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June 2005

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June 30
UN appeals for calm as Israeli airforce targets Hezbollah
Lebanon PM-designate pledges sweeping reforms
Israeli air strike targets Hezbollah in Lebanon
Hezbollah appears set to dig in over disarmament calls
Israel fires on Hezbollah fighters in tense border area
Israel demands Lebanon takes control of northern border
US reiterates $5M reward for Hezbollah's TWA hijakers
Security Council to meet on Lebanon
Lebanon's Anti-Syrian Leaders Reconcile
Lebanon set to name Hariri ally as PM
US defends Israel's retaliation over Hezbollah attack
Hezbollah bombardment kills Israeli soldier, wounds three
Names under consideration for Lebanon's new cabinet
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June 29
Hariri group nominates former finance minister as PM
Spain bans Hezbollah's Al Manar TV
Three killed as speaker's supporters celebrate re-election
With Berri's return, Syrian influence in Lebanon seems as present as ever
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June 28
Hezbollah missiles hit close to main Israeli border town
Pro-Syrian keeps key post in Lebanon
Lebanon has rare chance for major economic reform: World Bank
Lebanon's first post-Syrian parliament re-elects pro-Damascus speaker
Report predicts GDP recovery for Lebanon
Lebanon has rare chance for major economic reform: World Bank
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June 27
Lebanon eases work restrictions on Palestinian refugees
Lebanon's Lahoud says won't quit
Palestinian radical groups in Lebanon, Syria planning to move to Gaza
Lebanon's first post-Syrian parliament meets
Lebanese parliament set to re-elect pro-Syrian speaker
Staunch Syrian ally to retain post as parliament speaker
Seniora expected to be named new Lebanon prime minister
U.N. Commission questions Lahouds' son in Hariri murder
Cutting public sector may be Lebanon's next nightmare
Lebanon budget deficit eases to 19.82 pct
blank.gif (59 bytes)blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 26
Lahoud denies Syria behind Lebanon assassinations
Syria dismisses as "lies" US allegations over agents, troops in Lebanon
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June 25
Hezbollah hails Iran election as slap in the face for US
Lahoud: Lebanon enemies behind slayings
Lebanon's political intrigue lingers
Lebanon's News Highlights
Lebanese shares at new high
Getting to grips with corruption in Lebanon
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June 24
Political 'hit list' fears do the rounds in Beirut
Under pressure, Syria adopts conciliatory tone
Thousands attend funeral of assassinated Lebanese politician
US sees consensus that Syria foments strife in Lebanon, Iraq
US pushes for punitive action against Syria
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June 23
Lebanon's new guard calls for president to resign
US "certain" Syrian agents still in Lebanon
Strike Hezbollah to provoke Syria – Washington's plan
Lebanon opposition head fears for his life
Lebanon seeks info on prisoners in Syria
Constructing a new framework for the family business
Solidere leads post-election market surge
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June 22
France urges international community to be firm with Syria
US designs to reshape Mideast 'no longer secret': Syria
Lebanon's new parliament reflects old traditions
UN Security Council condemns attacks in Lebanon
Cocaine ring suspected of financing Hezbollah busted
Climate of fear in Lebanon after latest political murder
Opposition steps up calls for Lebanese president to resign
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June 21
US ties Syria to slayings in Lebanon
Rice to Syria: 'Knock it off' in Lebanon
Lebanon president hits back at accusations over deadly blast
London urges probe into murder of anti-Syrian politician
Annan condemns killing of anti-Syrian politician in Lebanon
US envoy condemns murder of Lebanon anti-Syrian politician
New bombing cuts short opposition victory celebrations
Lebanon's first post-Syrian parliament to meet next Tuesday
UN probe into Hariri killing searches home of security chief
Lebanon car bombing kills anti-Syrian politician
Ex-communist chief becomes latest victim of Lebanon attacks
Walid Phares: Who won Lebanon's elections?
Gulf states condemn murder of Lebanese politician
Syria condemns killing of Lebanese politician
Former communist leader killed in Beirut blast
Ex-communist chief becomes latest victim of Lebanon attacks
Lebanon's state-owned television and radio stations slated for privatization
Foreign investment in Lebanon remains firm
Bank of Beirut garners $70 million in share offering
Horeca's crowded trade fair shows hope for tourism
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June 20
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Lebanon elections 2005: North Lebanon Official Results ( Arabic)
United States and EU welcome Lebanon election
Lebanon opposition wins first post-Syrian polls
UN's Annan applauds Lebanon's 'credible' election
EU observers say Lebanon's sectarian system in breach of UN conventions
Bush says he wants 'strong' Europe as partner
Lebanon election winner says too early to talk of premiership
France hails Lebanese vote, conditions support on reforms
Lebanon opposition vows change after winning first post-Syrian polls
Lebanon votes for Hariri and an end to Syrian influence
Anti-Syria alliance wins Lebanon poll
US envoy hails Lebanon election "milestone"
Lebanon opposition in clean sweep of decisive election round: minister
Lebanon's business heir Hariri faces tough inheritance
Take Mideast changes seriously, Rice tells Syria
EU welcome Lebanon election
Lebanon opposition in clean sweep of final poll round: official
Israeli warplane overflew Lebanon on polling day: army
Anti-Syrian Alliance Claims Victory in Lebanese Election
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June 19
Franjieh accepts defeat in north Lebanon poll
Hariri camp says headed for majority after Lebanon election
Vote-buying allegations mar Lebanon's elections
Lebanon votes in day of reckoning for opposition
North Lebanon elections initial turnout
Aoun: returning exile who turned Lebanon politics on head
Saad Hariri: novice heir in rough-and-tumble of Lebanon politics
Bitter final round of voting will be decisive in Lebanon
Issues dividing Lebanon's rival election camps
Lebanese tycoon sues Obiang for 'malicious prosecution'
Polling stations open in north Lebanon, last stage of vote
Anti-Syrians battle it out in Lebanon election finale
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June 18
Cynical election ditty hits Lebanese charts amid doubts of change
Lebanon opposition alliance faces day of reckoning at polls
Lebanese poll unlikely to deliver clear result
Syrian influence is seen in Lebanese parliamentary vote
Lebanon Shiite leader heads to Iran for talks
CLAO calls for objective reporting
Opposition alliance, Aoun engage in another fierce electoral battle
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 17
UN probe identifies truck used in Hariri bombing, hunts trail
Opposition accused of vote-buying ahead of final elections
EU leaders praise voting in Lebanon, condemn attacks
Some Lebanese dream of a secular state
Lebanon opposition makes feversish attacks against Syria and it allies
Hariri, allies starting to make serious mistakes, more enemies
U.S. ambassador warns Lebanon on economic aid
Foreign investment in Lebanon remains firm
Lebanon's GDP likely to fall this year
New 'master plan' focuses on developing Southern Lebanon
INTERVIEW-Political crisis hits Lebanon's economy - Central Bank
Lebanon's forex reserves up to $10.3 bln mid-June
Lebanon forcasts 4 pct inflation in 2005
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June 16
Interview: Hariri eyes reforms, majority in Lebanon parliament
Pro-Hariri rally draws tens of thousands in north Lebanon
Interview: Hariri eyes reforms, majority in Lebanon parliament
Assad committed to full implementation of Resolution 1559: Annan
UN team investigating murder of Lebanese ex-Premier Hariri begins work
'The General' seeks to be Lebanon's kingmaker
Crucial vote on Sunday in northern Lebanon
Lebanon to privatize TV, radio but keep control
Turkey PM calls for closer ties with Arab world
Hariri assassination probe underway: Annan
Lebanese paper considers links between Syrian Jund al-Sham, militant groups
Hezbollah supports Lahoud serving full term, coordinates with Aoun
Syria insists no security agents left in Lebanon
US court sentences Lebanese immigrant for aiding Hezbollah
S&P assigns ratings to Lebanon's forthcoming notes
Lebanon launches $500 million dual tranche bond-leads
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June 15
Interview: Christian firebrand Aoun eyes Lebanon's presidency
Lebanese Armenians protest against Erdogan visit
Lebanon's Geagea on single-minded campaign to free jailed husband
Hezbollah envoy denies Iran, Syria supply weapons
'Cedar Revolution' faces new threat
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 14
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Lebanon Elections 2005: Mount Lebanon and Biqaa results (Arabic)
Lebanon's runners gear up for tight final round of polls
Aoun anti-corruption vow easier said than done, say analysts
Aoun says would consider running for presidency
Hariri hopes for electoral rebound in north Lebanon
Winner Aoun moves to bolster north Lebanon alliances
US says Lebanon vote seems to be going well
Aoun consolidates alliance with Franjieh, Karami
Fitch rates Lebanon's new bonds; outlook stable
Cedarcom invests $4 million in Cisco technology
Hariri helps launch Beirut tourism initiative
West discusses Lebanese economic aid deal
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 13
Emerging power groups in Lebanon's parliament
Aoun: A firebrand who turned the tables in Lebanon politics
Annan 'encouraged' by UN envoy's talks in Syria
Christian hardliner makes dramatic comeback in Lebanon vote
Aoun's success likely to impede drive to oust Lahoud
Aoun scores stunning victory against Christian rivals
Hizbullah appeals to UK over ban
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 12
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Election Results: Mount Lebanon and Biqaa - Arabic
Lebanon's main opposition alliance in poll reverse
Syrian envoy denies 'hit list' against Lebanese opposition
Jumblat concedes Aoun swept Christian vote
Lebanon's Aoun heads for poll victory over rivals
Lebanon announces turnout for round three voting
UN envoy meets Assad over Lebanon charges
Lebanon third round voting turnout tops 50 percent
Lebanon votes as Syrian role returns to spotlight
Lebanese rivals face off in a crucial stage in elections
Anti-Syrian factions confront one another in Lebanon polls
Lebanon votes in third round polls of post-Syria era
Expert says Lebanon debt exceeds $46.5 billion
Figures show Lebanese car market operating in low gear
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 11
Lebanon to hold elections amid fears of Syrian meddling
U.S. accuses Syria of meddling in Lebanon
Lebanese set for voting amid US claims of Syrian meddling
Syria no longer main divide as Lebanon Christians go to polls
U.S. Cites More Syrian Defiance
Aoun fears for safety, but confident will sweep elections
Jumblat says Syrian intelligence still running free in Lebanon
Jobseekers swamp limited IT sector in Lebanon
Lebanon still waiting for Syrian natural gas supply
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 10
AFP INTERVIEW: Sectarianism now Lebanon's main problem: veteran Syria foe
Lebanon prepares for fiercest round of elections
UN to send mission to check on Syrian withdrawal
Bush gives Syria fresh warning over Lebanon
Syria insists it has no spies in Lebanon
Syrian agents still in Lebanon, opposition and US warn
Syria reform pledges overshadowed by charges of plot against Lebanese
US concerned by Syrian intelligence activity in Lebanon
U.S. has 'credible' word of Syrian plot to Kill Lebanese
Assad consolidates power in Syria as UN warns of new action over Lebanon
Opposition accuses Aoun of dealing with pro-Syrian figures
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 9
Annan says some Syrian forces may still be in Lebanon
Christian candidates set for fierce battle at Sunday polls
Murdered journalist's widow initiates probe under French law
Wartime foes join forces in Lebanon massacre village
Aoun at odds with natural allies, gaining support from pro-Syrian foes
Lebanese businessman killed in Baghdad
Hezbollah urges Lebanese to put the past behind
Solidere set to write off outstanding debts in two years
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 8
Wife of jailed Christian leader runs for Lebanese parliament
Opposition 'deal' with pro-Syrian regime frustrates Lebanese
Lebanese party wants action over threats to slain journalist
Future TV talk show host accused of defaming president
UN Security Council condemns assassination of journalist
U.S. drops plan for UN investigation of Kassir's death
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 7
US Senator sure Syria was behind Hariri assassination
Israeli warplanes draw Lebanese anti-aircraft fire
UN sends envoy to meet Syria's Assad on Lebanon pullout
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 6
US still sees Hezbollah as terrorists who must disarm
Hezbollah says Lebanon vote win a 'yes' to arms
Syria's staunhest allies sweep south Lebanon polls
South backs pro-Syrian parties as election exposes split
Israel to beef up security in Shebaa Farms area
Hezbollah coalition claims victory in south Lebanon polls
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 5
Lebanese president vows to stay in power
Turnout at 45 percent in south Lebanon elections
Christians score lower turnout in south Lebanon polls
Hezbollah coalition set to win vote in south Lebanon
Lebanon president rejects resignation demands
Lebanon votes in second round polls of post-Syria era
Will latest initiative lead to Electricite du Liban's privatization?
Lebanon records $400 million surplus
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 4
Syria's allies assured of winning south Lebanon poll
Al Manar says polls a referendum on Hezbollah's political options
Hezbollah accuses U.S. of trying to ruin its alliance with Amal
Tears, anger at burial of Anti-Syrian Lebanese journalist
Tearful journalists bury slain anti-Syrian Lebanese columnist
Lebanon's Palestinians hope Lebanese election will improve their lives
Murdered anti-Syrian Lebanese journalist to be buried
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 3
Kassir, the latest journalist to fall in the name of freedom
Lebanon president must go, opposition says
US calls for UN probe of Lebanese journalist killing
Lebanon torn by another brutal killing - Rania Abouzeid, The Australian
The Beirut of Evil - Eric Umansky, todays papers, Slate
FBI agents probe scene of Lebanese journalist's slaying
US, French experts to help probe Lebanese journalist slaying
EU presidency condemns killing of Lebanese journalist
U.S. Embassy Condemns Kassir’s Assassination
Grieving journalists protest killing of Lebanon columnist
Rival clans clash in eastern Lebanon: police
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 2
Lebanon opposition calls for president to quit over journalist murder
Thousands hold vigil in Beirut for slain journalist
US, EU condemn killing of journalist in Lebanon
Annan condemns killing of anti-Syrian Lebanese journalist
Syria rejects charges of role in Lebanon journalist killing
Beirut crowd vents anger at gov't over journalist killing
Anti-Syria journalist becomes latest victim of Lebanon political violence
Anti-Syrian journalist killed in Beirut blast
Hezbollah coalition set to steamroll vote in south Lebanon
Anti-Syria journalist killed by car bomb - Telegraph
Hezbollah faces weapons challenge after poll
blank.gif (59 bytes)
June 1
Samir Kassir murder: Pictures from the scene of the crime
Aoun unveils anti jumblat alliance in Baabda-Aley district
Maronite Bishops slams 'chaos within Christian ranks'
Anti-Syria forces confront one another in Lebanon elections
Hezbollah supports Jumblat in Baabda, Aoun in Zahleh and Jbeil
Aoun declares make-or-break election war on Jumblat
Syria denies meddling in Lebanon's elections
Hezbollah poised to strike deal with Jumblat
Wanted: Politicians with vision
Lebanon's markets unmoved by Beirut elections

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