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January 2004

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January 31
Iraq Council Says Lebanon to Release Money
Swap-2 in the Works to Reveal Arad's Fate, Release Kantar
UNIFIL Stays 6 More Months as Lebanon-Israel Border Buffer
The long road home: Bodies of fallen fighters repatriated
Freed captives given a hero’s welcome in their hometowns
Former cellmates reunited in freedom
Tears of sorrow, tears of joy on the road South
Jumblatt: Time to fight ‘Zionist apartheid’
Diamond sales add sparkle to economic gloom
Developers to break ground on eco-friendly bungalow vacation resort
Byblos Bank reports increase in net profits
Hoteliers predict Eid al-Adha bonanza
Push sales right up by dumbing it down!
World music event invites Lebanese artists
Economic hardship and social injustice main cause of suicide
Dealership exclusivity extended
Cabinet session takes up Fares’ cellular report
Lebanon News in Brief 
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January 30
Peres: Hezbollah will destroy Lebanon's unity
Israel attempts to prevent TV broadcasts by Hezbollah
Israel, Hezbollah Complete Prisoner Swap
Lebanon bans bird imports from 12 Asian countries
Hezbollah: Group May Kidnap More Israelis
Attention now shifts to the remaining detainees in Israel
Israel, Hezbollah consider high-stakes Phase II deal
Hizbullah calls for respectful attitude toward Israelis
Historic overview of prisoner swaps
Prisoners receive rapturous welcome
Somber mood grips Israel as it receives kidnapped citizens
Mid-East prisoners welcomed home
Agents Question Freed Israeli Businessman
In what way is Lebanon today a ‘soft state’?
Stepping up the cultural development of the St. Nicolas stairs
When a bride is a child: The perils of early marriage
Regardless of politics and ideology, the notion of home is central
When social pressures suffocate individuality
Marathon Parliament session tackles issue of monopolies’ protection
Conference examines youth unemployment dilemma
Open skies but Arab borders remain closed
Brighter forecast for the energy sector
Hariri kicks off 2004 shopping festival
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 29
Israeli soldiers' bodies, Tennenbaum arrive in Israel
Israeli, Hezbollah Finish Prisoner Swap
Israel hands over bodies of Lebanese fighters, frees Palestinian prisoners
Freed Hizbollah leader says feels born again
Freed Lebanese Prisoners, Israel's Hizbullah Captives Airlifted to Germany
Tanenbaum Happy Over his Treatment in Hizbullah Captivity
Hizbullah Finally Admits 3 Israeli Captives are Dead
Teachers’ union to continue strike
Leftists put the formation of new party on agenda
French officer to take charge of United Nations troops in South Lebanon
Lebanon prepares to welcome prisoners home
After 8 years, hunting ban finally lifted
Hermel fighter’s remains to stay in Israel
Plane carrying Tennenbaum, coffins of three Israeli soldiers, lands in Germany
Report:Israel says Iranian delegation in Beirut may have finding related to Arad
Defense officials tell family: Tennenbaum is not a suspect
Transit Beirut: Portraits of a city in a time of upheaval
‘The heroes, I’m afraid, all died early in this war’
Arab Trade Finance Program extends $27m credit facility to Lebanese banks
Emircom opens offices in Lebanon and Syria
World Bank's MIGA keen to support Lebanese Investors
Hotels strain to accommodate tourists at start of Eid al-Adha
Special standards needed for Islamic banking
Lebanon ranked 27th in region in development
Iraq car imports good for business at Tripoli port
Beirut to host economic forum focusing on Iraq
Lebanon News in Brief 
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January 28
Israeli Team Leaves for Prisoner Swap
Israeli High Court rejects terror victims' petitions against prisoner swap
Victorious Nasrallah is Acclaimed Even by Antoine Lahd
Kurdish Party Official Accused of Slandering Lahoud, Assad
Lebanon Returns Confiscated 19.5 Billion Dinars to Iraq
Teachers Go on Strike in Lebanon, 1 Million Students Stay Home
$60 million World Bank loan endorsed by MPs
Villages across Lebanon set to receive released detainees
Leaders unanimous in praise for Hizbullah
First municipal elections in South since liberation likely to be hotly contested
Financial scandals across Lebanon move toward resolution
New Red Cross clinic opens in Alma Shaab; 30,000 residents to benefit
Private school teachers plan to hold nationwide strike on Wednesday
Is lack of traffic civility the road to ruin?
Green activists set out to reclaim the streets from cars
A day in the life of one of the capital’s service drivers
Beirut’s haircutting salons offer a distinct choice for the consumer
Beirut to host Iraq economic forum
With no relief in sight public debt looks set to keep growing
Downtown balloon ride project to get off the ground soon
Regional transportation plan could earn Lebanon $50 million
In profitable year, BLOM receives best ‘financial strength’ rating
Lebanon News in Brief 
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January 27
Sylvester Stallone seeking true Arab beauty in Lebanon
Hitmen could be freed in deal
Lebanon Jewish mother admonishes Hezbollah
Mustafa Dirani denies kidnapping MIA Ron Arad, selling him to Iranians
Arab prisoners driven to lockup ahead of exchange deal
Diran Sues Israel for $1.3 million in damages, saying he was sexually abused
Germany Sets Hizbullah-Israel Prisoners Swap in Motion
Dirani Makes Hair-Raising Charges Against Israeli Torturers
Israeli Public Feels Swap Deal Gives Hizbullah Upper Hand
Syria: Toppling Regime Is High On U.S. Military Agenda, Paper Says
Oil for favors by Saddam alleged
Adnan Abu Ayash Sues Brother Ibrahim, Rana for $2.5 Billion
Iraq Wriggles Out of Money Airlift to Lebanon
Another deadlock on trial provisions
Syria: Toppling Regime Is High On U.S. Military Agenda, Paper Says
South anticipates return of fallen fighters’ bodies
Mikati calls for ‘exceptional’ road safety measures as country hit by storms
Final prisoner swap list drawn up; Dirani, Obeid to be moved today
Israel releases lists of prisoners to be freed in swap with Hezbollah
French general to head UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon
Do you expect the truth from news?
The challenges of reconciling the histories of Lebanon
Controversial Palestinian-Israeli love story crosses new borders
Appearances matter to which gender?
Food safety, more than a matter of taste
Nijmeh notch up record-breaking result
Results of power plant tender still unknown
Mobile networks to run for less?
Berri puts World Bank projects on agenda
Lebanese firm exports trade fair experience to Kuwait
Lebanon News in Brief 
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January 26
Israeli soldiers dig up bodies of Lebanese militants; ready for prisoner swap
Iran: Israel-Hezbollah prisoner swap a 'victory' for Lebanon
Nasrallah Hints Israel's Missing Airman is in Lebanon, Dirani Disagrees
Mechanics of Swap Operation Outlined by Israel, Hizbullah
Hizbullah, Israel to Swap Prisoners in Germany This Week
Kantar to be Freed in 2 or 3 Months Upon Determining Arad's Fate
Lahoud: Israel needs to ‘recognize’ Hizbullah
Israel, Hizbullah to look into more prisoner releases
Prisoner swap elicits joy from families
Germany pledges to free prisoners in exchange for return of Ron Arad
Government failures piling up
Naameh residents protest landfill
Family seeks help in search for daughter
Ex-British schoolboy in Israel prisoner swap
Saidi says accurate statistics vital
Banque Audi net profits up by 33.45 percent
Female migrant workers in the spotlight at AUB seminar
Kids, balloons and ice cream on a Sunday afternoon
Lebanon’s long-distance love affair
Champville takes Dubai championship
Economics is more than statistics and money: it’s about the lives of people
Political squabbling halts reform, privatization program  
Rebuild Iraq conference creates contacts
Hariri inks Egyptian gas pipeline deal in Amman
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 25
Israel, Lebanon praise prisoner deal
Hezbollah leader says exchange to take place Thursday
Panel comprised of security personnel readies for Tennenbaum interrogation
Lebanese Families Await Prisoners' Return
Tennenbaum's family is waiting
Nasrallah: Information on Ron Arad will help free Kuntar, others
Identity of Lebanese Prisoners on Swap Deal
Sharon says prisoner swap with Hezbollah correct
Syria denies receiving Iraq arms
Saddam's WMD hidden in Syria, says Iraq survey chief
Sharon on prisoner swap: Gov't made moral, responsible decision - Haaretz
Sharon assured he will get information about missing airman's fate
German mediator tight-lipped about next stages of the deal - Haaretz
Israel agrees to prisoner swap with Hizbollah - Independent
INTERVIEW-Syria's first private bank faces virgin market
Hariri Signs Gas Pipeline Accord with Syria, Jordan, Egypt
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January 24
Israeli lawyer says prisoner swap with Hezbollah to happen Tuesday - AP
Israel prisoner deal 'is agreed' - BBC
Hezbollah demands US apology
Rana Collapses in Tears Over 'Mother of All Banking Scandals'
Lebanon Renews Hizbullah's Border Mandate, Overruling U.S. Demands
Janes: U.S. might strike Hezbollah in Bakaa
Obeid defends Hizbullah after UN urges calm
LBC satire program yanked from air after Bin Laden ruse
Jockeying for power: The race for the presidency has begun
Greek president hopes for peace
Winter storms batter capital’s
Vicious storm pummels country
Hizbullah commander vows resistance
Addoum denies reports that a US firm had suspended Cotonou plane
Lebanese man escapes Iraqi nightmare
Arab Summit in Tunisia to take place in March
Focus on ‘high-end’ fashion the cure to textile industry’s woes
Banque Audi considers Egypt expansion
Take a hint: Keep the beast at bay and stay cool under pressure
Who needs the canon? Not Lebanon’s business students
Lebanon’s generation gap: Disenfranchised youth
Mariah Carey’s tour shows growing faith in Lebanon
Solidere to install broadband network in Downtown
Foreigners view investments in Lebanon as risky
Strong Euro seen to be changing trade patterns
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 23
Bin Laden hoax backfires in Lebanon
US War on Terror May Spread to Syria, Report Says
Lebanon's Hezbollah accuses US of helping Israel's "systematic terrorism"
Lebanon regrets US stance on bulldozer incident with Israel
Lebanon rejects U.S. demand to rein in Hezbollah
Bin Laden arrest "joke" causes uproar in Lebanon
Jail for Kuwaiti editor as ex-Miss Lebanon wins libel damages
Lebanon Defies U.S. Pressure to Curb Hizbullah
UN likely to continue peacekeeping mission in Lebanon
Battle calls for calm after border clashes
Stephanopoulos continues official visit
Abdullah gets 15 years for USAID fraud
LU student claims political persecution
No surprises expected in southern suburb elections
Stormy weekend weather ahead
South Lebanon Criminal Court begins hearing cases in new building
IDF: Latest Hezbollah attack on army bulldozer not coordinated with Syria
Saab's Arabian fantasy illuminates Paris finale
In the company of Cuba: US movie star is offered sparkling Lebanese hospitality
Lebanese clubs score 2 wins over Egyptian counterparts
World Bank loans may be in jeopardy
Public transport’s road to nowhere
Advertisers locked in ‘fratricidal struggle’
Greek investment encouraged
New bridges of business cooperation between Greece and Lebanon
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 22
Lebanon charges ex-minister in embezzlement case
Beirut blasts great powers bias towards Israel
Lahoud, Greek president sign accord for stronger relations
Annan asks Israel and Hizbullah to halt attacks
Jumblatt calls judiciary a ‘farce’
Berri and Parliament at odds: Interpretation of constitution at issue
Life in the South returns to normal after Israel attacks Hizbullah bases
Al-Madina probe to focus on monetary, credit laws
PLFP and PLO appear to be on the verge of rapprochement
New slopes, more attractions make Lebanon a winter-sports hot spot
Marriage, Lebanese-style: What’s love got to do with it?
Nabaa: A home for every outcast
The forgotten residents of the Gouraud barracks
AUB alums pay students’ tuition
Beirut reprises its role as jet set capital
Qordahi: LibanCell, Cellis shouldn’t bid
Finance Ministry blames deficit on failure to privatize
Ad campaign promotes more than just shopping
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 21
Hezbollah vows to defend lebanon's soereignity
Talks on Lebanese refugees in Germany
Southern Lebanon more fragile after six months of tension: Annan
Israeli warplane overflies south Lebanon
Greece's president holds talks with Lebanese officials
Hezbollah Allegedly Linked to Drug Ring
U.S. Urges Syria to Curb Hizbullah as Jets Dive-Bomb S. Lebanon
U.S. Urges Lebanon to Deploy Army Along Border with Israel
Lahoud Puts Blame for Hostilities "Entirely" on Israel
President of Greece Begins 3-Day State Visit to Lebanon
Rana, Abu Ayash to Stand Trial on Charges Carrying 5 Years in Jail
10,000 Illegal Lebanese Emigrants to Leave Germany
At least 700 people will be stripped of their nationality
Greek president arrives on official visit
Illegal immigration tops German official's  visit to Lebanon
Israel strikes Hizbullah targets in Lebanon
Army: destroyed bulldozer was 26 meters across border
Restaurant chain shows how the diaspora succeeds
Tyre preparing for a city-wide face lift, to some residents’ dismay
Scenes from a new coffeehouse culture
Reality television the new gospel or a passing trend?
Metropolitan City Center announces new complex
Mouawad Investment Group targets Downtown
Banque Audi warns of further borrowing
Unemployment crisis persists in Lebanon
New type of loan available to displaced
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 20
Powell blames Hezbollah for igniting new flare-up with Israel
Israeli planes attack guerrilla targets in south Lebanon - AP
Israeli war planes bomb Lebanon in strike at Hizbollah - Independent
Air force retaliates for Hezbollah rocket attack - Haaretz
Israel hits back after army death - Guardian
Israeli planes raid south Lebanon - BBC
Israel Threatens to Reinvade Lebanon Behind Anti-Syria Air Assaults
Israel Pulls Stricken Bulldozer Back from S. Lebanon
Prisoners of war return home from Iraq
Ministers’ trial debate ends in stalemate
Iraq currency smuggling investigation to continue
Lahoud says municipal polls will go ahead
Which kind of Lebanese are you?
Lessons learned: Principles for a successful career in journalism
Cabinet to re-assess EDL public tender
Syrian banking continues on its path of modernization
Cellular license tender probe begins
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January 19
Israel blames Syria for attack that killed one Israeli soldier
Israel's bulldozer hit by Hezbollah's anti-tank missile
Authorities release 3 businessmen who brought Iraqi money but keep the cash
Israeli jets fly over Lebanon, drawing fire from army and Hezbollah guns
Assad Avoids Commitment to Extending Lahoud's Presidency
Detainees of 19.5 Billion Iraqi Dinars Remain in Prison
Assad Avoids Commitment to Extending Lahoud's Presidency
Detainees of 19.5 Billion Iraqi Dinars Remain in Prison
Government refuses to release Iraqi billions
Lebanese have second thoughts over death penalty
Hamade’s mother claims his innocence
Ignoring protests, government executes 3 men
Former MP Khazen passes away
Hariri Explains How to Rebuild an Economy
Studying Lebanese society and thinking beyond politics
Nijmeh still on top after beating Olympic Beirut 2-0
A long and winding road: 50 years in journalism
Why Lebanon should become a skiers’ haven
Students see past the hype on tour of South
A flourishing relationship despite the odds
Farmers eager to wean Lebanese off powdered milk
New booklet seeks to clarify banking rules
Car sales revving up to overtake 2002 figures
AACO forges ahead with airline cost effectiveness
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 18
Activists say Lebanon executions were show of force
Billions of dinars seized in Beirut are payment to British firm: Iraq
Twin blasts at Lebanon refugee camp
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January 17
Report links Hizbullah with Iraqi Shiite opposition movement
Lebanon: Israel exploiting US elections
Iraq Asserts 19.5 Billion Dinar Shipment to Beirut is Legal
Lebanon executes three convicted murderers despite international protests
Death penalty resumes in Lebanon
Mouawad announces she will run for president
Questions raised by probe into smuggling case
Explosions rock Sidon schools
Ain al-Hilweh tense before Hamade’s execution
Lahoud praises Lebanese-Polish ties
Protests mark 1st executions of Lahoud’s term
More than anything, Beirut is a city defined by creativity
Beirut challenges the world’s coolest cities
Male virginity: A sensitive subject for the Lebanese
Bringing the news the old-fashioned way
Tourism in 2003 passes million mark despite 2 ‘black months’
Exports rise by 40 percent to a total of $1.3 billion
Failure of cellular auction and tender will have long-term fall out
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 16
EU, human rights groups urge Lebanon to stop three scheduled executions
Report: Syria considers Israeli summit
Lebanon's top Shiite cleric supports Sistani's call popular vote in Iraq
International Uproar Flares Against Lebanon's Scheduled Executions
2 Italian Beirut-Bound Red Brigades 'Terrorists' Arrested in Cairo
Lebanese Businessman Murdered in Richmond, Virginia
Rana is Back in Jail, Detectives Raid her Apartment
First executions during Lahoud’s mandate scheduled for Saturday
Hariri’s Damascus trip capped by accord signings
Hariri plays down rumors of renewed squabble with lahoud
Support grows for holding municipal elections next May
Benin crash probe enters 3rd week
Obeid presses a full agenda in Qatar
4 arrested in smuggling probe at airport
Aussie tales of expat life relate to Lebanese experience
Public speaking the easy way
Physician performs first bladder transplant in Bekaa area
First-place Sagesse defeats Riyadi 85-67
Lebanon forex reserves slip to $12.08 bln mid-Jan
Al-Alamiah offers range of IT services across the Middle East
Lebanon tops Levant PC sales
Cattle-farming program debuts in Tripoli
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 15
Man charged with conspiracy to provide material support to Hezbollah
Authorities confiscate $15 million worth of Iraqi currency aboard private jetliner
Report: Syrian President ruled by old guard, unable to execute decisions
3 Lebanese Murder Convicts to be Executed Saturday
Gen. Aoun Forms New FPM Leadership, Drawing Angry Protests
Swiss-Banned Jetliner is Grounded at Beirut Airport
Israel Calls for 'Global Pressure' on Syria to Leave Lebanon
Hariri emphasizes Syria-Lebanon relations
Berri stresses responsibility to diaspora
Addoum hints at hidden plane crash evidence
Opposition maps election strategies
UNRWA to raise level of social services
Sidon merchants square up for election battle
Famed French astrologer predicts more hardships in 2004
Quintessential reference to government
Going all the way with Belgian cuisine
Cellular tender left off Cabinet agenda
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 14
Syria, Lebanon sign economic agreements
Former hostage returns to Beirut
Lebanese PM holds talks in Damascus
Plane Crash 'Mystery Man' is not in Jail in Conakry
French Peacekeeper Killed by Heavy Rain in S. Lebanon
Lahoud to Argentina and Brazil Next Month
Hariri in Damascus, then to Paris and then to S. Arabia
Lahoud vows to liberate occupied land
Christian opposition vows unity in municipal elections
Hizbullah denies any links to the UTA plane crash
Lahoud hopeful over UTA crash investigation
Women speak out against French ban on wearing hijab in schools
‘It’s your right to know what you are eating’
Western television craze makes assured debut on region’s networks
Bibliophile dreams of opening public library with his collection of 40,000 books
Cafe Najjar back on top, defeats Champville 94-81
Massive tourist resort allegedly in pipeline
Government still has a chance to securitize cellular networks
Islamic banking draft law slated for approval
Planet Lebanon to take place in July
Taxi drivers protest proposal to end NSSF subsidy
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 13
Syria insists it will only resume peace talks from where they left off
Israeli president renews peace talks offer to Syria
Benin pleads for patience in probe of West African plane crash
Lebanon to Extradite 'Mystery Man' of Cotonou Plane Crash
Press Absolves Gebran Tueni from Speaker Berri's Complaint
Lahoud: Extremism due to lack of justice
Speaker slams US for ignoring Assad’s peace offer
Berri-Tueni squabble settled
EU Middle East envoy arrives for talks
Dora Bridge: Safe or dangerous?
Iranian delegation tours local media
Electoral battle engages merchants
Embezzler returns from Belarus to face the music
MP Saad: Constitutional amendments possible
Customs agent commits suicide in Gemmayzeh
Report: Sharon not willing to give up all of Golan Heights for peace with Syria
Omar Sharif returns to form in Monsieur Ibrahim
APH president defends quality and cost of healthcare
Port sub-contractors strike for day
Taxi drivers’ situation goes from bad to worse
Islamic bank opens for business
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 12
Black Box: Owner's Son Orders Pilot to Takeoff No Matter What
Trials for officials, cellular issue loom large
Benin air disaster probe nears conclusion
Stalled negotiations delay Abu Ayyash release
Amin Gemayel calls for national reconciliation in face of looming crisis
Israel Invites Assad to Jerusalem as Galilee Sea Quarrel Subsides
Israeli-Syrian talks unlikely to make progress
Abrash calls for US to take neutral stance on Syria
In shadow of 1999 slaying of 4 magistrates, new Justice Palace unveiled
Nijmeh regains top spot Meanwhile, Homentmen suffer 8th loss of the season
Cafe Najjar suffers first defeat
Lebanon records $3.34 bln BOP surplus to end-Oct
Cellis, LibanCell may score extended contracts
Hilton project wins incentive package
MEA asked to fly African routes
First Islamic bank opens in Beirut
Lebanon public debt up to $30.58 bln by end-Oct
World Bank sees exponential debt growth in Lebanon
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 11
Israel Confirms Secret Talks With Syria
Israel: Syria must end support for terror groups ahead of any new talks
Harris Corporation to build Iraqi media with Kuwaiti and Lebanese firms
Lebanon's LBC Trains Iraqis to Rerun Baghdad Radio, TV
Israel Urges Syria to Stop Arming Hizbullah as 'Goodwill' Gesture
Prime intifada terror suspect is Israeli Arab from Taibeh, now in Lebanon
blank.gif (59 bytes)
January 10
Bush advisers debating what to do about Syria
Syrian paper: Damascus asking U.S. to help renew peace talks with Israel
Rice: No Evidence Iraq Moved WMD to Syria
Sharon calls on Syria to stop arming militants
An Nahar Refrains from Crossing Lances with Speaker Berri
Sidon's Justice Palace Launched 4 Years after Assassination of 4 Judges
Berri to sue An-Nahar over UTA accusation
MPs challenge government; Petition, vote of no confidence prepared
Syrian-Lebanese relations in focus
Aridi attacks Al-Madina Bank reconciliation, says public ‘fed up’ with scandals
Palestinian refugees fight Canadian deportations
Experts say Paris’ veil ban misunderstood
Iran denies sending arms on aid transports
Hezbollah an obstacle to Israel-Syria talk
Italian journalist recalls ‘When Beirut Was Crazy’
Activists hold 2-day conference to raise awareness of traffic laws
Champville trumps Riyadi in dying minutes
Ahd to do battle with Olympic Beirut
Lebanon drops ranking in economic freedom index
Proceeds of US wheat donation to aid schools program
World Bank says Lebanon projects lagging
blank.gif (59 bytes)
January 9
Israel says Syria used aid planes for arms
UN envoy urges Israel to exploit Syrian peace moves
Initial probe apparently supports view that Benin plane was overloaded
Berri complains of An Nahar editorial, in which Tueni demanded the truth
Lebanon Scrambles to Avert a U.S. Invasion of Bekaa
Courts Rescue 2 Senior Civil Servants from State Abuse
Government Bewildered by Mobile License Bidding Fiasco
World Bank: Lebanon has ‘given up’ on Paris II
Fares rejects results of cellular auction
Landlords take umbrage at new draft law on rents
Aviation officials’ passports seized
Hoss launches legal aid group Fund will assist Palestinians
Tata asked back to thrill Armenian audiences
Lebanon gets $2 million shipment of U.S. wheat
JP Morgan decries Lahoud, Hariri rift
Byblos Bank’s Sudan operation gets lift
blank.gif (59 bytes)
January 8
Lebanon denies Rumsfled terror allegations
Lebanese Muslim women protest Chirac's move to ban head scarves in schools
Rana's Coup is Punctured by a Adnan Abu Ayash Veto
Rumsfeld May Send U.S. Commandos to Hunt Down Bekaa 'Terrorists'
Assad’s visit to Turkey aids Lebanese ties with Ankara
Obeid predicts Arab peace initiative will be revived
Tragedy strikes South as man kills daughter
Maronite bishops mourn air crash victims
Interior Ministry official predicts ‘crisis’ if waste management not addressed
New UNRWA director makes tour of Palestinian camps
Police arrest 2 in Sidon fraud probe
Mikati pledges full and thorough investigation of Benin catastrophe
National Gathering meeting affirms need for full investigation of Benin disaster
Specialists raise issue of increase in respiratory disease
Chocolatiers anticipate every sweet tooth’s needs
Al-Madina Bank scandal winds down
Cellular bids expected to come in low
Private banks give Syria financial boost System could spur foreign investment
Library for Lebanon’s finances proves useful, popular
2003 saw national carrier reverse its fortunes
Lebanon News in Brief
blank.gif (59 bytes)
January 7
Police officer kills daughter before turning gun on himself in southern Lebanon
Mysterious passengers, loads of cash puzzle investigators into Christmas crash
Islamic Clerics Rebel Against al-Azhar, Denounce Chirac's Stance on Veil
Flight experts urge crackdown on ‘untrustworthy’ planes
Ballouli embezzlement total stands at LL787 million
Obeid, in Bahrain, calls for common stand on Palestinian refugees
MP asks Israeli Druze not to collaborate
LCP elects dark horse as secretary-general
Salam challenges government to implement political reforms
Capital punishment called ’inhumane’
Armenian Catholicos holds Christmas mass
Bahrain, Lebanon reject plan to accept Palestinian refugees permanently
UN envoy urges end to Israeli flights over Southern Lebanon
'Star Academy' catches huge Lebanese youth audience
Old vs. new: Damascus souq competes with shopping mall
Seeing war and its aftermath through the camera’s eye
Al-Bustan Festival returns with a Hungary theme
Armenian couples get engaged using centuries-old tradition
Three firms bid in Lebanon cellphone privatisation
Lebanon to open bidding for cellphone privatisation
Syria ends decades of state domination of banking
Bleak Forecast for 2004 Economy, But Currency Stable
Angry Kuwaiti Consortium Withdraws from Mobile Biddings
Economist: Reform will slow in 2004
Ports turn profit in turbulent year
Lebanon News in Brief
blank.gif (59 bytes)
January 6
Roadside bombs change game on Lebanon border
New rules for rents and leases unveiled
Obeid lobbies Saudis over refugee issue
Hariri, Otri to chair meeting of Higher Lebanese-Syrian Council
Benin crash victims’ families vow to sue
Surgery death prosecution halted
Voting age reduction once again on the agenda as elections draw near
Master Soujouk chef keeps recipes to himself ...
Beirut, on film and wartorn once again, depicts coldness of a future society
For some, New Year’s Eve provides one last opportunity to spend excess cash
Grotto in Jezzine area to be developed into tourist site
Sports facilities on the rise in poor neighborhoods
Syria permits interbank lending, interest cap 4.5%
Lebanese Canadian Bank posts 82 percent net profit rise in 2003
Bids for cellular networks reported as low
Banking sector faces new challenges in 2004
Lebanon’s BEMO acquires 22 percent stake in new Syrian private bank
Lebanon's forex reserves up to $12.18 bln end-2003
Lebanon News in Brief
blank.gif (59 bytes)
January 5
New deadlock on horizon for key social, economic decisions
Round 2 of Cotonou crash investigations winds up
In Riyadh, Obeid stresses Palestinians’ right of return
Sfeir celebrates Harissa icon’s 100th year
Lebanese woman dies in Egyptian plane disaster
Samaha touts freedom of media in Arab world
New committees aim for municipal reform
Lebanese history by way of Greek tragedy
Building and re-building a country
Riyadi overcome Anibal Zahle
Ahd trounces Nijmeh for league’s top spot
Lebanon still lags in IT, says Microsoft VP
Retail property market set for transformation
Lebanon News in Brief
January 4
Military Intelligence: Assad is serious about talks, but Syria still backs terror
Five Lebanese UTA Victims Still Unidentified, One Child Missing
Investigation Into Doomed UTA Flight Yields More Mysteries
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January 3
Fadlallah rebukes Egypt's top cleric for comments on head scarves in France
Iraqi, Lebanese, Jordanian agreement to return one billion dollars to Iraq
Syria: Israeli Golan settlement plans undermine peace
Geagea Sees U.S.-Based Brother for 1st Time in Yarze Jail
13 Benin Plane Crash Victims Still Unidentified
Famous clairvoyant predicts gloomy year for Lebanon
Neighborhood dispute leaves 2 dead
Sidon cashier absconds with LL500 million
Questions Arise Over W. Africa Jet Crash
Official inquiry opens into Benin plane crash
Mandatory car inspections get underway
Rumors of capital punishment ignite human rights activists
MP: municipal law unlikely to be finished before polls
Syria, Lebanon set schedule for talks
French envoy defends Paris’ ban on veils
Turbulent year for national sport
Trade deals unlikely to cut deficit in 2004
Order of Physicians head calls for complete national health plan
Lebanon News in Brief
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January 2
Two brothers killed, six people injured in dispute between families in Lebanon
Cocaine seized from Brazilian man at Beirut airport
Lebanon's Health Bill is World's 2nd Highest after U.S.
Lebanese Doctors Fly to Benin for DNA Tests of Plane Victims
Mideast growth on track
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January 1
Lebanon: 'Wait and See'
Israeli Army Monitors Construction of Vacation Homes in S. Lebanon
Israel snubs Syria with Golan plan
New Golan Heights settlement plan derails peace talks
Sfeir Pins Geagea's Release on National Reconciliation
Lebanon forex reserves hit record high
US telecom company acquires Lebanon’s MIDNET

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