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September 2004

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September 30
France reiterates hope to see reinforcement of UN resolution 1559
One lebanese hostage freed, two others taken captive
Amnesty calls for immediate investigation of Khatib's death in custody
Lebanon says at least 3 nationals abducted in Iraq 
US, France firm on 1559; four-party implementation committee foreseen
Gathering criticizes Sharaa's remarks on abolishing political sectarianism
Lebanon's top Shiite cleric accuses US of imperialism
Powell believes Syria has not done enough to comply with 1559
UN report may call for follow up committee
UN sanctions on Lebanon thought unlikely
Hizbullah may participate in next government
A familiar dialogue: Syrian comment raises issue of sectarianism once more
Angry crowds at funeral condemn Murr, Israel, U.S.
Doubts persist as to whether Lebanon can implement budget reforms
15,000 raised for Junior Achievement Lebanon
Treasury cost-cutting sparks row
Lebanon's IT industry doubles its worth in four years to US$ 380 million
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September 29
At least one killed in Lebanon camp fighting
Murr's perfomance questioned after presumed 'Al Qaeda leader' dies in custody
Siniora: Budget aims at bringing exceptional solutions to ailing economy
Preachers Accuse Murr of Murdering Khatib, Call Him 'Elias Rumsfeld'
In pictures: Beirut fashion show
Geagea is Still Underground
Rioting gives way to grief after terror suspect's death
Arab parliamentary union takes critical view of 1559
Lahoud intends to focus on domestic security
Opposition uncompromising before UN report due Friday
Siniora defends 2005 draft budget
Treasury cost-cutting sparks row
2005 draft budget offers sweeping reforms
Lebanon 05 draft budget defict 25 pct of spending
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September 28
Syrian troops continue to withdraw from Lebanon
Lebanese police release detained sisters of dead Al-Qaida detainee
Uproar over Lebanon custody death
Lebanon readies charges for embassy bomb detainees
Geagea Told to Standby for Changing Jail Cells in 48 Hours
Syria accuses Israel of impeding U.S. in Iraq
Kesrouan MP pushes for better jail conditions for Geagea
Little chance of opposition joining new Cabinet
IT show reveals flaws behind the glitz
Beirut Port adopts MANAR project
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September 27
Captured al-Qaida operative dies of heart attack
Hariri continues drive to form national unity government
Syrian FM: Lebanon can now start working on eliminating political sectarianism
Syrian FM: Syria is not controlling Lebanon
Opposition's Cabinet move awaits Annan report
Lebanese delegation to UN states its case ahead of Annan report
Man kills 4 then commits suicide in Baabda
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September 26
Blacklisted Swedish Politician Planned to Examine Geagea's Confinement
Jumblat Pledges to Fight for Lebanon 's Democracy Side-by-Side with Bkirki
Hariri, Patriarch Call 1-Week Freeze on Lebanon's New Government
Syria hails improved ties with US
Future looks bright for Arab world's ICT sector
GPSSA to take part at the '12th Arab Social Security Symposium' in Beirut
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September 25
Hariri begins consultations to form new government
Hezbollah says it won't lay down arms before all Jewish settlers are disarmed
Doubt Builds up About Alleged Terrorist Bombing of Italian Embassy
Hizbullah Security Man Murdered in Bed in South Beirut
Swedish Critic of Syria's Tutelage Over Lebanon Banned from Beirut
Lebanese cheer anti-Syrian govt documentary
Lebanese diplomats try to break impasse on 1559
Beirut film festival canceled for security fears
Jumblatt resists efforts to rope him into Cabinet
Jumblatt paves way for mending ties with Syria
Statement denies Al-Qaeda linked to Lebanese group
It is time Syria let Lebanon be sovereign, Cardinal Sfeir says
Lebanese pound stagnant, shrugs off politics
Acer records triple digit year-on-year revenue growth in Lebanon
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September 24
Jumblatt, the Druze Lebanese leader, challenges Syria
Jumblat defiant amid efforts to lure him into new government
Jumblat rules out coexistence with President Lahoud
Lebanon upholds Hezbollah's resistance role in official memo to UN
Lebanon arrests two Zarqawi-linked suspects in terrorism case
Conference calls for unified stand with Syria
Jumblatt speaks up on all sensitive issues
Addoum: British and Australian embassies probable targets
Judiciary opens trials of Bekaa resident charged with dealing drugs
Western diplomats follow Syrian redeployment with great interest
UN report: Foreign direct investment on rise in Lebanon
New efforts aim to promote tourism in rural Lebanon
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September 23
Syrian troops pull out of Lebanon
Hizbollah blasts Iraq's Allawi on Israel handshake
Powell Praises Syrian Beirut Redeployment
Lahoud's opponents rally under the slogan of 'recovering the republic'
Lebanon reveals arrest specifics of 10 AL-Qaeda terrorists
Syrian army units speed up withdrawal from Lebanon
Small Syrian Force Withdraws From Lebanon
Patriarch Wants Diplomatic Ties with Syria, National Unity Cabinet in Beirut
UN envoy voices concern over Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace
Issam Fares defends Syrian presence in Lebanon
Jumblatt determined to maintain opposition
Technocratizing Lebanon? Why not start with the tech sector
New efforts aim to promote tourism in rural Lebanon
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September 22
Press caution over Syria Lebanon move
Syrian Troop Redeployment Said Meaningless 
Lebanon arrests al-Qaida operatives planning to bomb foreign embassies
Italy Links Bombing Suspects to al-Qaida
Syrian Troops Dismantle Camps Near Beirut 
Lebanon 'thwarts al-Qaeda plot'
Syrian 'redeployment' raises questions
Opposition paper slams Lahoud mandate
Report: Italy Arrest 10 in Alleged Plot to bomb Italian Embassy in Beirut
Lebanese FM: Syrian troops will stay until Israel quits territories
Security authorities arrest close associate of Fatah commander officer 200
Syria reduces troop deployment in Beirut
Gulf investor gives vote of confidence in Beirut
Lebanon's BLOM Bank to open branches in Jordan
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September 21
Lebanon: Fighting the Good Fight - OBG
Syria transfers troops to defuse tensions over Lebanon
Syrian Paper Says Lebanon Redeployment Reversible
Lebanese MP accused of receiving Shimon Perez
Syria begins withdrawing troops from around Beirut
Car Bomb Attack on Beirut's Italian Embassy Thwarted
Under pressure, Syrian troops redeploy in Lebanon
Departing Syrian force to reassemble along Lebanese side of border
Syria begins redeploying its troops in Lebanon - Jerusalem Post
Hoss: Corruption hampering Lebanon's democratic process
Syria shifts troops from Beirut - BBC
Major Syrian redeployment underway
Jumblat's bloc to announce declaration for protecting Constitution today
Syria Stops Regime's Pressure on LBCI to Cancel Jumblat Talk Show
Lahoud, Hariri Unwilling to Co-Exist in Power in Extended Regime
Cabinet fails to tackle issue of Lahoud-Hariri strife
Saddam Aides Filmed Jogging in Beirut's Ein Mreisseh Corniche
U.S. ambassador vows to combat terrorism
Groups discuss stance on Syrian-Lebanese ties
Lebanon closer to WTO accession
Recognizing the importance of brand value in the region
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September 20
Syrian forces to start redeployment Tuesday
Two Lebanese citizens cross the border into Israel
AUB Deploying The Largest Planned Wi-Fi Network in The Middle East
Rift over Lebanese Constitution widens
Mass honors memory of LF fallen
Beirut meet seeks strategies to counter U.S. policies
Berri: Lebanon won't sign peace deal with Israel soon
Hariri holds workshop to draft plan for development of Lebanon
An affiliate of Johns Hopkins to commence operations in Beirut by end of 2004
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September 19
Qatar FM calls for resolution of Syria-Lebanon dispute 
U.S., Syria Discuss Military Cooperation -Time
Lebanon's jazz festival opens, dedicated to Duke Ellington
Three Lebanese, Iraqi driver kidnapped
Jumblat escalates confrontation with Syria
Army crackdown in Jumblat's Chouf area interpreted as political revenge
Army Wages House Raids in Chouf to Punish Jumblat for Opposing Extension
U.S. Senate Calls for Timetabled Syrian Pullout Overseen by U.N.
Lebanon sees boost in tourism 
Air Arabia opens travel shop in Beirut
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September 18
Israel rejects latests reports on Ron Arad breakthrough
ADCB Partners with Lebanese Canadian Bank to Offer Expatriate Loans
Lebanese pound flat, market ignores politics
ADCB Partners with Lebanese Canadian Bank to Offer Expatriate Loans
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September 17
Oman paper: Hezbollah releases new information on Arad
Cabinet meeting may clarify Lahoud-Hariri relations
Addoum orders arrest of Shoueifat mayor
Forming the next Cabinet will be a difficult task
Jordan wants direct ties with Lebanon, without Syrian role
Iraqi militants warn they would slaughter any Lebanese working with US army
Powell advises Syria to start pulling troops from Lebanon
Lahoud visits Sfeir, pledges to draft new electoral law, curb corruption
Lahoud, Berri Make Secret Trips to Syria, Sfeir Demands Geagea's Release
Aoun supports resloution 1559, says presidencey a tool in Syria's hands
Aoun Lashes at Lahoud, Hariri, Addoum for Taking Orders from Ghazaleh
Cabinet Resignation Delayed, Berri Campaigns for National Union Government
Powell: 'Syrians Must Let Lebanon Handle its Own Destiny'
Mubarak, Assad link 1559 to Israel's withdrawal from Golan, Shabaa
Geagea Suffers Bone Weakness But is Not in Life-Threatening Condition
New cabinet may include all factions
Doctors give Geagea poor bill of health
Powell repeats demand for Syria to quit Lebanon
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September 16
Lebanese PM rejects Israeli "threats" on Syria
Da Vinci Code banned in Lebanon
Assad, Mubrak link Syrian presence in Lebanon to Israeli occupation of Golan
US accuses Syrian bank of financing terrorism
Egypt and Syria link Damascus pullout from Lebanon to Israeli withdrawal from Golan and West Bank
Cabinet Resignation Delayed, Berri Campaigns for National Union Government
Hassoun back on regular duty at Marine base
Mubarak, Assad stand firm on issue of Lebanese sovereignty
Mubarak, Assad meet, reject foreign intervention in Lebanon
3rd cellular boycott goes on as planned
Doctors hold warning strike, issue demands
Rusd Bank to build massive Marina City
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September 15
President Lahoud draws policy plan for upcoming years
Christian opposition unify under banner of Bashir Gemayel's anniversary
Redeployment of Syrian troops not decided yet, Samaha says
Mubrak, Assad meeting today expected to tackle resolution 1559
Arab FMs support Lebanon sovereignty, avoid referring to resolution 1559
Solange Gemayel Vows to Resist Master-Lackey Relationship with Syria
Hezbollah among hosts of anti-war conference
Israel warplanes violate Lebanon airspace for a second day
Arab foreign ministers affirm Lebanon's right to a free political decision
Doctors call 3-hour strike Wednesday to force concessions from NSSF
Lahoud lays down law for judicial bodies
Lebanon Budget gap 26 percenet by end August
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September 14
Arab League FMs avoid position on UN intervention in Syrian-Lebanese ties
Lebanese aroma fills the streets of Egypt
Lahoud: Syria' military presence legitimate until resolution 194 is implemented
Divided Arabs meet in Cairo to review resolution 1559
Sfeir firm in opposing amendment of Constitution 'regardless of circumstances'
US resolution condemns Syria's Human Rights 'violations'
Fate of government still unknown
Jumblat remains adamant in opposing amendment of Constitution
Lahoud outlines his priorities to visiting UK delegation
U.S. ambassador calls for withdrawal of all foreign troops from Lebanon
U.S. Congress Moves to 'Liberate Syria and Lebanon' from Dictatorship
Lahoud Sets Scenario for Applying U.N. Resolution 1559
Gulf ministers urge Syria to withdraw troops from Lebanon
UN honors Hariri for his role in rebuilding Lebanon
Lahoud: Syrian troop presence 'legitimate'
Telecom companies prepare for convergence
Mideast first fashion week kicks of in Lebanon
Water shortage accentuates economic crisis
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September 13
Syria says fear of US military action subsided after Burns visit
Opposition reorganizing in 'defense of Constitution, democracy and  freedom'
Massive LF rally calls for release of Geagea, voices support for Sfeir
SSNP Unveils Saadeh's Sculpture 54 Years after his Firing Squad Execution
Syria, Lebanon deny redeployment of troops
Sitrida: 'Samir is Well in Cell but in Pain for Lebanon's Agony'
Lebanon, Syria announce upcoming series of talks to enhance relations
Foundation: Pakradouni is no Bashir Gemayel
Jumblatt focuses on importance of freedoms
U.S. call for Syrian pullout draws mixed reaction
Strategies for electricity privatization
Lebanon lays down catwalk to bring fashion focus to Mideast
Lebanon pound flat despite political tension
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September 12
Assad to U.S. envoy: Syria will not remain in Lebanon forever
Syria, Lebanon Reject Foreign Criticism of Ties
Kidnapped in Iraq?
Syria pursues dialogue in foreign relations: paper
Thousands Flock from All Over Lebanon for a Glimpse of Lady of Bechwat
Coffins of 3 Slain Lebanese Arrive From Baghdad in Beirut
Jumblat Urges Syria to 'Stop Interfering in Lebanon's Intricacies'
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September 11
US envoy urges Syria to withdraw from Lebanon
Obeid: Its painful Iraq kidnappers do not distinguish between friend and enemy
Killers of Lebanese in botched Iraq kidnapping dressed as police
Hamas: There is no migration from Syria
Assad said seeking negotiation with Israel without conditions
EU envoys holds 'unprecedented' meeting with Hezbollah chief
Burns arrives in Damascus amid reports of Syrian redeployment in Lebanon
Syria Stages New Military Redeployment in Lebanon within 48 Hours
Patriarch Defends U.N. Intervention to 'Stop Syria's Intervention in Lebanon'
3 Lebanese murdered in Baghdad heist
Lahoud's extended mandate draws renewed local, international criticism
Ceremony commemorates death of Bashir Gemayel
U.S. envoy Burns to tell Syria to leave Lebanon
US takes stern message to Syria
UN resolution could harm Lebanon's tourism industry
Lebanon records high increase in tourism this year
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September 10
Lebanon says UN resolution reflects Israeli demands
US says it is high time for Syria to leave Lebanon or face more sanctions
Official says three Lebanese shot dead in Baghdad
Hariri declares gov't resignation, but remains elusive on whether he will stay on
Syrian troops placed on high alert, Israel says
U.S. Tells Assad to Quit Lebanon or Face Additional Sanctions
Hariri Resigns Sept. 20, Remains Secretive about Political Future
Abbas murders his sweetheart's Lebanese lover in Michigan, lands in Beirut Jail
Hariri: Cabinet to resign by end of month
Palestinians hold on to right of return as only hope
Chinese envoy conveys disapproval of UN resolution
Electricity protests mar Cabinet meeting
UN calls on Israel to stop violating Lebanese air space
Nigerian Govt to deport Lebanese businessman
Gebran Tueni: An Arrogant Regime and a Fake Victory
Lebanon: Fiscal Gymnastics - Oxford Business Group
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September 9
Parents of 9/11 victim say war on terror made world more dangerous
Government in Lebanon 'to quit'
Hariri says Lebanon cabinet to resign later this month
US Mideast Envoy Set To Visit Syria Despite Crisis: Diplomats
US harsh response surprises Syria after the 'role it played in Najaf truce'
New Lebanese Government expected by end of September
Chinese Envoy: Amending the constitution is a Lebanese issue
Israel dismisses Syria deal
Former U.S. diplomat: Assad's overtures to Israel are genuine
Bush May Add Syria to Axis of Evil to Break its Grip on Lebanon
Damascus blasts Israel's remark on signing peace with Lebanon
Pentagon Strategist Urges Non-Stop Pressure to Rescue Lebanon from Syria
Talks rage across Arab region on UN Security Council Resolution 1559
Berri says new Cabinet likely to be devised within next 3 weeks
Damascus may hold off on Cabinet reshuffle
High energy costs cripple Lebanese industry
Organizers agree to delay 3rd cellular boycott
Lebanese- Egyptian talks in support of economic cooperation
Credit Libanais Implements pbviews for Corporate Performance Management
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September 8
Israeli planes violate Lebanese airspace
Syria says Israel seems not interested in peace
Arab League chief critical of U.N.'s Lebanon vote
Berri, Obeid campaign against resolution 1559 as Annan criticizes amendment
MP Harb says Lebanon is now trapped
Syria's Sharaa says ties with Lebanon stronger after UN resolution
Lebanon officials strongly denounce Shalom's remark on peace with Lebanon
Hariri calls on Arab countries to eleminate trade exchange barriers
France May Post Troops Around Palestinian Camps in Lebanon
Rana Moved from Prison to Intensive Care in Hospital
France, U.S. Buddies Vs. Syria
Annan criticizes changing constitution to suit one individual
UN, EU slam Lebanon's Constitutional move
Lebanese reject notion of Israeli peace treaty
Nasrallah clarifies his referendum call
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September 7
Damascus Says U.S. Interfering in Lebanon, Syria
Lahoud's promisses new elections law as 4 ministers resign
Lahoud's promisses new elections law as 4 ministers resign
Israeli expects Lebanon to sign peace treaty once Syrian hegemony is over
Israeli expects Lebanon to sign peace treaty once Syrian hegemony is over
Israel sharpens threats to hit Damascus, forecasts peace treaty with Lebanon
Jumblat: 'Extension Turned Lebanon into Martial Law Police State'
Hariri embarks on tour covering Egypt, Spain and Belgium
4 ministers quit Lebanese Cabinet over amendment
Officials voice their opinion on Lahoud extended term
FM seeks support in countering pressure
High oil prices likely to prevail well into 2005
Lebanese elected as IAA president starting 2006
Public facilities opening up to private sector
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September 6
Lebanon amendment row escalates
Iran sees Israel hand in UN's Lebanon resolution
Yemen’s Ambassador: “Resolution on Lebanon shows Arab weakness”
Hezbullah's Qassem Says Party now more committed to relations with Syria
Palestinian politburo chief praises Lahoud , stresses right of return
Lebanon environment minister resigns
Cabinet fate in jeopardy as Jumblat ministers plan to resign
Russian FM visits Lebanon, urges respect for UN resolutions, sovereignties
Hariri's cabinet disintegrates as Sfeir warns against international isolation
4 Killed, 17 Injured in Highway Bus Collision South of Beirut
Russia says opposed to UN resolution demanding Syria retreat from Lebanon
Thousands congratulate Lahoud
U.S. slams Syrian pressure on Lahoud term
Sfeir concerned about international consequences of Lahoud's extension
The struggle for the Lebanese lira must go on
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September 5
Mofaz warns Syria over its involvement in terror
Three ministers to quit Lebanon government
Lebanon President says relationship with Syria will continue
Hezbollah rejects abolition call
U.S. Contends Lahoud's Extension 'Dictated by Occupation Force'
Hariri's Resignation Is in the Cards, But When?
Lahoud is Urged to Resign to Spare Lebanon a Collision with U.N.
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September 4
Assad meets US congressman
Many Lebanese Rue Extension of President's Term
Lebanese President Offers Reconciliation 
Lebanon Moves to Keep President in Office - AP
Thunderous 'No' Minority Reinforced by Plastered-Lips Picket
Syria dismisses heavily amended UN resolution as a 'failure'
Franjieh: Election has become an international issue
Made in America, in Beirut
Siniora downplays concern over UN sanctions
Union of Arab Banks moves to Mina Hosn in Beirut
Lebanon pound flat ahead of vote on presidency
Lebanon to have strong IT presence at Gitex 2004
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September 3
Lebanese Parliament extends Lahouds term by 3 years, defying UN
Lebanese MPs give Lahoud 3 more years - Daily Star
Lebanon defies UN by extending president's term - Reuters
Lebanon extends president's term - BBC
Parliament extends pro-Syrian president Emile Lahoud's term - Haaretz
Full Text: UN Security Counil Resolution 1559 on Lebanon
Lebanon set to extend Lahoud's term, defying U.N.
Parliament facing test as survey shows Lebanese want new president
Lahoud certain to get 3-year extension
UN backs Lebanon sovereignty call
UN approves resolution calling for immediate withdrawal of all froreign forces
UN calls for Syria to leave Lebanon, disband Hezbollah
Opposition: 'Lahoud Turns Lebanon into Police State'
Pressure mounts on Lebanon, Syria
Country divided by Lahoud extension
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September 2
Syria mocks U.S. concern for Lebanon
Syria: Israeli threat against Damascus lacks credibility
Mofaz: Hamas' Damascus headquarters is source for terror
Israel sees Syrian link in bombings
Maronite bishops accuse Syria of turning Lebanon into a Syrian province
Full Text: U.N. Security Council Draft Resolution
Envisaged UN resolution expects Syria to leave Lebanon in 30 days
Syria said under pressures to act as regional police
U.S., France to table Lebanon resolution
Lebanon's Maronite bishops blast Syria interference
Lebanese presidential crisis boils over
UN resolution warns Syria, Lebanon of 'additional measures'
New Cabinet could follow extended term
Imam Sadr campaign picks up steam
Israel Warns Syria, PA, Hezbollah after 16 killed in Be'er Sheva
Islamic banks could bring more Arab investments to Lebanon
Analysis: Lebanon debt swap is only short term solution
Lebanon forex reserves slip to $12.4 bln end-Aug
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September 1
Lebanese parliament determined to extend lahoud's term
U.S. Acting to Block Syrian Meddling in Lebanon
Efforts to pass UN resolution affirming Lebanon sovereignty gaining momentum
Hariri Returns with Broken Shoulder Friday to Vote for Lahoud
US Circulates Draft UN Resolution Upholding Lebanese Sovereignty
Berri attacks security agencies, accuse them of setting traps forofficials
U.S. Bent On Getting U.N. Resolution Against Syria's Intervention in Lebanon
5 Detainees Stand Trial for Robbing $2.1 Million from Hariri's Wife
Berri slams government 'irresponsibility'
HIV patients get own dental clinic
Amal commemorates founder's disappearance
Lebanon's agro-exports up 63 percent
NSSF rebuts head of physicians' order
Lebanon's public debt takes a welcome tumble
Lebanon records $264.6 mln BOP surplus Jan-June
Lebanon public debt drops to $31.87 bln end-June

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