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August 2003

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August 31
Giant lizard terrorises Beirut
Hizbollah fires at Israeli jets over Lebanon
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August 30
VIP Coincidence in Sardinia: Hariri, Putin and Berlusconi Meet
Aoun Chops Off Heads from the Champs Elysee
Lebanese again delay verdict in Canadian spy case
Up to $400 Million Deposited in Lebanon for Illegal Iraqi Trade
Electricity Authority Awarded Temporary Bailout
Bloodbath at Holiest Shiite Shrine Certifies Iraq's Lebanonization
Unlikely alliance backs Deeb
Aounist puts sovereignty on by-election agenda
Even graft battle can’t eclipse plan to divide Mount Lebanon
Race to finance EDL fuel purchases nearing end
Youth face tough choices over emigration
Fadlallah puts case for death penalty
Securitization no good without sell-offs, reform
Who will clean up on solid-waste contracts?
Illegal internet connections satisfy geeks
How to run a central bank? Author shows the way
Equity Review
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 29
Electricity Crisis Evades All Solutions
Berri Scuttles Bailout for Electricity Authority, Power Rationing Intensifies
Only 8 days’ fuel remains as EDL faces crisis
Humayed locked in talks over EDL loan
Christian opposition thaw is well and truly over
Former minister called to fraud hearing
Moghrabi offered release on bail
Obeid, Sharaa discuss Iraq ahead of foreign ministers’ parley
Hariri wraps up landmark visit to Kazakhstan
Egypt runs hoops round weary Lebanon
Japanese lawmakers visit former occupation zone
ITV takes McCarthy back to Beirut
Lebanon pound steady, ignores talk of new aid meet
New aid won't flow easily to debt-laden Lebanon
Telecom securitization in the cards
Beirut’s waste policy: End of Sukleen, Sukomi contracts raises major questions
Hamra works set to run till next April
Hamade bans export of rough diamonds
Political disputes block Lebanon privatisation plans
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 28
Lebanon judge orders jailed rights activist freed
21 Lebanese militiamen and their families return to Lebanon from Israel...
Verdict postponed for Canadian accused by Beirut
Lebanese militiamen, families return from Israel
Red Planet Glows Bright for Lebanon's Peaks, But Not Much Else
Electricity crisis set to worsen still further
South endures arbitrary power cuts up to 14 hours daily
Battle urges Beirut to back Iraqi governing council
Saad pours cold water on graft battle
Stargazers flock to Cedars as Mars skims close
Hawi to submit findings on reconciliation
Soccer federation suspends top player for missing training camp
Kazakhstan and Lebanon to prepare agreements for economic cooperation
Authorities ‘will not rest’ till Al-Madina settles debts
Abboud: Industry no longer profitable
Standard Chartered bank kicks off Mastercard plan
Lebanon economy grows 2 percent in first quarter: Audi Bank
Debt-laden Lebanon talks of possible new aid summit
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 27
Red Cross meeting gives hope to family of abducted Israeli soldier
'Enemies of truth' jailed Lebanon activist
Hizbullah declines to give any details on negotiations with Israel
Shebaa Farms: CNN and the US media encounter difficult terrain
Lebanon Tracks Mars from Cedar Mountaintops
Source: Israel, Hezbollah prisoner swap to happen in next few days
Lahoud: Graft battle is top priority
Hariri, Chirac discuss possible ‘Paris III’
Hizbullah buries remains of repatriated fighters
Mtayleb’s ‘Godzilla’ still evades capture
Fair judges, whistleblowers ‘deserve help’
Illegal Bekaa dairy factories face closure
Palestinian donates $10,000 to save dialysis patients
Hoops team through to final 7 in Amman championship
Lebanon Improves Land Registration System With Help From The World Bank
Hamade: Shopping Festival needs an overhaul
Qatar still willing to supply Lebanon with gas
Construction chief stands by his works, explains hidden challenges
YMCA pouring funds into projects for South
Khalil to hold cross-group parley on agriculture
Charles Helou station on road to nowhere
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 26
Report: U.S suspects Iraqi WMD in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley
Two explosions reported in south Lebanon, one girl injured
Report: Israel no longer linking Arad's return to freeing militants
Lahoud Denies Seeking New Term, Says Reform Earning Him Enemies
Rift Tears Gemayel Family Apart as Siblings Build Christian Power Bases
Blast shakes Lebanon home of Hizbollah mayor
Israel hopes Hizbollah prisoner swap ''months'' away
Lahoud vows to overcome obstacles to reform
Observers favor Helou as by-election revs up
Baabda-Aley by-election sees opposition spat
Tragedy mars welcome as ‘Superstar’ Zein goes home
US move against Hamas funding hits dialysis
United States freezes assets of Sidon-based charity
Israel gives up bodies of Hizbullah pair
Sex workers face violence, drug abuse
Arab science group holds founding meet
Judo suffers as rival federations trade verbal blows
Leading golfers showcase talent in Bir Hassan
German mediator met Israeli citizen abducted by Hezbollah
Battle: Private sector is engine for growth
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 25
Hizbollah let mediator visit Israeli captive
Hezbollah bodies handed over
Israel Threatens to Shift Target-Killing Tactics to Syria
Lahoud pledges 10-year plan to conserve water
Nasrallah: end to detainee ordeal now in sight
Candidates start making the rounds in Baabda-Aley
Pakradouni backs down over jibes at Hariri
Row over quarries brings political scandals to fore
Beaufort Castle: filthy, smelly, neglected
Qatar triumphs over Lebanese hoops team
First U.S. trade fair since war to open in Beirut next month
Politics, economy are not same debate
With growing pool of talent, local web design takes off
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 24
Lebanon ordered Palestinian charity closed two months before assets freeze
Hizbollah sees resolution soon for Israel captives
Former CIA Officer Likens Iraq to Lebanon of the Early 1980s
Salameh Out of Baghdad, En Route to New York
Power Privatization Electrifies New Cabinet Rift
Fleeing Lebanese Sky Pirate Returns to Swiss Prison
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August 23
Gunman Shoots Sidon Businessman Believed to be Hariri Relative
Getting plugged in: EDL does roaring trade in overdue fees
Lahoud impressed with success of hijack simulation
Political calm belies shifting in alliances, apparent Sunni split
Ambassadors spar over role of Hizbullah
Televised youth debate turns sectarian
Hezbolah fears graft will impede reform, ready 'for cooperation’ with Lahoud
Resistance ‘does not condone’ electricity theft
UN House gathering mourns victims of Baghdad bombing
Rally driver heads for Jordan in bid to break King Hussein’s record
Ain al-Hilweh protesters burn US, Israeli flags
Lebanon power sell-off postponed for now-minister
Lebanon pound slips slightly on domestic tensions
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 22
Bush Freezes Assets of Six Hamas Leaders
Pentegon: Soldiers Said Captured Are Safe
Group claims it has captured two U.S. soldiers in Iraq
Lahoud Is Not Ditching Hariri
US report says Hizbullah set up rogue Fatah cells
Power corruption probe gathering pace
New alliances put pressure on Hariri
Lahoud: Administrative reforms go beyond fighting graft
War of words heats up in by-election battle
Bar chief: Moghrabi case ‘purely legal’
Komodo Dragon sightings cause panic in Mtayleb
Hoops teams win 1st round in Amman trophy
Lebanon tries Canadian missionary as spy for Israel
Regie securitization could net $600m
Making the company work for you: Management experts offer advice
Beirut to host fair for IT professionals
Syria to ease Lebanese trucking fees
Byblos Bank, OPEC fund sign $5 million deal
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 21
Canadian Pastor Tells Beirut Court He's Not a Spy for Israel
Army, police in action to unhook power pirates
FPM backs Dib as field narrows in Baabda-Aley race
Qoleilat hearing kicks off Al-Madina Bank probe
Canadian on trial for spying on Hizbullah bases
Politicians, religious figures slam Baghdad bombing
MP Karami warns against ‘prepackaged elections’
Communist Party calls comrades to rally
Moghrabi group challenges his imprisonment
Hamade: Arab world at crossroads
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 20
Canadian missionary accused of spying for Israel goes on trial in Beirut
Lebanon combs grain trucks for stray Iraq bombs
Shalom: Israel will agree to prisoner exchange with Hezbollah
Aoun's FPM Selects Deeb to Contest Aley-Baabda By-Elections
Army-led Crackdown on Power Pirates Begins with Prison, Fines, Threats
Army, ISF to back EDL fight with power pirates
Salameh distraught as UN boss dies in Baghdad blast
De Mistura discusses South with European diplomats
Israel, Hizbullah confirm indirect prisoner talks
Aoun defends plan to field Baabda-Aley candidate
Quest for Arab superstar finally over as Jordanian wins
Hoops team on road to Amman for match-up with top Arab talent
Unions vow strikes, protests over tax
New ad campaign aims to boost tourism
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 19
Lebanon Palestinians give sweets after Israel attack
State Depart. Presses Syria on Terror
Hamas issues rival claim for Jerusalem bus bomb
Islamic Jihad claims Jerusalem bombing-Hizbollah TV
Bremer urges Syria to stop fighters entering Iraq
NY Congressman says will push bill to sanction Syria
Israel wary of Hezbollah prisoner swap talk
Fire guts landmark hotel in Baalbek
Aoun Names Tuesday FPM Candidate to Contest Aley By-Elections
Germany Reactivates Mediation for Hizbullah-Israeli Prisoners Swap
Moghrabi's Supporters Begin a 'Candlelight Hunger Strike' to Free Him
Jordanian wins Arab 'Idol'
Jordan's Diana Carzoun Grabs Arab Superstar Title, Edging Out Syrian Rival
Halting power theft won’t fix EDL
Intruders fail to crack safe during EDL break-in
Jockeying begins in Baabda-Aley by-elections
Bomb rocks Islamist area near Ain al-Hilweh
National hoops team faces defeat, power outage in Prague
Nijmeh hoping to play against Brazilian club
LibanPost sees first-ever profit in 2004
Trade delegation visits Lebanon and Egypt
Lebanon gross forex reserves $12.4 bln mid-August
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 18
Congressman Sees New Hope for Syria Sanction Act
Jordanian Diana Karzon wins Superstar talent show
Hizbollah Renews Threat to Capture Israelis
Syria refutes Israeli overflight claim
Bombing War Rocks Lebanon's Largest Palestinian Camp
Palestinian Premier To Make 1st Official Visit to Lebanon in September
Lebanon Power crisis snowballs into major scandal
Syria supports anti-corruption drive
Lebanon, Syria seek unified stance on Iraq
Former MP to propose new election law based on ‘individual constituency’
Students flock to Lebanon to study
Rotary scholar returns home after year in the United States
Security officials issue warning about Hezbollah kidnap plot
Second theme park likely to cement Lebanon as region’s Riviera
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 17
Sharon Says His Jets Buzzed Lahoud's Baabda Palace Plus Assad's Resort
EDL Launches Gun-Point Bill Collection This Week
Palestinians want Syria, Lebanon liaison on peace
Nabil Sha'ath supports right of return for refugees in Lebanon
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August 16
Aoun Won't Run for Aley Seat, Says: "I don't Trust Regime of Assassins"
Lebanese Hijacker's Turkish Girlfriend Speaks Out
Assad defends Hizbullah’s rocket attacks, slams Israeli assassination policy
Queries stalk $1bn power probe
Jumblatt fingers Humayed adviser, says power crisis is result of graft
Hariri declares he has patience of Job, hints he will not stay silent
Experts lament country’s strongest export: talented people
Esoteric website shows path to human perfection
Soccer team returns from Syria with no win, no loss and no belongings
Legitimacy of GLC leadership comes under fire
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 15
Israeli Warplanes Fly Over Syrian Leader's House-TV
Lahoud Strong-Arms Hariri, Premier Seen Giving in
Assad Rattles Sabers with Bush over Hizbullah's Attacks
Moghrabi's Release Seen Blocked by 'Unlawful Interventions'
"Munir's" Would-be Murderers Snatched by Police
U.S. administration hopes economic pressure will alter Syrian behavior
Diplomats say Israel set to continue overflights
De Mistura urges all parties to respect Blue Line
Aridi: Officials must be accountable in graft war
Labor unions vow to escalate joint action
Discrimination drives Arab students to Lebanon
Lucky lotto players collect their checks
Stallone backing action TV series set in Mideast
Human rights defender in Lebanon is now imprisoned defendant
Cabinet approves EDL bank loan
AUST expert advises on best practice for businesses
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 14
Syria Nudges U.S. Over 'Expansionist' Israel
US envoy holds talks with Syrian president on roadmap, Iraq
UN envoy calls on Israel to stop over-flights of Lebanon
Government Declares 'Armed Collection' of Power Bills
Lawyer Moghrabi May be Released Thursday
Aounists Cannot Formulate 'Objective Stance' on Moghrabi's Arrest
Beirut Bent on Stopping Sharon from Target Assassinations in Lebanon
Cabinet paves way for probe into electricity debacle
No easy solutions as power crisis lurches on
Observers fear escalation as Hizbullah fires on F-16s
Hizbullah fires again on Israeli jets over Lebanon
Electoral battle heats up baabda-aley contest is chance ‘to speak out’
New diplomatic attaches take oath
Basketball gears up for hot transfer season
Berri queries delays to joint projects
Lebanon lets state power firm borrow to buy fuel
Lebanon pound stable despite Israel border tension
Lebanon budget gap 37.43 pct of spending end-July
PSP slams proposed VAT increase for burdening poor
LU teachers plan protest at door of Finance Ministry
EDL workers hope for end to benefits dispute
Busy summer boosts passenger numbers at Beirut Airport
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 13
Imad Mugniyah may have joined forces with al Qaeda in Iraq
Lebanon Dr. al-Mugraby 'must be immediately released'
UN discusses recent escalation along Israel-Lebanon border
Hizbollah fires on Israeli jets over Lebanon
Israeli jets break sound barrier over Lebanon
Lebanon's Most Wanted 'Terrorist' on U.S. Blacklist Flees Iran
U.N. Patrols Blue Line But Israeli Jets Still Pierce Lebanon's Airspace
Lebanese Lawyer Sued by S. Arabian Crown Prince's Offshoots
24 Casino Money Sharks Booked, 58 Freed on Bail
Syria: Israel at fault for any escalation
Russians express ‘deep concern’ over escalation
Boueiz blames failing security on Jewish state
Fans outraged as Lebanon’s entry to Superstar ousted
Humayed hopes to stop EDL price hike
Abdullah: ‘Tourism is the crude oil of Lebanon’
VAT causes 4.3 percent hike in CPI
Malls set to take capital’s shopping scene by storm
Goodbye postcards,  hello ‘super postcards’
Regional online heavyweight comes to Lebanon
Stock exchange yet to hit a real high
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 12
Border Tension with Israel is easing, says Hezbollah
Syria backs Hizbollah despite US warning
Syria says Israel derailing peace efforts
Singing show snub turns audience into mob
U.S. Pressures Lebanon, Syria, Israel to Avert New Mideast War
Lebanese 'Superstar' Heartthrob Disqualified, Angry Crowds Take to Streets
Beirut Without Lights Despite Presidential Raid on EDL
Controversy Sharpens Over Lawyer Moghrabi's Detention
Hizbullah, Israel turn up the heat carefully
Israel mounts diplomatic offensive amid tense quiet
Sonic booms rattle Beirut as Israel ups pressure on Hizbullah
Lahoud slams Israeli sonic-boom flight
Obeid mulls taking complaint to UN
Traffic laws failing to protect children
Aley seat looks set for electoral fight
Fadlallah slams American double standards in international diplomacy
Prosecution delays spying trial of Canadian pastors
Giant lizard terrorizing Rabieh residents is identified
Marjayoun cafes come tumbling down as state destroys riverside structures
Flagship Rainbow Warrior will bring Greenpeace mission to Lebanon
U.S. urges restraint following Hezbollah attacks
Israel puts Syrian forces in Lebanon on notice
Isarel: Hezbollah knows rules have changed after cannons destroyed
Beirut gears up for 2nd round of WTO talks
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 11
Israeli Jets Buzz Beirut as Sharon's Hawks Call for "Burning" it Altogether
Sitrida Geagea Takes LF Against Aounists in Baabda By-Election
Lebanon Seeks Support of Security Council Veto-Powers
Hizbullah Vows to Teach Israel "Unpleasant Battlefield Lesson"
New Hint that Hizbullah's 4th Israeli Hostage is Dead
Human Rights Groups Say Moghrabi Detained for Defying Syria
Israel hits back after shells kill youth
Israel bombs South as tensions escalate along border
Hizbullah vows to make Israel pay
Beirut taking complaint to Security Council
Hariri, Sfeir unite against political squabbling
No violence as FPM marks 2001 clashes with security forces
Lawyer’s arrest sparks condemnations
Civil Defense ill-equipped to tackle fires
Israel bombs South as tensions escalate along border
Entrepreneur plans to make Jbeil a world-class destination
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 10
Officials: Israel will respond with caution to Hezbollah fire
Hizbollah blames Israel for any future escalations
Israel holds back response to shelling - Haaretz
Israel attacks Hizbullah after fatal shelling - Guardian
Israel protests Hezbollah attack - Haaretz
FACTBOX-Border death pushes Lebanon Hizbollah to limelight
Israel Bombs Lebanon After Attack - AP
Israel raids south Lebanon - BBC
Shlomi residents ordered into shelters - Haaretz
Israeli killed, another seriously hurt by Hezbollah fire in north - Haaretz
One killed, four wounded in Hizbullah shelling attack - Jerusalem Post
Lebanon protest demands end to Syrian domination
Rights group demands Lebanon free activist
Israel tells UN that Syria and Lebanon must rein in Hezbollah
U.S. Forcefully Demands from Lebanon, Syria to Curb Hizbullah
LF Lashes at Karami's Stance on Geagea's Release
Aounists Mark Clampdown Anniversary Amid Heavy Security Deployment
Lebanese Self-Styled Human Rights Lawyer Behind Bars
FBI Reveals Lebanese Pilot's Role in Sept. 11 Jetliner Crash
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August 9
Lahoud urges Arab unity, economic ties
FPM to stage protest outside Justice Ministry
Head of Maronite League sees ‘positive step’ in citizenship probe
Surete Generale unveils new Zahle HQ
Illegal electric hook-ups pose fatal risks
Hizbullah hits back in Shebaa Farms
Hariri’s proposed VAT hike ‘could slow growth’
VAT hike needs careful, in-depth appraisal
‘Paris II’ and brisk export trade give positive indicators for 1st quarter
Humayed: Power cuts due to fuel shortage alone
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 8
IDF: Israel doesn't fear escalation in north, but Syria and Lebanon should
US warns Lebanon, Syria over Hezbollah attack
Annan urges restraint after shooting from Lebanon across withdrawal line
Lebanon's Hizbollah says more attacks on the way
Israel tells Syria, Lebanon to restrain Hizbollah
US Condemns Hezbollah's Attacks on Israeli Army Posts
Violence Flares in West Bank, South Lebanon
Hizbollah Attacks Israel Posts in Disputed Area
Air, Land Hostilities Shatter 8-Month Lebanon-Israel Border Lull
Lebanon holds three over killing of Hizbollah man
FPM supporters still feel repercussions of 2001 crackdown
Sfeir calls for ‘loyalty’ on Aug. 7 anniversary
Speculation rampant on succession to Pierre Helou’s parliamentary seat
Jbeil MP says transitional gov't is the only solution to avert a national crisis
Cabinet meeting to focus on electricity problem
Lebanese pound unshaken by Hezbollah violence
Hariri Touts New Taxation Plan Likely to Burden Middle, Upper Classes
Management 101: Focus on the present
EDL workers threaten strike over utility fees
Central Statistics Department to update data
Industrialists, army seek to boost purchases
High marks for consumer protection plan
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 7
Report: Germany has no plans to resume mediation for prisoners swap  
Lebanon declares Balfour an enemy of the state
Karami Proposes National Referendum on Geagea's Freedom
Electricity Crisis at Dead End, Either Money or Blackout
Germany Abandons Mediation for Hizbullah-Israel Prisoners Swap
Israel Fields Biggest Military Buildup on Lebanon's Border
EDL under fire as power cuts reach Beirut
Fuel shortage killing electricity in South
Lahoud vows greater efforts to protect NSSF
Opposition morose on prospects for presidential election
Students mark 2nd anniversary of arrests
Tueni says true celebrations must await Syria’s withdrawal
Fake marriage schemes give men the chance to emigrate for a price
It’s official: Coach Sarkis signs with Sporting
Green activists pin hopes on latest solid-waste plan
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 6
Killing of Hizbullah man could revive undercover war
Helou’s son likely to run for father’s seat
Lawsuits pile up in Al-Madina bankruptcy scandal
Aridi: Israel isn’t interested in clear, stable or feasible ‘road map’
Humayed warns of more power cuts on way
Obeid rejects US plan for Arab peacekeepers in Iraq
Group links world peace to inter-faith dialogue
Lebanese Ambassador Survives Marriot Hotel Blast
Lebanese officials praise Kuwaiti culture, criticize Saddam's shameful  
Fadlallah says 'a change of Lebanese mindsets' is wanted
Workers fret potential hike in VAT
Dubai media group showing the way
Industrialists woo army with 4-day exhibit
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 5
Killing of Hizbullah official has far-reaching security implications
Opposition angered as Bteghrin suspects freed
Lahoud urges bankers to keep system stable
MP Karami says ‘dark fate’ awaits Lebanon
Dignitaries  attend funeral of Pierre Helou
Lebanese Gathering for Dialogue prepares for 2-day conference
Battle announces program to send high school students to US
Ali Abdullah speaks on farming, Amal and political life
Too hot to handle: Are Beirut’s scorching summers getting to us?
Israeli intelligence: Hezbollah, W. Bank cells planning separate terror attacks
Construction starts on Lebanese theme park
Summer vacation will leave country in political repose
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 4
After planting trees in Lebanon, Canadian arrested for ‘Israel ties’
Police Panthers Arrest 82 Money Sharks at Casino du Liban
Assad Appeases Bkirki, Bush to Retain Final Say on Lebanon's Next Presidency
George Hawi Sketches Scenario to End Metn's War of Murr Brothers
An Nahar, 70, Moves to Downtown New Building in February
Hizbullah vows to retaliate, blames fatal car bomb on US, Israel
Patriarch leads Mass during visit to Chouf
‘Man of reconciliation’ Pierre Helou dies
Canadian spy suspects face jail, hard labor
Bteghrin probe was ‘not up to scratch’
Burns may skip Lebanon, Syria on regional visit
Speakers vent anti-Israeli feeling at Ain al-Hilweh rally
Shoot-out between feuding families leaves 1 dead, 33 arrested
Sarkis confirms he is leaving Sagesse
Lebanon gross forex reserves $12.2 bln at end-July
Banque Audi chief sees bright prospects
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 3
Friend defends Canadian jailed in Lebanon
Throng mourns, buries slain Hizbollah member
Latam Tri-Border Area Bankrolling Islamic Militants
Hizbullah blames Israel for activist assassination, vows revenge
Hizbullah Vows Revenge from Israel for Booby-Trap Car Assassination
Geagea's Wife Unveils Plans for "Discreet" LF Martyrs Mass
An Nahar Turns 70 Monday
Beirut blast kills Hizbollah member - Reuters
Iran embassy driver killed in Beirut, Hezbollah blames Israel - Haaretz
Two killed in Beirut car bombing - AP
Beirut car bomb kills one - BBC
blank.gif (59 bytes)
August 2
Pierre Hilou Drops Dead During Hizbullah TV Talk Show
Sfeir Points a Finger at Unbalanced Relations with Syria
Canadian 'spy' had links to occupation radio
Army Day helps soothe tensions at the top
Lahoud calls for end to political bickering
New EU envoy pays courtesy calls on Hariri, Obeid
Restaurateurs hold out over Wazzani ‘violation’
Visa rules eased for some nationalities to boost tourism
Jewelry markets may not be a gold mine
Lebanon News in Brief
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August 1
Israel, Lebanon tensions rise
Canada priest accused of spying on Hizbollah, army
Heat Wave Ignites Forrest Fires, Shweifat Church Rescued
Bush Outlines Coercive Methods to Make Syria Disband Hizbullah
Hizbullah Threatens Global War Against U.S. Interests if Attacked
Second Canadian Priest Charged in Lebanon with Spying for Israel
Ibrahim Abu Ayash Subpoenaed for Questioning After His Brother
Nasrallah warns US not to seek Hizbullah’s end
Cabinet defers possible row over CDR
De Mistura links overflights, retaliation
Hawi puts faith in conference on national reconciliation
Gabriel Murr: Bteghrin inquiry ‘not enough’
Opposition MP urges Arab route to modernization
Internet project reaches across borders to link refugees
Canada plays down priest’s spying charge
Security Council extends Lebanon UN mission; condemns acts of violence
Lebanese pound steady as forex reserves grow
Global financial heavyweights slam Pace of reform, lack of political will
UAE decree to shake up media companies
Businesses look at what drives performance
Lebanon News in Brief

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