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October 2005

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October 31
Syrian, British foreign ministers in verbal scrap at UN
Straw warns Syria to cooperate with UN probe
Turkey urges Syria to assist UN probe
Rice says 'isolated' Syria put on notice
Lebanon president said to have made secret visit to Damascus
China says 'inappropriate' to threaten UN sanctions against Syria
Pro-Syria Palestinians defy Lebanon's arms ban
Syrian envoy seeks Gulf support as UN drops sanctions threat
British FM warns Syria to cooperate over Hariri probe
Jordan urges Syria to cooperate with UN report
Security Council FMs met to discuss Syria resolution: France
Western FMs hold last-minute UN consultations ahead of Syria draft vote
Tougher international line on Syria
Highlights of UN resolution on Hariri killing
Lebanon tries to cut off Syrian support to radical Palestinian group
Jittery Syria awaits UN sanctions vote
Security Council set to adopt Syria sanctions draft
UN is expected to pass measure pressuring Syria
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October 30
Syria fears 'unfair' UN sanctions
Syria bids to thwart sanctions threat
Security Council to vote on tough Syria resolution
Saudi king meets Lebanese, Jordanian leaders
Sydney fugitive awaiting trial in Lebanon is linked to Zarqawi
Lebanese army loosens Palestinian bases lockdown
US and allies augur tough UN resolution on Syria
UN Security Council to vote on tough Syria resolution
Pilots Association strike causes flight delays for more than 1,500 passengers.
Byblos profits rise 23.4 percent
Bank of Beirut profits jump 10 percent
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October 29
Syria to set up own Hariri probe
Lebanon eases Palestinian base stand-off
Syrian and Lebanese visit Saudi over tension with West
Israeli gunships fire on own patrol near Lebanon border
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October 28
Middle East 'quartet' urges Syria to expel Islamic Jihad
Security Council putting finishing touches to Syria resolution
Syria president pledges cooperation with Hariri probe
Hezbollah chief blasts US at anti-Israel rally
Lebanon links Al Madina Bank scandal to Hariri's Murder
Lebanon PM rules out clash with Hezbollah
Nine Lebanese linked to UN oil-for-food scandal
Palestinian militants reject call to disarm in Lebanon
No Hariri arrests without proof: Syria
UN gets new draft of Syria resolution
Egyptian president in Syria to discuss Lebanon
Mobile calls in Hariri murder probe were recorded - minister
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October 27
Chirac calls for international tribunal in Hariri killing
PFLP-GC release Lebanese soldiers, deny killing surveyor
Security Council divided over Syria sanctions
EU blasts lack of Syrian cooperation with Hariri probe
Frustration grows over Palestinian bases in Lebanon
Al-Ahbash: shadowy group at center of Hariri probe
Lebanon army tightens siege of Palestinian militants
Palestinian militants say six Lebanon troops captured
Syria urges dialogue with US as UN mulls tough action
Mehlis returns to Beirut next Monday with Syria on his mind
Russia and Arab League oppose Syria sanctions
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October 26
US, Britain, France drum support for resolution against Syria
US, France circulate Syria resolution on Hariri murder
Envoy dismisses Franco-US draft as part of 'US agenda' against Syria
Lebanon armed groups 'incompatible' with sovereignty - UN
UN disputes Lebanon leader's claim to Shebaa Farms
Chirac urges full international cooperation in tracking Hariri killers
Lebanon charges two brothers in Hariri murder probe
Lebanon army besieges Palestinian militants after killing
Syria battles to stave off sanctions
UN commission must have access to Assad: Bolton
Germany backs UN draft on Syria
Syria must cooperate with UN Hariri probe: Russian FM
Arab League sees no reason for sanctions on Syria
Lebanon army encircles pro-Syria Palestinian bases
Iran wants Hariri killers punished but stands by Syria
Troubled Syrian economy ill equipped to combat sanctions
Lebanon boosts security on Syria border
US, France circulate Syria resolution on Hariri murder
Damascus must arrest Syrian suspects - UN draft
Assad vows to prosecute Syrians linked to Hariri murder
Hariri murder organized by Syrian, Lebanese security officials - Mehlis
Lebanon’s Shiite camp take “safe” course on Syria - paper
Lahoud not a suspect in UN Probe - Mehlis
Lebanon’s judiciary not qualified to conduct trial - Hariri
UN team 'in danger' as inquiry blames Syria for assassination
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October 25
Bush: UN must act on Syria
US, France say close to agreeing on Syria resolution on Hariri murder
Syria offers to carry out own probe into Hariri murder
Russia demands 'balance' from international community over Syria
Lebanon's pro-Syria president vows to stay on
Syria lashes out at Saad Hariri after UN report
Man sought by Hariri probe reportedly in Syrian custody
France refuses to commit to early UN Security Council meeting on Syria
Mehlis urges 'greater cooperation' from Syria on Hariri murder
UN panel probing Hariri murder faced numerous threats - Mehlis
US has already convicted Syria: press
Lebanese army surveyor killed by Syrian gunfire
Presidential fever gets one pitch higher
Security Council to hear Mehlis briefing on Hariri murder
Bush "hopes" to avoid confrontation with Syria: interview
Syria under mounting pressure to cooperate with UN probe
Syrian issues can be tackled in "sequence": Rice
Blair refuses to rule out sanctions against Syria
Netherlands backs international trial at The Hague for Hariri case
Lebanon freezes 5 bank accounts in Hariri probe
Hezbollah calls for more 'serious' probe into Hariri murder
Lebanon to take part in UN meeting on Hariri report
Lebanon plans to eliminate deficit in 5 yrs
Lebanon's debt not to exceed $37 bln at end-2005
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October 24
UN Security Council to hold ministerial-level meeting on Syria
Annan-Shara meeting canceled
US envoy demands full cooperation from Syria in Hariri probe
Iraqi Airways resumes Beirut flights after 15-year break
UN chief to meet Syrian foreign minister over Mehlis report
US awaits talks on Syria at UN Security Council meeting
Lebanon plays down tension with Syria over UN report
Massive pro-regime rally in Syria
France calls for Security Council resolution on Syria
Lahoud on the hot seat as calls for his resignation intensify
Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon
UN envoy adds to pressure on Syria
Syria faces more pressure over Hariri killing
UN report may demand Lebanon stop arms flow from Syria
Lebanon tourist numbers drop after Hariri murder
US 'confident' world will respond after UN report on Syria
Iraqi Airways resumes Beirut flights after 15-year break
Lebanon tourist numbers drop after Hariri murder
LEBANON: Investment badly needed in the south
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October 23
Palestinian killed in clashes outside Lebanon refugee camp
Syria rejects UN report on Hariri murder as distortion
Hariri probe arrests suspect linked to president
US seeks firm UN action against Syria after Hariri report
Syria mulls response to 'slanderous' probe
Syria needs to look closer at UN report: Hariri
New UN report says Syria still meddling in Lebanon
UN to discuss Hariri report accusations
Terrorists may exploit Syria crisis, US fears
Police say new Lebanon blast accidential
Blast in Lebanese Christian town
Syria hits out against Hariri murder claims
Lebanon arrests man named in Hariri murder probe
Syria softens stance on UN inquiry into Hariri assassination
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October 22
Bitter Syria viciously attacks Hariri
Lebanon hails UN report on Hariri murder
Lebanon police finger Syria in wider bombing effort
Syria pledges to cooperate after UN Hariri murder report
Iran backs Syria after scorching UN report
Hariri son urges international trial over father's murder
Assad family names censored from report into Hariri killing
Hariri report brings more dangers for region: Gulf papers
Gemayel urges international court for Hariri suspects
Syria will pay for murder of Hariri, vow America and Britain
UN Hariri report controversial
Rogue Syrians must be held to account, says US
Oil firms in Lebanon resume distribution of fuel
Lebanon expects loans to exceed $4.4 billion
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October 21
UN to act after second Hariri report: US
US leads calls for action against Syria after Hariri report
Rice says Syria has to be held accountable over Hariri murder
Moscow calls for 'triumph of justice', warns of destabilization
Syrian ambassador to US hits out at Washington over Hariri report
Bush calls for immediate UN action on Hariri report
Israel's Peres says time for regime change in Syria
Beirut protestors want presidents out
Mehlis in controversy over names of Hariri murder suspects
'Bye, bye Hariri': UN report catalogues murder plot
Implication of Syrians close to Assad a 'big lie,' Syrian envoy says
'Accountability' needed after UN Hariri report: Rice
UN report on Hariri murder 'deeply troubling': Rice
US, allies mull response to 'deeply troubling' Hariri report
UN report implicating Syria in Hariri murder requires UN followup - US
EU, France urge Syria to cooperate fully in Lebanon probe
Israel welcomes UN report on Hariri murder
Palestinian group rejects links to Hariri murder
Syria blasts 'politically biased' UN report
UN report turns up heat on Lebanon president
Peres: Hariri probe could shake up Assad rule
Lebanon president denies call from Hariri bomb suspect
UN report will further isolate Syria: Lebanese Christian politician Aoun
Syria denies UN claims on Hariri's assassination
Syrian officials likely approved Hariri assassination: UN report
Lebanon president faces calls to quit after UN report
U.N. probe: Syrian and Lebanese security officials involved in Hariri killing
President Lahoud’s name figures prominently in UN report - Elaph
Lebanon part of the burgeoning regional problems - Syria
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October 20
Syrian officials lied to Hariri probe: UN report
Hezbollah wants politics out of Hariri report
Reports of UN resolution against Syria 'incorrect': France
Mysterious Rana Qoleilat using an assumed name in Egypt: Paper
Lebanon green lighted to attack Palestinian violaters: paper
Annan pores over Hariri murder report; Syria fears sanctions
Mehlis hands over key UN report on Hariri murder to Annan
Tension runs high in Syria, Lebanon on eve of Mehlis report
Jitters in Lebanon as Syria braces for UN Hariri report
UN braces for explosive Mehlis report on Hariri murder
Lebanon prepares to arrest new suspects in Hariri probe
Syrians run up $11M phone bill in Lebanon
Disarming Hezbollah begins with ‘locating’ Shebaa Farms
Hariri seeks international criminal tribunal for his dad’s killers
UK confirms talks underway to adopt Security Council resolution on Syria
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October 19
Annan to get Mehlis report on Hariri murder Thursday
Rice heralds new diplomatic action against Syria
Hariri killing suspects could face international trial: son
Syria faces two new Security Council resolutions
Palestinians in Lebanon subject to country’s laws: Abbas
Assad's brother-in-law among Hariri murder suspects: German report
Lebanon takes centre stage at UN Security Council
UN chief officer in Beirut evacuated for security reasons
France, U.S. readying two new UN resolutions critical of Syria
UN Hariri probe names Assad's brother-in-law as suspect - report
Hariri visits Egypt ahead of UN probe release
Lebanese, Palestinians Condemn Arms Flow
Lebanon PM lifts lid on Hezbollah disarmament talks
Mixed reaction to disarmament by Lebanon's Palestinian refugees
Top Broadcasters and Media Experts to Gather for Beirut Conference
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October 18
Annan, Rice discuss Syria, Lebanon, Iraq
France wants closer ties with Lebanon: Villepin
Lebanon charges Syrian with murder in Hariri probe
Mehlis fires his Lebanese spokesman for press leaks
Mehlis report takes center stage in Paris talks
Libyan deal ‘was’ presented to Syria as an ‘out’ to crisis: FT
Lebanon president cannot be imposed by anyone: Geagea
Lebanese PM in Paris for talks
Lebanon PM to discuss militias in Paris talks
Overthrowing Syrian regime not likely now: Israel
Lebanon clamps down on Palestinian weapons
Diplomat: UN may extend mandate of Lebanon assassination probe
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October 17
Annan expects report on Hariri murder this week
Hariri probe raises stakes for Syria's Assad, Lebanon
Geagea is coming home allied with Aoun
Lebanon, Syria discuss borders, diplomatic ties: Siniora
Hariri investigation: Syrian held in France
Kanaan did not have a death wish: Syrian official
Lebanon-based Investcom lists on Dubai exchange
Byblos Bank eyes Algeria's Al-Rayanne
Lebanon lacks money to fully compensate bomb victims
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October 16
Syria continues to destabilize Lebanon: Rice
Damascus rejects reported US offer for cooperation: press
UN wants to quiz Hariri witnesses outside Syria: press
A new dawn awaits Lebanon: Siniora
US poised for military action in Syria on eve of UN report
Lahoud’s glass house to be pelted next week: paper
Lebanon's premier says beetroot subsidies will continue
Gulf investments in Lebanon real estate market
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October 15
UN investigator seeks to extend death probes to Syria
Lebanon 'state of emergency' ahead of Hariri report
Lebanon PM to discuss militias in Paris talks
Aoun takes on the ruling coalition
Pro-Zionist Saad Hariri killed his dad: Syria
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October 14
Hariri daily sows Syria, Lebanon division: Damascus
Israel says Syria regime change in world's interest
The rule of law could be Syria's biggest challenge
Syria ready to cooperate on security issues with US
Syria’a Rommel commits suicide to save his own - analysis
Rumours ferment as former regent of Lebanon is buried
FM Shalom: Syrians feel 'noose tightening' over UN report
Lebanon approves UN Probe extension to December 15
Syrian activist says Kanaan's death signals change
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October 13
Lebanon creates commmission on armed Palestinians
Theories abound over Syrian minister's death
Lebanese murdered in Cyprus by jealous Russian husband
Kanaan laid to rest without fanfare as pressure on Syria continues
Kanaan buried in hometown amid 'suicide' doubts
Lebanon asks UN to extend Hariri murder probe
Syrian FM says media played role in minister's suicide
Syrian minister shot himself in mouth: legal official
Anti-Damascus leader in Lebanon hails dead Syrian minister
Beirut press doubtful over Syrian minister's suicide
Syria needs to respect Lebanon’s democracy: Bush
Mystery as Syria's hard man minister kills himself
Embattled Syrian minister found dead
Al-Assad: 'Syria has nothing to do with this crime' - CNN inteview
BLOM bank grabs 12.5 percent of Misr Romanian Bank
Lebanon sees over 13-percent decline in number of tourists
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October 12
Kanaan’s death a suicide for a country going suicidal
Bush warns Syria on Lebanon, Iraq, Middle East
'My final declaration': Syrian minister's pre-death interview
Syrian minister in Hariri murder probe commits suicide
Assad vows punishment for any Syrian guilty over Hariri
US calls for Syrian cooperation after minister's death
US unlikely to attack Syria despite tension: Turkish FM
UN declines comment on suicide of Syrian minister grilled on Hariri murder
US, France enter fray in Beirut-Damascus war of words
Damascus slams Arab role in US pressure on Syria
Syria threatens to open “gates of hell" if attacked by the US
Hariri’s murder the work of an 'institution not individuals'
US envoy voices strong backing for Lebanon
France wants justice done in Hariri probe
The US has succeeded in isolating Syria: Rice
Palestinian guns part of a dangerous plot: Maronite league
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October 11
Aoun the people’s choice for president: Study
Media watchdog urges UN to probe journalist attacks in Lebanon
Syria launches media broadside on Lebanon
Lebanese speaker defends Syria ahead of UN murder report
Syria insists Mehlis has an 'empty case'
Washington 'seriously looking' for an Assad replacement
US ‘seeks new Syrian leader' as pressure mounts
Lebanon needs a drastic solution to $34 billion debt: Finance Minister
Syrian leadership immature: Jumblat says
Israel planes fly over Lebanon
Lebanon's balance of payments deficit falls
Lebanon needs a drastic solution to $34 billion debt: Finance Minister
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October 10
UN probe on Hariri murder being led astray: Damascus
Syria predicts jail terms for Lebanon leaders
Mehlis report could backfire on its supporters: report
No embassy yet, but perhaps a PLO office: Siniora
Syrian media launches personal attacks against Mehlis
Pro-Syrian Palestinian weapons high on Lebanon's agenda
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October 9
Lebanon's old security regime still alive and kicking: Siniora
Lebanon to announce state of emergency: report
Lebanon’s enemy hasn’t learned the lesson: Geagea
Lebanon sees world support at aid meet, vows reform
Lebanon to issue more Eurobonds this year
Lebanon: High Fuel oil prices spell disaster
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October 8
Lebanon restricts Palestinian weapons to refugee camps
Lebanon seeks to quell tensions with Palestinians
Aoun says ruling majority not allowed to dictate president
Lebanese Army raids Palestinian bases in Biqaa
Western powers wary about Lebanon’s stability ahead of UN report
Lebanon issues $750 million 10- year Eurobond
Lebanon's public debt grew to $33.8 billion by the end of July
Lebanon sets up office to deal with Syrian workers affairs
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October 7
Slain Lebanese journalist award by EU
Syria growing more Isolated as findings for UN Hariri probe looms
Lebanon, Palestinians square off over guerrilla arms
Day-long strike shuts Beirut airport
Lebanon offers cash rewards for information leading to bombers
Lebanon: Three more suspects in Hariri murder
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October 6
UN studying Lebanon request to extend Hariri murder probe
Lebanon to abolish security services branch in shake-up
Hezbollah rejects Bitish charges over Iraq insurgency
Top Lebanon cleric urges Iraqis to vote
Lebanon faces illegal cable-TV challenge
Filling Lebanon security vacancies a precursor to aid: sources
Palestinian weapons top Lebanon's security concerns
Syria played a role in Hariri’s murder: Britain
UK's Iraq forces face Hezbollah-style roadside bombs
Syria mobilizing allies in Lebanon for post-Mehlis probe stage
World Maronite Union: Hezbollah must cut ties with Syria and abide by 1559
Filling Lebanon security vacancies a precursor to aid: sources
USDA donates 12,000 tonnes wheat to Lebanon
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October 5
Lebanon's PM vows to spare no effors to strike terrorists
Radical groups threaten Lebanon with pandemonium
The Countdown for Bashar al-Asad and Lebanon
Lebanon: Fatah says Palestinians don't need weapons or men from Syria
Aoun ideal Christian President: Franjieh
Lebanon moves to further reduce Syrian influence
Lebanon set to start privatization in early 2006
Egypt to help Lebanon in oil-and-gas exploration
LEBANON: US helps to revive economy of zone once occupied by Israel
Lebanon set to start the process of privatization in early 2006
blank.gif (59 bytes)
October 4
Lebanon appoints new security chief to fill vacuum
Lebanon's Hariri says plot on his life uncovered
Lebanon president lacks legitimacy but must stay: Hariri son
Syrian leadership bracing for a regime change
Hariri attacks Lahoud, blames Syria for security crisis
Lebanon cabinet “gears up” for new security plan
Judciary preparing to arrest major newspaper publisher: report
Did the role of Syria's Palestinian agents in Lebanon begin?
Lebanon: Low-key Ramadan planned amid fears of terror attacks
Siniora says Mehlis close to uncovering the truth
Lahoud, Siniora resolve crisis involving security positions
Border arms smuggling by Palestinians into Lebanon reported
Lebanese slain in border row with Syria
Horizons and obstacles of stock markets in Beirut Stock Exchange
Lebanon to launch 10-yr Eurobond worth around $500 million
Lebanon gross FX reserves drop to $10.3bln
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October 3
UN to submit report on Hariri murder on time: Lebanon PM
UN says no request received for extending Mehlis probe
Lebanon on tenterhooks as Hariri probe nears completion
Lahoud, MTC Touch wipe their hands clean
U.S. officials eye possible Assad successors in Syria
UN probe into Hariri murder needs more time
Lebanon set to be linked to regional electricity grid
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October 2
'Hogwash evidence' keeps Lebanon's four officers jailed
Syrian extremist religious groups operate in Lebanon: report
UN Hariri probe to seek extention to mid-Dec, Lebanon says
Syria threatened Lebanon’s President not to resign: paper
Deadly “connection” with MTC touch
Judge presiding over Lebanon money-laundering case escapes assassination
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October 1
Lebanon tightens security as Hariri death probe nears end
Report on Hariri death will spare Syria: German press
Lebanon mobile sector funded criminal activities: report
Bush administration to examine new measures against Syria
2005 parliamentary elections reveal Lebanese power structure
US says Syria could be behind Hariri murder
Syria, Iran sending recruits to Lebanon for future missions: paper
Iran speaker visits Lebanon, Syria
Attempt to Kill Judge Investigating Madina Bank Scandal Thwarted
Lebanon: Judge's car checked for bomb
Lebanon could meet its energy needs and generate $3 billion yearly
World Bank urges Lebanon to reduce size of public sector
INSEE puts Lebanon's 2002 GDP at $18.6 bln

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