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August 2004

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August 31
U.S. Wants Syria to Withdraw From Lebanon
U.S.: U.N. resolution on Lebanon soon
Syrian move to extend term of Lebanon’s president brings uproar in Beirut
Lebanon criticizes French-American intervention; Hezbollah backs Lahoud
Lebanon Against French, U.S. Intervention
Syria looks set to get its way in Lebanon 
Government Pleads with U.N. not to Oust Syria from Lebanon
Berri may advance Parliament's voting Session to preempt UN Security Council
Jumblatt stands firm against constitutional amendment
Syria's choice to extend mandate baffles world
Proposed mandate sets off flurry of statements
Lahoud calls for national unity in face of Israeli plans
Mawaad family lose 2 sons to sea off Sayniq coast
American-made goods displayed in Lebanon
U.S. holds major "Made in America 2004" trade fair in Beirut
Islamic banking looks to take off in Lebanon
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August 30
Syria Draws Heat Over Lebanon Election
U.S., France Seek to Curb Syrian Influence in Lebanon
Partriarch Sfeir denounces bid to keep Syrian-backed Lahoud in power
Israeli Druze set to visit Syria
Another maid falls to her death in Lebanon
Israel warplanes planes violate Lebanon air space
Syria accuses US of meddling in Lebanon affairs amid wide-range denunciations of extension bid
Iarqi parley convenes in Beirut to confront US policies
Syrian rights organization slams Syrian interference in Lebanon affairs
Pariarch Sfeir asks God's help over presidency bid
U.S., France Seek Security Council Resolution to Break Syria's Stranglehold
Sfeir Bemoans 'Nighttime Betrayal,' Aoun Urges Revolt, Jumblat Quits
Abul Aynain Accuses Iran's Revolutionary Guard of Ein Helweh Killings
Amendment bill faces harsh criticism
Politicians slam proposal to extend Lahoud mandate
Legal experts: New Lahoud term could face court challenge
Worshippers walk to miracle church for 8th night
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August 29
Shiite group to open branch in Australia
1982: PLO leader forced from Beirut
Iraqi opposition to US occupation meets in Lebanon to form national council
Update: Three dead, several wounded in Lebanon Ein Al-Hilweh clash
Two killed as clashes break out in Lebanon refugee camp
Syria ignores criticism as it opts to extending Lahoud's term
Parliament Convenes Wednesday to Vote In Lahoud for 3 Extra Years
Lebanon Outraged by Syria's 'Dictation" of Lahoud for 3 More Years
U.S. Says Syria Playing 'Dangerous Game " in Lebanon, Warns of Backlash
PM bows to Syrian pressure in Lebanon - CNN
Despite World Opposition, Lahoud Stays in Power - Islam Online
Move to bolster Lebanon president - BBC
US Welcomes End of Najaf Standoff, Criticizes Syria's Role in Lebanon - VOA
Fadlallah issues fatwa declaring hunger strikes acceptable
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August 28
Cabinet drafts bill extending Lahoud's term for three years
U.S. Envoy commences Middle East fact-finding mission in Beirut
German FM says his country is against amending Lebanon's Constitution
Germany Joins France, U.S. in Demanding Free Presidential Elections
France Wants 'Strict Respect' For Lebanon's Constitution
Lebanon urged to hold free elections
US to Syria: Don't interfere in Lebanese election
Fischer stresses on moving forward with 'road map'
FM: If Israel considers Shebaa Farms Syrian, why not return them to Syria?
Woman commits suicide in Raouche
Lebanese technology companies on show in Dubai
Traffic at Beirut Airport up by 25 percent
Oil Prices climb after bombing spree
Lebanon currency stagnant but edgy over politics
Lebanon back to a real growth trajectory
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August 27
US urges Syria to stay out of Lebanese vote
US believes in the future of Lebanon as a fully sovereign country
Lebanon president drama plays out Syrian script
Aoun: Renewal will have catastrophic effects on Lahoud
Hariri seriously considering resignation after Lahoud bid to renew term
Harb continues the race for presidency, presses for change
US hits at second-term bid by Lebanon president
Lahoud's term to be prolonged for 3 years
Journalists granted three-digit car plate numbers with special rights
Damascus opts to retain Lahoud as President, expects allies to follow suit
It's Final. Syria Wants Lahoud to Stay on for 3 or 4 More Years
Berri, Hariri silent on Syria talks
Cellular firms, government could face legal action
MP weighs in on ID card for expatriates
German FM to start Middle East tour with Lebanon
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August 26
Jumblat cancels Damascus visit amid wide condemnation to Lahoud's candidacy
Syria Seen Backing 2nd Lahoud Term Even at Collision Risk with U.S.
Sabaa: "New Lahoud Term is Poison," Fattoush: "New Civil War"
US opposes second term for Lebanese President
New Arabic-speaking US ambassador presents credentials to Lahoud
Lahoud's candidacy elicits harsh criticism
Berri, Hariri to visit Damascus for talks on presidency
Berri, Hoss visit Tent of freedom, support inmates
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August 25
Lahoud expresses willingenss to renew manadate, pledges to fulfill oath
Energy Minister Homayed refuses to appear in court for fifth time
Mofaz reiterates warning to Lebanon, Syria over Hizbullah
Lebanon president says he wants to stay in office
Statement accuses Hezbollah, Iran of  seeking to Harm Fadlallah
Lebanese hostage in Iraq released
Lahoud Formally Stands for Reelection, Patriarch Reasserts Veto
Patriarch Says Reelection Demolishes Lebanon's System
Hariri holds talks with Sfeir in Diman
Lahoud indirectly announces candidacy for top political post
Excessive weight caused Benin plane crash
Berri urges solving case of missing imam
Outside speculators drive up oil prices
Could Byblos become the Cannes of the Middle East?
Finance Ministry sets minimum yields on new eurobond paper
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August 24
Group says released Lebanese hostage in Iraq-TV
Religious leaders refuse constitutional change
Top Muslim Clerics Endorse Patriarch's Veto Against Lahoud's Re-election
Lahoud's Chances Seen Down to 30% after Patriarch's Veto
Butros Harb to remain presidential candidate
Leaders weigh in after Sfeir opposes new mandate
Iraqi delegation visits Sidon, points out purpose of resistance
3 women arrested for selling a baby
Lebanon starts exchanging eurobonds for lower-interest long-term paper
Trade union representatives act to preempt political intervention in GLC
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August 23
Syrians attacked in south Lebanon
Patriarch Sfeir openely objetcs to renewing Lahoud's term, says step would obliterate Lebanon's tiny democracy
Hizbullah members raise Khameni's flag over Mosque controlled By Fadlallah
Iraq Cleric top aid visits Lebanon, meets officials
Economy expert Rudy Baroudi released on bail
Patriarch Warns Renewal for Lahoud Finishes off Lebanon's Democracy
Sfeir critical of politicians' consultations with Syria
Shiites call for 'corrective movement'
Blast at Ain al-Hilweh meant to 'undermine peace'
Beirut's hunger tent wins international approval
Lebanese exports up 53 percent
GLC news conference to sharply criticize government
S&P rates Lebanon's senior unsecured bond
Lebanon offers to swap 2005 bonds for longer paper
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August 22
Maisam Nahas leaves her husband
Imam Sadr's sister says many intellectuals consider Qadhafi a traitor
Alwaleed donates $65,000 to Sheikh Hassan Khaled Foundation
Counterfeit drugs mainly form Lebanon harming Saudi pharmaceutical market
Assad in 3rd Consultations Stage, Qornet Warns Lahoud Extension is 'Dynamite'
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August 21
Hezbollah TV welcomes French court's decision to give it another chance
Israeli officials: Nasrallah playing mind-games
Hezbollah chief says prisoners swap negotiations still going on
Second explosion in 24 hours rips through south Lebanon camp
Americans re-allowed into Hizbullah territory
Chamoun: Lebanon's president chosen as provincial governor for Syria
Lahoud focuses on 'delicate' regional situation
Israel said to be preparing strike against Hizbullah
Financial woes, depression lead to 2 suicides
Hezbollah-Linked Network Ordered to Comply
Arab natural gas has a bright future
Ministries join forces for 'ICT week'
Lebanon controls deficit spending
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August 20
Jumblat says renewing lahoud's term will have catastrophic consequencies
Explosion rocks Palestinian camp in Lebanon
Berri refutes claim Shiite coclave was directed against Hizbullah
Bush Crosses Swords with Assad over Lebanon's Presidency
Jumblat Warns Syria Renewal for Lahoud is 'Catastrophe'
Edde Doubts Syria's 'Lebanonization' of Presidential Election
Al-Manar lawyer requests French court to delay ban verdict for 3 months
Jordan rejects plea for Hezbollah mediation over prisoners
Questions abound on Hariri staying in office
At Shiite conclave, Berri backs Iran's nuclear quest
Opposition grows to extending Lahoud's mandate
Former adviser to energy minister out on bail
US Congressman: visit to Syria a 'disappointment'
More cellular boycotts could be on the way
Lebanon's failure to privatize bolsters regressive taxation
Lebanon budget gap 26 pct of spending by end-July
Lebanese pound steady at bottom of cenbank band
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August 19
Al-Manar urges delay in France anti-Semitism case
Lebanon orders the return of Suzan Tamim 
Karami says renewing Lahoud's presidency is 90 percent likely
US Lawmaker Urges Syria to Follow Libya's Steps
Shiite Council leader refrains from attending upcoming community gathering
French court begins reviewing Al Manar ban
Damascus steps up pressure on Lebanon to renew Lahoud presidency
Hezbollah rejects US calls for change of leadership in Lebanon
Berri Indicates Presidential Election to Be Held by Sept. 25
Congressman Urges Syria to Quit Lebanon or Face Heftier Sanctions
Lebanese-U.S. Pulitzer Winner Anthony Shadid Assigned to Beirut
Constitutional amendment expected by Sept. 25
US: Syria should stay out of Lebanese presidency
Without closure, civil war memories leave families in limbo
Stranded tourists question charter flights
Judge seeks 3-year term for 10 men in money scam
New state decrees may harm Lebanese insurance firms
Economy Ministry, task force team up on corporate governance
LIA wants diesel compensation
Fitch reports on Lebanese banks
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August 18
First Palestinian Pop Star Emerges on Beirut Show
Bomb explosions rock Lebanon camps
U.S., Syria in clear conflict over Lebanon's presidential elections
Hezbollah receives missiles 'capable of hitting any target in Israel'
Lebanon Shiites gathering aims at unifying ranks to confront challenges
Franjieh Sees Assad, Ups Lahoud's Renewal Chances to 60%
New U.S. Ambassador Wants Hizbullah Disarmed, New President Elected
Presidency in Lebanon turns into 'lottery'
Hizbullah will keep up pressure along border
Energy minister called to Aug. 24 hearing
Shiite political, religious leaders to meet in Tyre
Lebanese man kidnapped in Iraq
Hezbollah Re-Elects Sheik Hassan Nasrallah
Lebanon attracts over 700,000 tourists in first 7 months of 2004
Linking Arab rail systems to the world
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August 17
Syria seen favoring renewing Lahoud's term
MP Raad says Hezbollah's specifications of next president apply to Lahoud
Syria Pays Tribute to Lahoud But Keeps its Presidential Options Open
France said seeking UN resolution requiring Syria to implelment Taif Accord
Kidnappers Grab Lebanese Lover Wedding his Baghdad Fiancee
Assad's comments seem to boost Lahoud
Sudan: Marching towards Anarchy - Saad S. Khan, Daily Star
Sharaa hold talks with Lahoud on regional issues
German FM to begin Mideast tour in Beirut
2nd Lebanese cellular boycott less successful
With 1.2m cars, why not revive the train system?
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August 16
Lebanese file $120 mln case against Saddam Hussein
2 Kidnapped in Iraq, 2 Others Freed
US steps up calls for Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon
Assad begins consultations over Lebanon's presidential elections as balance seen tipping in favor of Lahoud
Lebanon's top shiite leaders blast Najaf attack, call it a big crime against Islam
Same old faces re-elected for Hezbollah Shura Council
MP Ghanem, Hezbollah hit back at US Congressman's provocating remarks
Assad Opens Process of Selecting Lebanon's New President, Premier
Battle's Farewell to Lebanon: 'Be Sovereign,' to Syria: 'Please Leave'
Syrian news agencies skirt issue of military presence in Lebanon
US groups query census action on Arab-Americans
Second cellular boycott Monday better organized, better advertised
Palestinian taxi driver shot dead in Ain al-Hilweh
Demonstrators erect 'Tent of freedom' in solidarity with detainees in Israel
Berri reiterates Lebanon's right to recover its occupied territories
Lebanese real estate on verge of boom
UNDP official: Economic development key to stability in South
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August 15
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Newsletter of the United Nations System in Lebanon - July-Aug issue
Egypt’s Interpol arrests Suzan Tamim
World's longest sandwich made in Lebanon
Blackout on Lebanon in Assad's Talks with U.S. Lawmakers
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August 14
Assad discuss regional issues with U.S. Congressmen
Syria rebuffs Israel's comments on Golan Height withdrawal
US congressional delegation demands settling Palestinians in Lebanon, calls for Syrian withdrawal, accuses Hezbollah of terrorism
Prominent economist warns of potential famine in Lebanon
New party aims at reviving Arab Nationalism, revitalizing opposition
Lebanon Slams France Over Hezbollah TV
U. S. Congressmen: 'Yes' to Palestinian Settlement, 'No' to Syrian Tutelage
Lebanon stages one-day mobile bycott Monday protesting world-highest prices
National Bloc proposes steps for next president
Sit-in staged in Tripoli in protest of US Army actions in Iraq
Foreign Ministry: Al-Manar not anti-Semitic
Cabinet's secret quarry plan angers environmentalists
Members of US Congress visit Lebanon, Syria
Lebanon seeks to swap old Eurobonds for new soon By Lin Noueihed
Lebanese real estate on verge of boom
Lebanon pound flat at bottom of central bank band
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August 13
Franjieh Seen Gaining Grounds in Lebanon's Presidential Race
Lebannon Shiites accuse US of  desecrating Holy Najaf
Nationwide gathering rejects Al Manar ban as US, UK shut 2 Hezbollah sites
Lebanon, Japan commemorates 50 years of bilateral relations
Jumblat outlines specifications of Lebanon's next president
Patriarch Gives Fresh Indirect 'No' to Lahoud
Freed Lebanese hostage returns home after Iraq ordeal
Jumblatt's bloc postpones stance on presidency
Deadlines abound for presidential puzzle
EDL, HIPCO questioned for fraud
UNIFIL keeps constant watch in South Lebanon
Amid tough competition, MEA records $22 million profit
Corporate culture brings its own financial benefits
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August 12
Haifa Wahbi and the art of seduction
Pascal Mashaalani fails to compete with the masters
Iran's Upgraded Shahab-3 May Trap Lebanon in Mideast Apocalypse
Israel Reshuffles North Command after Hizbullah Snipers Shot 2 Sergeants
Jumblatt may tap bloc member to run for presidency
Marine engineer launches his second bid for president
Security forces target cannabis fields
Kuwaiti embassy to organize the 2nd Kuwaiti festival in Lebanon
7-Star hotel in the works for Dbayyeh?
Lack of regulatory body leaves cellular sector in limbo
Lebanon tourist numbers up 26 percent in July
19,000 Kuwaiti tourists in Lebanon in July, says report
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August 11
US calls for electing new president, pulling Syrian forces out of Lebanon
Maqdah says Israel planning to attack Iran's nuclear facilities 'within weeks'
Stranded Italian Ship Leaves Beirut with 647 Passengers
UN envoy calls on Israel to cease over-flights of Lebanon
2 Lebanese families prepare for safe return of their sons
Media council calls on France to resist Israeli efforts to ban Al-Manar
Zahle MP opposes amendment
Fraud inquiry draws high-ranking officials
Countdown to 2004 Beirut marathon begins
An impasse for Lebanese trade
Row over marina development heats up
Balance of payments records $205m surplus
Swiss bank sees Lebanon as foothold in regional market
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August 10
U.N. warns Israel on Lebanese airspace violations
Israel planes violate Lebanon air space
Canditates for Lebanon's top office get busy
Hackers hit Hizbullah website
6 accused of stealing from Hariri account
Foreign hostages released
Two Lebanese truck drivers freed in Iraq -family
Experts Warn of al-Qaida's 'Offspring'
Amal Hijazi to hold seven concerts in Tunisia
Tunisian Government bans Ragheb Alama from entering Tunisia
Micro-loans handed out to improve living standards
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August 9
Mousa Sader disappearance should be handled gracefully - Obeid
Ghassan Tueni predicts zero chance for Lahoud's renewal
Hezbollah's Qassem says corruption multisectarian
Ahmad Assaad  Lashes out at rival Shiite movements
Ghassan Tueni: "Are we to Kindle Nuclear War to Keep Lahoud in Power?"
Berri: Lebanon still occupied by Israel
Hizbullah official, echoing Lahoud, condemns corruption
Hamade: Trade relations with Iraq will continue despite lack of security
Father pleads for release of 2 children
High oil prices reveal OPEC's fragility
Low-cost airline starts operations from Beirut
Lebanon's tourism sector nears pre-war status
Industrial exports in Lebanon up 54 percent
Lebanon's public debt rises to $33.08 bln end-May
Lebanon records $197.1 mln BOP surplus in Jan-May
Arab money pours into Morocco
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August 8
Israeli surveillance plane over Lebanon
Syria Warned of a 'Costly Backlash' to a Lahoud Extension
Lebanon Freezes All Investments in Iraq after Kidnapping Spate
Berri at War with Israel over South Lebanon's River Waters
Lebanese parliamentary speaker takes aim at Israel over water
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August 7
Lebanese Families Beg Release of Hostages in Iraq
New party aims at changing Shiite traditional equation
Emerging Islamist groups enhance Mulsim power in Lebanon
US: Time for Syria to quit Lebanon, learn from the fall of Baath in Iraq
U.S. official warns that Syria sanctions imposed last May may be tightened
FPM cancels rally under alleged threat of violence
Syria insists on truce between Lahoud, Hariri
Presidential rivals disagree over election campaigns
U.S. Says Time Has Come for Syrian Army to Leave Lebanon
Iraqi 'Kidnap Mafias' Hold 5 Lebanese Hostages, 4 Hijacked Trucks
Business Magnate Carlos Ghosn in Beirut, Tipped for President
Rahme to be asked why he pulled out from Sadr case
Lebanon: Better fiscal performance, but medium-term questions linger
2nd boycott of cell phone rates to hit Lebanon
Brazilian-Lebanese tycoon in Beirut for talks
Solidere under fire over marina
Swap of 2005 government eurobonds going smoothly
Electricity bill collectors continue with strike protesting privatization
Lebanon pound steady in week to Friday
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August 6
Bomb rocks south Lebanon Palestinian camp
4 Lebanese Truck Drivers Missing in Iraq 
Iraqi Shia leader travels to Uk via Beirut
Berri angered by Lahoud-Hariri consensus over Old Age Fund
Jumblat visits Sfeir commemorating the day "we sealed national reconciliation'
Arrow points the way to missile defense - Uri Dan, New York Post
Lahoud, Hariri Surprisingly Agree on Old Age Bill, Outraging Berri
Jumblat Meets Sfeir, Says Talks Ignored Lahoud's Extension Bid
Lebanese Cabinet approves new pension plan
Lebanese speak up on qualities needed in a president
Union of Shqeef municipalities holds elections despite boycott
Foreign minister: Al-Manar ban will be looked into
Beirut finds itself the new hot spot for learning Arabic
Iraqi firms could benefit as Iraq kidnappers strike fear in foreigners
EIB grants Lebanon EUR 45 million loan for two water projects
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August 5
How safe is Iraq? - Tom Regan, Csmonitor
Fugitive linked to al-Qaeda
Maronite Bishops deplore Lebanon's inability to elect president
US Embassy team cancels Sidon visit in response to slamming
Lahoud for endorsing Old Age Pension Fund; Hariri reserved
Ex-Iraqi Diplomat in Beirut Denies Recruiting Anti-U.S. Fighters
Kobeyat Clamors for Antoun's Release by Iraqi Kidnappers
Retirement Pension project quickly becoming source of controversy
Bishops' Council: Elections not in Lebanese hands
Lebanese leaders warn against mosque attack
Sidon merchants seek Friday closure
Positive IMF report receives skeptical response from analysts
Lebanese businessman achieves real estate success
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August 4
Two bombs rock south Lebanon Palestinian camp
Lebanon hunger strike to back Arabs held in Israel
Harb announces presidential program, vows to dismantling 'police state'
Harb Vows to Dislodge Lahoud's Police State, Free Geagea, Get Aoun Back
Banned Islamic Liberation Party said to have fallen into security trap
Beirut Judge Quits Probe into Gadhafi's Alleged Abduction of Sadr
Hezbollah, French embassy official discuss Al Manar ban
Hostage Antoun's Employees Establish Contact with Kidnappers
MI chief: Hezbollah aspiring to carry out 'qualitative attack'
Butros Harb announces electoral platform for presidency
First collection of national health statistics published
Samaha blasts attack on Al-Manar
IMF hails Lebanon's successful efforts to reduce budget deficit
Lebanon's forex reserves dip to $12.4 bln end-July
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August 3
Court in Lebanon summons Gaddafi
Ex-Lebanese Hostage Describes Kidnapping
Son of Musa Sadr files lawsuit against Gadhafi
Lebanon to Summon Gadhafi for Questioning on Sadr's Case
Freed Lebanese Hostage Narrates Ordeal Under Kidnappers' Sword
Hizbullah's Hostage Tannenbaum Evades Trial in Israel
Parents plead for life of hostage
Blom's 6 month profits increase over 2003 level
Lebanon gross fx reserves rise in early July
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August 2
Lebanon set to probe Gaddafi link to missing Imam
Committee to defend Al-Manar from ban in France
Lebanese Hostage Said Freed During Raid 
Lahoud renews oath to fight corruption, implement reforms
Non sectarian Shiite group born in Lebanon
Lahoud Guns for 6-Year New Term, not Just an Extension
Sfeir Says Regime Remains Waiting for Parachuted Password
Patriarch Urges Prompt Freedom to Geagea, Lebanon
Italian aerobatic team wows Beirut
Lahoud, Hariri activities surge over weekend
Suspected drug trafficker dies in grenade mishap
Gunman shoots Abed Maqdah in foot
Crowds greet Lahoud on route to Diman
Lebanon's Hizbollah: prisoner swap talks still on
Banque Audi reports profits up 7.4 percent
Lebanese pound steady, tourists boost demand
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August 1
Man expelled from homes by Lebanon and Israel
Iraq: Two Lebanese kidnapped as talks continue for release of seven hostages
Sfeir Unimpressed by Lahoud's Northern Foray, Syria Reasserts Neutrality
2 Lebanese Businessmen Taken Hostage in Iraq
Australian intelligence finds further links to terrorist camps

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