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February 2004

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February 29
Tennenbaum admits drug deal link
Iran to help Lebanon establish armed forces
Assad Warns Against Playing with Fire in Lebanon's Elections Year
Tehran Says Sharon will Be in 'Great Pain' if He Attacks Iran
Tennenbaum admits went to Dubai with Keis Obeid for drug deal
Iranians , Lebanese Cannot Remain Indifferent About Imam Sadr's fate
Lebanon passes 1m tourists
IBM drives new PC technologies into Lebanese market
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February 28
National unity in Lebanon helped defeating the Israeli enemy - Shamkhan
Libya boycotts APU meetings, protesting Lebanon's presidency
Czech Foreign Minister calls for constructive dialogue in the Middle East
US Greater Middle East Initiative Meant to Combat Islam
Mouawad: 'Lebanon Must not be Ruled Against Syria or From Syria'
Lahd Gets 20 Years in Hard Labor in Addition to Death
Lebanon asked to join group combating global spread of arms
Jumblatt’s call for referendum on Syrian presence draws no interest
Al-Manar shows two versions of Ashoura commemorations
MP accuses officials of stealing from the people
LBC’s domestic abuse story stirs up trouble
Shepherd killed by Israelis is laid to rest in his village
Mistaken body exchange finally corrected in latest border swap
Lebanese diaspora: One of the world’s most widespread
Children’s books that break down barriers and open up possibilities
Parisian Can-Can enraptures and shocks audience with its nudity and opulence
With a steady hand and unflinching heart, an artist pays tribute to a patriot
Sidon AIDS fair raises awareness
Lebanon loses to Saudi Arabia 2-4
Lebanese economy blighted by political bickering, debt
Farmers say agriculture is on brink of crisis
Beirut is one of three cities vying to host planned ‘Armani’ resorts
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 27
Iranian defense minister arrives in Lebanon
Israel makes deal with ex-hostage
Lebanon and Israel swap two bodies after error
Israel repatriates body of Mohammad Birro after prisoner swap snafu
Franjieh Severs Alliance with Hariri, Doubting His Loyalty to Syria
Bar Association Asked to Reveal Fate of Lebanese Prisoners in Syria
Beirut Okays New U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon
Lahoud wants cellular issue speeded up
Addoum expresses reservations about US State Department report
US report on human rights notes some improvements in Lebanon
Lebanese-EU talks ‘satisfactory’
Cardinal Sfeir Laments Efforts to Islamize Education in Lebanon
Abortion is illegal in Lebanon, but available
As drug use peaks, so does candid discussion
Lebanese played a crucial role in shaping modern Egyptian culture
Sagesse continue winning streak beating Riyadi 76-62
Winter Olympics a possibility with the future Sannine Zenith project
Costs of trade fairs for food industry to be met by agency
Intel education project gets underway
Improved service for bank customers
AUB launches new MBA for executives
New web site promoting tourism in rural Lebanon
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February 26
Tennenbaum, prosecutors finalize terms for possible plea bargain
Israel Returns the Body of a Lebanese Infiltrator
Court extends order restricting Tennenbaum's freedom of movement
Lebanese suing Israel says would give away damages
Hariri Escapes No-Confidence Vote Amid Shouting Battles
Israel Seizes $Millions of Hizbullah 'Terror Money' in Palestinian Banks
U.S. Speaks of Torturing Prisoners, Pressuring Courts in Lebanon
Confidence session ‘sabotaged’ by no quorum
The dance begins: Political talks underway in Baabda and Aley
Hoss: Cabinet surviving cellular scandal may damage Parliament
Lahoud hopes EU will increase peace profile
Coroners examine Sidon bodies
Plastic surgeons expand their fat wallets by shrinking noses
Nejmeh win in Bangladesh despite trying conditions
Standard Chartered forecasts likely 3 percent growth in 2004
Mar Elias shopping festival brings gloom not cash
Insurance consolidation recommended
State is determined to ease social burdens on taxpayers
Agreement brings Euro-Med free trade closer
New system to improve roads
MenaJet: New low-cost airline is getting ready to fly the Mideast skies
Lebanon fast emerging as luxury travel destination
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February 25
Hezbollah 'paying bonus for Israeli deaths'
Iran ’s Defense Minister Heads for Syria, Lebanon
CIA Warns of Hizbullah 'Terror War' Against U.S. if Syria is Invaded
Hizbullah's Freed Hostage is Offered a Freedom Deal in Israel!!
Israel: Hizbullah Pays Palestinians Bonus for Every Israeli Killed
Parliament in disarray over cell-phone issue
Lahoud’s meetings with Brazilian leaders promise positive results
Obeid in Cairo to prepare for Arab summit in Tunis
Jumblatt pledging to call for vote on Syrian presence here
A flood of bad memories in Kfar Falous
Shepherd killed by Israeli fire near border; body pulled to Israeli side
White House Undecided on Syria Penalties
Deal being worked out that would free Elhanan Tennenbaum
In Lebanon, some stores are more equal
Trying hard to get up close and personal with Mariah Carey
Pop diva Carey delights fans in Beirut on first concert in Arab world
Lebanon on course for bright economic future
Political infighting over cellular sector continues, ensuring lack of resolution
Hamade is happy with results of the European-Lebanese meeting
Arab music labels strike back against piracy
Nokia unveils high-end smartphone with near-broadband speed
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February 24
Beirut Better Outside a Car Trunk, Says Terry Waite
Jumblat Calls for Referendum on Syria's Presence in Lebanon
Israeli Troops Kill Lebanese Shepherd in S. Lebanon
UNIFIL Accuses Refugee Kurds of Killing U.N. Peacekeeper
Still no truce on cellular issue: Vote of confidence to take place this week
Upcoming parliamentary session will be ‘heated’
Obeid stresses ‘joint Arab action’ on visit to Cairo
Country-wide demonstrations against separation barrier
Eight unidentified corpses found in a well in the Kfar Falous area
MPs work on municipalities law
Trying hard to get up close and personal with Mariah Carey
As more Westerners learn Arabic, Syria becoming country of choice
Lebanese environmental film wins prize at Tunis festival
Bringing mezza and kibbe to the land of bangers and mash
More students choosing both work and study
Lebanon’s societal restrictions squander the potential of half its population
Hariri wary of cellular network revenue calculation
EU-Lebanon meeting to take stock of relations
BLC to be the first bank to provide micro-credit loans to small businesses
Sabotage keeps northern Iraq oil line shut
Dubai bets on free economic zones ­ not black gold
Kuwait Lebanese Real Estate 2003 net soars
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 23
UN probing death of one of its peacekeepers in Lebanon
Patriarch Laments Death of Lebanon's Middle Class
Hariri Takes Orders from No One as Lebanon's Premier, He Says
Aoun urges Lebanese people to ‘wake up’ and reject corruption
Politicians divided over cellular sector
Obeid calls US plans for region ‘fast food’
Hariri-backed list to be contested in Beirut’s municipal elections
Elections in South see alliances announced
Crackdown by police in Monnot area continues
Storms and high winds batter the country
Is 10 minutes time enough to get a Lebanese woman to hold your hand?
Lebanese founder has huge success with internet radio Station
Galleries that charge artists for space risk doing damage to their own market
Riyadi continue their winning streak
Najwa Karam sceptical about renewing her contract with Rotana
Lebanon: cyclical strength, structural challenges
Unspoiled and underdeveloped, Cedars has yet to fill its potential
Saudis urged to invest in Lebanon
Lebanon Seeks New Investment
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 22
U.N. Peacekeeper Dies from Mysterious Shooting on Lebanon-Israel Border
Israel denies receiving Hezbollah demand for 30 bodies following mix-up
Ghanaian peacekeeper shot on Lebanese border
Arab experts in Beirut, Doha discuss educational reforms
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February 21
Monnot area affected by police crackdown
Video games attract young to Hizbollah
Aoun Turns 68, Says Haret Hreik Dearer to him than Champs Elysees
Israel Accuses Syria, Hizbullah, Iran of Engineering Palestinian Attacks
Lebanon Returns $400 Million of Saddam's Money to Iraq
Hizbullah Demands 30 Bodies from Israel for Jewish Man's Corpse?
Maronite Patriarch Sfeir promotes human values on the eve of Lent
Daher: Delay in decentralization is hindering MPs
The ongoing problems of waste from the Beirut slaughterhouse
Monnot area affected by police crackdown
Visas for Lebanon and Brazil may be scrapped
Wrong body returned by Israel in the prisoner exchange
Nabatieh makes its final preparations for Ashoura
Discovery of old archives should aid land disputes in the qada of Jezzine
Credit cards now more popular
BEMO’s profits show impressive growth
Have fun, get fit and learn self-defense
Lebanese young men seem seduced by the internet café
Rabbi and Muslim comedian discover it’s more fun to make fun
The vital illusion: the war of Basous and why we tell tales
Lebanese American Returnees Society is smart and successful
Young couples no longer wedded to the idea of arranged marriage
Business is booming for city’s wedding planners
Boom times for ski businesses
Egypt, Israel dance cautiously around pipeline deal
Lebanon News in Brief 
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February 20
Secret Knesset Committee: Tenenbaum Case Is Grave
Another Complication In The Tenenbaum Deal
Israeli Health Ministry: No request for DNA tests on Lebanese bodies was made
Report: Israel sends to Hizbullah ''by mistake'' body of Jewish man
Bush Takes 'Light' Sanctions Against Syria Over Lebanon, Iraq
A Lahoud Extension in Fall Applies to Berri, Harri Following Spring
Guinea Procrastinates on List of Lebanese Passengers Aboard Cotonou Plane
Lebanon, Brazil to hold economic summit
Plan to join Islamic organization blocked
Pakradouni offers defense against smear campaign
Addoum orders Iraqi money to be handed back
Talk show host pressured to drop program on Al-Madina scandal
Officials surprised by report from Roed-Larsen criticizing Lebanon
Arab foundation highlights the need for change in the region
Hariri: More women needed in politics
UN Lebanon Mission Contains Regional Tension
Israel doubts freed captive story
Lebanon to Return More Than $15M to Iraq
Beggars are everywhere these days ­ some even have websites!
Aggression and beauty in the music at Al-Bustan
Sagesse beat their strongest challengers
Samir Yamout, the masabeh vendor of Hamra since 1978
Budget delay may be good news
Ehden makes play for year-round tourism
Lebanon film industry on the fast track to multi-million dollar growth
UN releases new tech findings
Central Bank: Debt situation is improving
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 19
Report: Palestinian groups, Islamists plan ''huge'' attacks against Israeli targets
Ex-hostage Waite free from bitterness
Syria Asserts Peace Messages, Israel Demands Hizbullah Curbed First
Israel Suspects Tannenbaum Passed "Most Damaging" Secrets to Hizbullah
Rana Seeks Bail, Abu Ayash to Stand Trial in Absentia
Ex-Mount Lebanon Governor Indicted as Embezzler
Terry Waite: 'I hope my captors have done well...'
Tensions mount in Metn as local elections nearing
Two Lebanons: One at home, and one abroad
Waite, a former hostage, visits Palestinian camps
Diplomat says relations with Gulf set to improve
Amal, Hizbullah may organize common parade for Ashoura
Hizbullah calls for participation in elections
Prison recommended for embezzlers
Reaction to US proposal awaits details
They may be living abroad, but they are still Lebanese
A full life: From war protestor to Congressional candidate to author
Anibal loses by one point in overtime, while Antranik is crushed by 14 points
Lebanon gets annihilated 2-0 against South Korea
A life time spent digging graves to support a family and nine children
Lebanon records $3.25 bln BOP surplus by end-Nov
Lebanon says public debt up to $30bn by end November
Air Arabia offers low-cost alternative
Pharmaceuticals on the agenda at European meeting
Industrialist calls for new markets to be opened to Lebanese products
Lebanon News in Brief 
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February 18
Former hostage in Beirut says West fosters terror
Tennenbaum may be lying about circumstances of arrival in Beirut
Israeli jets swoop over southern Lebanon
Ex-Premier Hoss Calls for Pan-Arab 'U.S. Accountability Act'
Syria May Support a Lahoud Extension for Only 2 Years
Lahoud Hopes to Attend Arab-Latin American Summit in December
Government ready for new mobile auctions
Lahoud ready to discuss expatriate issues in Brazil
Former hostage returns to his land of capture with plan to help
Voters in South paying heed to local interests
Conference hope to promote dialogue between Islamic world and Europe
Education reforms urged
Antoine Bassil reunited with family, denies any ‘contact’ with Israel
Tabbara addresses judicial forum, speaks of Lebanese system
Ruwaida Attia to launch her first album from Lebanon
Haifa Wahbi heads off to Hollywood
An imagination that knows few bounds: A modern tale of a jeweler
A positive new way for dealing with female teenage outlaws
Getting away from it all, while still staying within the city
Lebanon: Previously conservative country becomes bikini central
Riyadh hosts economic gathering
Qatar expands joint project with US universities
January deficit spending falls in 2004, revenues from taxes rise by 8.56 percent
BIA takes off with increases in customers
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 17
Ex-hostage urges Mid-East peace
Tennenbaum's lawyer says 'doesn't seem' that his client will face charges
Devil Worshippers Reenact Shaoul's Robbery Murder
Journalist Bassil Serves Out 30 Months in Jail for Anti-Syria Agitation
Lahoud, Hariri Reload Their Guns, But None Dares to Shoot the Other
Experts warn political instability will threaten the telecom sector
The determined presidential campaign of Nayla Mouawad
Murr says devil worship suspected in Shaoul murder
Man arrested in connection with infant’s death
Bekaa badly hit by snowstorms over last few days
Man arrested at Beirut International Airport for smuggling cocaine from Brazil
Journalist gets early release
Lahoud praises trade links with Brazil
Electoral system criticized for taking power from the people
Municipal elections gain momentum in Sidon
Bahrain takes the lead as e-banking takes off in the region
Teachers from around the world to gather in Beirut
A Lebanese expatriate in Muscat makes it in the construction business
Reality television, promoting a false and hollow way of life?
‘There aren’t only cedars in Lebanon’
In north Lebanon, winter can be both magical and extremely harsh
A rare treat for Liszt lovers at Al-Bustan Festival
Interview: Foreign firms eye Lebanon cellphone tender
Lebanon forex reserves rise to $12.56 bln mid-Feb
Lebanon's budget deficit down to 21.9 pct end-Jan
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 16
Yonah Baumel: Syrian officials say my son is alive
Tank comrades from 1982 Sultan Yaqub battle: Katz and Feldman were killed
Former hostage Terry Waite returns to Beirut, will also visit Jerusalem, Gaza
Why I'm Going Back to Beirut, by Ex-Hostage
Hizbullah to Shoot Israeli Trespassers, Mine Infiltration Gateways
Thunderbolt Sets Hizbullah Arms Dump Afire
Doubts Persist Over Mobile Tender Despite Approval of Cordahi's Terms
Snows wreak havoc in North
Cabinet approves Qordahi’s cellular plan
Police say they are closer to solving Achrafieh murder
Asaad knocks Council of the South
Bathed in crimson light, the glitterati honor a humanitarian
A man who conjures opportunity out of adversity has a message for Lebanon
Riyadi  fined LL10 million
Blue Stars win in the last second
Lebanon to issue $1.9 billion in eurobonds
Les Echos: Lebanon demands $1.45bn from France Telecom
Lebanon paves way for new telecoms tender
Lebanon cabinet passes telecoms tender conditions
Auchi seizes opportunities to invest in Lebanon
Lebanon criticized for being lax on international copyright laws
Government’s job on anti-piracy legislation is lauded
Combining tourism, health to attract more visitors to Lebanon
Lebanon News in Brief 
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February 15
Sultan Yaqub MIAs to be declared fallen soldiers
Nasrallah: Second phase of prisoner exchange 'enters complete secrecy'
Israel intends to declare 3 soldiers missing since '82 as killed in action
2 Lebanese Among Fallujah Attackers?
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February 14
Lebanon Tells FBI No Terrorists Planned Hostage-Taking Attack in Aukar
Unrelenting Storm Kills 1 Motorist, Army Rescues U.S. Ambassador
Annan to attend Arab Summit in Tunis next month
Valentine's Festivities Dampened by Murder of Ex-Minister's Son
Berri's Amal Sacks Another Prominent Official from its Ranks
Storm Hits Lebanon, Sinks Ships in Turkey, Closes Greek Airports
Experts say standards for universities need to be refined
National science council debunks earthquake probability rumor
Visiting Australian mufti slams Arab world leaders as ‘semi-men’
Innovative Ways To Say "I love You" in Lebanon
Lebanon takes on a new, classier image
Knights of Malta to honor icons of humanitarianism
The perpetual mystery of St. Valentine’s Day
Everyone says ‘I love you’ ­ but what do they mean?
Pay a LL30,000 premium for roses? Why don’t we just break up instead
Singletons try new ways of getting a date
City mix: Harvard celebration, Japan grants
Sick of licking envelopes? Libanpost offers new end-to-end mail service
Shopping festival a smash Downtown
Arab countries foggy on intellectual property rights
ConocoPhilips to end projects in Syria
Business at Port of Tripoli is happily bouncing back to life
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 13
54 drug dealers arrested in Lebanon
Hariri Abandons Mobile Companies to Salvage Truce with Lahoud
U.S. Earmarks $35 Million to Lebanon for 2005
Lahoud insisting Cabinet discuss new cellular plan
Cabinet overrules EDL, cancels tender
Qornet Shehwan leaders denying knowledge of Syrian visit rumors
Judge says investigation of FPM and LF partisans is ‘invalid’
Addoum questions MP Lahoud over allegations of Iraqi oil gifts
US security delegation visits Blue Line
Palestinian nurse suspected of being liaison between Tanzim men, Hezbollah
Male belly dancer shimmies his way into people’s hearts
Garden of Forgiveness offers up treasures of antiquity
Jalex’ Beyt: Two musicians’ return to their physical and spiritual roots
Merrill Lynch still cautious over Lebanese public debt
TMA makes case to get rid of workers
Zahrani electricity plant workers stage open strike
Booming satellite TV sector experiences growing pains
Businesses put ‘strategy into action’
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 12
Israel jets break sound barrier over south Lebanon
FBI Probes Plot to Bomb U.S. Embassy in Beirut
Powell: U.S. Sanctions Against Syria Within Weeks
Cordahi Excludes Cellis, LibanCell from Mobile Tender
Jumblat Prefers no Extension, Tickles Berri, Sells Ottoman Bey Title
Osbat al Noor Vows to Murder Arafat's Top Lebanon Representatives
Jumblatt opposes Lahoud term renewal
MP Lahoud levels complaint over oil rumors
Ain al-Hilweh factions move to end feud after murder
Israel’s Mossad again on the prowl in region
Municipal draft law progresses
Global community chides US for lack of consultation on Mideast plan
Maronite icons are memorials of gratitude, piousness
At long last, phone booths hit the streets
Public transport: Late in a service, or squashed on a bus
An eclectic mix of performance and art at the Cryptonite show in Monot
Ethiopian Orthodox Mass brings together expatriate community
Lebanese national football team wins a last-minute victory over Bahrain
Blue Stars avenge earlier loss against Cafe Najjar
Lebanon to reap benefits of Arab energy grid by April
EDL gives Irish firm operational contract, abrogates previous Cabinet decision 
Health tourism packages for Lebanon
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 11
Earth Tremor Felt in Israel, West Bank, Lebanon
Militant 'heir' killed in Lebanon
Ein El-Hilweh Assassins Terminate Shreidi Dynasty, Civil War Looms
Teenage militant shot dead in Lebanon camp ambush
Emile Emile Lahoud's Dilemma About Saddam's Oil Coupons
Lahoud awards released detainees medals in Baabda Palace ceremony
Hariri says US plans for region exclude Arabs
Obeid: Prisoner swap is ‘historic’ success
LU students predict more fights at Sanayeh campus
Amal, Hizbullah form committee to contain feud
Judiciary rejects US request on bomb case
Qandil calls the role of Syria a ‘safety net’
Lebanon expected to emerge as regional hub for healthcare tourism
Shopping festival 2004 draws crowds, but where are the sales?
Contractors threaten to halt work to protest costs
MMS: Yet another way to stay in touch with friends
Living on manakeesh: Perhaps not such a bad thing at all for bakers
Too hot to handle? Record companies shun political artists
Reading: The Near East invention that’s now in need of resurrection
ALBA seminar tackles religion and faith in cinema
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 10
Muslim terror groups stepping up activities in Latin America
Ace Manipulator Rana Koleilat Squeezed by Australian Extortionists
Lebanon Betters France, Switzerland Security-Wise
U.N.: 17 Israeli Jets Terrorize Lebanon with Supersonic Forays
Damascus visits highlight presidential race
Hariri flies to Cairo in attempt to boost trade ties with Egypt
Palestinian camps rocked by series of grenade explosions
Officials surprised by plans for ‘economic road map’
Environment Ministry is hampering the safe disposal of hospital waste
‘Tripoli Gathering’ calls for decentralizing municipalities
Exiled Lebanon general won't return until Syria out
Sexual abuse condemns children to years of torment
Bilal, a boy who’s had to grow up too quickly
A haven of Manakeesh in the midst of corn-fed America
Najwa Karam tackles Lebanon's economy
Qordahi amends cellular contracts
Humayed makes his pitch for a regional power grid
Government implementing 10-year plan to eliminate water shotages
Gemmayzeh continues to boom with more new eateries opening every day
Lebanon News in Brief 
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February 9
Three explosions hit Lebanon Palestinian camp
Amal, Hizbullah Activists Clash in S. Lebanon, 8 Injured
Sfeir Laments Lebanon's Plight Amid Fresh Syrian Overtures
Israel persists with illegal overflights in Lebanon
Postponement of Cabinet session raises questions
Tabbara praises capture of judge’s drunken assailant
Obeid tells Hague court separation wall is ‘illegal’
Hizbullah determined to gain ground in elections
Ain al-Hilweh Islamists criticize UN rights curricula
Hezbollah Influence Grows in Mideast
Israel warplanes swoop on Lebanon, Hizbollah fires
Israeli Arab brothers deny setting up Hezbollah-funded terror cell
Harb completes filming of TV drama
The Lebanese family: An important social institution
Despite shock departure of coach, national team wins
Sagesse knocks Cafe Najjar out of top position
New approach to solar power electrifies business
Media sector bemoans lack of support
Lebanon's economy grew by 3% in 2003
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 8
Aounists Deplore Atallah's Prosecution as Muzzling Freedom
Assad Raises Curtain for Lebanon's Presidential Election
2 Arabs Indicted in Israel as Hizbullah Saboteurs
Iranian Foreign Minister: Iran will do its best to help uncover Ron Arad's fate
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February 7
Assailant Who Beat Up Female Judge Arrested
U.S. Changes its Ambassador to Lebanon
MP Lahoud invites investigation of bribe allegation
Kamal Kharrazi: Lebanon plans to question Samir Geagea
Kharazi says Geagea likely to hold information on envoys
LU campus sealed after fight breaks out between Amal and Hizbullah students
Assault on judge called ‘clear and open threat’
New safety measures take effect on slopes across the country
Palestinian representative calls for refugee rights
Palestinian delegation thanks Lebanese officials for solidarity
Palestinian group marks 22nd anniversary
Hollywood seeks Lebanon’s latest sensation Haifa Wahbi
Laughter: the mighty sword in the face of impending peril
Ahweh: The vital fuel that powers the people and traditions of Lebanon
Lebanon defeats Iran at tennis
Lebanese business group touts Abu Dhabi expo
Solidere quietly pursues strategy of land sales
Exports rising as trade deficit widens
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 6
Lebanese legislator denies receiving bribes from Saddam Hussein
Iranian minister says missing Iranians are alive in Israel
Lahoud Undertakes 'Mission Impossible' to Reveal Fate of Missing Iranians
Qornet Shahwan Calls for Geagea's Release, Aoun's Return
Geagea in 'Excellent Shape' after Physical Checkup at Sacre Cœur
Syria Said to Send Arms Again to Lebanon Guerrillas
Female Judge Severely Beaten at her Chambers
Lahoud vows to probe fate of missing envoys
Families of kidnapped diplomats hold out hope for their safe return
TMA announces termination of 250 jobs in face of losses, safety concerns
Salameh: Government cannot force return of Iraqi money
Hoss accuses Hariri administration of corruption and irresponsibility
Should the Lebanese diaspora have voting rights?
Colombian official arrives for talks
Victims of Hermel land-sale fraud hold protest demanding justice
Winter’s delight: A master cook reveals (some of the) secrets to the art of kishk
Divorce can leave children with scars lasting lifetime
UN report says Lebanon is no longer a regional leader in information technology
Growth up by 3pc in Lebanon
Lebanon News in Brief 
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February 5
Iranian FM accuses Israel of holding 4 Iranians kidnapped in Lebanon in 1982
Iran Demands Investigation with LF About Missing Diplomats
Maronite Church Blasts Regime for Swallowing State Revenues
Germany's Uhrlau and Hizbullah's Smyrek in Beirut Soon
Iran seeks news of missing diplomats
Former Agriculture Minister Ali Abdullah and 5 others referred to criminal court
Germany to deport illegal immigrants
De-mining groups brave the odds to clear South of silent killers
AUST signs exchange deal
Obeid says he will shun politics to spend time with his family
Wire thieves leave town in darkness
Another day, another Lebanese ‘bad hair day’
Lebanon’s water: From downpour to drought
Public debt may reach $35 billion by end of year
Islamic banking hopes to break into new financial market here
Lebanon forex reserves rise to $12.25 bln end-Jan
Lebanon News in Brief
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February 4
Municipal elections to begin on April 20
Electoral division of capital still a subject for debate
Syrian absence from detainees’ welcoming ceremonies noted and discussed
Israel pressures France to ban Al-Manar programs
Aridi: Prisoner release doesn’t mean armed struggle is over
Sheikh Obeid: Combining resistance and spirituality
Obeid slams Israeli remarks on "Syrian occupation" of Lebanon
Who wants to be a Superstar? 12,000 do
LAU report confirms Chekka residents’ worst pollution fears
Reconstruction of Beirut remains a topic guaranteed to elicit passionate opinions
President comes to Gemmayzeh
Qordahi gets green light to re-start mobile tender
Cabinet pulls plug on tender for operation of power plants
Region’s 1st Islamic venture capital fund makes strides
Beirut celebrates increase in business
Lebanese newspapers face tough times; only 20 of 1,000 citizens are readers
Lebanon News in Brief 
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February 3
Suwad family blasts UN for cooperating in Hezbollah kidnapping of IDF soldiers
Hizbullah Reportedly Passes a Bone of Arad to Israel
Shalom: campaign launched to end Syrian occupation of Lebanon
blank.gif (59 bytes)
February 1
Lebanon Escapes Hajj Stampede, No Lebanese among 244 Dead
Tennenbaum said cooperating with his investigators, prone to bouts of crying
Accord for Fresh Swap Finalized by Nasrallah, Schroeder, Sharon
Shin Bet interrogating Tennenbaum; businessman was tortured in captivity
Lebanon May Unfreeze Iraqi Assets in Beirut Banks
Rana's Holdings in 34 Companies Impounded by Abu Ayash
Lebanon abandons failed mobile phone privatisation
Three foreign banks granted licences in Iraq
First three foreign banks allowed back into Iraq

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