariri presses sales campaign among expatriate community in Brazil
LF leadership repeats call for Syrian pullout
Wetlands return from edge of extinction
Dispute over income tax escalates
Arab states must ‘speed up integration’ to counter stronger blocs
Businesspeople fret effects of high-level spat
Farmers beef about their plight
Farmers face uncertain future in WTO
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 11
US hunting intelligence on Hizbullah
U.S. plans to disarm Hezbollah
Hariri: 'Beirut Disagrees with U.S. About Syrian Withdrawal, Hizbullah'
Defense Attorneys: Geagea's Prison Conditions Still Miserable
Lahoud, Hariri reconcile after heated exchange
Premier urges dialogue with US in bid to create peace
Ministers meet to swap views on ‘road map’
Tele Lumiere goes satellite
Refugees jubilant after Hamas leader survives missile attack
Belgium court rules that an Israeli general 'can be tried' over 1982 massacre
Hizbollah to Palestinians Use language of weapons
Assad Says Syria is Bound to Pull Out Unconditionally from Lebanon
Washington watches for Hizbullah activity in Iraq
Hizbullah accused of involvement in Buenos Aires carnage
Lebanese banks not yet ready for international standards
E-government strategy aims to improve efficiency
Experts say farmers must go green to export
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 10
Washington watches for Hizbullah activity in Iraq
Hizbullah accused of involvement in Buenos Aires carnage
Lahoud, Hariri Inch Toward Truce Amid New Economic Jitters
Lahoud: Cabinet has to follow Constitution
Lahoud-Hariri feud unlikely to abate as ‘crisis of trust’ worsens
Hariri in Brazil in bid to boost trade
Lebanese emigrants flee Liberia as unrest grows
Obeid stresses urgent nature of Arab League follow-up talks
Murr hits back at graft allegations; Interior minister accused of corruption
Memorial held for slain Sidon judges; killers still at large 4 years later
Helou dishes more dirt on prime minister
Relatives of missing unable to meet Assad
Beirut’s first international marathon scheduled for October
Syria mulls local bank licence for Societe Generale
UN official calls on donors to aid reconstruction of South
Local farming industry weakened by imports
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 9
Assad Says U.S. Delaying Syria-Israel Talks
Lebanon's Ghassan Salameh Named U.N. Advisor in Iraq
Pakradouni calls for Cabinet to reach consensus
Lahoud warns that narrow peace will be no peace at all
Army carries out massive raid on Bekaa village
Basketball final ends in farce as both teams declare victory
Sfeir: Maronites not alone in this country
Resistance aims to recover detainees
Hariri leaves for Brazil visit aimed at boosting trade
ESCWA to discuss assistance for South Lebanon with concerned officials
Merchant leader calls for focus on tourist industry
Rifai warns of need to aid industrial sector
Siniora: ‘Iraqi funds in Lebanon belong to Iraq’s central bank’
Scottish Life launches terrorism cover policy in Lebanon
Lebanon cbank says wants interest cap on bank loans
Lebanon sees $32 bln debt in 2003, without sell-offs
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June 8
Hizbollah says prisoner swap requires patience
Israel detains Lebanon shepherds near border
Nasrallah: Israel is not 'working seriously' for a prisoner swap
Lebanon for Stability, Peace Needs Beirut, Syria
Hizbollah shoots at Israeli warplanes over Lebanon
Afraid of losing a dream
Lebanon Clinches 1st-Ever Olympic Soccer Victory, Crushes Indonesia 5-1
Salame hat-trick sees Lebanon through
Basketball Hostilities Draw Calls for Dismantling Governing Committee
Argentina to publish intelligence papers on Jewish center bombing
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June 7
Lebanese army says busts Arab arms smuggling ring
Lebanon's Basketball Championship Degenerates into Face-Slapping Tragedy
Drug-Trafficking Gang Chief Killed in Shootout at Bekaa
Father Indicted for Sexually Harassing Underage Daughter
Hariri on 6-Day Visit to Brazil
Lahoud-Hariri spat must be contained; Damascus sees coexistence necessity
Critics assail new government for rocky start
1 dead as army breaks up crime ring in Bekaa
Samaha urges presidency be treated with respect
Fadlallah slams Aqaba summit at Friday prayers
Head of Maronite synod says resolutions will wait
Hamade eases car insurance rules
Cost of graft is ‘enormous’
Mobile amusement park arrives at Port of Beirut
Ghandour prefers quiet road to riches
Equity review
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 6
Lahoud, Hariri Get on Each Other's Throats … by Proxy
Syria Accountability Act On The Front Burner of the U.S. Congress
Hariri: Mideast peace hard without Lebanon, Syria
Obeid: Lebanon And Syria Necessary Pathway To Regional Peace
Premier denies reports of spat with president
Obeid demands ‘road map’ for Syria and Lebanon
Ministers pick up Lahoud-Hariri spat
Farhat says lack of funds holds up help for displaced
Boueiz promises changes at Environment Ministry
Fadlallah: US has failed to understand Iraqi character
Sidon dump dispute gets violent
Illicit drugs in Lebanon: the current state of play
Conference looks at ways to fight AIDS
City sidewalks undergo face-lift
Lebanon is no exception to global water shortages
Lebanon pound makes slight gains on special CD offer
Lebanon cbank offers discounted CDs to raise forex
Detroit economic forum will focus on relations between US, Arab world
American-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce excited by Battle’s US tour
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 5
Argentina opens secret service files on terrorist attacks
Lebanon says Mideast peace hard without it, Syria
Syria refuses to bow to 'Israeli' agenda
Syria sees no niche in U.S.-Arab peace meetings
Palestinian Refugees Unimpressed By Aqaba Summit
Lahoud says he won't seek extension, promises dramatic declaration
In a Swipe at Hariri, Al-Waleed Suggests Economy Still Unwell
Jumblat Takes Aoun to Task, Nasrallah Rejects Bush Dictates
Arab legislators agree to disagree
World Environment Day message
Huge fire guts clothing factory in Beirut
Hizbullah helps couples tie knot
Weathering economic crisis
Car sales plummet as war hits consumer confidence
IT professional focus on need to expand internet access
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 4
Road Map May Lead First to Peace With Syria
Hamas, Hizbollah say met to consult on Middle East
U.S. tip led to Ottawa's Beirut ban
Hizbollah fires at Israeli warplanes over Lebanon
Lebanon in Awe Over Canada's Suspension of Montreal-Beirut Non-Stop Flights
Lahoud-Hariri Frost Unbreakable, President Reported Shunning Extension
Arab parliamentarians discuss threats facing Middle East
Air Canada shoots down direct flight to Montreal
New rent law pleases no one
Butros Ghali: Peace flows from democracy
Arab ministers to focus on water, desertification
Court orders nightclub closure
Conference erupts over parking meters
Ambulance bomb wounds Hizbullah man
Palestinian refugee women force UNRWA official to hear grievances
Workshop targets AIDS awareness
Central Bank aims high: Increasing foreign reserves key to strategy
Conference calls for more Arabic internet sites
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 3
Hizbollah ban in lower house
Syria slams U.S. Mideast peace effort as biased
G8 backs Mideast roadmap including Syria, Lebanon 
Bomb hits Lebanon Hizbollah ambulance, one hurt
Arab League Chief, Lebanese Parliament speaker discuss situation
Lebanon’s Water Minister: Israel aborted efforts for reaching peace
Hariri Jabs at Lahoud Loyalists Over Beirut's Development Injustice
Court Exonerates Victim of Lahoud's Post-Election Corruption Crackdown
Hariri-Lahoud tiff takes a break, but for how long?
Sfeir opens synod with call for coexistence
Judiciary rules no foul in mecanique deal
Moussa hopeful of progress in peace process
Hansen backs right of return
‘Anti-stress’ centers are latest gimmick to cover for prostitution
Palestinian man, woman charged with murder
Naameh landfill 'will not affect water sources '
Lebanon records $2.17 bln BOP end-March surplus
Lebanon's public debt up to $29.6 bln by end-March
Iranian-backed group takes lead in advancing infrastructure
State to fight environmental degradation with 2 new projects
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 2
Ottawa bars Air Canada direct flights to Lebanon
Chirac says EU eyes 'road map' with Syria/Lebanon
Hizbullah welcomes Lebanon, Syria exclusion from Sharm summit
Iran condemns US court ruling on involvement in Lebanon bombing
Lahoud, Hariri Bent on Eliminating Each Other Within 18 Months
Hariri's New Triangle of Survival in Power
Nasrallah Rules Out $500 Million U.S. Deal to Neutralize Hizbullah
Hariri vows to make up with Lahoud
Lebanon paralyzed by continued disputes, extension of presidential term
Nasrallah rules out US deal to neutralize Hizbullah
Berri: ‘Road map’ is nothing but trouble
Skaff: Shift focus to crucial issues, warns of waning public interest
Gunmen kill Fatah member in Ain al-Hilweh
Top teacher blasts English curriculum
Lebanon gross fx reserves up at $10.79 bln end-May
Qordahi says Arab telecom sector promises growth with reforms
Eco-tourism festival touts economic importance of environment
Obituary: Darla Thomas Farha
Lebanon News in Brief
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June 1
Computer game lets Hezbollah kill Israelis
Ein El-Hilweh cease-fire may collapse after assassinatin of Fatah activist
Israel agitates against Lebanon, Hizbullah, Syria on eve of Bush's Arab summits
Some 8,000 Iraqis left Syria, Lebanon since the end of war
Gunmen murder Fatah activist, straining cease-fire with Islamists
Iran, Lebanon review regional developments
Embarrassed Lahoud Seeks to Silence Opponents of New Term
Iran 'liable' for Beirut bomb
Iran responsible for 1983 Marine barracks bombing, judge rules
Iran Held Responsible for 1983 Beirut Bombing, $4 Billion at Stake
Hariri Rejects Purifying Litani Water to Deny Israel Free Supplies
Lebanese Business Council opens dedicated office in Dubai
BenQ launches new sales strategy targeting Lebanese youth market

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