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October 2003

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October 31
America, Israel waging campaign to blot out reality - Al Manar
U.S. Says Flatly Syria Should Quit Lebanon 'Shortly'
New Syrian Army Redeployment Seen Imminent in Lebanon
U.S. Senate Nearing Finalization of Anti-Syria Sanctions
Judiciary Won't Seek Aoun's Extradition for Now
Cabinet session heads off new crisis
Lahoud satisfied by budget approval
Lebanese cleric describes situation in Iraq, says Middle East ‘needs Christians’ 
Local officials defend Al-Manar TV series on Jewish history
New student alliances developing for forthcoming elections
Saad opposes custom-made constitutional amendments
Professor describes Islam’s images of Jesus
A happy marriage: Mexico and Lebanon
Singers bring Omar Khayam to stage
Olympic head to Amman for second-leg game
Financial figures accuse politicians of failing to run economy properly
Lebanon says to resume issuing T-bills next week
Lebanon's Byblos posts 9-month profit rise
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 30
State Dept. Will Support Syria Sanctions
State Dept. official to Senate: Syria's record on Iraq and terror 'is poor'
Lebanon charges Yemen terror suspect over bombings
Ashes of Edward Said Buried in Lebanon
Israel, U.S. Developing Laser Cannon
Israel: Seven suicide bombings thwarted in past week
Al Manar TV Aires 'Diaspora' Documentary, Overruling U.S. Protests
US fumes over Al-Manar's series on history of Zionism
'Diaspora' + 'Grief' Over Wolfowitz's Escape = U.S. Backlash?
Cabinet Approves 2004 Budget, Syria Whistles a Lahoud-Hariri Goalless Draw
Obeid blames flareups in South on Israel
Ministers finally pass economic plan
Samaha calls for return to principles of Madrid
No easy answers on decentralization
Fairuz: a breath of Lebanon in the city of angels
New breast cancer drug offers hope
Olympic clinches top spot in Lebanese Soccer League
Diana Karazone divides Ramadan between Jordan and Lebanon
Mandatory (03) due to lack of mobile lines
Environmental projects receive financial shot in the arm from Ford
Farmers oppose opening markets to Middle East
Business leaders back next generation with $30,000
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 29
Hizbollah TV airs show on Zionism, U.S. objects
Israeli Families Bicker Over Prisoner Swap
General Antoine Lahd - Restauranteur
Hezbollah prisoner deal stirs up feud between two worried families
Tank Barrages Torch Lebanon-Israel Border as New Mideast Flashpoint
Syria Rescues Lebanon from a Lahoud-Hariri Civil War
Israel and Hizbullah don’t want major confrontation
Israel: Hizbullah planning to turn up the heat
War of words follows Shebaa exchange; Shalom warns Lebanon and Syria  
Sfeir says people ‘fed up’ with border incidents
UN official concerned at security situation in south
Left stands by Jumblatt for riling Americans
Diab: UN should avoid double standards in policymaking
Merhej blames infighting on constitutional loopholes
No injuries as building falls down in Beirut
7 Maghdousheh council members resign
‘Things will be OK:’ Jaggi Vasudev’s here
Ghada Saghieh shows beauty with plenty of insight
Cabinet awaits report on CDR budget
Beirut merchants ask banks for special break
Farmers left with 35,000 tons of surplus apples
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 28
Israel says Hezbollah planning big attack
Hezbollah says it won't tolerate Israeli stalling on possible prisoner swap
Israel Northern Commander Comments on Hizbullah
Hizbollah says can't bear stalling on prisoner swap
Israeli minister blames Syria for Hizbollah attack
Israel Orders Army to Standby for Action Against Lebanon
U.N. Urges Lebanon to Curb Hizbullah, U.S. Urges Restraint
Hizbullah-Israeli Border Flare-up Threatens Major Mideast Blow-Up
Speculation About New Syrian Army Redeployment out of Lebanon
Jumblat Infuriates U.S. by Calling Wolfowitz 'Germ'
US slams Jumblatt for Iraq comments
Fate of CDR hangs in the balance of Lahoud-Hariri row
Budget Dispute Aggravates Lahoud-Hariri Power Struggle
Hizbullah hits Israeli posts in Shebaa
Tenants’ rights committee slams articles in new draft rental law
Magistrate praises death penalty
Municipality law still under discussion
6 Killed in Traffic Accident Near Byblos
Contraception makes quiet inroads despite taboo
Intel inaugurates Finance Competency Center at AUB
Fifth extraordinary budget session due
Net public debt reaches  reaches $30.29 billion
Gas pipeline could unlock massive benefits
GLC pleased with turnout during strike
Higher Relief Committee reports on work completed in 2003
BLOM’s profits show increase
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 27
Powell urges Israel, Syria to ease tensions
Hizbullah rockets hit Israeli posts - Guardian
Lebanon, Syria agree response to Israel "threats"
Lebanon Druze leader outrages US
Palestinian Militant Groups Join Forces - Washington Post
Druze chief rues rockets missed Wolfowitz in Iraq
Powell Appeals for Easing of Tension Along Israeli-Lebanese Border
Hezbollah Shells Bring Israeli Airstrikes
Americans in Syria urged to beware
Israel frees Lebanese man captured aboard Santorini weapons ship
Berri Wonders About a U.S. Accountability Act in Arab Parliaments
Lahoud Picks at Hariri's CDR Budget as Jumblat Rings Alarm Bells
Berri: US should mind its own business
Aoun warrant raises doubt over judicial integrity
Sfeir arrives in Germany for 3-day visit
No respite in spat between Lahoud and Hariri
Amal slams talks with Gadhafi
Qanso: Lebanese politicians are ‘like children’
Kefraya hosts annual wine festival
Nejmeh, Mabarra battle to 3-3 draw in final minutes of game
National rugby team takes regional title
After 10 years, Al-Madina Theater to close
Lebanon's Blom Bank 9-month profit up to $66.1 mln
Lebanon records $3.21 bln BOP surplus in Jan-Aug
Donor funds going unspent; Poor record threatening future aid
Husseini: Budget discussions ‘useless’
Spending plan ripped as insufficient
Expatriates aim to help exports
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 26
Seductive videos raising eyebrows in Arab world
10 Bahraini youth to stand trial for role in riots during Leb singer's concert
Ramadan Begins in Lebanon Monday, Warnings of Terror Attacks Elsewhere
French Troops Honor Comrades Killed in Beirut Suicide Bombing
Lahoud Firm, Hariri Flexible as Budget Wrangling Moves into Last Phase
Syria may hit towns in Golan Heights ifIsrael attacks again, says Syrian FM
Syria VP Discussing Return of Iraq Funds
ESCWA to strengthen cooperation between Lebanon and Syria on shared water
Lebanon pound slips more out of band in bank trade
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October 25
Aoun Says Syrian Regimes Won't Exist in Lebanon by 2005
Warrant Posted for Aoun's Arrest at Lebanon's Air, Sea and Land Inlets
Top Jurist Says If Aoun Is to Be Prosecuted, So Should Sfeir
Lebanon Judge issues arrest warrant for General Aoun
Lebanon drops ranking on press freedom; Country down from 56 to 106 
Lahoud, Hariri truce was mediated by Syria
Hariri optimistic despite a few ‘black  clouds’
President urges UN Security Council members to strive for peace
Military court adjourns in trial of suspected bombing network
Economy minister proffers definition of terror, says individuals, govt's also guilty
Lahoud urges China to help revive peace process
Greenpeace retrieves illegally dumped expired medicines
Ras al-Ain dump blamed for contaminating drinking water
Frustrated hunters forced to wait for new law
Protesters slam Israeli atrocities
Lebanon deports 30 Egyptians
A story that is told and retold: Hussein’s martyrdom related in poems
Broummana High School celebrates 130th birthday
Lebanon central bank stops special CDs-bankers
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 24
Lebanon Seeks Arrest of Exiled Christian General
Sweden drops terror claim against Lebanon-born man
Rumsfeld Remembers Lessons of Marine Barracks Bombing
Privatization Back on Track, Suggesting Lahoud-Hariri New Honeymoon
U.N. Warns Israel's Air Forays Destabilize Blue Line
Labor Protests Seen a Fiasco, Unemployment Reaches 27%
4,000 protest against state policies
Cabinet agrees on partly finalized 2004 draft budget
Opposition: State oficials exploited protests
Hariri: Governments gave social services top priority
Fallen service members remembered on 20th anniversary of Beirut blast
Clashes reported in Bahrain during concert of ''provocative'' Lebanese singer
Abortion: still a major taboo in society
Art historian extols the glory of Islam, but urges Arabs to do it themselves, too
France, Lebanon dominate Rugby League Mediterranean Cup
Olympic Beirut girds loins for big game Friday
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 23
Syria says wants Middle East peace talks revived
Lebanese man held in administrative detention in Israel for past year
Lebanese strike over budget cuts
U.N. urges Israel to stop flying jets over Lebanon
Troops take to Beirut Streets As Workers Protest 'Starvation Policies'
80 U.S. Senators Sign for Sanctions if Syria Doesn't Quit Lebanon
Libya Offers 60,000 Job Opportunities But Missing Imam Torpedoes Prospects
Lebanese Swede Detained in Stockholm as Bin Laden Terrorist
Syrian truce still holds on budget talks
Solidere: downtown or uptown?
Officials: no comment on lost Iraqi millions
Tannenbaum said lured to Abu Dhabi - Daily Star
Tannenbaum lured to Abu Dhabi, drugged, shipped to Lebanon - Jpost
Iran said to have aided Hezbollah in kidnapping of Tannenbaum - Haaretz
Palestinian, Lebanese students march on US Embassy
Health food: an inscrutable hit
Champville beat Riyadi to lift cup
INTERVIEW-Lebanon telecoms minister wants selloff safeguards
Lebanese workers strike, protest economic policies
More opportunities of financial reform expected to be lost
New hospital aims to set standard
Lebanese industrialists showcase student talent
Parking magnate came home, started small and won big
Banks may lower interest rates
Banque Audi posts higher Q3 profits
INTERVIEW-Lebanon telecoms minister wants selloff safeguards
Berri: No time limit on passing spending plan
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 22
20 Years Later: Nothing Learned, So More American Soldiers Will Die
Israel says closer to prisoner swap with Hizbollah
Israeli hopes high for prisoner swap
Ministers spar over draft budget
Lahoud’s economic report creates a stir
Parliament maintains steady approach with committee memberships
Delegation mends ties with visit to Libya
US law on Syria blamed on ‘Zionists’

Ex-Arab envoys to UN gather in Beirut

2 more groups sign up for general strike
Dubai challenges Disney with giant theme park
Riyadi through to final of hoops tournament
Lebanon, France expected to vie for rugby title
Will Beirut honor ‘Paris II’  commitments?
Fuleihan touts ‘golden opportunity’ for exports
Consumers paying for VAT law violations
Lebanese-Syrian electricity committee reaches cooperation agreement
Port of Beirut lowers hurdle for potential operators
Lebanon risks turbulence without reform-World Bank
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 21
Bahrain parliament refuses 'silly' motion to ban Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram
20 years later, Marine barracks bombing still haunts America in Middle East
U.S. faults Syria on search for Iraqi millions
Ramadan to start on Monday, says Lebanese cleric
Lebanon Seen on Collision Course with U.S. Over Hizbullah
Sfeir Pays Tribute to Assad But Lashes At His Old Guard
Lahoud Wages War on Hariri's 2004 Budget
Lahoud takes on draft budget, supports case for more spending
Strike could cripple economy; public sector walkout is biggest in decade
Maronite League fills political vacuum; New steering committee elected
Samaha, Battle discuss convoy spat
Obeid seeks macenism for OIC resolutions, says US should listen to friends
Prison terms in Al-Madina Bank case
No major changes foreseen as MPs elect committee members
ISF arrests parents of abandoned baby
What major? Students face touch decision
Islamic astrology is serious business
LAU makes political statement with Islamic art program
Lebanon marked by high poverty rate; UNDP says middle class faces extinction
Abdullah upbeat on promise of tourism sector
Economic specialization touted as way of the future
IT sector makes its mark, exports are up
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 20
Bahrain MPs in row over singer Nancy Ajram
Israeli warplanes fly low over southern Lebanon
Alleged Terrorists Lying Low in Syria
Hizbullah in disagreement with US over passage of convoy
Samaha joins US convoy spat, says envoys deviated from permitted route
Prisoner-swap negotiations slow as Germans blame Israeli ‘blabbering’
Jumblatt: Syrian presence under discussion
Orthodox churches call for inter-religious dialogue 
Hospital law faces shakeup
Francophone seminar tackles causes of trauma
Residents protest Jiyye waste plant
Experts gather to discuss political legitimacy in an unstable region
Marathon brings international flavor to Beirut
Riyadi come out on top in Hussamiddine Hariri Tournament
Tax, spending row likely to split Cabinet
Qordahi favors privatizing mobile networks but not at any price
Private sector exporting skills to Southeast Asia
GITEX Dubai demonstrate the high caliber of Lebanese software industry
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 18
Lebanon Calls Hizbullah's Gunpoint Interception of U.S. Convoy An "Error"
Prisoner exchange negotiations between Israel, Hezbollah slow down
Lebanon arrests suspected bombing mastermind
Syrian U.N. Vote Seen As Fence-Mending
Hizbullah Stops U.S. Diplomatic Convoy at Gunpoint in S. Lebanon
US envoys harassed by Hizbullah in South
Lahoud declares outrage as House passes Syria Accountability Act
Lahoud-Hariri row flares up over privatization, budget
Hariri frets possibility of new Middle East war
Dinnieh suspect admits giving military training to youth
Sidon residents smell something fishy about local garbage contractor
Beirut Marathon under starter’s orders
National soccer team loses in Amman
Riyadi picks up second win in Hussamiddine Hariri tournament
Ceremony celebrates life of Hala Salam Maqsoud
‘West Beirut’ details struggle during Lebanon's civil war
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 17
OIC Leaders Condemn Attack On Syria, Lebanon
Armed men prevent US convoy from visiting south Lebanon village
Hizbollah blocks U.S. convoy in south Lebanon
Lebanon, Palestinians Slam U.S. Syria Sanctions Act
Syria Goes on Highest Alert for War with Israel, Involving Lebanon
Demonstrators rip US policy on Syria; critics blast ‘arrogant’ threat
Palestinian leaders put camps on war footing
Groups, unions ready to join strike; Budget cuts prompt more to protest 
House panel backs pensions for Civil Defense
Jisr focuses on vocational education
Low pass rates among Palestinian students prompts mounting concern
Sharon ready to release Dirani, Obeid in prisoner swap with Hezbollah
Thousands attend rally for captured navigator Ron Arad in Tel Aviv
For Syrian Accountability & A Free Lebanon
AUB selected to host prestigious scholarship
French photographer prepares unique exhibition in Lebanon
Roger Owen kicks off AUB’s fall lecture series
Beirut gears up for conference on use of chemical pesticides
Malaysia, Lebanon form business council to boost economic ties
Lebanon pound steady outside band in bank trade
Environmentally friendly housing in Qornayel
State awaits bids for revamping of EDL’s distribution system
Inter-Arab tourism needs a boost
Sound advice for managers
Expatriates flock to the Emirates
Lecourtier touts Beirut as gateway to Middle East
Agricultural production slumps by 11 percent
Joint Lebanon Malaysia deal opens way for trade
Equity Review
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 16
U.S. Tightens Squeeze on Syria to Leave Lebanon
House Approves Sanctions on Syria
Extension of Lahoud’s mandate in spotlight
Berri accuses US of backing Israeli plans for violence
President urges Muslim states to form unified position
Workshop on decentralization brings together MPs, academics, mayors
Public teachers promise 1-day strike in support of LU professors
Expired medicines to be shipped to France for safe disposal
Man loses $50,000 to praying scam
Justice Ministry website goes back online
Australians conclude Arab tour with visit to Lebanon
Mixed feeling for Jordan and Lebanon before battle
Sagesse clinches breathtaking win in Damascus
Riyadi makes strong start at tournament
School contest highlihts Solh’s historic contribution
Organizers carry out final preparations for marathon
Lebanon's frx reserves slip to $12.17 bln mid-Oct
Lebanese government approves cellular tender documents
Experts say state will put off cellular sales if bids come in too low
Lebanon ‘influences regional ad world’
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 15
Israel planes fly low over Lebanon
Lebanese man shoots sister in 'honor killing'
UK introduces new visa controls
2,400 SLA Militiamen in Israel Seek Inclusion in Swap Deal
Aoun Subpoenaed Locally for Oct. 24 Hearing in Beirut
U.S. May Hit Syria to Stop Attacks on Israel Via Lebanon
Reports tie Arab-Israeli to Tennenbaum abduction
Perle commends Israeli raid in Syria
Lahoud wants Russia to play bigger role in Middle East
Lebanese divided over US pressure on Syria
Regional crisis blocks Palestinian property rights
Lahoud inspects roadworks during tour of construction projects
Diab: Only social justice, stability can lead to development
Jisr seeks more vocational training
Former UN envoys create advisory council
Iraq war stirs anxiety in Lebanon
Lebanese composer finalist in prestigious UK contemporary music competition
Swiss Embassy presents 2 evenings of films as part of festival
Only one member of reclusive family emerges from isolation
Lebanese Lotto sets up online
Hotel group targets bigger slice of market
Hariri, Siniora say key to budget is management
Bank: MPs must unite to save economy
Swiss sign joint economic protocol
Solidere gets green light for Souqs of Beirut
Treasury bills to be reissued
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 14
Lebanon won't let Palestinians buy land
US May punish Syria, But Damascus will continue to dominate Lebanon
Lebanon Rejects U.S. Rebuke of Syria
France Stops Lebanese Embassy from Posting Aoun's Subpoena
Son’s nightmare: Dad dies as hospitals quibble
Madi to take measures if Aoun fails to attend court
Hariri: Another regional war is in nobody’s interests
Murr bans ‘middle men’ from vehicle registration
Qornayel fights exemptions for foreign developers
LU instructors call for 1-week strike
Samaha urges Arabs to unite against Sharon
Hamra Street shabab of the 60s back in Beirut
Indian guru: Most human illness is all in the mind
Nejmeh tops football league Team confirms strong start to season
Sagesse club takes 3rd straight win in Damascus
Lebanon fiscal reform to lag until 2004 poll-report
Citigroup criticizes slow pace of economic reform
National Apple Day a good start, but not enough
Strike by port workers averted for now
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 13
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Clouds of war accumulate in the Middle East - Arabic
Israel violates Lebanese air space despite existing regional tension - UN envoy
US plans to expand training of Lebanon's military
Court delays release of information on Tennenbaum abduction
Sources: Nasrallah wants numbers, less interested in names
Aoun Contests Lebanon's Next Presidency by Proxy
National Apple Day sees farmers take produce to streets
Lahoud protests lack of social funds in draft budget
Israel expected to finalize prisoner exchange; Hizbullah:Swap could occur soon
Sfeir in Paris speaks of stemming flow of migrants
Hariri says Israeli strike on Syria harms Arab nation
Berri: Growing sectarian strife helps Israel
Samaha: Political and media restraints on Israel should be maintained
Tripoli MP flays government
Tannenbaum family to appeal decision to lift gag on kidnapping circumstances
Azzam Azzam asks to be included in prisoner swap deal with Hezbollah
Operation Big Blue cleans up public shores
Green Line lives on in minds of Beirut’s taxi drivers
Syrian Arab orchestra hits the right notes
Lebanon PM hopeful privatisation done in months
INTERVIEW- Lebanon finance minister to push reform, but may not happen
Lebanon’s Holcim acquires cement company in Cyprus
S&P’s: Outlook on three Lebanese banks revised after sovereign downgrade
Cooline anticipates greater success with expandion into Lebanon
Hariri Wants to Rebuild Middle Class, Eliminate Inter Arab Trade Barriers
Merrill Lynch rules out financial crisis
New ABC mall targets seasonal shoppers
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 12
Families of Lebanese in Israel long for homecoming
Hizbollah warns: We'll open new front on Israel
Strike on Syrian soil could derail hostage swap
Ministers give Sharon go-ahead to finalize prisoner exchange
Nasrallah: Hostage-exchange deal with Israel in its final stages
Lebanese Woman Gives Birth to Sextuplets
Syria warns Israel of retaliation
Syria Says Sanctions Against It Would Harm U.S.
Nasrallah warns Israel of further attacks on Syria, Lebanon
Iran Denies Knows Fate of Missing Israeli Airman
Hizbullah Threatens Sharon with 'Counter-Madness' to Shield Syria
Hariri asks banks to slash interest rates
Siniora stands up for his budget proposal
Standard & Poor’s revises outlook for stabilization
Strike will hurt Beirut Port’s reputation
Bankers say Arab states must drive change
Lebanon pound keeps outside band in bank trade
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October 11
Hariri Crosses Swords with Lahoud Over 2004 Budget
Regional storm puts local politics in the shade
Southerners sick of taking the brunt
Missing Israeli airman ‘in Tehran cell’
Media, constitutional councils on hold
Classes on hold as school children hand out apples on Beirut streets
Lawyer: Change to draft law strangling democracy
Sharon's office says swap talks with Hezbollah to continue
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 10
The Arad-Tenenbaum-Hizbullah Plot Thickens
Missing Israeli navigator alive, held near Tehran
Ron Arad Was Paralyzed To Prevent Escape
Survey On Global Corruption Hurts Lebanon
Syria in crosshairs over latest tension
Patriarch Demands France's Help to End Syria's Hegemony in Lebanon
Hariri Offers Tacit Support for Sfeir's Rejection of a Lahoud Mandate Extension
U.S. Sanctions Won't Include Lebanon, Nor Really Harm Syria
Lahoud lashes out at Sharon, says Israeli PM ‘ not capable of making peace’
Lebanon slams progress of Syria Accountability Act
Environment debate rages in Chekka
Ministers recieve fruit during Cabinet session
Oliver Stone offers new view on Palestinian-Israeli conflict
Sherman Irby: Another master jazz man follows the trail to Beirut
Colombian cultural day brings out Lebanese rumberos
Soccer league readies for 2nd week fixtures
Wehda beats Riyadi in friendly hoops match
S&P revises Lebanon outlook to stable from positive
Social Security chief says fund can’t meet all obligations
Cabinet approves terms for cellular auction
New laws give part-timers teachers chance to gain permanent status
Solidere looking at yet more construction
UK expert praises war on dirty money
Doing business in Iraq requires local partner, delivery on promises
Sharon seeks cabinet support for prisoner swap
Syria criticizes U.S. vote on sanctions, saying it threatens Mideast peace
France oppposes Syria sanctions
Industrialists talk up financial transparency
Arab investors urged to focus on positive
Making things work at work
Beirut Port workers to stage 2-day strike
Syrian Arab orchestra hits the right notes
Moonlight shines on Opera National du Liban’s night of Mozart arias
US Embassy puts on a show with celebration of jazz and blues
Anibal Zahle loses to Syrian hoops club
National soccer coach cleared of foul play
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 9
Arad Family Seeks to Block Prisoner Deal
Court Permits Release of Tannenbaum Kidnap Story
Police checking if Israeli Arabs helped Hezbollah nab Tennenbaum
Lebanon arrests militia suspects who fled to Israel
U.N. Says Lebanese Boy Killed by Katyusha, Not Israeli Missile
Syria Blasts Accountability Bill, Saying it Wrecks U.S.-Arab Relations
Bush gives nod to Syria sanctions
Bush Gives Congress Green Light to Sanction Syria
Lebanon frets new crisis as Israel flexes its muscles
US panel backs anti-Syrian bill
Larsen urges restraint in clashes across border
Proceeding smoothly, Parliament approves all but 1 of 24 draft laws
Israeli planes break sound barrier over Beirut as condemnation continues
Al-Madina probe pauses to collect evidence
End of the road in sight for Chekka highway?
Couple’s paintings evoke mythology of Palestine
Globalization fuels drive for hospital accreditation
Lebanon says to make good on economic reforms soon
Company touts solutions for waste water
Consumers Lebanon: fighting to protect the rights of the customer
Lebanon News in Brief
blank.gif (59 bytes)
October 8
Israel, Lebanon act to ease tensions on border
Army Rings Palestinian Camps to Snuff out War Risk with Israel
Tragedy of Yassin Twins Blamed on Erroneous Hizbullah Missile
Lahoud, Hariri Come Under Fire in Parliament
Bush signals backing for Syria sanctions
Israeli soldier’s death seen as work of Palestinians
Cautious calm prevails in South
Syria Accountability Act moves closer to vote
Pro-Syrian sources laud response to Israeli strike
Son of former speaker slams Amal, Hizbullah
Lebanon tops region for corruption
Gemayel calls for ‘calm and constructive dialogue’ on Lebanese-Syrian ties
Sharon convinced current Hezbollah hostage-swap deal is best option
Arad's brother says report includes `recent signs of life' from missing aviator
Beirut: a short stop on the journey of an Americanized Armenian
Young travelers show how to do Lebanon on a shoestring budget
Professionals discuss impact of infectious diseases
Central Bank urges financial institutions to liberalize
Private teachers to get new board for mutual fund
Yuppie touts ‘circles of success’
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 7
Gunfire Duels, Air Strikes Ignite Lebanon-Israel Border
Assad Takes Neutral Stance on Lahoud-Hariri Power Struggle
Hizbullah Says Sharon Won't Laugh Last in War
Sharon accused of ‘exporting troubles’
Israeli raid to dominate MPs’ agenda
Samaha slams Israeli air strike Security
Israeli soldier killed by shots fired on Israel-Lebanon border
Lebanon to rank among ‘very corrupt’ states
Flying Carpet offers scenic tours over Lebanon’s coast, mountains
‘The Lebanese Immigrant’ comes home to Beirut
WTO talks to start next phase in early December
Grape growers sound alarm on price slump
Cabinet considers securitizing fianance ministry's tobacco shares
LU teachers set for 1-day walkout
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 6
Israel Warns Lebanon to Rein in Militants
Israeli Soldier Shot to Death Near Lebanon
Lebanon: Hizbullah, Palestinian camps on ''red alert''
Palestinian militants in Lebanon on alert for Israeli strike
Takeuchi denies former ambassador to Leb was fired due to opposition to war
Lebanon Warns of Mideast Disaster from Israel's Widened Belligerency
Ghassan Tueni Back in The Driver's Seat at An Nahar
Lebanon-Israel border could heat up
Officials denounce raid on Syria
Berri slams budget during Zahle ceremony
Sfeir criticizes power struggles from Paris
Hariri frowns on bid to allow Palestinian ownership
Israeli war planes strike deep into Syria
Soueid sees no future in charges against Aoun
Samaha: no chance of Cabinet reshuffle
Friends, family gather in Baalbek to honor poet
Actress Nidal al-Ashqar proud of son’s film career
Hair-raising performance art brings Beirut traffic to a halt
Saab’s creations leave most others in the dust
Specialists discuss latest on eyes ophthalmology
New soccer season gets under way
Computer Associates provide Management Solution to Council of Ministers
Salameh: Budget ‘non-event’ betrays spirit of ‘Paris II’
MPs: State’s coffers should fund public education, not squandering
MPs say draft budget doesn’t add up
Saidi: Arabs still poor despite natural riches
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 5
Berri Sees a "Trap" in Budget, Signaling Imminent Showdown in Parliament
Central Bank Bails EDL Out, Spares Lebanon Ramadan Blackouts
Officials: hostage deal with Hezbollah will not be completed in next few days
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October 4
Second Subpoena Calls Aoun to Beirut Oct. 14 or Face Arrest Warrant
Hariri lays foundations for Al-Amin Mosque in downtown Beirut
Opposition MPs flay draft law on Palestinian home ownership
Landlords decry new rental law
Judiciary delays questioning of Aoun
Hariri dismisses resignation rumors
GAFI Gives Lebanon Clean Bill of Health Against Dirty Money
Ailing Pope Musters Strength to see Lebanon's Foreign Minister
Lebanese May Mark Ramadan in Darkness
Work begins on new Beirut mosque
Mayor of Michigan city pays visit to Qana
Defense Minister Mofaz: Iran is responsible for fate of MIA Ron Arad
Beirut summons Aoun to appear before court
Palestinians launch campaign for property rights in Lebanon
Lebanese suspect in hijacking not mentally ill: prosecution
Qatar positions itself as educational hub
Osteoporosis is on the rise conference discusses prevention, treatment
Exhibition of rare photographs opens to much fanfare at Sursock Museum
Mideast Film Festival will showcase regional talent
Soccer season kicks off amid financial woes
Siniora: Syrian Deposits Won't Break Lebanon's Banks
Conference on 'how to do business in Iraq' seeks to entice businessmen
Lebanese companies ready to seize opportunities in Iraq
Telecom row puts sell-off in jeopardy
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 3
Hariri Laughs Off Reports of Imminent Resignation as "Dream of Others"
France Comes Out Against Extending Lahoud's Term
Pro-Syria Pakradouni Denies Missing Khawand Is in Syrian Jail
Islamic resurgence under way in Syria
Politicians outraged at Battle’s ‘interference’
Pakradouni denies claim that missing party member is still alive
Work finally begins on Sidon recycling plant
Myths and taboos hamper fight against cancer
Religious, legal and medical experts muse euthanasia
Brazilian brilliance outshines Nejmeh
Lebanon eyes Iraq for investment
Lebanon pound stays outside band in interbank trade
MEA reports first profit in quarter-century
Lahoud takes apple crisis into his own hands
Public telecom workers threaten strike
Crepaway founder reflects on 19 years of success
Port of Beirut makes final preparations for operating tender
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 2
Court asked to lift gag order over kidnapped Tennenbaum
Patriarch Vetoes a Lahoud Extension, Defends Aoun
Nayouf's Bombshell: Butros Khawand Is Alive in Syrian Jail
Hariri Suddenly in Damascus Amid Speculation He May Bow Out
Israel: Talks with Hezbollah on track, no change in demands
Sfeir holds talks with de Villepin, focuses on ‘Christians of the Orient’
Battle rips Aoun charges as threat to free speach
National Front flays budget, says gov'ts only target is to buy time
Daughter of Hizbullah detainee anxious to embrace father after 14 years
Lebanon, North Korea Asian qualifier canceled
What does it mean not to stop at red lights?
Basketball leagues to host new stars and old favorites
Environmentalists oppose hunting ban
Soccer season gets under way
Lebanon forex reserves dip to $12.2 bln end-Sept
Lebanon's MEA airline posts first profit in 26 yrs
Beirut feels heat from all sides, urged to speed up privitization, reforms
Balance of payments records surplus
Apple traders bemoan weak market
Farmers need state support not international treaties
Lebanon News in Brief
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October 1
Christian missionary likely a pawn in Syrian game
Hizbullah, Israel deny report on end of contacts regarding prisoner swap
Israel, Hizbullah deny breakdown in prisoner talks
Israel Apologizes for Shooting at French Ship in S. Lebanon
U.S. Pinches Lebanon for Prosecuting Gen. Aoun
US congressman: Beirut is ‘puppet’ of Damascus
Rent law draft pleases tenants, angers landlords
Expats wait 45 years for citizenship
Former Japanese amabssador says he was fired for opposing war on Iraq
Hepatitis outbreak in Aita al-Shaab
Beirut traffic distresses commuters
Lahoud urges faster computerization on real estate
Film festival has ambitions to draw international crowd
Are you glamorous enough to attend Beirut Fashion 2003?
Breast cancer awareness month begins
Fadi Khatib to return to Sagesse team
National basketball team loses to South Korea in overtime
Lebanon records 23 percent increase in tourism traffic
ATFP extends $40 million loan to Lebanon’s Ministry of Finance
Siniora sees joint task on investment
Dubai aims for half the world’s gold
Lebanon records $2.94 bln BOP surplus to end-July
Lebanon public debt rises to $30.19 bln end-July
Lebanon News in Brief

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