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November 2004

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November 30
French broadcast regulators seeking to pull Hezbollah's TV station off air
Authorities assume central role in pro-Syrian-demo preparations
Demo organizers defy UN, contend early Syrian pullout would re-ignite civil war
Hezbollah assures Sfeir demo not trageting any party
Ferzli says Lebanon should consider possibility of Syrian withdrawal
Israel welcomes Holland's decision to blacklist Hezbollah
Holland Blacklists Hizbullah Hoping EU will Follow Suit
Lahoud says diregarding Syria, Lebanon won't benefit peace
Opposition: 'East Europe dictators fell despite shouting millions'
Tens of thousands to march in support of Lebanon's links with Syria
Lebanon raises $1.375 billion in dollar-denominated eurobonds
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November 29
Karami pledges free elections, honest competition
Jumblat Party calls for correcting unbalanced relations with Syria
Hairi says elections will decide size of political groups
Hammoud's memo to diplomats arouse criticism
Three Americans among 8 killed in Lebanon border accident
Jumblat, Aoun Snipe at Pro-Syria Demo in Beirut's Isolated Downtown
Syria Withdraws from Lebanon in 2005, Keeps 4 Mountaintop Radars?
Hariri Stands in Next Elections 'no Matter What'
PSP warns against becoming 'security state'
Lebanese minister slams Chirac for 'interference'
Fares: Syrian Army isn't 'foreign'
Friction grows between Cabinet, opposition
Growth improving but Lebanese economy needs to achieve potential
Lebanese mobile network changes name, not high rates
Solidere to showcase the ‘finest City Centre in the Middle East’ at Cityscape
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November 28
IC camera records Hamadeh's assassination attempt but cassette vanishes
Rain deluges Beirut, snow traps mountain motorists, fishing harbors shuttered
Parliament's Human Rights Committee Visits Geagea in Prison
Is it Lebanese or Libyan? Honduras Seizes Explosives Ship
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November 27
UN envoy and Lebanon agree to try to revitalize Middle East peace process
Lebanon issues $1.375 bln bond deal
Struggling to change the rules of the game
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November 26
Ferzli: Quick implementation of 1559 would bring internal disorder
Larsen warns of bleak future if peace process is not revitalized
Hezbollah expected to spearhead Pro-Syrian demonstration
Larsen says new chance opening for Middle East peace
Environmentalists built giant Christmas tree out of garbage!
France sticks to allowing Al Manar broadcast despite Jewish protest
Shiite cleric sponsors gathering to unite Palestinians ahead of elections
MP Harb urges government to speed up election law
Opposition reaps crushing victory at AUB elections
Fadlallah says Sunni boycott will render Iraq elections non-representative
New management team upbeat about future of Beirut Port
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November 25
Ferzli: Lebanon needs Syrian help to implement 1559
Tension escalates as loyalist prepare for show of force Tuesday
Licencensing Al Manar angers US Jewish lobby
Massive pro-Syrian protest planned
Oposition wins AUB student elections
Sfeir repeats call for international monitors
1559 "a violation of Lebanon's sovereignty", Berri tells EU
Aoun, Jumblat Defeat Lebanese Authorities, Syria in AUB Elections
Karami planning Gulf trip to solve electricity crisis
Patriarch Dashes Off Karami's Reservation Against Election Observers
Qaddoumi: Bush lacks the will to push peace process
Fadlallah slams Western slant on Islam
Beirut honks all night long to its favorite ads
Lebanon plans eurobond sale in attempt to refinance debt
US software giant plans trilingual contact center in Beirut
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November 24
Joseph Sarkis mourns Raful - Letter to Jpost
Aoun says 'Syrian occupation taking last breath'
US , British envoys 'ignored Geneva Convention'
Lebanon refutes Amnesty's accusstion of torturing, unfairly trying Geagea
Jumblat accuses Druze minister of collaborating with intelligence agencies
Lahoud, Qatar Emir agree on forming joint ministerial committee
Karami Says 1 Million Lebanese will Demonstrate in Support of Syria Tuesday
Assad: Syria committed to the 'unity and stability' of Lebanon
Ambassadors told to stay out of Lebanese affairs
Jumblatt claims authorities trying to freeze him out
World Bank calls on Israel to rescue Palestinian economy
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November 23
Palestinian killed in Lebanon refugee camp
Beirut rapped over church bombers
Amnesty calls for the release of  LF leader Samir Geagea
FM Hamoud expected to warn foreign amabassadors after Feltman's remarks
Aoun Proposes Pan-Lebanese Parley to Arrange Face-Saving Exit for Syria
Provocations along shared border raise questions in Israel and Lebanon
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November 22
Lahoud: Independence marked amid a 'globally and regionally fateful juncture'
Lebanon Marks Independence Day with Fresh Defiance of U.S., France, U.N.
Lahoud: Relations with Syria will remain a 'cornerstone' of Beirut policy
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November 21
Syria Seen Scheming a Hariri-Jumblat Debacle in Spring Elections
Jumblat Rejects Anew Syria's Meddling in Lebanon
Chirac pledges to support Lebanon's sovereignty
Ladies choice at Nakheel's 'Palm Deira'
Russia backs Paris Club pact to write off Iraqi debt
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November 20
French Jews blast Israeli decision to air Hezbollah TV
Lahoud says resistance legitimate, rules out Syrian pullout before peace
France authorizes Hezbollah's TV station to broadcat within EU
Rightist and leftist groups protest Syrian domination, call for independence
Israel reverses decision to declare Sultan Yakub MIAs dead
Sfeir visits Lahoud, debates electoral law
Nasrallah: Resistance won't be swayed by U.S. interference
Beirut mogul thriving in spite of it all
Gulf oil revenues to fuel $9bn worth of public offerings in GCC
Foreign affairs minister urges Lebanese to invest in Sudan
Lebanon posts balance of payments deficit
Number of Lebanon tourists increase
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November 19
Thousands defy warnings and demonstrate against Syrian domination
Feltmen's comments evoke harsh criticism, accusation of inciting civil strife
US delegation on mission to inform Americans about Lebanon
National gathering urges gov't to resolve military service issue, election law
'Chanting 'Syria out', Lebanese students protest against Syrian 'hegemony'
Test of will as Karami's government confronts opposition protests
Fadallah: No entry in Bush dictionary for a Palestinian state
U.S. urges travel caution in Lebanon
Opposition groups assert their intention to protest against Syrian occupation
Diesel prices come down temporarily
OPEC revises down expectations of oil demand growth
FDT announces Alfa as replacement to Cellis cellular
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November 18
US Ambassador says Hezobolah is 'a good example of a terrorist organization'
Congresswoman warns Franjieh against banning Aounist demonstration
FPM, Solide affirm presence of Lebanese detainees in Syria
Two options considered for amending military service law
New appointments on today's cabinet agenda
Hoss slams 'US terrorism' in Falluja
U.S. Dead Serious about Getting Syria Out, Removing Hizbullah off N. Israel
Karami: Lebanon aims to keep border calm
Aoun calls for peaceful demonstrations
Berri urges unified electoral district
World Bank and Escwa agree: region's economy suffering
Lebanon gross frx reserves at $11.27 bln mid-Nov
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November 17
Feltman: We want to see the Syrian Army out of Lebanon
Lebanon says Katyusha fire is terror; sets roadblocks in south
Katyushas drop new message in south Lebanon's mail box
Aoun says Syria has two options: Gaddafi or Saddam
Lebanon Ivory Coast emigrants express dissatifaction with gov't support
Mrad says envisaged military services law will satisfy all
Israel refrains from responding to Monday Katyusha attack from Lebanon
Lebanon condemns Katyusha firing
Feltman Warns Syria: 'Careful not to Misread Us'
Fadlallah calls on voters to abolish sectarianism
Attacks raise fears of more violence in South Lebanon
Concern mounts over rocket attack
Jitters over Zarqawi slows oil price fall
Mideast auto sales rev up
Advertising firms hit back in cellular row
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November 16
Lebanese group claims responsibility for firing Katyushas into Israel
Israel: Lebanon rocket strikes won't go without response
Israel says Lebanon will pay heavy price for failing to control borders
Israel: Lebanon responsible for attacks from its territory
Lebanese sources confirm two Katyushas fired at Israel
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November 15
Two rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon, no damage
Ya'alon: Iran behind drone incursion into Israel
U.N. probes Syria's disobedience as Hizbullah's drone lands in NY
Lost Atlantis 'found near Cyprus'
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November 14
Qabbani: US, Zionism targeting Islam under the veil of war on terrorism
FPM Independence demonstration raises specter of confrontation with Franjieh
German diplomat car blast caused by electric malfunction: Security
Many Syrians feel interference in Lebanon could work against Syria
Syria creates barrier on Iraqi border
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November 13
Hezbollah chief says drone could be used to bomb vital sectors in Israel
Big powers tell Lebanon, syria they cannot escape from 1559
Another Lebanese held hostage in Iraq
Thousands of Lebanon Palestinian refugees mourn Arafat
Blast damages German diplomatic car in Beirut
Hizbullah celebrates Jerusalem Day
Demonstration by opposition party members could spark clash with ISF
Addoum and Feltman define terrorism
Beware of Baghdad's job agencies
Privatization of EDL management feasible
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November 12
Iraqi Islamic militant group holds US-Lebanese hostage: al-Jazeera
Lebanon top leaders call for Palestinian unity as camps grieve their dead leader
Foreign Ministry envoy heads to Ivory Coast amid heightening tension
Franjieh Calls Jumblat 'Separatist,' Snipes at Hariri's 3-Way Allegiance
Lebanon Gets Rival Representation in Arafat's Funeral in Cairo
Ferzli: Assad comfortable with Bush's commitment to peace process
Lahoud to lead funeral delegation to Cairo
Fatah leader in Lebanon says Arab silence killed Arafat
Now's the time for investment in Algeria
Potential deal with Europe disturbs MEA
Ford's 'dynamic duo' wows visitors to 2004 Lebanon Motor Show
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November 11
Assad vows full support for Karami's gov't, urges institutional reactivation
Hezbollah insists drone is Lebanon-made, denies Iranian support
Gunfire, grief fills Lebanon camps after Arafat's death
US ambassador stresses importance of implementing 1559
New ISF command announced
Lebanese fleeing Ivory Coast as international exodus intensifies
Naming Addoum's replacement instigates controversy
Beirut sit-in voices support to Falluja, condemns Arab silence
Refugees in Syria, Lebanon show support for Arafat
Assad renews call for dialogue with US
U.S. expresses concern over Hizbullah drone but Beirut supports act
U.S. resumes immigrant-visa services in Lebanon
Fadlallah accuses U.S. of continuing crusade against Islam
U.S. Mideast reform initiative to hold first session in Morocco
Souqs of Beirut set to get green light
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November 10
New ISF command announced
Qods inspires world Muslims: Lebanese ambassador
Report: Iran admits to supplying Hezbollah with drones
Former LF intelligence chief is Suha Arafat's adivsor, Haaretz reveals
Aoun brands addoum traitor as court sets trial date
Hezbollah received several Iran-made drones, Revolutionary-Guards training
Franfieh says Lebanon had no previous knowledge of Hezbollah's drone
Parliament committee debates definition of terrorism
Syrian paper blasts Karami's critics, MP Sabeh
Addoum says police-state remarks are fabrications
Parliament extends rent law, appoints contract teachers
Qordahi: We didn't spend millions on phone adverts
Cabinet to freeze diesel price
Lebanon, EU to ink 'open skies' airline policy
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November 9
Cross-border violence, instability feared after Arafat's death
Iranians had key role in Hezbollah drone launch
Hizbullah gloats as Israeli jets buzz Lebanon
Backlash on Hezbollah feared as officials commend the drone episode
Franjieh visits Sfeir, pledges honest polls or... resignation
First cabinet meeting convenes without President Lahoud
Iranians believed to have helped with Hezbollah drone
Two Lebanese accused of terror now in living in Australia
Israel in Panic of city massacres by booby-trapped Hizbullah planes
Franjieh Purges Police to Break Murr Hegemony
Ivory Coast Rebel Looters Ransack Lebanese Businesses
Israel Arrests Bedouin Soldier Charged with Spying for Hizbullah
Safety of Lebanese in Ivory Coast causes concern
Electricity shortage problem remains unresolved despite assurances
Property sales help Solidere profits soar
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November 8
Katyushas From Lebanon Never Stopped
UN concerned about rising tension in south Lebanon
MP Bassem Sabeh accuses security agencies of recruiting over 10 ministers
How the deputies voted during the confidence session
Hezbollah acquisition of flying drone viewed as 'a significant leap forward'
Opposition forces expected to declare 'coalition program' shortly
Hezbollah drone violates Israeli airspace over Nahariya
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November 7
Chouf MP blames 'internal politics' for Hamade assassination bid
Tension on Lebanese-Israeli border
Isreali army confirms Hezbollah-dispatched drone flew over Israel
Hezbollah: We successfully flew drone over northern Israel
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November 6
Karami says government will remain true to Taif accord
Lebanon government gets thin confidence vote, the lowest since 1990
Grenade kills three boys in north Lebanon
Opposition launches severe attack against gov't; Hariri observes
Rebel Druze chieftain joins ranks with Syria's opponents
Opposition slams Cabinet in 2nd day of vote-of-confidence session
French envoy recalled to Paris at short notice
MPs criticize Karami after broken promises
Syria offers Lebanon energy assistance
Oil slides to lowest levels in 6 weeks
MTC posts solid third quarter
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November 5
Lebanon Palestinians fear Arafat death would have catastrophic consequences
Two Lebanese hostages released by Iraqi captors after company pays ransom
Opposition rejects Syrian dominance, warns of rising police state
Israel scambles aircraft as Lebanon hears Arafat news
Israel 'Invades' Lebanese Skies, Puts Border Troops on 'Red Alert'
Bush Pledges to 'Liberate' Lebanon from Syria 'Soon'
Opposition Rejects Karami: 'Lebanon must be Run from Lebanon, not Syria'
Lebanese cabinet faces fierce criticism ahead of vote
Ut-Tahrir says 'hidden hands' canceled iftar
Officials fear cross-border violence should Arafat die
Beirut Stock Exchange suffers from political uncertainty
Russian oil majors dream of Middle Eastern fields
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November 4
Lebanese American security firm leaving Iraq
Caution, apprehension in Lebanon over Bush
Lebanon, Syria expected to face tough time after Bush win
Maronite bishops demand international monitoring for upcoming elections
LF blast government, says it is completely ruled by Syrian will
Former MP Wakim, another politician, receive assassination threats
Pakradoni slams Karami's government for ignoring Phalange Party
Fadllalah says US using all its powers to besiege Iran
Sharia Council says cooperation with Syria guarantees internal stability
Maronite Bishops lash out: Rigged elections 'inevitable'
Fadlallah warns against labeling Iran a threat
Addoum: Focus on judicial inspection committee
Leadership change in U.A.E. will have little impact on oil prices
Holy month means big business in Beirut
Lebanon determined to implement monetary reforms
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November 3
Opposition fights for gaining deputy speaker's job
Hoss calls on opposition to give new government a chance
Oppostion party adopts national plan aiming at correcting relations with Syria
UAE President dies, Lebanon leaders fly to offer condolences
Lebanon assures UN calm in south will be maintained
Lebanese-American contractor kidnapped in Iraq
Karami Frantically Tries to Avert a No-Confidence Crash in Parliament
Cabinet faces tough weekend test
Dutch FM urges EU to put Hizbullah on terrorism list
Addoum vows to restore faith in judiciary
Jbeil Municipality exterminates locust swarms on its own
Syrian head of state planning insists reform is 'unstoppable'
Dubailand initial investments total $4 billion
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November 2
59 MPs including Hezbollah's expected to withhold confidence
Sutterfield's remarks on Syrian pullout evoke harsh critcism
Karami Crosses Swords with Bush Administration over Syria
Karami's Cabinet Seen Certain to Win a 70-Ballot Vote of Confidence
Israel Digs Extra Tank Foxholes Along S. Lebanon
Hizbullah treads carefully between political groupings
Politicians slam Satterfield comments as anti-Lebanon 'threats'
Boom in region's real-estate sector likely to continue
Jaroudi: Corporate structure transformation key to regional development
Lebanon gross FX reserves at $10.6 bln end-Oct
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November 1
Patriarch 'Excommunicates' Karami's 'Unqualified' Government
U.S. Won't Send its Army to Drive Syria out of Lebanon
U.S.: 'Time for Syria to withdraw its forces'
Aoun assails government of 'insolent liars'
Nasrallah: German-led talks with Israel on track
Accusations fly between loyalists, opposition
Diplomats question bin Laden's statement
Lebanon determined to implement monetary reforms
Tourism booming in the Middle East

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