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July 2003

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July 31
Minister held 3 weeks in Lebanese prison for crime of visiting
Iranian president vows support to Lebanon
Report: U.S. says Syria incapable of reining in terrorists in south Lebanon
Canadian Priest Jailed in Lebanon as Spy for Israel
Elias Murr Resigns from Self and Family to Handle Btighrin Ambush
Michel Murr Seeks Armistice with Brother Gabriel Through Maronite Church
Jumblat Wants Roadmap to Houses of Warring Murr Clan
Rana's Illness, Ayash's Travel Delaying Madina Bank Investigation
Murr wants to bury the hatchet
Fadlallah argues US wants Syria to stay
Canadian imprisoned for spying for Israel
Has top coach Sarkis quit Sagesse?
Jamil Sayyed says security has never been better
De Mistura and Obeid discuss UNIFIL renewal
2nd lottery winner has no plans for cash
Saghbine festival revives cottage industries
South Lebanon requests tourism aid
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 30
Israel Tells US That Iran Is Growing Threat
Lebanese lawyer attacks new Belgian law
Assad Praises Patriarch, Deplores Btighrin, Police Officers Detained
U.S. Suggests Hizbullah Hand in Iraq's Anti-Occupation War
Lahoud, Hariri on Collision Course Over CDR
Traffic Collision Kills Army Corporal at Beirut-Damascus Highway
Qornet Shehwan calls for Elias Murr’s resignation
Michel Murr takes his version of Bteghrin assault to Diman
Lahoud praises army as Lebanon’s liberator
Hariri, Blair discuss peace in Middle East
New penal code threatens freedoms
Obeid to Cairo for follow-up Arab summit
New center opens in South for training, rehabilitation of the blind
General Corp's associate lands RM216 mln Beirut project
Hotel trade picks up for the summer
Meeting calls for potential boycott of NSSF and EDL
Lebanese exports down in 1st quarter
Order of Engineers and Architects releases book on municipalities’ law
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 29
Kenney queries feds on Lebanon grant
Michel Murr denies Bteghrin allegations
Syria said to be irritated by brothers’ dispute
Parliament urges judicial investigation
Israel ready for prisoner swap
German mediator silent on resistance’s invitation
Winds of conspiracy blow along Beirut’s dug-up streets
National hoops team uses youth to triumph over Qatar
No surprises in basketball federation elections
Lucky lotto winner not sure how she will spend unexpected windfall
‘Capital of emirs’ accessible to the world via new website
Obeid notified of African envoys’ accreditation
Nasrallah: US Administration is sponsor of terrorism
Tikrit in the spotlight of war against poverty
Going global: taking Lebanese industry to a higher plane
Economic and social development agreements inked at ESCWA
BLOM announces first half results for 2003
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 28
Mofaz: Lebanese prisoners' families pressuring Nasrallah
Canadian held in Lebanese prison
Saddam's Second Wife Samira Shahbandar In Beirut
Elias Murr's Agony Between Father and Uncle Over Btighrin Ambush
Syria Tells U.S. Hizbullah Won't be Disarmed
Israel Accuses Hizbullah Chieftain of Extortion
Nassib lahoud says Michel Murr had hand in firing on convoy
Hamadeh urges protection for public freedoms, slams clash in Metn
Information minister promises 6-month reform plan
PLF launches campaign to secure release of Palestinian prisoners
Super Star contest fascinates thousands as finale approaches
UN set to extend UNIFIL mandate
Hizbullah threatens to abduct more Israelis
Hezbollah gives Israel 'one last chance' to negotiate prisoner exchange
Blom Bank H1 net profit rises to $42.79 million
Mubarak, Abdullah inaugurate Egyptian gas pipe line to Jordan; Lebanon, Syria
EC approves aid for Lebanon
EU grant to bolster restructuring
Hamade says government must find solution to public debt
Working together for a more transparent budget
Preparing for privatization of the energy sector
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 27
Lebanese Hizbollah threatens to grab more Israelis
Opposition leaders call to fire Lebanese Interior Minister
Hizbollah gives Israel 'last chance'
Minister Murr Vows to Smother His Father's War with His Uncle
Berri Labels Btighrin Incident 'Political Hooliganism'
Uday, Qusay now martyrs
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July 26
U.S. Trying to Stop Israeli Air Forays and Hizbullah's Shrapnel
Hawi Briefs Mrs. Geagea on Effort to Ease Her Husband's Plight
UAE dismantles 30,000 landmines in S. Lebanon
Unions strike over NSSF deficit
Humayed blames electricity hikes on international oil prices
Rising pressure could lead to surprises on electricity issue
Development proceeds, Lebanese-style
Paris to help strengthen judiciary
Beydoun says US acted with ‘tribal mentality’
Cafe Najjar basket ball team hopes to net the big one with new signings
Amiwater at 2nd International Water Equipment and Technology Convention
New Controversy Clouds Mobile Phone Privatization Drive
Arabs unanimous on WTO recommendations
IMF report argues for alternative to dollar currency peg
Equity Review
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 25
Syrian Troop Redeployment Seen as Cosmetic, Not Strategic
Dinniyeh Rebels Allowed to Grow Beards in Jail
Soaring Tempers Claim 2 Dead in Amal Strongholds in Beirut Slums
Syria Admits It Lacks 'Common Language' with Lebanon
UN report on South warns of ‘potential for escalation’
Beirut satisfied with UN chief’s appraisal of situation in South
Cabinet defers decision on EDL’s fees
Dunkin’ Donuts accused of discriminating against gay customers
A very Lebanese fascination with the importance of appearances
Quiet grows from Lebanon withdrawal
Annan wants peacekeepers to stay in south Lebanon
Withdrawal line between Israel and Lebanon remains calm but tense – Annan
Bush government deports Muslim cleric to Lebanon
Lebanon signs US$31.5 million loan agreement with World Bank
Tourist cash, CD sales lift Lebanese pound
Taxi drivers feel squeeze of rising gasoline costs
Communication key to success at work
Small ISPs troubled by delay in wireless service
Arab trade ministers discuss globalization ahead of 2005 WTO conference
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 24
Army Rings Beirut Neighborhood after Amal Clash with Police
Syria Admits It Lacks 'Common Language' with Lebanon
Communist Leader Undertakes Initiative to Get Geagea Above Ground
Hizbullah Threatens to Exact 'Heavy Price' from Israeli Settlers
Lahoud urges judges to remain neutral
‘Electric’ cabinet session expected
Mikati stresses fairness in quarry quarrel, secures alternatives in Syria
Pakradouni: hands off administration
Beirut not convinced by Iraqi governing council
Hezbollah-controlled project receives British funding despite London ban
GLC gets tough on series of controversial issues
Contractors claim quarry closures leave them no choice but to halt all work
Hamade suggests committee for Shopping Festival
Sky’s the limit for Beirut Airport duty free
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 23
Arab ministers to gather in Lebanon for UN-backed meeting on trade
Hariri to Meet Blair After Seeing Assad
Additional Syrian Redeployments Planned for Next Few Months
Lebanon Asserts It Has No Mass Destruction Weapons
Assad Ends Hariri's Estrangement, Hizbullah Wounds 2 Israelis
Gemayel says sovereignty will be regained
Lebanon free of WMD, links to Al-Qaeda
Lahoud expresses ‘firm desire’ to achieve balanced development
Study: Government must heed acts of Parliament
Several unions vow strike over NSSF deficit
Hizbullah shell fragments wound 2 Israelis
New technology offers better odds for prostate cancer patients
Banking scandal threatens resurgence of Olympic football club
Empty waters: Concern grows over loss of Tyre’s treasures
Zeaitrieh cries out for recovery
Neighborhood is a health hazard for its own residents
Lebanon records $2.34 bln BOP surplus by end-May
Lebanon's public debt up to $29.96 billion
Hamade: Arabs must join WTO or face serious economic consequences
Hospitals syndicate boss pushes for major healthcare reform
Brussels and Beirut back small business loans project
Phoenicia gets a ‘hotspot’
Visa International opens regional office in Amman
Future looks grim if leaders can’t agree
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 22
Syria denies contacting Israel over peace talk bid
Syria Brushes Off Bush 'Terrorism' Charges
Jumblat Serves 3-Month Ultimatum as Gvt. Frays in Electricity Fireball
Lebanese-American Translator a Valuable Guide for U.S. Troops in Iraq
Two Israelis wounded by anti-aircraft fire on Lebanese border
Hizbollah fires at Israeli jets over Lebanon
US vision for Lebanon under scrutiny
Uproar mounts over EDL fee plan
GLC official wants people  to ignore power bills
Jumblatt bloc tipped to keep up pressure
Lahoud stresses national unity, solidarity
Little change expected in basketball’s ruling body
More cash than sense? Buy a Vertu phone
Kaslik in decline as Beirut bounces back
Chinese donation to finance statistics integration project
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 21
Porno Shootout Leaves Man Killed, 10 Wounded in Chatilla Camp
Iran Dedicates Shihab-3 to the Defense of Lebanon, Palestine
Lahoud 'Surprised' by EDL's Hike of Power Bill
Lebanon Hesitant About Releasing Iraq's $500 Million Frozen Assets
Powell looks forward to end of Syrian presence
Chehayeb says he will vote with his bloc on ‘no confidence’ issue
Karami blames leaders for debt, insists problems stem from mishandling
Wakim blames Hariri ‘gang’ for financial woes
Hariri: Withdrawal proves Damascus has confidence in Beirut
Aridi: Nepotism rife at Lebanese University
Unions set to protest EDL subscription hike and NSSF deficit
Humayed takes more heat for EDL fee hike
Nabatieh real estate offices get upgrade
Siniora: Reforms needed right now
Dealers take advantage of cellphone line shortage
Planners expect e-government to be online by 2009
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 20
Syria loosens its grip on Lebanon
Good news and bad in Beirut
Syria hearings canceled after White House pressure
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July 19
Syria's Political Influence Seen Unaffected by Army Redeployments
Powell Calls Syria an Occupation Force That Must Leave Lebanon
Construction begins on Lebanon's first theme park
Lebanon detains 11 illegal Kurds
Wife of Lebanon's Former Intelligence Chief Beaten Up in Dbaye
U.S. Asks Lebanon to Release Iraq's $500 Million Frozen Assets
Hariri: 'Further Syrian Withdrawals Depend on Conditions in Lebanon'
Damascus wins kudos for pullout, but further steps urged
Syrian withdrawal and Jumblatt’s ‘no confidence’
Why no one’s car is safe in Beirut
LU Teachers Fund threatens action against government
Family theme park on drawing board
Humayed downplays EDL's 300-percent subscription hike
Beauty industry reviews strategies to face harder economic times
Ministry issues guide to insurance maze
EU called Lebanon’s best bet for prosperity
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 18
Argentine president calls probe of Jewish center bombing a 'disgrace'
Saddam's fall causes terrorist cash shortage
Secret Service Can Spy on Mobile Phones from Cruising Cars
Gemayel Brands Lahoud's Refusal to Send Army South 'Outright Heresy'
Hariri Appeases Jumblat, Asserts "I'm Not a Desert Mirage Premier"
Jumblatt may pull bloc out of Cabinet
Al-Madina mess highlights need to fight corruption
Lack of board of directors blamed for Al-Madina crisis
Hariri explains problem with quarry regulation
Hariri expresses sympathy for quarry workers
Wearing the hijab is more than just a religious practice: It sets woman free
Qaouk accuses US of ‘creating a crisis’
Emigrant youth camp attracts increasing number of participants
Lebanon pound buoyed by cbank CD sales for dollars
New internet service for exporters
Hard-put taxi drivers demand repeal of ban on diesel
6 steps to successfully managing your boss
Music industry hurt by piracy
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 17
Saddamites in US Fume at 'Traitor' Gen. Abizaid
Court Awards $600M to Ex-Lebanon Hostage
Larsen: Assad quotes in report are completely wrong
Report: Syria ready for peace talks, prisoner exchange
Patriarch Hopes Lebanon Will Run Its Affairs Without Outside Intervention
Syrians Pull Surprise Pullout From Baalbek, Vacate Kleiaat Airfield
Shreidi Buried Away from Father's Grave to Avert Gun Battles
Al Waleed Needles Hariri, Advocating Lahoud's Supremacy
Lahoud implores Ivanov to lean on Sharon
Syrian Army continues troop redeployment
Esbat al-Nour leader dies of wounds
Alwaleed takes veiled potshots at Hariri
Kesrouan-Jbeil proposal causes stir
Part-time teachers at public secondary schools feud over qualification exams
US deports Lebanese man after 19 months in prison
Event aims to push presence of youth in politics
Battle outlines issues to be tackled in order to attract US investment
Al-Madina Bank investigation to be delayed until next week
Will Al-Madina scandal take down Olympic?
Jounieh, Kesrouan cut through red tape; computers help real estate dept.
Fransabank: New acquisition offers key benefits
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 16
Minister: Israel may grant citizenship to former Lebanese militia members
U.S. Wants Total Syrian Withdrawal Rather Than Redeployment
Palestinian Extremist Dies of Wounds at Ein El-Hilweh
Murr Blames FTV Missile Attack on Abu Mohjen's Osbat Al Ansar
Hariri-Jumblat Rift Crosses Point of No-Return in Parliament Collision
UINIFIL Has No Guarantee Israel Will Stop Air Forays into Lebanon
MPs blast Hariri over quarry closures
Maverick former Beirut MP criticizes ‘Hariri phenomenon’
Syria makes fourth troop withdrawal in 3 years
Chehayeb takes Cabinet to task over waste
Public health hazard comes bottled; Unsafe brands multiplying at rapid rate
NSSF officials say national safety net is full of holes
ISF rounds up 5 more ‘terror’ suspects
Beirut says Israel has promised to stop overflights in 2 weeks
Resistance erects new watchtower on border
High-achieving students study abroad and stay
Experts call attention to rich heritage of Jezzine
USAID helps manage rural waste
Civil defense: a celebration of right and justice
Demo calls for national strategy on waste
Rotary scholarship won by NDU grad
US welcomes partial Syrian troop pullout from Lebanon
Muslim Cleric Deported to Lebanon
Abducted Israeli colonel Tannenbaum is alive but in poor health
Lebanon gross fx reserves up to $11.7 bln mid-July
Panel to assess property tied to Al-Madina chair
Finance Ministry reports fall in budget deficit
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 15
Syrians Evacuating South Beirut and Northern Lebanon
Syrian troops extend Lebanon redeployment
U.S. Congress Shelves Syria Accountability Act for Now
Lebanon's Holidays May be Trimmed form 22 to 14 Days Per Year
Terrorist Cell Uncovered Before Bombing Hardee's, Dominos in Ashrafiyeh
Detained PKK Kurdish Activists to Stand Trial in Beirut
Mikati, Like Gen. Sayyed, Empowered to Sue NTV for Libel
Gulf Newspapers Publish From Beirut
Army Draftees complain of sectarianism, cronyism, boredom and humiliation
Military service: Economist cites major drain on economy
Military service: Current system appears set in stone to MPs proposing changes
Medical students at odds with military service law
Men abroad risk ruining careers by serving in armed forces
Addoum opens way for Mikati to sue NTV
Pakradouni reports on hospital reform
New members put labor panel back on track
Feathers ruffled at Greenpeace pollution protest
LAU releases new wave of graduates
Lebanon budget gap 38.95 pct of spending end-June
Accounts frozen in Al-Madina Bank case
Cable pirates sentenced in first-ever convictions
Mount Lebanon still waiting for usual influx of Gulf tourists
Hamade stresses need for links with Yemen
Annual jewelry festival to open soon 
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 14
Syrian Forces Begin Pullout Near Beirut-Security
Lebanon Says Arrests Five 'Terrorist' Plotters
Syria Upgrades Conciliatory Overtures to Patriarch Sfeir
Iraq Ruling Council Viewed by Beirut Media as U.S. Lackey
Koleilats Chip in to Bail Out Abu Ayash in Banking Scandal, But For How Long?
Aoun: Cloned Baath Rule in Lebanon in Perpetual State of Fear
Israel's Sonic War Against Lebanese Cities May be Over
Spanish Activists Roughed by Bin Laden-linked Fanatics Near Sidon
Sharon may be off hook as Belgium revisits law
Hariri-Lahoud calm allows thorny issues to be tackled
Husseini stresses need to implement Taif
Jumblatt: Beirut’s wealth is deceptive
Chehayeb: Officials don’t care about environment
MP Lahoud queries transfer of civil status files to Metn
Harb raps ‘irresponsible’ officials
NDU graduates urged to change country
Ivanov due for Mideast peace talks
Addoum orders inquiry into Al-Madina
Army survey: Quarry supplies are acceptable
Hamra merchants oppose street works
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 13
Argentina revisits probe of '94 bombing at Jewish center
Lebanese mafioso 'channelling funds to Hizbollah'
Shareholders Scramble to Trade Property for Cash to Re-float Sinking Bank
Bashir Gemayel's Son Picks up Political Mantle
Israel Asks Italy to Determine Fate of 4 Hizbullah-Held Captives
Belgian PM announces decision to scrap controversial war crimes law
Syrian paper: Damascus ready to return to peace talks
Sensational Embezzlement Operations Exposed in Beirut Bank Scandal
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July 12
Syria reiterates readiness to resume peace talks with Israel
Hariri May Meet Assad Before Flying to Paris Thursday
Abou Retires, Shamousi Assumes Top Post at Saint Joseph University
Sfeir committed to neighborly relations
Work begins on last tract of mined land in South
Envoys ‘must get behind’ WTO bid
MP to question government over waste plan
Protesters denounce closure of quarries
Qleiaat chief slams Finance Ministry for underfunding
Equity Review
Casino du Liban records $30 million net profit
How to manage your boss
Beauty, charm and history lead restaurateurs to Gemaizeh
Arab publishing: a languishing business
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 11
Lebanese Scholar Warns Of Extremists Assisting Enemies Of Islam
Israeli chief of staff: Syria has ''terrorist'' government, Arafat 'deserves death'
Beirut Bank Faces Bankruptcy, Accounts Frozen
Amnesty International Demands News of Lebanese Prisoners in Syria
LU Exams Turn Political, Students Squabble with Professors
English Section at LU 2nd Branch Cancelled, Students Fear Merger
Berri, Battle clash over water
The return of the native: Lebanon welcomes back its own
US diplomat looks at media role in politics ‘Both sides are biased’
Qaddoura ends investigation into NTV, Mikati affair
Cabinet operates smoothly under prime minister
Hariri holds talks with Khaddam
Beirut to raise ‘road map’ with Arab League
Lebanese pound steady on govt CD offer
Hamra Merchants Defend Excavations
Lebanon gets middling rank from UN study on quality of life
Central Bank steps into Al-Madina crisis
Olive oil can grease wheels of economy
Latest in trading comes to Beirut bourse
Security firms on their guard against competition
Fransabank merger is third deal in 5 years
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 10
Abbas to Israel: Iran's agents are out of control
Amnesty demands inquiry over death in Syrian jail
Syria/Lebanon: custody deaths need investigating: Amnesty International
N. Lahoud Wants Geagea Freed, Not Berri and Jumblat Jailed, Too
Hariri Meets Syrian Intelligence Chief to Dispel Reported Strain
Lebanon Sees Pride, Not Hope in Abizaid's Appointment to Centcom
Lahoud praises talks with Ukraine
Calm expected at this week’s Cabinet session
Obeid, Battle discuss ambassador’s US tour
Tripoli MP speaks his mind about reform
Workers protest decision to halt quarrying
Sneh: Israel accepting Wazzani diversion due to rocket threat
Investment potential in Arab states highlighted
Lebanese Americans Encouraged to Invest Back Home
Egyptian businessman’s bid for Lebanese telecom license rejected
Ministry has yet to make decision on wireless internet connections
Hamade: New food law will help consumers
Hariri: Delay in reconstruction due to politics
Authorities learn new ways to fight crime
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 9
Hamra Thoroughfare Anguished by Bumper-to-Bumper 'Traffic Hell'
Syria is Not Angry at Hariri, But Wants to Avert Lahoud's Anger
Jumblat Waves Olive Branch to Hariri, Suggesting Direct Dialogue
Corruption report raises questions
Lahoud tells Ukraine: Force has no role in making peace
Gemayel: Lebanon could serve as cultural bridge
Diplomats chafe at sniping from critics
Ain al-Hilweh committees fret EDL billing plan
Gays and lesbians face uphill battle for acceptance
Move to close quarries sparks demonstrations
Mixed emotions at IC graduation
La Fassad pushes for law to combat graft
Israeli president says Syria hampering peace efforts
AUB network connectivity expansion eased with 3Com technology
Hamade returns from Euro-Med trade talks 
Wireless internet hits Virgin Megastore
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 8
Second Purported Saddam Tape Surfaces on Lebanese TV
Leader of Iraq's Chaldean Catholics Dies in Beirut
Lebanese, Ukrainian presidents call for greater U.N. role in Iraq
Israel Pleads for U.S. Blitz Against Lebanon's Hizbullah, Syria and Iran
Bashir Gemayel's Son Thrust into the Limelight
Lebanon's U.S. Gen. Abizaid Assumes Central Command for Iraq
Gen. Sayyed Given Green Light to Sue NTV's Khayyat for Libel
Addoum clears Sayyed of wrongdoing
Russians stress comprehensive settlement
Constitutional Council’s fate still unclear
Samaha: All politicians need to call a cease-fire
Army touts progress on de-mining
Metn MP insists state has no right to interfere in formation of political parties
Bodybuilding guru shares know-how
Qatar Airways flies double-daily to and from Beirut
The changing face of Lebanon’s resorts
Captains of economy chart course for future
German economist warns against trade liberalization
Music industry guns for pirates
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 7
Assad and Mubarak call for inclusion of Syria and Lebanon in peace efforts
Syrian, Egyptian leaders talk Mideast, U.S. ties
Coffin-carrying protestors stone Berri's motorcade, provoking gunfire response
Solida Speaks of Dozens of Lebanese Arbitrarily Held by Syria
Hariri will chair Cabinet session
Amal, Hizbullah clash as Berri opens hospital
Gathering unites Christian, Muslim oppositions
Resistance fire lands on Israeli town
Hariri moves to beef up fraud probes
President plans landmark visit to Ukraine
Lahoud praises legacy of school days
Qornet Shehwan conclave provides stage for opposition talks
Quarry owners, MPs rally against Cabinet decision
Lebanon BLC plans capital increase over bad debt
Cyprus Airways' first Dubai-Beirut flight takes off
Batroun draws the crowds as partygoers head North for fun
Grants leave Baabda municipality poised for better service
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 6
Syrian ruling party to ease political grip-paper
Israeli Tank Engines Howl Under Parachute Flares Along S. Lebanon
Syria says no peace in Mideast until Israel gets rid of alleged nuclear weapons
Hezbollah attacks Israel town
LBC President: Trade between Lebanon and UAE can still grow
Record industry calls on Lebanese PM to step up action
blank.gif (59 bytes)
July 5
Israel Claims Hizbullah Fired Missiles at Biggest Jewish Settlement
Roses For Dead Lebanese Prisoner at Syrian Embassies Abroad
Israel: 'Why Does Hizbullah Need Missiles Since We're Out of Lebanon'
Franjieh ‘won’t support’ extra term for Lahoud
Hoss urges changes to electoral law
Hammoud says no Lebanese remain in Syrian prisons
Beirut will ask for renewal of UNIFIL mandate
Verdi’s Aida, on a grand scale, shines in Tyre
Beit Mery suffering from government shortcomings
Internet chat offers anonymous escape route
British world war dead lie in well-kept cemeteries
Car rental sector having a breakdown
Consumers unhappy with foreign imports
Southern security net tightens around tourism industry
Equity review
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 4
Lebanese paper: Skeletons may be remains of Palestinians, not Israeli MIAs
Mystery of 3 Corpses in Bekaa Rattles Israel
Cabinet finally fills diplomatic posts
Pro-Syrian camp puts on brave face
‘New left’ on verge of forming party
Magistrate seeks death sentence for terrorists
Addoum announces end of NTV case
Plan to create 2 new governorates draws fire
Group to help consumers avoid fraud
Parents of prisoners in Egypt rally against cruelty
US completes de-mining training
NNA enters space age 10 years late
Israel unable to confirm report about MIA skeletons
Three skeletons that may be remains of Israeli soldiers found in Lebanon
Lebanon pound stable on continued special CD offer
Video conference marks a first for touting investment
Moody’s: Tough conditions are stifling banks
Group to help consumers avoid fraud
Restaurant industry tangled up in red tape
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 3
Dozens Charged in Lebanon Bombings, Anti-U.S. Plots
31 suspects indicted in relation to series of bombing attacks on US outlets
Syrian Prime Minister receives Lebanese official
Former Pan Am Chief Najeeb Halaby Dies
31 Suspects Indicted for Terror Attacks on American Fast-Food Joints
Assad Issues General Amnesty, May End Drama of Lebanese Prisoners
Hariri Rejects Presidential System, "No One Person Can Rule Lebanon"
Supporters say Damascus has ‘new approach’
House approves 9 draft laws at end of session
Maronite bishops see ‘glimmer of hope’ for just Palestinian-Israeli peace
Outdated law keeps Beirut in disarray
Taxi driver offers to take customers on the ‘pathway to pleasure’
Quarry owners and workers protest Cabinet decision
Casino du Liban dinner opens emigrant event
Lebanon minister to propose state cellular firms
Lebanon gross fx reserves equal $11.27 bln end-June
Dhs3bn trade between Lebanon and UAE can still grow, says LBC president
Lebanon, cruise business slumps
EU provides $13.8m for Euro-Med preparation
Finance Ministry publishes new tax guide
Microsoft offers to teach journalists
Banque Audi predicts rebound, says privatization will have positive effect 
Lebanon minister to propose state cellular firms
Lebanon gross fx reserves equal $11.27 bln end-June
Dhs3bn trade between Lebanon and UAE can still grow, says LBC president
Lebanon, cruise business slumps
EU provides $13.8m for Euro-Med preparation
Finance Ministry publishes new tax guide
Microsoft offers to teach journalists
Banque Audi predicts rebound, says privatization will have positive effect 
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 2
Anti-Syria Bill Gathers Majority in U.S. Congress
Aoun Says Damascus Lost All Trump Cards
Two New Provinces Added to Lebanon's Map
Geagea's Plight Debated with Britain, Amnesty International
Iranian official dismisses US threats
Tyre’s Roman Stadium set to stage performance of Aida
MPs debate carving up Bekaa and Akkar
NTV hearing to enter 5th round on Thursday
Ivanov expected to visit Lebanon on regional tour
New overpasses will help thin traffic on Beirut-Damascus Road
Group Criticizes Palestinian Truce
Hizbullah confident cease-fire will not hold, plays ‘waiting game’
Traffic in cruise ships lags behind rest of tourist sector
Government accused of neglecting agricultural industry
Lebanon News in Brief
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July 1
Gen. Sayyed from Surete Generale to Ambassador in London?
UNIFIL Leaves S. Lebanon if Palestinian-Israeli Roadmap Takes Effect
Israel Holds Barghouti, Obeid and Dirani at Shin Bet Secret
105 Lebanese Win U.S. Immigration Visas by Lottery
Bomb Scare in Ashrafiyeh
Lahoud-Hariri calm remains unruffled
President stresses EU role in peace plans
Berri affirms need for political unity
Obeid finalizes plan for diplomatic posts
Obeid: Palestinian-Israeli truce must be embraced
AUB marks opening of new business faculty
Doctor warns of dangers of obesity in children
Citizenship committee deal expected soon
Lebanese envoy to France passes away
Huge demand for Cyprus Airways Dubai-Beirut Flights
Nation gears up for WTO membership
Metropolitan City Center to be aided by IDAL
Training program could put Lebanese software on map
Economy and environment can work together
Tobacco growers face tough times, state neglect
Lebanon News in Brief

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