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May 2004

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May 31
UN: Lebanon moves Kurdish asylum-seekers to zone along Israeli border
Strida Geagea Leads LF to Sweeping Victory in Besharri
Hariri, Nasrallah Hold Ice-Breaking Meeting over Dahieh Riots
Aounist Wins Presidency of Physicians Association
Syria Plays Major Role In Lebanese Elections
Mario Aoun becomes new president of Beirut Order of Physicians
Vanunu says Israeli invasion of Lebanon influenced his actions
Limited turnout for elections in Northern Lebanon
Hariri, Nasrallah discuss recent Beirut violence
Nasrallah alleges violent protests linked to US Embassy
Army arrests suspect accused of instigating clashes
Cornerstone laid for Four Seasons hotel in Beirut
Lebanon's pharmaceutical industry prepares to combat counterfeiting
Lebanon mulls ban on tobacco advertising, tax hike on cigarettes
Computer firm promises lightweight laptop with plenty of power
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May 30
Questions over terror suspect
Israel north commander warns Syria of 'heavy price' for further border unrest
Israel renews death threat against Hezbollah leader, warns Syria
Hezbollah: US ignited tension
Lebanese Khobar Hostages Rescued Safely by Saudi Police
Nasrallah Accuses U.S. Embassy of Engineering Dahieh's Riots
U.S. Embassy Lebanese Guard Tipped as Spearhead of Riots
Australian diplomats to meet with Lebanon terror suspects
Lebanon detaines 131 persons on the background of the fuel clashes
Putin, Mubarak discuss settlement between Syria, Lebanon and Israel
Five Lebanese hostages released in Saudi Arabia
Hizbullah recruits minors to spy, run drugs
Shooting suspect held in Lebanon
Australians accused of terror plot
Council honour Dubai-based 'Knight of Order of Cedars' award-winners
Opec quota suspension an option at Beirut
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May 29
Riots Trigger Questions Why Dahieh is Beyond State Authority
Hariri May not Resign as Magic Seen Backfiring on Magician
Repairs Begin at Gutted, Ransacked Labor Ministry
Calm returns to Beirut as army redeploys
Beirut violence unlikely to have been a 'plot'
Voters express mixed feelings as elections in North approach
Did GLC fuel gas strike violence?
Army's reaction to protests 'may have broken international law'
Suspension of OPEC quotas is an option at Beirut meeting
Syrian minister admits US sanctions will hurt
How the Lebanese Army could be an economic asset
Lebanon pound holds steady after deadly clashes
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May 28
Press anger at Lebanese army
Protesters Block Roads in Beirut
Lebanese protestors seal off district after deadly riots
Amnesty urges probe into Lebanon clashes
Lebanon charges two Australians with al Qaeda links
Beirut Riots Leave 6 killed, 50 injured, Labor Ministry Aflame
U.S: 'We Tell Syrians to Leave Lebanon, But they Don't Listen'
Six killed, labor ministry set on fire in clashes in Beirut
Lebanon gasoline price-hike protest leaves 5 dead
Hizbullah, Amal stress common interest after divisive elections
Taxi, service, bus drivers stop work as public protests high gasoline prices
Tripoli elections hinge on Karami's decision
Syrian banking conference pushes edge of economic envelope
IT consortium to provide low-cost PCs for projected e-society
Saidi: reform corporate practice
Growth hopes for Lebanon 
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May 27
Call for independent investigation into killings of protestors
Six killed in Lebanon protests
Five killed as army and protesters clash in Lebanon - Reuters
Four die in Lebanon fuel protest - BBC
Hearing for accused Hezbollah supporter
Troops Clash with Beirut Demonstrators Trying to Hijack Weapons Truck
Lebanese Bride Killed at Paris Airport a Week after Wedding
Labor Strike Turns Beirut to Almost Ghost City
Hariri Sees Assad, Opposition Says Premier May Quit
Amal accuses Hizbullah of dealing with anti-Syrian factions
Phillipine Envoy recalled from Lebanon
500,000 expected to strike against high fuel prices
Lahoud's chances boosted, if Syria says OK
Hopes for compromise fizzle in Tripoli elections
Lebanon fund-raising campaign for Rafah
Feds in Arkansas Charge 5 With International Money Laundering
Philippines sends probe team to Lebanon
Syria to forge ahead with privatizaton
Stable insurance laws would attract more investors
Italian Embassy courts Lebanese investors
World boat show anchors in Beirut
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May 26
Night-Vision Goggles, Infrared Aimers to Hizbullah from U.S.
Israeli Troops Shoot Over Festive Lebanese Crowd at Fatima
Lebanon marks anniversary of Israeli pullout from south Lebanon
Canadian executive charged in U.S. with attempt to support Hezbollah
Despite Syrian efforts, Tripoli polls remain unstable
Berri, Hariri highlight sacrifices of liberation
2000: Hezbollah celebrates Israeli retreat
Special Committee On Israeli Practices To Visit Lebanon, Egypt And Syria
Canadian Charged in Terrorism Aid Attempt
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May 25
No Banks, No Schools, No Cabbies in Beirut Thursday
Lebanese Doctor is Missing at Charles de Gaulle Airport
Poll results usher in new Lebanese reality
South Lebanon elections preserve Shiite balance
Berri fails to top Hizbullah in Nabatieh
Hariri's list loses to opposition in Sidon
Tripoli list faces painful choices to form consensus
Waterfront developments flood Lebanese market
Lebanese PM works connections to raise Beirut's profile
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May 24
Hariri suffers painful losses in Lebanon municipal polls
Israel holds 2 youths as alleged Hizbullah spies
Hariri Beaten in Sidon, Berri Wins Coast, Hizbullah Takes Inland
Imitation prescription drugs pose serious risk to unaware patients
Report: Israeli army ordered to kill or capture 1,000 Palestinian
South Lebanon voters turn out en masse
Tripoli gets ready for fierce poll contest
Estimated 60 percent of voters turn out for Sidon elections
May 23
Berri Fights for Political Survival against Hizbullah in S. Lebanon
Lahoud Wants Pan-Arab Support for Syria
Hizbullah's 'Death Shrouds' Parade Sends Ringing Warning to U.S.
Over 200,000 stage Beirut rally warning U.S. against attacking holy sites in Iraq
Lebanon hopes OPEC meeting will help it regain regional hub role
Reality TV draws high advertising rates -Lebanon
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May 22
Thousdands march in Lebanon ready to defend Iraqi holy shrines
Hizbullah chief talks tough to US on Iraq
Lebanese elections not driven by politics alone
Hizbullah, Communists scrap coalition ahead of electoral contest in Nabatieh
No consensus means tight contests for South
Preliminary investigations into Israeli spy ring intensify
Lebanese PM wants Russia to open commercial bank
3rd Italian Festival brings the best of Italy to Lebanon
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May 21
Lebanon Shi'ites say ready to die for Iraq shrines
Israel examines 'Arad remains'
New evidence: Saddam's WMD in Lebanon
Accused Hezbollah supporter returns to US to face charge 
First Ever Russian-arab Forum Opens In Lebanon
Fadlallah Says Next U.S. President Should Undergo Psychiatric Tests
Israel Still Uncertain About Arad's Alleged Bones
Fawzi Assi Surrenders from Lebanon to U.S. Authorities
Israel: Reports on upcoming hostage swap with Hezbollah are groundless
Saad accuses Hariri of turning elections into a political contest
Accusations mount as municipal elections in north draw nearer
Investigation leading to arrests raises eyebrows
Iranian Diplomats Still in Israeli Prisons: Chargé D'affaires
Trial date set for Bank al-Madina case
Protesters demonstrate against the high price of fuel
FEATURE-Arab youth flee decrepit economies for booming Dubai
Lebanon pound steady on talk of new debt aid summit
Government Sets New Gasoline Price Ceiling, Labor Vetoes
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May 20
Lebanese President To Visit Russia
Trade Unionists Picket Cabinet Over Soaring Gasoline Prices
Chamoun Gets Tumultuous Reception at Justice Palace
Israeli probe into security breach along northern border reveals serious flaws
Hariri's Sidon visit thought to reflect weakness
Visit to home signals boost for Berri
Syria works to maintain balance in Nabatieh
EXCLUSIVE: Missing Israeli Airman Arad Is Dead, Sources Say
Tony Haddad, President of Lebanese American Council for Democracy
IMF: Lebanon's debt alarming
Lebanese to protest high gasoline prices
Beirut boat show expects to attract 20,000
Al Salam attracts new investors to Lebanon tourism project
Beirut hosts conference on fiscal reforms in Arab countries
Gandour factories awarded Arab Central Certificate of Appreciation
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May 19
Gamal's Tunisian Husband Implicated in Nasrallah Assassination Conspiracy
Hizbullah Plans Anti-U.S. March in Death Shrouds in Beirut
Labor Confronts Government over Lebanon's Soaring Fuel Prices
Lebanese premier to ask donor countries for more soft loans
Reports on Israeli assassin, spy ring confirmed
Lebanon 'smashes Israel spy ring' - BBC
Beirut foiled Israeli plot to kill Hezbollah leader Nasrallah - Haaretz
Lebanon foils Israeli plot against Hizbollah - Reuters
Army Thwarts Israeli Attempt to Murder Nasrallah by Chemicals
Debt-laden Lebanon talks of new aid meet next year
Lebanon has $203 mln BOP surplus end-Feb 2004
Lebanon's public debt up to $31.7 bln by end-Feb
Lebanon gross fx reserves at $11.49 bln mid-May
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May 18
U.S. report criticizes human rights status  in Lebanon
Gina Hobeika Under Pressure to Retract WAAD Resignation
Dory Chamoun Heeds Questioning Summons at Justice Palace
Israel: Hizbullah sponsors Palestinian militancy
Lebanese Cabinet to discuss donation to intifada
Syria will allow parties to slug it out in South
Sidon MP refuses Hariri's call for consensus list
IMF: Beirut can still curb growth of public debt
Majority of Cellis, LibanCell staff resign
Mikati: Public transport needs help to survive
Lebanon may issue more eurobonds in next few months
Humayed proposes oil price caps to Cabinet
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May 17
Draft Bill Shortens Post-Graduation Military Service to 3 Months
Female Lawyer Murdered at her Beirut Apartment
Hardini, 6 Others Canonized at Vatican
Lebanese monk among 6 granted sainthood
Elections in Nabatieh, South head toward clash between Hizbullah, Amal
Hariri strives for consensus in Sidon
IMF says setting up training center in Beirut
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May 16
Lebanese celebrate canonising "tolerant" priest
Nelly Maqdasi admits to being a porn star
New Scenarios of a Potential Israeli Reinvasion of Lebanon
Israeli source: Arad case and Hezbollah prisoner swap close to conclusion
A Lebanese Monk Who Cared for Muslims and Christians
Hezbollah TV Spot Mimics 'Passion' Trailer
Hezbollah's Passion Play 
Israel’s Failed Assassination Attempt on U.S. Ambassador Documented
Turkey will sign free trade agreement with Lebanon
Cabinet to receive proposal to fix gasoline prices at LL25,000
Lebanon told to cut electricity costs
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May 15
Patriarch Turns 84 in Midair, Vetoing Syria's Tutelage
U.S. Escalates 'Hands-Off-Lebanon' Pressure on Syria
Lebanese president 'proud' of canonization
Hariri says time has not run out for agreement in Sidon
A closer look at effect of American sanctions
Movement accuses army intelligence of tipping scales in polls
Beirut, Ankara seek greater cooperation
Cyprus' Maronite community in crisis
Lebanon may issue eurobonds to replace old debt
Ministers to discuss tax in Beirut
Microsoft, Lebanon, e-government
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May 14
Lebanese P.M.: Turkey May Increase Trade With Iraq Through Lebanon
Israeli officials continue to deny progress regarding Ron Arad
U.S. Reasserts Anti-Lahoud Veto, Riad Salameh Tipped as Contender
Lahoud, Patriarch Sfeir to Vatican for Hardini's Sanctification
Syrian president rejects U.S. sanctions, refuses to expel Palestinian militants
Syria restores balance of power among its allies
Bizri accuses Hariri of coercing voters
Beheading condemned by Hamas and Hizbollah
Outrage Over Leaping Gasoline Prices
Fitch assigns ratings to Lebanon's new Eurobond
Finance Ministry scores big in Eurobond sales
Energy minister vows not to accept board resignations as power otages rage
Eight international companies will bid to operate container terminal
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May 13
Lebanese newspaper: MIA Ron Arad's bones handed over to Israel for tests
Syria, Lebanon slam US sanctions decision
Erdogan And Hariri Hold A Joint News Conference
Report: Hezbollah found grave of MIA Ron Arad in Lebanon
EU to seek trade deal with Syria despite US sanctions
Aridi: 'U.S. Spreading Anti-Humanity Virus Worldwide'
Syrian PM: US sanctions unjust, unjustified
Al-Jamaa tentatively settles with Hariri
Amal and Hizbullah continue to negotiate in Nabatieh
Aoun: FPM has overcome all obstacles
Fadlallah lashes out at American policies, attitudes
NTV files suit of its own in Hariri flap
Finance Ministry scores big in Eurobond sales
Lebanese construction sector uneven
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May 12
Arroyo wants justice for Filipina maid's death in Lebanon
UN sanctions on Syria: Lebanon condemns, Israel hails
US chose bad time to impose Syria sanctions-Arabs
Syria's veteran defence minister quits
Syria says US sanctions won't change its policies
Syria Criticizes Sanctions, Seeks Talks
Bush Clamps Sanctions on Syria, Citing Failure to Leave Lebanon
U.S. Sanctions May Hurt Syria Politically
Syrians Downplay Economic Effects, Fearing Political Impact
Arad Reported Buried in Nabi Sheet, Bones Examined in Israel
Philippines Outraged over a Maid's Death in Lebanon
Late Lebanese poll results bolster criticism
Hariri's split with Al-Jamaa reaches new level of intensity
Jezzine municipal election battle heats up
Lahoud and visiting Brazilian delegation discuss air travel links
US slaps trade sanctions on Syria - BBC
Bush imposes sweeping sanctions on Syria - Independent
Bush Imposes Export Ban Against Syria - Reuters
U.S. labels Syrian bank 'money laundering concern'
Lebanon sells $1.2 bln bond to local banks
Lebanon, GCC ink deal on free trade
Lebanon targets money laundering
Energy plans fail to address citizens' concerns
Lebanon signs free trade pact with Gulf states
Lebanon News in Brief
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May 11
UN says Israel fired smoke bombs at its border post
Inquiry launched after Iranian infiltrates Israel through Lebanon
Israel Plans New Invasion of Lebanon to Crush Hizbullah?!
Analyst says Hizbullah stronger for 2005
By its own count, Hizbullah victorious in Bekaa
Sharp contrast in Beirut, Bekaa elections
Hariri, Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya clash over deputy mayor's post
Asaad gets political at church opening
Lebanese Forces members deny sabotaging opposition
Minister criticizes opponents in Magdousheh
Lebanese Central Bank: Privatize or securitize now
Lebanese premier urges Arab insurers to modernize
Expansion of Beirut's Le Royal silences naysayers
Dubai group to invest $400m in Lebanon
Starwood grows portfolio in Levant by adding three hotels in Lebanon and Syria
Lebanon News in Brief
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May 10
Fadlallah predicts more attacks on Americans after prisoner abuse scandal
Dirani denies saying Arad is alive
Dirani: Israeli MIA Ron Arad is still alive and being held in Lebanon
UN Middle East envoy in Lebanon for talks with senior officials
Fatah offices in Damascus reopen
Bush to impose sanctions on Syria-sources
Hariri Takes Beirut, Hizbullah Beats Amal, Skaffs Defeat Hrawis
Israeli Minister Calls for Bombing Assad's Palace to Curb Hizbullah
Uneven turnout as Lebanese vote
Sharp contrast in Beirut, Bekaa elections
Posters of municipal election candidates adorn Beirut buildings
Committee seeks payment for victims
Of 5,000 Jewish Lebanese, only 1 voted
Mofaz denies report on Arad bone
Boim warns Lebanon, Syria over Hizbullah
Lebanon to tap market with $700 million in eurobonds
Equity Review for the Week Ending May 7, 2004
Lebanon News in Brief
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May 9
More on Friday’s Hizbullah Attack
IDF Chief: Syria & Iran Responsible for Northern Border Attacks
Israel testing bone fragment Hezbollah claims is from body of MIA Ron Arad
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May 8
Hariri Sweeps Beirut, Amal-Hizbullah Clash in Baalbek, 3-way Battle in Zahleh
A new man enters Sabah’s life
Israel Threatens "Catastrophic" Revenge from Lebanon, Syria
Hizbullah, Amal Poised for 'Bone-crushing' Clash in Baalbek
Massive Hizbullah strike kills Israeli soldier
Hariri's list expected to sweep polls Sunday
Sidon bomb explosions put authorities on alert
Amal loses ground to Hizbullah's superior party machine
Qabbani supports boycott of Israel-related goods
New TV faces another slander lawsuit
US Congress members threaten to draw up a new law against Syria
Start-ups hurt by high cost of financing
Beirut realtor reports hefty rise in 2003 sales, rents
Lebanon seen issuing $500 mln Eurobond next week
Lebanon pound steady despite border flare-ups
Lebanon's Solidere 2003 profit tumbles to $16.4 mln
Lebanon News in Brief
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May 7
UN probes latest exchange of fire across troops withdrawal line
Guerrillas kill Israeli soldier in clash at Lebanon border - Independent
Israelis Exchange Border Fire With Hezbollah Guerrillas - Nytimes
Israeli soldier killed, five wounded by Hezbollah fire - Haaretz
Clashes on Israel-Lebanon border - BBC
Israeli warplanes bomb Hezbollah position in south Lebanon: police - AFP
Fresh Israeli Air Strikes Turn S. Lebanon into Mideast Flashpoint
Hezbollah, IDF exchange heavy fire near Israel-Lebanon border - Haaretz
Hizbollah, Israelis Exchange Fire in Border Area - Reuters
Lebanon appeals UN on Israeli airstrike
Haaretz: Troops on northern border repel two groups from Lebanon
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May 6
Israel's F-16 Bombers Attack S. Lebanon, Breaking 6-Week Lull
Maronite Church Brands Elections as Bogus, Rebuking Lahoud, Hariri
Hizbullah, Israel exchange fire; escalation feared
Election results boost Lahoud's position
Pro-authority lists sweep most municipalities
Lahoud: Elections were testimony to security, stability
Sfeir blames Syria for problems
Longtime rivals make peace in Sidon
Analysts eye split between parties
Abu Rizk announces new political party
In Shoueifat, Democrats mull vote challenge
Baalbek municipal alliances reflect regional concerns
Judge sets court date for questioning defendants in NTV lawsuit
Europe must mull Israeli violations
Israeli sources deny prisoner exchange deal close with Hezbollah
After consecutive years of growth, Beirut Airport finally back on pre-war track
Rezidor 1st global firm in 25 years to enter Iranian hospitality market
Lebanese printers threatened by loss of market dominance
Lebanon News in Brief
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May 5
Using Video to Settle Land Disputes in Lebanon
UN envoy calls for halt to Israeli violations and Lebanese retaliatory fire
IAF jets attack unmanned Hezbollah positions - Maariv
Israeli jets strike south Lebanon - BBC
Israel Air Force warplanes strike Hezbollah targets -  Haaretz
Report: Israel to get bodies of 3 MIAs, data on Ron Arad
U.S. Clamps Anti-Syria Sanctions in May for not Leaving Lebanon
Hizbullah-Israeli Swap-2 Gathers Full-Blast Momentum
Hariri Sues NTV Network for Libel, Demanding $10 Million
Lebanese PM files slander lawsuit against TV station
Skaff, elected in opposition, must now win as an insider
Municipal Sidon candidates flock to serail
Murr claims victory ahead of poll results
Czech president criticizes new EU membership
Lebanese media fractured, politicized
Protestors condemn US abuse of Iraqi prisoners
Beirut exhibition expected to draw thousands of contractors, firms
Lebanon FX reserves slip to $11.98 bln end-April
Lebanon News in Brief
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May 4
Sharon says he handling missing Israeli airman case
New information on Ron Arad
Lebanese PM sues opposition TV for defamation
Losers: Gen. Aoun, Geagea, Berri, Arslan, Qornet Shahwan
Police Believe Robbery was Behind Pierre Boulos' Murder
Lack of unity costs opposition in polls
Damascus sees elections as beginning of change
Various parties praise Mount Lebanon vote
Accusations fly as ballot counts still not complete
Polling day, through the eyes of an election monitor
Beirut race down to 2
Lebanon, Czech Republic consolidate bilateral ties
EU expansion brings benefits, complications to region
Report: PM planning to bring release of Lebanese militant before gov't soon
Progress in prisoner swap with Hizbollah-Israeli TV
Lebanon - Annual report 2004
Syria - Annual report 2004
Nintendo to build a video game industry
US envoy: Piracy crackdown key to WTO accession
U.S. urges global action on copyright theft
Lebanon News in Brief
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May 3
Arabs denounce US moves against Syria
Pro-Syrian groups win Lebanon polls   
Victors: Hizbullah in Dahieh, Jumblat in Druze Hinterland, Murr in Metn
Cordahi Roughed and Beaten By Byblos Election Rivals
Municipal polls mostly calm
Politics drowned out by other electoral concerns
Confusion and alleged irregularities in Baabda
Authorities arrest several voters in Metn areas
Jounieh elections tension-charged
Calm at times, hot at others in Chouf and Iqlim al-Kharroub
Fakhoury withdraws from Beirut polls
New US ambassador's remarks stir controversy
LF activist beaten to death
Hizbullah seeks 2nd captive swap
Czech president to start 3-day visit to Lebanon
Solidere shares up 45 % anticipating announcement of high earnings in 2003
Kingdom Hotel Investment Group sees bright future for region's tourism industry
Lebanon News in Brief

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