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March 2002

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March 31
Hezbollah Gunmen Fire at Israelis - AP
Syria giving Hezbollah free rein, Israel says
Gunmen fire on Israel from Lebanon
Hezbollah: Arab peace plans promote Israeli strikes on PA
Iran and Syria Discuss Bush Terror Accusation
Israeli tanks renew shelling near Lebanese border
Israel warns Syria over Lebanon
Saudi crown prince says resistance continues with or without Arafat
Hizbullah hits six Mount Dov outposts - Jpost
March 30
Three wounded in Hezbollah-Israeli clashes
Israel warns Syria, Lebanon over Hezbollah attacks on border
Fatah in Lebanon threatens reprisals against US, Israel
Hizbollah says Israel will pay for raid on Arafat
Summertime begins in Lebanon
Arabs Protest Raid on Ramallah
Hezbollah guerrillas fire rockets at Israeli posts - AP
Hizbollah Attacks Israeli Troops Near Border - Reuters
Israeli Jets, Tanks in Action Near Lebanon Border - Reuters
Hezbollah attacks Israeli positions, Israel fires back - AP
Israeli warplanes raid south Lebanon after Hezbollah attack - AFP
Lebanon's Palestinians Protest Israeli Raids
3,000 Beirut protestors call for international protection for Palestinians
Shaath visit sparks camp residents’ patriotism
Hizbullah calls Beirut summit ‘disappointing’
After hectic week, Beirut begins to return to normal
Warning by Fatah chief
Demonstrators back Arafat
MPs pleased with summit
Lebanon,Palestinians blast Israeli West Bank raid
Arab fury at 'foolish, illegal aggression'
Lebanon News Briefs
March 29
Lebanon PM says Israel attack targets peace plan
Arabs Protest Raid on Ramallah
Lebanon anger at Israeli offensive - CNN
Lebanon, Palestinians blast Israeli West Bank attack
Lahoud calls Arafat over contacts to halt Israel "aggression"
Arab states urge world to stop "barbarous" Israelis
Hariri asks Chirac to help stop Israel offensive on Arafat
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon demonstrate to back Arafat
Hamas rejects Arab peace overture, vows to continue attacks
Arab summit chair condemns "barbarous war" against Arafat
Arab summit adopted "historical decisions" despite chaos: Beirut dailies
Beirut pats itself on back for ‘successful’ summit
Official text of the Arab Peace Initiative
Summit delegates agree to reinforce Arab solidarity and security
Arab leaders affirm intifada support, condemnation of terror attacks
Troubled summit saved by Saudis
Saud urges Israel to accept initiative
Ex-SLA head sentenced to death again
High hopes as Iraqi and Kuwaiti delegates signal reconciliation
Aounist protesters call for Syrian withdrawal
Warm welcome for Palestinians at Bkirki
Boutros-Ghali hails outcome of confab
Kaddoumi upbeat on summit’s outcome
Saudi delegate ‘doing well’ after brain hemorrhage
Israel gives wary welcome to Saudi peace plan
Arafat seeks truce with Israel
Text of Arab peace initiative adopted at Beirut summit
Lebanon News Briefs
March 28
Palestinian refugees refuse to be swept aside
Former SLA commander sentenced to death in absential
Summiteers rally around Abdullah’s initiative
Excerpts of speeches delivered at Beirut Arab Summit
Arafat: ‘We want a peace of the brave’
Refugee chief laments Arafat’s poor treatment at summit
Ain Al-Hilweh glued to TVs for speech that never came
Key Saudi delegate suffers severe stroke
Anti-globalization activists bring hard line to summit perimeter
Warning issued over pay-TV pirates
Palestinian delegation to return to summit on Thursday - AFP
Arabs end first day of ill-tempered summit - Reuters
Clouds of dissent gather over Beirut - BBC
Peace plan, anger at Arab summit - Washington Post
Text: Saudi prince's Beirut summit speech
Arab League summit Explained
Arab summit chaos after snub to Arafat - Telegraph
Palestinians quit talks over Arafat 'snub' - The Times
Arab summit threatens to unravel - MSNBC
Lebanon News Briefs
March 27
Palestinians to Rejoin Arab Summit After Walkout
Saudi official hospitalized after suffering stroke at Arab summit
Palestinians are infuriated by snub of their leader at Arab summit
Arab summit resumes without Palestinians
Lebanon explains reason for blocking Arafat speech
Lebanon blocks live Arafat address; angry Palestinians walk out
US acknowledges summit in chaos, hopes slim for peace consensus
Bush praises Saudi peace initiative
Syria's Assad calls for Arabs to break ties with Israel
United Arab Emirates lowers level of delegation at Arab summit
Saudis ask Lebanon to apologise to Palestinians
Annan: World yearns for end to bloodshed
Arafat tells Palestinian delegation to leave summit
Palestinian delegation pulls out from summit
Arab summit descends into disarray
Palestinians quit summit as Arafat speech blocked
Lebanon's Lahoud warns Arabs against giving in to Israel
A look at the Arab League
US Adds Palestinian, Algerian Groups to Terror List
Arab summit hit by absence of Arafat and Mubarak
Sharon deals fatal blow to Saudi peace bid
Mubarak, Abdullah feared Hezbollah attack during summit: Israel radio
Arab summit to open without Mubarak, Arafat and Abdullah
Shiite leaders demand Musa Sadr’s return, ‘dead or alive’
PA official seeks broad Arab backing for intifada
Ain Al-Hilweh divided over confab’s chances
Arab summit inspires anxiety in Palestinian camps
Sfeir: Problems stem from outsiders
Low-level turnout for summit as moment of truth arrives
Journalists bemoan ‘lack of access’
Official delegations arrive for conference
Arafat will not attend summit in Beirut - The Times
Furious Arafat to miss summit - Guardian
Arafat decides not to go to Beirut -Jpost
Arabs set for crucial summit
Dark clouds form around Berri-Hariri boycott
Arafat ‘fails’ to meet travel conditions
Al-Jazeera cancels chat with Sharon
King of Bahrain flies to Beirut summit
Al-Jazeera cancels interview with Sharon -Jpost
Arab NGOs urge summit to support intifada
Arafat to address Arab summit in Lebanon from his West Bank offices
Mubarak says he stayed away from Arab summit in solidarity with Arafat
Lebanon News Briefs
March 26
Arab leaders meet on Saudi peace plan, with gaps in their ranks
US still hopes Arafat will get to summit
Arab summit goes on, without Mubarak
Arafat will not attend Arab summit in Beirut - AP
Egyptian president skipping Arab summit
Annan, Solana, Butros-Ghali arrive for Arab summit in Beirut
Annan arrives in Beirut on eve of Arab League summit
Egyptian president skipping Arab summit
Al-Jazeera blasted for hosting Sharon
Draft of final Arab summit statement falls back on old demands
Arafat Aide, Hezbollah Leader Meet
Peres: Saudi plan a 'vision' unattainable without further talks
Bright Beirut offers template for peace
Palestinian official meets Hezbollah chief, urges backing for intifada
Arab leaders arrive in Beirut ahead of key summit
Mubarak to Arafat: Don't go to Beirut, Sharon won't let you return
Arab leaders prepare for summit but Arafat's presence still in doubt
Disgruntled Hariri and Berri Boycott Airport Reception Ceremonies
Arab peace proposal gains momentum
UN Resolution 194: the broken promise
Draft of Saudi Peace Initiative
Beirut hides its scars for rare prestige event
Tight security as capital absorbs army of foreign journalists
Lahoud emphasizes need for solidarity to face challenges
Berri warns of ‘international plot’ to deny right of return
Aridi accuses security ‘bats’ of defamation campaign
Arab League leaders polish Saudi proposal prior to summit
Draft text of the Saudi initiative
Nasrallah uses Ashura celebrations to demand support for intifada
Fuleihan touts Lebanon as potential Arab free trade hub
Crews remove collapsed building in record time
Explosion and fire destroy Naameh paint factory
Dozens injured as Hizbullah, Amal supporters clash on eve of Ashura
Ain al-Hilweh residents urge summit participants to back uprising
NGO conference pledges support for Palestinians
Lebanon News Briefs
March 25
Beirut given summit facelift
Arab rulers to take up Saudi plan, await Arafat
Great expectations from Beirut summit
The cloaked Saudi who seeks to lay down arms
Arafat says trying to meet Israeli conditions
White House Prods Israel on Arafat Trip to Summit
Israel to decide on Arafat trip to Beirut summit
Russia's envoy meets Lebanese president over Mideast settlement
Arab summit helps Lebanon image
Arab foreign ministers meet ahead of crucial Arab summit
Saudi draft offers normal ties, calls for 'just solution'
Arab summit: good chance for business
Arabs meet to set terms of peace with Israel
Arabs seek peace breakthrough
Arab ministers call for peace to avoid "unforseen results"
Palestinians give full backing to Saudi peace initiative
Arafat trip to Arab summit remains in doubt
Arab foreign ministers meet ahead of crucial Arab summit
Lebanon carries out massive security, ad campaign for Arab summit
No summit for Arafat unless it's quiet - Jpost
Syria can, but won't, influence Hezbollah over kidnap victims - Haaretz
March 24
Palestinians Get Draft of Saudi Plan
Arabs to Offer Israel Peace for Occupied Land
Palestinians: Saudi plan calls for ending conflict, Israeli withdrawal
Abdullah launched initiative to prove Arabs, Muslims are peace-loving
Lebanese official, Moussa ridicule Sharon's desire to attend summit
Shiites in Lebanon and Bahrain mark Ashoura with bloody marches
Hezbollah chief: Arabs resist US pressures
Nasrallah to summit leaders: supply arms to the Palestinians
Ministers urge Arab summit to speed up freed trade zone
Arab summit to push for peace as strategic option: draft resolution
Arabs to offer Israel peace for occupied land-text
Arab FMs fly in Beirut for talks ahead of summit
Arab League chief jokes about Sharon
Lebanon hosts Arab summit as part of its recovery from war
Saudi Prince says peace plan shows Arabs not bloodthirsty
Arafat Leaves Ramallah Monday but Cheney Will not See Him
Israeli Foreign Minister Says Arafat Should Go to Arab Talks in Beirut
U.S. to broker Middle East talks ahead of Arab summit
Arab League summit likely to endorse Saudi peace plan - Haaretz
Saudi peace plan for Israel revealed
Sharon: I'll go to Beirut - Jpost
PA-Iran terror alliance forged last May - Jpost
PA: Arafat to attend Arab summit
Lebanon cabinet to discuss law on securitisation of investments
March 23
Secret Iran-Arafat Connection Seen Fueling Mideast Fire - Nytimes
Arafat to Head to Lebanon on Monday
More than 15 Shiite Muslims injured in southern Lebanon clashes
Violent Confrontation Between Supporters of Hizbullah and Amal
Arafat did not yet take decision on Arab summit attendence: Shaath
Arab States to Speed Up Trade Liberalization: Lebanese Minister
Arab Economy Ministers' Meeting Closed in Beirut
Arabs urged to form strong economic bloc
AL Chief Reaffirms Opposition to Military Attacks On Iraq
Lebanese Delegation Formed to Attend Beirut Summit
Sharon Wishes to Attend Arab Summit in Beirut
Sharon Willing to Go to Arab Summit - Reuters
Saudi Peace Proposal Not Yet Officially Submitted: AL Chief
Leaflets Branding Lebanon as Blasphemous State
Ghaddafi to Make Dramatic Appearance at Beirut Summit
Lebanese President Meets Arab League Chief
Lebanese PM Confirms Attendance by Mubarak at Beirut Arab Summit
Lebanese President Welcomes Ghaddafi's Attendance at Beirut Summit
Lebanese President Meets Syrian FM
Beirut Building collapse kills four
Lebanese PM Stresses Return of Palestinian Refugees
Arafat will attend Arab summit - aides
Syrian leaders, Lebanese PM in solidarity talks ahead of Arab summit
Mobarak won't Attend Arab Summit in Beirut - alJazeera
At least three dead in Beirut building collapse
Fatalties in Beirut building collapse
Saudi peace deal made public by a Beirut daily
Lebanon: Arabs must counter Israeli economic challenge
Lebanon Calls for Strengthening Economic Struggle Against Israel
Arab ministers to consider Saudi Middle East peace initiative
Lebanon Says Arabs Opposed to U.S. Strikes on Iraq
Lebanon says won't let Palestinians attack Israel
Summit organizers hit home stretch
National Bloc leader places spotlight on ‘sins of omission’
Pro-intifada, Iraq marchers surge through Beirut
Aridi intent on creating ‘Arab voice’ TV station
Pre-summit nerves keep pressure on Lebanese pound
Lebanon News Briefs
March 22
Beirut Drums up for Arab Summit
Arab Ministers in Beirut for Economic, Social Council Meeting
Sept. 11: A chance for Arab cooperation
Thousands Back Palestinians in Lebanon Protests
Brokaw, Jennings to Anchor at Summit
Thousands stage pro-Palestinian demos in three Middle East countries
Saudi peace initiative takes shape ahead of confab
Summit media plan ‘unacceptable’
Three students arrested on way to LF rally
Lebanese Forces: 'Military Boots Smash Temple of Justice Daily'
Christian groups call on Arab summit to debate Syrian presence
Edde demands opposition campaign for ‘secular democracy’
Activists decry ‘hazardous’ hospital
Americans, Saudis, PA prepare peace plan
Lebanon News Briefs
March 21
Glance: Saudi Peace Initiative
Saudi plan draws on long-standing ideas, but at a desperate time
Beirut awaits Arab summit under high surveillance
Syrian information minister says 'normalization' an Israeli invention
Mideast peace needs both political, security deals: Lebanon FM
Group linked to Arafat claims Jerusalem bombing
Lebanon Kids Demand Palestinian Children's Rights
Students Take to Streets for Geagea and Father Abou
Beirut mounts security, hospitality offensive for summit
USJ students intensify calls for end to Syrian tutelage
AUB professor criticizes role of Damascus
Military Tribunal hands down jail terms for ‘collaborators’
Saud: Peace proposal ‘serves Arab interests’
Jordanian foreign minister calls for ‘fair solution’
Lebanese students stage anti-Syrian demonstration
Berri: Arabs are victims of ‘organized crime’
Campaign sends Mothers Day gifts where they’re needed most
Testy response to cleric’s appeal
Taxi drivers announce proposal to replace diesel engines
Lebanon's economy is in critical condition - Alwaleed
EDL workers stage sit-in and threaten full-blown strike
Iraq and Lebanon to Sign Free Trade Agreement
Lebanon public debt rises to $27.2 bln at end-Jan
Lebanon records $46.1 mln payments deficit in Jan
Lebanon News Briefs
March 20
Students demand Arab summit support for Palestinian intifada
Mubarak, Syria Like Saudi Peace Plan
Syria, Egypt Praise Saudi Peace Plan for Mideast
Three Hezbollah members detained in Jordan for "security" reasons
Iran's immoderate mullas
Students protest court verdicts
Lebanon authorities, Christian camp at odds again after jail terms
Lebanon army warns academic over anti-Syria speech
Arabs seek guarantees for Arafat
Interview: Arab summit peace?
Father Abou: 'Lebanon's Syrianization Has Gone Too Far'
Three anti-Syrian Christian activists to appeal Lebanon jail verdicts
Hindi 3 Years, Younis 3 Years, Bassil 4 Years
Lebanese court jails three anti-Syrian Christian militants
Sharon in threat to exile Arafat in Beirut
Lahoud: 'Last Chance for Israel,' Nasrallah: 'No U.S. Blow'
Air, Sea, Land Drills to Guard Beirut Summit Against Terrorists
Baghdad warns of US bid to derail Beirut summit
Saudi aims for unanimity at Beirut summit on Arab peace initiative
Saudi envoy says Arafat must attend Arab summit
Saudi foreign minister arrives to discuss summit
Iran expresses support
Alwaleed predicts success for regional peace plan
Salameh unveils media center for summit
Saudi FM meets with Arab officials, says no reservations to peace plan
Berri angered by UN official’s ‘lack of support’ for refugees’ rights
Murr expands benefits for mukhtars
SSNP warns against settling Palestinians
South resolves municipality election dispute
Arab League to Back Saudi Peace Plan
Iran VP expresses hopes for success of Arab summit
Beirut to host forum on inter-Arab tourism
Candidate pledges unbiased Order of Engineers
Lebanon Jan-Feb budget gap up to 43 pct of spending
Lebanon News Briefs
March 19
Tuesday: Busy Diplomatic Day in Beirut
Arab summit to disrupt Beirut's air traffic for two days
Lebanese students hold pro-intifada protest
Italy asks Lebanon to probe migrants' ship, Cyprus distances itself
Israel to Let Arafat Travel if Truce Implemented
Sharon Set to Lift Arafat Travel Ban
Saudi peace plan for Mideast takes shape
Saudi foreign minister discusses peace plan with Assad
Jordan's King Abdullah sees hope in Saudi peace proposal
Lahoud emphasizes need for Arab unity ahead of summit
Hariri puts onus of peace on Israeli withdrawal from occupied land
Civil marriage drive gets new push
Drug deal is a bitter pill for local industry
GLC threatens strike over delay to agreement
Israeli presence makes waves at parliamentary conference
Aridi ‘left out’ of summit plans
Summit restrictions announced
Saudis to present plan to Arab summit even without Arafat - Haaretz
Lebanon forex reserves flat at $4.88 bln by mid-March
‘Irrational practices’ damage water supply
Lebanon News Briefs
March 18
PM urges Israel to withdraw from all Arab territories
Hezbollah urges Arab summit to send weapons to Palestinians
Saudi FM to discuss peace initiative in Lebanon
Lebanon emerges as launching point for Kurdish boat to Europe
Zinni mission can't resolve crises: PM
Pressure Mounts on Summit to Funnel Arms to Palestinians
4,500 Guests Turn Up for Beirut Summit
Couples from different religions should be allowed to marry: MPs
Egypt: Arabs will discuss Saudi proposal at summit even without Arafat
Adjacent Graves for Slain Millionaire and Wife, Not Apart
U.S. Pressured Lebanon to Release a Sept. 11Terrorist
Berri Says no Government Change in the Cards
Nasrallah: The time is right to bring down Sharon
Hariri and Miro meet for wide-ranging trade talks
Hammoud discusses summit with envoys
Berri attends conference in Morocco
Lebanon News Briefs
March 17
Hezbollah to Arab states: Allow arms smuggling to PA - Haaretz
Hezbullah urges Palestinians to keep fighting - Jpost
Hezbollah urges Arab summit to back Intifada
Lebanese PM starts three-day visit to Romania
U.S. faces Damascus dilemma
Syria urges Arab summit to back Intifada, oppose Israeli 'crimes'
Syria, Lebanon urge summit support to Palestinians
Beirut, Damascus hail economic cooperation, sign protocol agreement
Syria and Lebanon sign deal to lift duties on imported medicines
Lebanon, Israel Fight Battle of Diplomatic Wits
Slain Millionaire and Wife to Be Buried 35 Miles Apart Sunday
Lebanese teenager killed by grenade explosion
British Airways increases Beirut-London passenger capacity
March 16
Israel accuses Hizbullah of hand in attack
Qornet Shehwan takes Hariri to task
GLC threatens government over school fees defeat
Aridi denounces UN for failing Palestinians
Jerusalem Orthodox leader meets with prime minister, Sfeir
Wave of protests attack ‘criminal’ Sharon over Palestinian deaths
NGOs speak out against abuse of children’s rights
Looking to the future
Beirut helps show New York how to recover
Safadi targets youth for computer training
Lebanon News Briefs
March 15
Chenny won't travel to Syria
Matzuva terrorists came from Lebanon - Jpost
Lebanon says not involved with attack on Israel
Bus Ambushers Used Arched Ladder to Cross from Lebanon to Israel
Nasrallah: 'Hizbullah Fully Prepared to Take on Israel'
Gen. Aoun Says End of 'Syrian Occupation' is Under Way
Government, Aounists Call it Quits
Israelis claim Hizbullah role in Galilee attack
Lahoud: UN Resolution 1397 too vague to work
Hariri extends deadline for unpaid taxes
Cabinet endorses legislation to open account for public debt
Clash prevented at anti-Syrian protest
Fares, Clinton speak at Boston lecture series
Cross-section of Arab figures unite to support intifada
Jumblatt, Aoun condemn Damour River violations
South now has ‘high-speed’ link to downtown Beirut
Lay a place for art at the dinner table
Belgian nectar whets appetites at Beiruti beerhouse
Speakers highlight social problems
Bank predicts ‘moderate’ GDP growth for 2002
Conference on operational risk to target banks’ capital adequacy
Anonymous, safe internet shopping comes to Lebanon on a card
Lebanon News Briefs
March 14
Galilee gunmen came from Lebanon - Haaretz
Hezbollah behind lethal attack by northern border - Haaretz
Israel: Gunmen Came From Lebanon - AP
Israel: Attackers came from Lebanon - UPI
Israel believes Hezbollah carried out Matzuva attack - Jpost
Hizbollah behind Israel border attack - sources - Reuters
Aounists Stage 'Bloodless' Anti-Syria March, No Violence
Lebanese Christians march to demand Syrian pullout
Beirut backs Baghdad in face of US threats
Hizbollah says may open new front against Israel
Student anti-Syrian march to go ahead despite threats
Discretion the key word for Arab summit security
New US consular facility ‘shows goodwill’
Annan accepts invitation to take part in Arab Summit
Finance Ministry draws fire for plan to tax power and TV providers
Saad announces private sector reform initiative
Online counseling offers help for therapy-shy Lebanese
French politician gets back to her roots
Hariri urges Arab bankers to invest in Lebanon
Lebanese firms urged to work on tarnished image
Lebanon, Syria, Jordan agree on rail link
Lebanon News Briefs
March 13
Iraq's Sovereignty Should not Be Violated: Lebanese President
Amnesty protests torture of Lebanese activists over Israel contacts
39 Palestinian refugees sue Sharon
Iraqi vice president: We will confront any U.S. attack
Sneh: at this stage, no plans to operate against Hezbollah - Haaretz
Israeli minister: we will not attack Hezbollah now
Hizbullah calls for more resistance; Sneh: No plans to attack Hizbullah
Seven Israelis Slain in Biggest Post-Withdrawal Ambush
Hizbullah fear after six killed at border
Shooting near border sparks fear of new crisis in South
Hizbullah insists on ‘duty’ to help Palestinians
Lahoud, Hariri accused of new power struggle
US ambassador calls for speedy privatization
Forbes says Hariri ranks fourth among wealthy politicians
Lebanese held in DRC blackmail link
Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Claims Responsibility For Attack in Northern Israel, says Gunmen Came From Lebanon
6 killed in attack on Israeli vehicles near Lebanese border - Haaretz
Terrorists slay six in Galilee ambush - Jpost
Casino boss answers his critics
Fears of new front in conflict as six Israelis killed - Independent
British Embassy returns to Beirut
NGO lends hand to Social Affairs Ministry
IDAL touts $1bn in new investments
New securitization law paves way for mortgage fund
Lebanon News Briefs
March 12
Thousands of Palestinians in south Lebanon protest Israeli "massacres"
Aounists Plan March Against Syrian Positions Thursday
7 Israelis, 2 gunmen dead in north Israel - UPI
Battle reiterates ‘concern’ over Hizbullah
President calls for end to confessional backbiting
Lahoud sees summit as tribute to resistance
Clerics gather to remember Shamseddine
Aounists urge support for anti-Syrian marches
Lebanese freed after DCR cracks blackmail ring
Aridi gives way on information workers’ demands
Baabda MPs promise to work harder for return of area’s displaced
Armenian Orthodox prelate flays Israeli ‘criminality’
Hezbollah suspected in slaying Lebanese couple in Brazil
Health workers accused of embezzlement
Drug addiction revealed:  dark, despairing world
Anti-drug ad warns of ‘degradation’
Heat wave makes March feel like July for some
Elderly woman stabbed to death in frenzied attack
Siniora rules out additional tax measures
Lebanon News Briefs
March 11
Gun battle erupts near Ghajar
US pressures to let Arafat attend summit in Beirut
Assailant apparently injured in attack along Israel's northern border
Saudi proposal for Israel amended
Gulf states back Saudi peace plan
Israeli troops shell south Lebanese territory
Lebanon's net public debt exceeds $27 bln in 2001
Nasrallah decries Arab foreign ministers’ Palestine stance
Fijian peacekeeper killed, three others injured in Lebanon car crash
Nasrallah pledges to help Palestiniasn With “Deeds, Not Words”
U.S. Eyes Hizbullah's Katyusha Smuggling as 'Grave Development'
Jumblatt urges Druze to fight ‘battle of destiny’
Political feud blamed for Sao Paulo slayings
Berri lends his support to Council of the South
Fuleihan, Rifai agree to dismantle trade barriers
Cabinet ‘serious’ on privatization plan
Saudi FM clarifies peace initiative
Arabs Say Saudi Plan Is Israel's 'Last Chance'
Lebanon News Briefs
March 10
Hizbollah slams "feeble" Arab help to Palestinians
Arabs will offer Israel "last chance for peace" at Beirut summit: Mussa
How Did Assad Pull His Surprises on Lebanon
Lebanese Hezbollah pledges acts to defend Palestinians
Thousands of Palestinans hold pro-Arafat demo in south Lebanon
Nasrallah: Hezbollah tries to send arms to PA - Haaretz
Sewage problem must be sorted out quickly
March 9
Nasrallah Admits Hizbullah Tried to Send Katyushas to Palestinians, Plays Down Importance of Saudi Proposal
Palestinian refugees celebrate latest attacks in Israel
Arab FMs Back Palestinian Uprising Against Israeli Occupation
Brazilian police probe Hezbollah's role in killing of businessman
Arab Foreign Ministers discuss Saudi peace plan
Hariri to S. Arabia, Jumblat Warns of U.S. Attack on Iraq
Lebanese Millionaire Murdered With Wife in Sao Paolo
Gunmen kill ex-LF member in Brazil
Nasrallah: Hizbullah tried to get Katyushas to Palestinians
Hammoud flays ‘intransigent’ Israel
Moratinos throws European weight behind Saudi initiative
Hamade decries ‘endemic political corruption’
Mouawad calls for nation to ‘change and lead’
Palestinian refugees vow support for intifada
Thousands Protest Mideast Violence
Detained activists tried to supply Palestinians with Katyushas:Hezbollah
Pair of guards honored for protecting cedars
Female mayor blames women for poor representation
Students ‘need better books to end scourge of sectarian strife’
Heya, the Arab woman, to feature on satellite TV
Lebanese women will trek to Switzerland in bid to spread tolerance
Lebanon News Briefs
March 8
Hizbollah says it is aiding Palestinian revolt
Lebanon's Palestinians demonstrate, back uprising
Lahoud, Franjieh Cross Swords for Lebanon's Next Presidency
Hariri: 'Syrians Leave When They Are No Longer Needed'
Arab Peace Plan Draft Is Specific
EU official sees historic Arab summit
Mouawad flays PM for ‘blaming Christians’
Jumblatt: Don’t rob public sector of vital services
Aridi blames sectarian row on media
Nation ‘must be ready’ for EU
Disaster is just a spark away, British experts warn
Italians use latest technology to clear land mines in South
Red Cross launches AIDS awareness program
Infrastructure ‘in place’ to gather national statistics
Solidere predicts ‘good profit’ in wake of sales boom
$140 Million Housing Skyscraper in Downtown Beirut
Lebanese pound under pressure despite PM's efforts
Lebanese real estate giant sells land plot for dlrs 50 million
Lebanon News Briefs
March 7
Palestinian refugees protest killings
Victims file lawsuit against Iran over 1983 Beirut embassy bombing
Japan Expresses Support for Saudi Mideast Peace Initiative
EU envoy in Lebanon to discuss Arafat's participation in Beirut summit
Lebanese commandos prepare to protect Arab leaders
Gebran Tueni: 'Lebanon May no Longer Be a Syrian Province'
Bishops lash at Hariri, say Assad's visit did not restore freedom
Khatami calls for a "democratic" solution to Mideast crisis
Cyprus, Lebanon to delimitate exclusive economic zone
Lebanon banks on September 11 to attract Arab tourists
Hizbullah to seize Israeli border settlement in event of serious escalation
Hezbollah ‘prepared’ for all-out war in South
Maronite bishops take issue with Hariri
Hezbollah urges caution over Saudi peace plan ahead of Beirut summit
Moody’s report warns of looming crisis over public debt
Moody's annual report on Lebanon published
UN rights chief pledges bigger role in region
Lawyer claims small victory after Belgian decision on Sharon
Arab world blighted by poverty and deprivation
Workshop urges more transparency
Belgian ruling on Sharon postponed
Joint social fund to target poor
ESCWA transport body meets to discuss regional railway
Siniora visits South to assess need for development projects
Lebanon News Briefs
March 6
Arab summit should support intifada, reject deals with Israel: Hezbollah
UN rights chief urges Lebanon sex traffic inquiry
Syria backs Saudi peace proposal
Lebanon’s Internet Facilities Group seeks to expand into US market
Lebanon Central Bank comes to help government, again
Lebanon issues $1 billion worth of treasury bonds
$1 Billion Eurobonds Released Amid Campaign of Financial Distrust
Jordan frees Lebanese suspected of links with Hezbollah
Syrian president sacks 23 officers for "misconduct:" Beirut paper
Syria, Saudi back right of refugees to return: Syrian media
Assad backs Abdullah’s peace proposal
Syria backs Saudi Middle East plan
Opposition takes aim at Hariri
Assad’s visit widely hailed as welcome gesture
Officials bristle at US human rights report
Decision on genocide suit against Sharon postponed
Palestinian militants strut their stuff at Ain al-Hilweh
Qordahi rides out confidence vote
Journey toward female equality still has long way to go
Publicity touted as only way forward for human rights
Spotlight falls on humanitarian issues
Lebanon News Briefs
March 5
Sharon case delayed as court considers jurisdiction
Assad meets with Saudis, expresses support for peace plan
Sept. 11 Lures Gulf Tourists Back to Lebanon
Sunni extremists arrested by Lebanon for calling Saudi prince "traitor"
Syria's Assad ends talks with Saudi leaders on peace offer
Cyprus, Lebanon discuss carving up underseas oil, gas deposits
Gen. Lahad May Lose Lebanese Citizenship and Pension Pay
Hariri Vows No Devaluation, $800 Million of Gulf Capital Trickles In
Lebanon Hariri dismisses talk of economic meltdown
Lightning summit raises hope for new Syria, Lebanon relationship
Diplomatic initiatives key to Beirut summit success
Tehran has little to say on Saudi peace plan
De-mining contract bidders briefed
Jordan questions Iran on weapons smuggling
'Dirani-Obeid' law approved by Knesset
Court rejects appeal of German Hezbollah member
Belgian court to rule on proceeding with Sharon lawsuit
Assad to discuss Saudi plan in Jeddah today
Children get early lesson in workings of democracy
Lebanon, EU sign development deal
Casino workers take management to task
Sackings spark Ghandour factory sit-in
Graduate unemployment on the rise
Lebanon News Briefs
March 4
Saudi peace initiative to take center stage at Beirut summit
Radical Palestinian group slams Saudi peace plan
Media notes Lebanese-Syrian "flexible reservation" over Saudi initiative
Assad visit sparks talk of redefining ties
Assad’s lightning visit turns spotlight on bilateral ties
Lebanon, Syria hold out for right of return
Politicians weigh in on historic event
Mikati reinforces ‘necessity’ of privatization
Voters turn out for municipal by-elections
Arab ministers to hold talks in Cairo
Lawyers seek to reopen legal debate over Belgian court competency
Syrian leader rejects Saudi peace plan
Fadlallah condones human cloning
Journalistic code of ethics sparks debate
Hundreds of students plant thousands of trees in Jezzine
EU grants 80 million euros to Lebanon in two-year protocol deal
Lebanon risks Argentine debt trap in 2003 - analysts
Lebanon News Briefs
March 3
Syria, Lebanon reject Saudi peace offer
Syria makes clear misgivings on Saudi peace plan
March 2
Syria, Lebanon seek implementation of all UN Mideast resolutions
Syrian, Lebanese presidents discuss Saudi peace offer ahead of Summit
Syria's Assad explores Saudi plan in Beirut talks
Assad Lavishes Historic Memories on His Lebanon Visit
Assad Makes First Visit to Lebanon as Syrian President
Syria's Assad arrives in Beirut
Syria's Assad visits Beirut
Lebanese soldier defects to Israel
Bashar Assad on History-Making Visit to Lebanon on Sunday
Syrian president to visit Lebanon Sunday: official
Two infiltrators from Lebanon caught - Jpost
2 Lebanese infiltrators caught over weekend - Haaretz
Lebanon, Syria concerned about Saudi peace plan
IMF denies reports of breach with Fuleihan
Siniora says VAT’s success requires team effort
State ‘still riddled with corruption’
Boutros says talks between Damascus, Maronite clergy stuck in limbo
Ex-Amal official among ‘spies’
Clan War Sees Shops, Cars, Winches Set Ablaze in Ghobeiri
LBC and NBN chiefs agree to cool rhetoric
Center cites Italian ‘proof’ in Sadr affair
Family feud erupts over parking spot
One-Time Berri Aide Arrested in Israeli Spy Ring Case
Palestinian refugees express support for intifada, Arafat
Critics take aim at state’s handling of information
Journalists seek common ethical ground
Lebanon News Briefs
March 1
Lawyers pushing for Sharon war crimes want another hearing
200 soldiers try to quell blood feud in Beirut
UN-funded international research center opens in Lebanon
Lebanon's central bank intervenes to defend pound
Lebanese national jailed 7 years in Cyprus for supply of heroin
Lebanon detains former militia official for spying for Israel - Haaretz
World's top billionaires
Hizbullah Says First Arab 'No' to Saudi Peace Initiative
Aqsa Brigades Suicide Bombers Vow Attacks from Lebanon
Lebanon detains former militia official as key spy
Syrian paper says Arabs must rally behind uprising
Palestinians refugees in Lebanon protest Israeli "massacres"
Israeli warplanes resume Lebanon overflights after 10-day lull
Peace, yes, but at what price?
Salameh urges confidence in economy
Protesters march on Grand Serail
Government looks to cut back on security spending
Jisr intervenes in war of words between LBCI, NBN
Cabinet grants nod to higher tarnsport payments
Visiting Czech official defends ‘right to resist’
Police free runaway after questioning
Hizbullah fires on Israeli planes violate airspace
Tourism Ministry releases 2001 statistics
Taxi drivers say diesel must go … someday
UNESCO official confirms commitment to Byblos Center
Lebanon News Briefs

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