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January 2005

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January 31
Arab states fear Iraq polls will fan reform calls, boost Iran
Hezbollah and Hamas sign agreement to uphold resistance against Israel
Aoun Returns with 500 Aides, Denies Below-Table Deal
Aoun Asks Hizbullah to Lay Down Arms, Asserts Non-Belligerency with Geagea
Israel Says Hizbullah has SAM-18 Missiles to Shoot Jets over Lebanon
Dubai to build world's largest waterfront development
Lebanon Banque Audi 2004 net rises 31.5 pct
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January 30
Aoun return to Lebanon would boost efforts by opposition groups
France wants concrete steps from Syria on Lebanon: PM
Hezbollah threatens to kidnap troops to win release of Lebanese prisoners
Jumblat Says Syria's Moukhabarat Sabotaged Lebanon's Institutions
NTV Chairman Sues Rustom Ghazaleh before Syrian, Lebanese Courts
Aoun Returns Before Spring Election, Might Run for Seat in Parliament
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January 29
Pro-govt and opposition forces lock horns in Lebanon
UN Says Shebaa Farms Not Lebanese
Aoun says he will return to Lebanon before elections
U.N. Agency Criticizes Lebanon, Israel
Nasrallah to release details on second stage of prisoner deal
UN Council rebukes Lebanon on disputed Shebaa Farms
Mandate of UN force in southern Lebanon extended until July
Aoun: Lebanon could have avoided civil war
UN Security Council extends Lebanon peacekeepers, calls for changes
U.S., France Multiply Pressure to Get Syria out of Lebanon
Lebanon's foreign minister says UN force should halt "all Israeli aggression"
Chirac tells Sfeir France committed to 1559
Lebanon's adopted draft electoral law draws ire
Israel: Iran is giving missiles to Hizbullah
LIA chief eager to dabble in the bigger picture
Bank of Beirut profits rise by $5 million
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January 28
Israel works to get Hezbollah on EU's list of terror groups
Cabinet Passes New Electoral Law Amid War of Words with Opposition
Lebanese Cabinet endorses new electoral draft law
Sfeir backs 1559 and calls for impartial observers to monitor elections
Parliament elects council judges
Damascus faces further pressure in U.S. Congress
UN envoy urges Israel to end "violations" of Lebanese airspace
Lebanese deficit spending reduced in 2004
Syria's foreign debt cut to 10 percent of GDP
Tourism earns Turkey $15.9 billion in 2004
Lebanon's trade deficit increases by 15 percent
Capital inflows into Lebanon down by 19.6 percent
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January 27
Dane accused of spying for Hezbollah remanded by Israeli court
Full Text: US Congress draft bill declares Lebanon a captive country
Congress Draft Urges Bush to Rescue 'Captive Lebanon' from Syrian Bondage
Lebanese-born Dane was nabbed while filming train
Jumblat Wants Anjar's Door Shut, Says 'We Forgive, But Don't Forget'
Jumblatt slams Syrian puppeteering of Lebanon's rulers, pleads for sovereignty
Israeli war planes conduct "mock" raids; fly over Beirut
Cabinet to pass draft electoral law
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January 26
Dane in Israeli custody coerced to confess to spying: lawyer
Lebanese parliament votes to scrap military service
Danish citizen held in Israel suspected of spying for Hezbollah
Israel says Danish spy suspect filmed secret sites
Dane of Lebanese origin accused of spying for Hezbollah
1559 Seen as Terminating Syria's Dream of Annexing Lebanon in Stages
Compulsory Service to be Abolished Altogether in 2 Years
Opposition Warns of Making Media, Constitutional Councils 'Moukhabarat Tools'
Opposition Defies Franjieh's Warning to Beirut Christians Against Hariri
Israeli drone "violates" Lebanese airspace
Arguments flare over Lebanese electoral law
Interior Ministry releases draft electoral law
Lebanon's Constitutional Council embroiled in extension row
NSSF heading toward an 'impasse'
LIBC seeks emigration ministry to lure expat investment
USAID to help Lebanon join the WTO
NEWS FEATURE: Lebanese winter resorts boom over the Adha holiday
OGERO launches revamped portal with new interactive features
INTERVIEW-Dubai's Al Futtaim likely to seek $5 bln finance
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January 25
Lebanon denies Iraq clandestine transfers
U.S. Wants Syria to Leave Lebanon 'Now,' not in 2 Years
Israel Raging over Belgian Ambassador's Meeting with Hizbullah Chief
Gina and Joe Hobeika Mark Elie's Assassination 3 Years Ago
Danish national ordered held in Israeli prison another 48 hours
Lebanon's opposition criticizes Syrian decision to remain for a "couple of years"
Aoun says opposition will not be divided
France repeats call for fair electoral law
Draft electoral law walks tightrope of acceptance
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January 24
Lebanese opposition criticises Syrian stance on troops
North Korean boat capsizes off Lebanon, two Bangladeshis missing
Tourists returning to Lebanon in droves
Iraq recovered 200 million dollars from Lebanon and Jordan: report
Denmark has access to citizen held in Israel on suspicion of security breaches
At least 4 people killed in Ain al-Hilweh clashes
Lebanon accuses EU of meddling in internal affairs
Sectarian innuendo increases as Parliamentary elections draw near
1.2 million tourists in Lebanon in 2004
Air pollution, environmental damage costs Lebanon $565 million a year
Lebanon preparing for WTO membership
Lebanese tourism jumps 25 percent during 2004
Emaar Properties posts $463 million net profit
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January 23
Sharaa: Syria not allowing insurgents into Iraq; to be out of Lebanon in 2 years
Two Palestinians wounded in shootout in Lebanese camp
Lebanon: Iraq Money Transfer Legal
Former WLCU Youth President appointed as number two of the CIR
Rice’s warning has heightened tension: Syria
Israel to U.S.: Step up pressure on Syria to aid Abbas
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January 22
Iraqi official: Millions transferred to Lebanon to buy weapons
Mystery in Iraq as $300 Million is Taken Abroad
EU Joins U.S. in Telling Lebanon Syria Must Get Out
Aging Mosque Preacher Knifed to Death, Stabbed Wife in Coma
Jumblatt and Aoun to meet in Paris
EU insists Beirut fully implement UN 1559
Opposition holds first electoral rally
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January 21
Fatah official escapes assassination in Ein el-Hilweh camp
Israel allows Denmark access to detained citizen
UNIFIL Peace Keepers Find It Hard to Fulfill Their Mandate
Lebanon border tension a threat to stabily, Annan says
Israel decides to hit Lebanon if Hezbollah escalates border tension
Jumblat Expects his First-Face-to-Face Meeting with Aoun 'Soon'
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January 20
Israeli Ministers approve military operation in Lebanon
Annan recommends renewal of UN force mandate
Dane arrested in Israel on suspicion of security breaches: police
WLCU delegation in Washington for the US presidential inauguration
Haifa for Parliament, Backs Hariri, Likes Jumblat, Wants Geagea Out, Aoun Back
Jumblat Holds First Telephone Talk with Aoun, Goes to Vatican Friday
Lebanese hostage's employer heeds ultimatum to halt Iraq operations
Beirut port posts record year in 2004
Iberia launches Moscow, Beirut flights
Beirut port posts record year in 2004
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January 19
Tourism, Arab investment fuels Lebanese economic boost
US warns Syria of long-term wrath
Jumblatt slams Syrian control over Lebanon
Aoun, Jumblat Seek to Regain Lebanon's Freedom Without Alienating Syria!
Patriarch Leaves for Vatican, France, Planning to See Aoun in Paris
Rice Takes Uncompromising Stance that Syria Must Leave Lebanon
Lebanese Army discovers 'Israeli made' roadside bombs near speaker's home
Karami adviser accuses Gemayel of stirring sectarian sentiment
UN blames border violence on Hizbullah
Former South MP says Lebanon going through 'rebirth'
Record-high oil prices boost Saudi economy by 5.3 percent in 2004
Surprises that could impact on the economies of the region this year
Dubai's Emirates places largest order in civil aviation history
Morocco and Lebanon SMS rates highest in Arab world
Tourism, Arab investment fuels Lebanese economic boost
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January 18
Syrian man and Lebanese youth "executed" in Denmark
Exiled Lebanese political leader sends envoy to Damascus: report
Lebanese kidnapped by Islamic militant group
UN 'very concerned' by violence in south Lebanon
State Bows to Patriarch's Wish, Divides Lebanon into 26 Electoral Districts
Jumblat's Envoy Flies to Paris to Meet Gen. Aoun
Israeli Jets Set S. Lebanon Forests Ablaze to Avenge Hizbullah Bombing
Military Sappers Defuse 2 Bombs at Highway Overpass in S. Lebanon
Karami: Top 3 leaders in agreement on electoral
Aoun welcomes opposition's attempts to 'join him'
Hizbullah favors internal dialogue to face foreign pressure
Hezbollah leader: UN resolution on Lebanon "100-per cent Israeli demand"
Banks flourish despite threat of Resolution 1559
Lebanon gross forex reserves at $11.65 bln mid-Jan
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January 17
Consortium led by Lebanon-based group to design Bahrain resort
Israeli jet raids southern Lebanon - AFP
Israel bombs Hezbollah outposts - BBC
Hezbollah militants fire anti-tank missile at IDF vehicle - Haaretz
U.S. Ambassador Seen Inclined to Declare a Boycott of Premier Karami
Aoun-Syria Ice-Breaking Dialogues Shifts from Damascus to Washington
Berri backs governorate as electoral district
Jumblatt, Gemayel want free Lebanon
International opinion is hardening
Israel may look more closely at economics of peace
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January 16
Hezbollah steps up rhetoric against Syrian withdrawal, Israel
Marine goes from deserter to fugitive
Aoun Delivers Invitation to Syria for Roundtable Conference in Paris
Jumblat Demands 'Brooms Deal' to Clean Lebanon from Moukhabarat Spies
EU grants Lebanon's CDR $1.7 million loan to help small firms
Qassar says National Social Security Fund reform is top priority
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January 15
Iraqi minister says woman assassin trained in Syria plotted to kill him
Hezbollah calls for referendum in Lebanon on Syrian troop withdrawal
Dr. Hisham Sharabi dies in Beirut
U.S. Berates Lahoud, Karami for Claiming Syria's Exit Means Civil War
Jumblat Says Dialogue with Aoun is Governed by Bristol Declaration
U.S. envoy says 1559 not linked to Palestinian cause
Minister says Syrian pullout a matter of time
Fadlallah: Sectarian conflicts have torn Lebanon apart
Israel violates Lebanon airspace, reinforces forces along border
Nasrallah challenges opposition to show 1559 reflects 'will of Lebanese public'
US 'kidnap' probed by Germans
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January 14
US urges Lebanon to apply UN resolution on 'foreign influence'
Dissident says Syria has little hope of becoming market economy: report
Lebanese design gives Paris furniture fair new horizons
Missing Marine on Most-Wanted List
U.S. Won't Let Syria's Pullout from Lebanon be Delayed
Hamadeh's Assassination Bid, Hobeika's Assassination to 'Majless Adli'
Annan's southern Lebanon envoy named deputy of UN mission in Iraq
Italian FM: Mideast peace should come before a Syrian withdrawal
Lahoud refers Hobeika, Hamade cases
Opposition, West reject reasons for defying 1559
Middle East is not attracting enough overseas capital
Aramco confident in updated security measures following Al-Qaeda threat
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January 13
Lebanon accuses Western ambassadors of 'shameful interference'
Italy's Fini underlines need to work for comprehensive Mideast peace
Bush Prevents Russian Missiles to Syria, Israel Dreads Hizbullah Acquisition
Lebanese officials divided on 1559 and electoral law
Lebanon ranks 144th globally in political freedoms
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January 12
Iraq-Syria border closed to trucks until after election: Lebanon
Lebanese army fires on Israeli war planes in troubled border region
U.S. blames Lebanon for border clash with Israel
Berri, Murr halt discussion on military service law
Officials divided on electoral districts
Lebanese finance minister to disclose outstanding dues
Isalmic Development Bank extends $62.1m loan to Lebanon
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January 11
Hezbollah commander comments on Lebanese-Israeli border clash
Hizbullah Seen Igniting a Lebanon-Syria-Israel Armageddon
Israeli Tanks Rumble onto Hilltop Positions Abutting S. Lebanon
Lahoud Explains to Foreign Diplomats why Lebanon Objects to 1559
Hariri confers with Jumblatt
MPs slam former LF member's solitary confinement
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January 10
UN's Annan condemns killing of peacekeeper on Israeli-Lebanon line
UN says Hezbollah bears main blame for French peacekeeper's death
Report: Hezbollah responsible for 20% of West Bank, Gaza attacks in 2004
UN condemns Hezbollah attack
UN calls for restraint in Lebanon following Sunday's clash
'Lebanon, Syria, Israel Sit on Powder Keg Apt to Trigger Mideast Apocalypse'
France Seeks Clarification About French Officer's Death in S. Lebanon
Jumblat Ridicules Franjieh as a Worse President than Lahoud
Syria Seen Mending Fences with Hariri to Stop Drift Toward Opposition
Hariri meets Syrian security chief in Qoreitem
French envoy urges compliance with 1559
Lebanon pulled in every direction as elections approach
2004: a year of tragedy for Lebanese expatriates
Lebanon's Palestinians hold symbolic PA vote
Bank of Beirut chair readies for another challenging year
Qatar-Lebanese investment protection pact
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January 9
UN peacekeeper among three dead in border violence; Peres warns Syria -AFP
Israeli officer killed when Hezbollah bomb hits jeep on border patrol - Haaretz
Clashes erupt on Lebanon border - BBC
French UN peacekeeper killed by Israeli fire in Hezbollah clashes
French officer serving with UN killed by Israeli shelling
Hezbollah claims it killed Israeli officer in border attack
U.S., France Apply Unrelenting Heat on Syria to Abandon Lebanon
Hizbullah, Amal Activists Quarrel Anew, 4 Hospitalized
Kerry hopeful that strained U.S-Syrian ties can be improved
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January 8
Armitage urges Syria to change policies on Iraq, Lebanon
Canadian Lebanese groups oppose change in definition of marriage
US will keep close watch on elections, Lahoud told
France Contends 1559 Abolishes All Treaties Regulating Syria's Tutelage
Hamadeh in 'Stable Condition' after Second Brain Surgery at AUH
Beirut will not yield to international pressure on Resolution 1559
Franjieh: 'We will face outside pressure with more Lebanese-Syrian cohesion'
Hariri bloc awaits electoral law before taking position
Good news for illegal Lankans in Lebanon
Bank of Beirut chair readies for another challenging year
Syrian economy subject to largely under-utilized resources
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January 7
Lebanese MP targetted in car bomb has successful brain operation
Israeli troops open fire on Lebanese civilians across border: police
Chirac Makes Syria's Pullout Top Priority, Bush: 'Beware Physical Terror'
U.S. to Assad: 'Ostrich Head in Sand Won't Keep Syria in Lebanon'
Lebanese U.S. Marine Goes Missing, Possible Escape to Beirut Denied
Lebanon Seeks to Broaden Economic Ties With Iran
Anti Maronite Patriarch leaflets distributed in Beirut Jounieh and Jbeil
Qornet Shehwan vows allegiance to opposition
Opposition throws down the gauntlet in elections
Report looks at Lebanon in political, social context
Employers warn minimum wage increase will lead to unemployment
Government scraps Lebanon shopping festival
Bogus job recruitment agencies prey on misery of unemployment
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January 6
Alleged US Deserter Hassoun May Be in Lebanon
Jumblat Demands Diplomatic Ties with Syria to End Lebanon's Servitude
U.S. May Financially Blockade Syria if it Fails to Leave Lebanon
U.S. warns Syria, Lebanon against harming politicians
Opposition plans to counter 'government's scheme'
Debate rages over size of electoral districts
Cabinet skirts tough issues
Minimum wage could increase by LL150,000
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January 5
US warning against Syrian influence in Lebanese poll sparks row
Lebanese Hezbollah official forced to leave Germany
Hezbollah appoints woman to ruling body
Marine who surfaced in Lebanon after purported kidnapping missing again
Lebanese doctor claims a herbal medicine for curing cancer
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon feel abandoned ahead of poll
U.S. Casts 'Hawkish Eye' on Lebanon's Elections, Feltman Scolds Anjar
Photographer Ayyoub released by Syria
Lebanon prepares for earthquakes, tsunamis
Electoral law in two weeks?
Lebanon plans to reduce military service to 3 months
Sri Lankans wait by the thousands to go home
Minimum wage could increase by LL150,000
Ogero counts its successes in 2004
Beirut celebrates the business of New Year's Eve
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January 4
Jordan urges Lebanon to implement resolution 1559
Jordan FM Mulki visits Lebanon
Kidnapped Lebanese businessmen in Iraq appeal for help from Beirut
Death Demanded for 22 Terror Suspects Plotting a Beirut Bloodbath
Karami Locks Horns with Jumblat, Disputes Hoss' Stance on Syria
Husseini clarifies position on Syria
Hariri's bloc and LF join opposition in elections
Minority Christian groups want more parliamentary clout
2004 a year of successes for Hizbullah, despite pressures
New governor for South Lebanon
Time is ripe for radical change
Lebanon gross fx reserves at $11.5 bln end-Dec
Al Habtoor Group expanding in Lebanon
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January 3
Pro-Syria daily urges Lahoud to step down
Jumblat Warns of 'White Coup d'Etat' to Unseat Lahoud
U.S. Demands Assad to Terminate Syria's Tutelage over Lebanon
Opposition's follow-up committee to hold first meet on election action plan
Jumblatt accuses state of plotting demise of opponents
New Year's Mass calls for sovereignty
Ferzli denies rumors parliamentary elections will be delayed
Iraqi insurgents waging 'all-out war' on oil industry: Minister
Business 2004: Lebanon's banks going strong - and bullish about 2005
The best of Lebanon in Dubai
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January 2
Ex-Phalange official says has tape of Iran diplomats' questioning
Lebanese shot dead in Baghdad's Green Zone
Archbishop Audeh Whips 'Trustees' Turning Lebanon to Lunatic Asylum'
Lebanese mufti condemns acts against security, stability of Saudi Arabia
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January 1
Israel Expects Hizbullah to Set Common Border with Lebanon Afire
Dynamite-Throwing Assailant Rattles Beirut's New Year Eve Celebrations

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