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July 2004

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July 31
Hassoun takes leave with family in Utah
Lebanon says it is still Israeli target
Maqdah submits resignation for failure to resolve Ein El Hilweh security crisis
Mixed reactions to banning Hizbullah's TV in France
Controversy over Hardan's decision to move Sidon's weekly holiday to Friday
Berri reshuffles Amal Movement to avert downfall
Lahoud Unheeding Public Pleas to 'Go Home in Grace'
Rana Brings Frame-up Lawsuit Against Abu Ayash Brothers
First military old-age home opens doors
Al-Tahreer party member detained since Thursday
Hariri, Lahoud camps damage their causes
Lahoud's upcoming visit with patriarch aims to bolster ties
Lebanese president, Maronite patriarch set for "summit" Saturday
Local Fatah leader resigns following clashes
Judge accuses Lebanese man in Madrid bombs probe
Glitches galore for cash-strapped mobile users
Lebanon, Syria pipeline not to be completed on time
Remittances keep economy afloat
Strategic thinking needed to succeed in franchising
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July 30
Living conditions worsen for Palestinians - UN
Homeland Security gets data on Arab-Americans-NYT
Candidates escalate battle for presidency
Banned Islamic Liberation Party stresses need to form Muslim entity
Lahoud Under Political Bombardment to Bow Out Gracefully
Jund Al Sham Clashes with Arafat's Militia in Ein El Hilweh, 5 Wounded
Rana May be Out of Jail Soon, Bail is Lowered to LL200 Million
Batroun MP shows glimpse of plan to 'rescue' Lebanon
Lahoud jump-starts political machine
New party, free of sectarianism, to make debut
Bomb hoax forces plane to land in Beirut
Palestinians, gunmen clash at Ain al-Hilweh
UN expert says Lebanon could easily save on its energy bill
Lebanon fails to crack down on rampant piracy
Lebanese pound steady, tourists boost demand
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July 29
Lebanese man arrested in March 11 Madrid train bombings case
Three wounded in clash at south Lebanon refugee camp
UN keeps peacekeepers in Lebanon six more months  
Sabah sings for VIPs from the Egyptian and Lebanese society
New Lebanese Shiite group taking shape
Oulawed Islamic Liberation Party says authorities arresting its members
Al-Manar targets Europe's Arab Community
Legislative Vacuum in August Complicates Lahoud's Extension Bid
Firizly: Assad's Arm Won't be Twisted, Malouli: 1-year Extension
Hizbullah Warns Israel Will Cease to Exist if Al Aqsa is Attacked
Hezbollah warns Israel against extremist attack on Al-Aqsa
If Parliament endorses Nassib Lahoud, he'll run for president
NTV reporter finds 4 grenades, threatening note on his car
Addoum studies legal proceedings against Moammar Gadhafi
Murr denies pushing for Lahoud during speech
Lebanese FM slams Iraqi minister's Iran remarks
Lebanon family honour son who became Iraq bomber
Hariri in Yemen to boost economic ties
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July 28
Lebanon retreat set to bite Israel
Blast rocks Palestinian camp in northern Lebanon
Lebanon, Iraq decide to form joint higher committee
Banning of Al-Manar in France 'politically motivated"
Imam Sadr's Son Sues Gadhafi as Father's Kidnapper
Hizbullah Won't Deny Possession of 'Hit-Tel Aviv" Missiles
Full Text: Grossman's remarks at the swearing of the new US ambassador
18,000 municipal members gather at BIEL
Cabinet meeting dodges talks on hot topics
Iraqi PM finishes successful visit
Hizbullah sounds alarm on corruption
Lawsuit filed over Musa Sadr's disappearance
Iraq eyes renewed oil exports via Lebanon
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July 27
UN council backs keeping peacekeepers in Lebanon
Lebanon rejects foreign presence in Iraq
Gaddafi linked to missing Lebanon Imam, family says
Syria Surprisingly Endorses Bush's Hands-Off-Lebanon Stance
Syria Arrests 3 Suspected Murderers of LF's Pierre Boulos
Bouez: 'No Extension,' Daher: 'No Dictation," Honein: 'No Violation'
Israeli army says Hezbollah may have rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv area
Iraqi PM: No ties with Israel until other Arab states ready
Iraqi official: We will fulfill obligations to Lebanese
Israeli forces detain Lebanese shepherd
Changes in Amal's Bekaa leadership spark speculation
Kesrouan MP refuses to testify regarding his scuffle at Casino du Liban
Blast targets Palestinian militant's home
Iraq eyes renewed oil exports via Lebanon after 20-year break
Arab land purchases up 127 percent in Lebanon
Damascus in dire need of a modern business district
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July 26
Hebollah warns Israel, says Jewish state incapable of taking risk
Allawi sees bright future for Iraq, highlights positive change in Syria relations
Prosecutor says MP Khazen could be sued despite immunity
Israel: Syria is Arming Hizbullah with Missiles to Hit Tel Aviv
Allawi Hopes to Restore Ambassadorial Ties with Lebanon
Explosions rock Ein el-Helweh camp
Al Waleed Supports Long Extension for Lahoud
Patriarch Says Choice of Next President Still for 'Non-Lebanese'
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July 25
Allawi Hopes to Restore Ambassadorial Ties with Lebanon
Explosions rock Ein el-Helweh camp
Al Waleed Supports Long Extension for Lahoud
Patriarch Says Choice of Next President Still for 'Non-Lebanese'
Baghdad-Damascus ties improve despite US-Syria rift
Israel: Hizbullah can hit Tel Aviv
Questions remain over Lahoud's mandate
Culture minister calls for ending scandals, corruption
Grenade accident leaves Palestinian wounded
Report: Israel plans to assassinate Hizbullah leadership
In Canada, Exceptions Are Rule for Al-Jazeera
Iraq's PM Allawi Visits Beirut for Talks
Wasta? 'The cost of doing business'
EU hopes multi-million dollar grant will prop up small businesses in Lebanon
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July 24
Bush letter to the National Apostolate of Maronites Convention
Excerpts from swearing-in of new U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon
Vanunu Warns of Pan-Arab Disaster if Israel's Aging Reactor Collapses
Allawi's Arab tour stirs controversy, mixed reactions
High security for Allawi's Lebanon visit
Legislator with Bodyguards Beat up Casino du Liban Chairman
Aoun: Syria Will Select 'The Most Corrupt' to Replace Lahoud
Washington calls for free, fair elections in Lebanon
Lahoud reviews activities of Syrian- Lebanese joint committees
Hariri Suggests Lahoud Wants Extension, Not New Full Term
Alleged Syrian nuclear plans elicit debate
American accusations against Hizbullah receive criticism
Banned 'Hezb al Tahrir' reappears in Tripoli
Iraqi leader in Lebanon Sunday heading a 35-member delegation
Authorities investigate clash at casino
Fewer Arabs admire U.S., survey finds
Lebanese debt solution an internal affair
Major business deals announced in Middle East as oil prices surge
Lebanese pound steady as dollar supply increases
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July 23
US calls for withdrawal of Syrian and Iranian forces from Lebanon
Lahoud to press on with reforms if reelected
Murr rejects attempts to politicize security
'Lahoud Goes Home with no Grudge if Extension is Unattainable'
Hizbullah Rejects 9/11 Commission's Charge of Links with Qaida
U.S. Wants 'New' Lebanese President by November, Syria out
Storm Blows up over Minister Murr's Concept of 'Collaboration'
Planet Lebanon participants call for equal rights
Murr sets record straight
Lebanese MP throws hat into presidential ring
Is Syria in favor of a Lahoud comeback?
Hassoun clan unites behind Wassef
Hassoun's repatriation moves to North Carolina
If we do not believe in the pound, Lebanon cannot prosper
Euromoney selects BLOM as best in Lebanon
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July 22
Hezbollah denies al-Qaida links once again
Israel admits indirect responsibility for Awali slaying as tense calm prevails
Arms seized at  FPM activist home, security sources say
Syria Seen Unwilling to Keep Lahoud in Power
Authorities on Collision Course with Bekaa Aounists
Daher Formally Stands for Election as Lebanon's Next President
Regular Daily Flights from Beirut to Sao Paulo Reactivated
Hizbullah, Israel exchange threats despite warnings
Hizbullah may expand its security zone
PSP blasts Hariri's invitation to Iraqi PM
Lebanese businesses awaken to a new relationship with customers
The Lebanese immigrants who became Brazil's business leaders
Planet Lebanon conference gets dose of bleak reality
Israeli overflights have little effect on tourism
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July 21
Letter commends Lebanonwire, criticizes view expressed by economist Yashui
Extension for UN Lebanon mission urged as tension mounts at withdrawal line
UN official warns of major escalation in south Lebanon
Israel threatens to attack Syria, Washington calls for easing down
Murr confirms existence of "big network of Israel collaborators" in Lebanon
Israeli overflights over Beirut threaten to reignite hostilities
Israel Couples Beirut's Sonic Bombardment with Threat to Attack Syria
Lebanon Complains to U.N. Against Israel's 'Air Terror' Over Beirut
Hariri denies report he may step down
Assassination of Hizbullah member fires up leaders
Authorities at Beirut Port nab second tainted shipment
More FPM members called in for investigation
Addoum slams accusations as 'purely political'
Israeli jets buzz Beirut after deadly border clash
Guerrilla Mistakens Sonic Booms for Bombs
Anglo-American consortium wins coveted Beirut Port bid
High oil prices are made in the United States
IDAL to unveil trio of private projects worth $900 million
Consultancy: Securitizing tobacco revenues not enough
Conference explores diaspora's relations to homeland
The diaspora: Lebanon's secret weapon against economic collapse
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July 20
Two troops killed by Hezbollah sniper; no large-scale retaliation is expected
Two Israeli soldiers shot dead by Hezbollah snipers
US urges parties along Israel-Lebanon border to exercise restraint
Nasrallah: Prominent figures are protecting Israeli collaborators
Lahoud slams Hariri, says poll losers have no right to speak for the people
Hizbullah Vows Hand-Chopping Revenge, Israel Rushes Reinforcements
Vespa-Riding Jund El Sham Emir Disclaims Awali's Murder
Lebanese-American Wassef Hassoun Asserts He's True U.S. Marine
Lahoud blames Israel for assassination
Consumer Protection Bureau on the ball
Beirut clarifies stance on 3 statues
Fadlallah slams corruption, tells reformists to 'practice what they preach'
3 FPM members arrested in Zahle in weekend crackdown
'Air taxis' between Lebanon, Syria
Will Mideast gas pipeline spur cooperation?
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July 19
Sabah joins politicians in Lebanon
Marine Who Vanished Says He Didn't Desert
Hezbollah blames Israel as Beirut car bomb kills military commander
Car Bomb Blast Kills a Hezbollah Official 
Israeli warplanes violate Lebanon space
Senior Hizbullah Commander Assassinated in Booby-Trapped Car in S. Beirut
U.S. Complains of Syria's Refusal to Leave Lebanon Alone
Hariri says public mood strongly against extending Lahoud's term
Firizly: 'No Presidential Election in Lebanon Without Syria's Role'
Aridi deplores corrupt government officials exploiting political immunity
Beirut bomb 'kills Hezbollah man'
Lahoud, Hariri rift over Martyrs' Statue boils over
Sfeir speaks out on jobs, workers' rights
Planet Lebanon 2004 unites Lebanese expatriates
Palestinian economy among world's poorest
Economist Says 90% of Lebanese Live Below Poverty Line
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July 18
Tourist Boom Seen Reshaping Beirut as Paris of Mideast
Martyrs' statue escalates war between Lahoud and Hariri
Martyrs Statue Back in Limbo Thanks to Lahoud-Hariri Animosity
Ministry downplays cell-phone strike amid conflicting results
Lebanon, Syria hold military maneuver to face possible Israeli atack
Lebanon, Syria Beat Back Enemy Invasion of their Shores
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July 17
Former Fatah member shot dead in Lebanese refugee camp
Israeli war planes violate Lebanon's airspace
Aoun: Lebanon needs democratic mechanism
EDL announces new slate of power cuts in Beirut
Presidential election tops political agenda
Lahoud reportedly upset over campaigns
Martyrs' monument on the move again
Lebanese played role in Angelo hostage talks
Lebanese, Syrian armies hold joint maneuvers
Aoun Draws 4-Point Initiative to Undermine Lahoud's Regime
Lebanon bets on tourist dollars
Lebanon to break its Saudi tourist record
Lebanon budget gap 25.51 pct of spending end-June
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July 16
Hezbollah not expected to make any political declaration
Opposition to renewing Lahoud's term growing
Marine Who Vanished in Iraq Lands in U.S.
Cell phone boycott not expected to have much impact
Mobile Strike Pronounced 'Half-Success'
Lebanese mobile users in revolt
Cellular boycott wavers between success, failure
Qornet Shehwan still mum on candidate issue
Bullet-Scarred Martyrs Statue is Back in Downtown Beirut
Martyrs' Statue returns to original site after 8-year absence
Lebanon ranks 80th in UN global report
Court dismisses banking law violation case
Lebanon to break its Saudi tourist record
Moving forward in Lebanon through public discourse
Lebanon's industrial exports on the rise
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July 15
Berri accuses officials of speaking "American"
Hoss's presents new electoral law based on proportionate representation
Arabs, Lebanese donate to Bush campaign
Beirut Roasts in Severe Power Outage During Worst Heat Wave
Mobile Phones Go Mute Across Lebanon
Haddad: '80 Remote-Controlled Legislators will Vote 'Yes' to Lahoud'
Cellular boycott gains momentum, but will it work?
Hizbullah nabs 'collaborator'
Meeting calls for implementation of Taif Accord
ISF commander closes down quarries
Syria's expanding tourism sector forces airline to consider overhaul
Albanian delegation impressed by exports at Beirut Port
Beirut International Airport gets cute with SITA
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July 14
Franjieh: 'Electing New President Now Outweighs Extension'
Toufeili criticizes former backers Iran, Syria
U.S. Ambassador Assures Lebanese Friends in Arabic 'La Tamdid'
Mobiles Go Silent at Midnight, Italy Copies 'Cellular Revolt'
Lahoud's extension not the only election issue
Italy adopts Lebanon's idea of cell phone boycott
Court acquits man of role in May 27 riots
Wedding planning is big business in Lebanon
Lebanese aviation department signs $3 million airport IT deal
A Lebanese expatriate continues the family's entrepreneurial legacy
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July 13
Hezbollah, Jumblat define next president's qualifications
Gazi Kanaan's son attacks Druze spiritual leader's nephew
'Damascus gives opinion on presidential elections in September'
Rana Again Denied Release on Bail from Women Prison
Lebanon's Mobile Phones Stage 24-Hour Boycott, Protesting Soaring Costs
Martyrs Statue to Return to Bourj Square Soon
Jumblatt: New president should have clear stand on list of issues
Nidal Ghazi Kenaan involved in Monot Street assault
Lebanese sheikh mediates Filipino hostage crisis
Influences vary on Lebanese beer consumption
New witness in Madina bank case defends bank's chairman
Mobile boycott in Lebanon Thursday
Mobile sales top 40 million handsets in the Middle East and Africa, says IDC
MIDDLE East's SMB market gets simplicity, affordability...
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July 12
Van Marsh: Marine's family roots run deep in Tripoli
Sources: Marine says he was abducted in Iraq
Muna Shalabi to become the replica of Miss Lebanon
Jumblatt urges Lahoud to declare candidacy
New president should not to be 'a slave to Syria'
US congressman opposes amending Constitution
Sfeir calls for solidarity in society
Hassoun 'regrets' joining US Navy
Turkish FM asks Beirut to stop isolation of Northern Cyprus
Lebanon's tourist industry heads for record
China's rise golden opportunity for Middle East
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July 11
Relatives Defend Marine to Fellow Arabs
Racy Billboards Spark Protests in Lebanon
Lebanon urges Arab states to refer West Bank barrier to Security Council
Hassoun will head to US this week
Jumblat Rebels Against Syrian 'Inspiration' Favoring Extension
Ray LaHood Rules Out Extension for President Lahoud
'Islamic Retaliation' Resolves Mystery of Hassoun's Disappearance
Hassoun's Family Concedes he Erred by Joining U.S. Marines
US opposes amending law to renew Lebanese president's term: congressman
Lebanese family says their son joined U.S. marines out of economic need
Sits in in Beirut, Amman against the wall of separation
Hizbollah Says Only Resistance Can Destroy Barrier
Lebanon welcomes ruling on ME wall
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July 10
Marine in 18-day 'kidnap' mystery returns to face inquiry
Hassoun circumstances blurry despite safe return
Possible US-Syrian dialogue sparks interest
Ali Staytiyeh, thief or terror leader?
Draft law to end death penalty gets mixed reviews
Fadlallah: Public funds belong to the people
Mikati: Taif Accord must be implemented
Sleepless Hassoun is Pronounced 'Exhausted' in German Hospital
Geagea Seen Having a Retrial Chance to Stop his Plight in Jail
Marine Who Vanished in Iraq Now in Germany
Bridging the Arab-EU technology gap
Lebanese billboards heading for another ban?
Lebanese businesses need better operational planning to drive growth
Passenger traffic up 29 percent at Beirut Airport
Lebanese pound flat in thin market
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July 9
Cousin Kills 2 Tripoli Shopkeepers for Calling Hassoun 'Traitor'
Hassoun May be Flown from Beirut to U.S. Base in Germany
AP Unveils a Hassoun Love Affair in California
Captive corporal turns up safe at Beirut embassy
Marine in kidnap mystery turns up in Lebanon
Gunbattle near U.S. Marine Hassoun's Lebanon home
Friends, Kin Describe Wassef Ali Hassoun
As Damascus remains circumspect, candidates primp for presidency
Lahoud firm on distinguished ties with Belarus
Beirut MP leads pro-palestinian sit-in at ESCWA
Telecom Ministry gets aggressive on plans to cut mobile phone rates
Lebanon's growth should stabilize at 3 percent of GDP
Ad agencies say firms should abide by media law on billboards
China slakes Mideast thirst for consumer goods
IMF: Lebanon growth remains below potential ...
IMF sees 'long and arduous' road ahead for Lebanon
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July 8
Mystery of 'captured' Lebanese-American marine deepens
Maronite Church Rings Alarm Bells to Stop Lebanon's Disintegration
Lebanese U.S. Marine Wassef Hassoun is in Lebanon, Incognito
Harb Formally Stands for Lebanon's Presidency
Slight Tremor Rattles Lebanon, Jordan, Israel
Hezbollah increases missile arsenal
Battle: Lebanese-US relations stronger
Lahoud emphasizes permanent Syrian relations
Experts debate legal action against 2 ministers
Lebanon, Belarus sign accords
MP: Corruption fight targets 'vicious circle'
Arab Bank denies allegations it funded terrorists
It's time to sell Lebanon to the world: MP
Korean team boosts trade with Lebanon
Ghosn backs July 15 cellular boycott
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July 7
Sharon is at a “dead end:” Lebanese president
Bridge collapses in S. Lebanese army barracks
Detainee Hangs at Surete Generale Beirut Prison Cell
Lebanese Officer Killed, 3 Others Injured in Training Exercise
Lebanon's Most Wanted Drug Trafficker Attempts Suicide in Prison
US marine is free, family told
Kidnapped marine free, family told
Lahoud supports UN acts to resolve Mideast conflict
Addoum may take action against ministers
Israel finishes fortifying the Blue Line
Audi becomes 3rd Lebanese bank in Syria
Ghosn backs July 15 cellular boycott
Iraqi reconstruction: $6 billion in contract awards through June
Lebanese Call for Cellular Boycott
Cabinet okays GCC-Lebanon free zone accord
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July 6
Miss Lebanon 2004 awarded Nissan 350Z car
Lebanon president: Arabs have no trust in U.S.
Butros After Tueni: Let's Lower Curtain on the Lahoud Era
Colombian Arrested with $1Million Worth of Cocaine at Airport
Ex-Cabinet Minister Accused of Embezzlement Freed on Bail
US marine purportedly released by militants in Iraq: Jazeera
Cellular boycott planned for July 15
Lahoud welcomes Polish, Lebanese trade relations
Polish, Lebanese leaders call for closer economic ties
Advertising firms to hold seminar to contain negative reactions to ads
Legal proceedings begin against former heads of EDL
Upcoming presidential election dominates political discourse
Kidnapped marine 'safe'
Iraq Group Says U.S. Marine Hostage Moved to 'Safety'
Advertising firms to hold seminar to contain negative reactions to ads
Lebanon begins crackdown on piracy
Private banking grows in Arab world as investor appetite increases
Yemen and Lebanon seek to, Activate areas of economic & trade ...
Lebanon registers April deficit despite 2003 surplus
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July 5
University policies complicate political life on campus
G8 Summit probed Syria's role in Lebanon
Hezbollah refrains from taking postion on presidentail elections
Family of Marine Awaits Word of His Fate
Militant group denies killing US Marine
Report: German mediator in hostage deal halts talks due to media leaks
Jund Ash-Sham gunmen disarm, beat camp policeman
Gul: Beirut, Damascus need greater role in peace process
Energy Ministry workers sought on embezzlement
Tripoli MP: Mandate extension would be a blow to democracy
Lahoud to visit Poland, Belarus
Change of guard at AUB alumni association
Lebanon records BOP deficit of $19.5 mln in April
Lebanon public debt at $31.63 billion end-April
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July 4
New Iraq gov't accuses Iran and Syria of backing insurgents
Group denies killing U.S. Marine hostage
American-Lebanese hostage 'killed by militants'
Man lands plane in Beirut street
Franjieh Blasts Lahoud, Minimizing Chances of Extension
Michel Sounds SOS: 'I Love Nathalie as Much as I Love Lebanon'
Cabinet orders investigation of Intra's finances
Global firms compete to manage Beirut Port
Beirut Port extends deadline for management contract
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July 3
Family of Marine Shocked at News of Death
Militant Muslims run Lebanese TV station
'Talk of Syria's stance on polls fabricated in Beirut'
Franjieh: Syrian meddling can't continue
Gul in Beirut Seeking to Upgrade Ties with Lebanon
French Experts Attribute Cotonou Crash to 'Uneven Distribution of Weight'
Turkish foreign minister comes to Beirut
'Proportional representation reflects variety'
Prosecutor charges 8 with fraud
Samaha: Choice of president is a Lebanese matter
July 2
Qornet Shahwan Brands Lahoud's Regime 'Corrupt, Subservient to Syria'
Government Fails to Act on Lebanese-Israeli Marriage
Hajj, Lebanese, to the Gallows for Murdering, Burning 2 Syrians
Viewers find Saddam trial fishy
Oil, electricity prosecutions move full steam ahead
Lahoud calls for implementing industrial oil-import resolution
Lebanon looks to train young advertising professionals
Lebanon gross fx reserves at $12.2 bln end-June
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July 1
Wassef Was Fleeing to Lebanon when Iraqi Captors Grabbed him
Lahoud, Hariri Rattle Sabers in Make-or-Break Showdown
Hizbullah Disclaims Yemeni Caliph of United States of Islam
Hariri and Murr clash over resignation of Beirut's council
Electricity probe widens in scope
Lahoud urges Spain to step up role in peace process
Beirut governor wants to put end to offensive ads
Early sales in Beirut point to long-term woes
Dubai hopes mega-projects will boost tourism, trade by decade's end

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