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May 2002

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May 31
Political assassinations dent Lebanese state image
Worried Lebanon asks U.S. to back peace plan
Solana:Mideast conference possible in July
EU official Solana in Lebanon to push for Mideast conference
Report: Syria supplying weapons directly to Hizbullah
Syrian-Lebanese participation in international peace conference fundamental, says Lahoud
Pressure on Lebanon pound falls, central bank sits back
Lebanese Election Marred by Charges
Interior minister and opponents trade threats over Metn by-election
Interior minister threatens to arrest opponent
pdf.gif (130 bytes) 'Reasons' behind US hesitation to hold Mideast conference (Arabic)
Battle lines drawn in Metn by-election
House ratifies law on cellulars
Interpol gives vote of confidence to Beirut
EU urges Beirut to join as Int. Criminal Court prepares for debut
Hariri stresses private funding for public projects
Saudi-Lebanese relations revisited in commemoration of regional ties
EU foreign policy chief calls for Mideast conference before end July
Israel denies claims it plans to leave Shebaa area
Hizbullah again fires on Galilee
Malaysia, Gulf buy bonds to back Lebanon pound
Lebanon QuickNews
May 30
Lebanon alarming demograhic transformations behind shelving law
Isreali-built seperation line seen as heralding pullout from Shebaa farms
Interpol praises Lebanon for role in fighting drugs, organized crime
Former Austrian president, U.N. chief visits Lebanon
Israeli report finds link in Lebanon to terror attacks
Family political rivalries turn into government-opposition showdown
Young Palestinians will "take revenge" on Israel: PFLP-GC chief
Busted Quorum Blocks Cellular Deal, Voting Age Maintained
Lebanese Hizbollah fires at Israeli jets
MPs kill bid to lower voting age
Saudi-Lebanese relations in focus
Metn race gets even more confusing
USAID showcases anti-corruption projects
Code system is key to cheaper health
U.S. keeps door open for Syrians
Bank of Beirut seals acquisition
Lebanon QuickNews
May 29
Jordan releases three members of Lebanon's Hezbollah
Hariri-Al Walid Premiership Skirmish, How Serious?
Parliament Tackles Phone Privatization, Voting Age
Complaint filed against Lebanese station for electoral propaganda
Demining companies show their stuff for visiting dignitaries
MPs question state of national security
Regional investment skyrockets, but Lebanon’s share drops sharply
Amnesty cites frequent rights violations
Tueni pulls out of Metn by-election
Israeli ire centers on local Palestinian militant
Renauld tells youths: Invest in your future
Deminers Rid South Lebanon of Occupation Legacy
Overseas Group asks Bush to rid Lebanon of Syrian 'Terrorism'
Moody's affirms ratings on Lebanon's BLOM Bank
Trade Volume Between Lebanon, Syria Increases 17 Percent in 2001
Lebanon QuickNews
May 28
God's Loophole: Lebanon's Temporary Shi'ite Marriage
Lebanon Makes Financial Headway against Difficult Odds
Parliament Tackles Phone Privatization, Voting Age
Gebran Tueni Pulls Out of Metn Race
Maverick Ein El Hilweh Palestinian Implicated in Suicide Bombings
MPs demand answers in Irani kidnap and murder
Metn race grows more heated
Officials take issue with Annan Shebaa ‘miscue’
Parliament to debate cellular phone sell-off
World Bank gives $45m to fix Baalbek infrastructure
South’s mayors demand government release funds
Asylum-seeker hospitalized after hunger strike
Jibril was warned of assassination plan
Malaysia Mulls Buying Lebanon Eurobond
Lebanon QuickNews
May 27
Israel Threatens Mass Destruction in Lebanon
Israeli jets overfly Lebanon, draw Hezbollah fire
Hizbullah Won't Remove Missiles Off Northern Israel
Liberation Day brings calls for more resistance
Hariri stands firm on backing the pound
President makes historic tour of impoverished Akkar
Discord may split opposition vote in Metn by-election
Alwaleed disavows ‘proxy greeting’
Lahoud pledges to free shebaa
De Mistura sees demining as key to South’s economic development
Shin Bet: Lebanon Fatah man tied to Tanzim hits
Taxi drivers uncertain as diesel ban approaches
Advertising conference delegates told: ‘Think local, go global’
Iron deficiencies stunting children’s development
Lebanon QuickNews
May 25
Lebanon border village protests for end of Israeli occupation
Amid quiet celebrations, Lebanon vows to liberate disputed border area
Lebanese Mark Israeli Withdrawal Anniversary
Troop pullout a loss to South Lebanese livelihoods
Syria FM says Lebanese security should be vigilant after recent killings
Dubai Media City brings partnership message to Lebanon's media
May 24
Mixed results two years after Israeli pullout from south Lebanon
Jibril killing linked to Israeli revenge after ‘joint’ ambush
U.S. investigating shoe bomber's links to Hamas, Hezbollah
Nasrallah Calls Bush 'Foolish,' Announces Readiness to Fight U.S.
Ayrani's Abduction Eyewitness Turns Out a Bounty Hunter
Hariri defuses crisis over state’s hospital bill
Wounds of occupation still raw in South
Economy gets $1bn transfusion
American evangelicals ‘learned a lot’ from conference
Nissan’s miracle man offers few clues to solving economic woes
Ghosn named marketer of the year at IAA event
Council of the South explains spending to Lahoud
Lebanon QuickNews
May 23
Lebanon's Hizbollah Denies Meeting Al Qaeda
Palestinians will win if they love death - Hizbollah
US steps up charges against Hezbollah in anti-terror war
Beirut denies al Qaida met Hezbollah in Lebanon
Lebanon hostage's widow says target of court case is Hezbollah
Gebran Tueni Hails Ramzi Ayrani as Lebanon's Unifier
Slain LF member buried amid cries for justice
Security concerns follow twin killings
Addoum predicts quick resolution in Irani case
Opposition fails to agree on consensus candidiate for Metn
Qornet Shehwan not perturbed by Jumblatt overture to Damascus
Qabalan cites Koran to defend jihad
World’s advertising community descends on Beirut
Husseini stamps authority on cellular licenses debate
Spreading the word, and the facts, about students’ rights
IAA 38th Congress Kicks Off Regally in Beirut
Lebanon banks sound, pound will stay stable - cenbank
Lebanon's public debt up to $27.9 bln at end-March
Lebanon BOP registers $687 mln deficit in Q1
Malaysia, Gulf pledge cash to boost Lebanon pound
Lebanon QuickNews
May 22
Hizbollah denies planning to attack U.S.
Slain son of guerrilla chief Jibril buried in Syria
More than 3,000 flock to funeral of slain anti-Syrian activist
Ayrani, Martyr of Freedom, Given Emotional LF Sendoff
Family Reveals to Naharnet Ayrani's Abduction Mystery
PFLP-GC says assassinated official sought to arm Palestinians
Palestinian killed in refugee camp in southern Lebanon
Former hostages in Lebanon filed complaint in French court
Apparent targeted killing raises civil strife in Lebanon
Lebanon braces for more violence
Lahoud calls for unity as four detained in Irani murder
Security bodies scramble to gain credibility
Slain LF member’s family mourns loss
PSP leader confers with Khaddam in Mukhtara
Politicians condemn murders of LF man and Palestinian militant
Aridi blasts ‘dismal’ efforts of bureaucracy
Saucy billboards raise ire of religious leaders
Lebanese American groups publish anti Syrian declaration
Sources see factional fighting behind Jihad Jibril hit
Fresh killings rock Lebanon, stir memories of civil war
U.S. senator sees terror threat from other Islamic groups, Hezbollah
Several terror groups met in Lebanon and may be plotting attacks
Report: al-Qaida met with Hamas, Hezbollah to discuss terror
Syria, Iran on State Dept. list of seven states that sponsor terror
Ayrani: Left Ear and Heart Pierced by 2 Pistol Bullets
Ahmed Jibreel Vows 'Horrendous Revenge' from Israel
Beirut street closed after suspicion of car bomb
PFLP-GC chief accuses Jordan of helping Israel kill his son
U.S. senator sees terror threat from other Islamic groups
Lebanon's deposits safe despite debt
Lebanon QuickNews
May 21
Iran still most active supporter of terrorism, report says
Tight security as jurors chosen in Hezbollah cigarette smuggling case
PFLP-GC leader’s son killed by car bomb in Beirut
Missing LF man found dead in capital
Cabinet finally cleared to legislate cellular issue
Hariri mediates in private hospitals’ debt dispute
Still no news: Aridi bemoans abandoned media campaign
Tobacco farmers ready to take on government
Lebanese scientist honored for Leukemia research
U.S. losing patience with Hezbollah, but not Syria
Ahmed Jibril's son killed in Beirut blast
Beirut hostages relive their ordeal for film
Anti Syrian group claims it carried Jihad Jibril's assassination
Beirut eyes $500m in new UAE investment
Lebanon's Solidere posts profits
Lebanon QuickNews
May 20
Car bomb in Lebanon kills son of Palestinian guerrilla leader - AP
U.S. fears attacks from Hizbollah
Missing former Christian militant found dead in Beirut
Sahron tying Syria summit seat to end of Lebanon 'occupation' - Haaretz
Suspects behind Beirut bomb - BBC
Militant blames Israel for Beirut blast - BBC
Beirut car bomb kills top PFLP-GC commander - Haaretz
PFLP-GC accuses Israel of killing Jibril's son - AFP
Car bomb kills Palestinian guerrilla chief's son - Reuters
Son of Palestinian militant killed in Beirut car blast - AFP
Money Smugglers from U.S. to Hizbullah on Trial
Beirut Arab Conference Seeks Security Council Vote on Peace Initiative
Foreign ministers insist on end to Israeli occupation
Arab peace committee exhibits split personality
More criticism over missing LF man
No compromise in sight for Metn’s seven-horse race
PFLP-GC leader's son killed in car explosion in Beirut - LW
Four Scenarios on Missing Engineer Ayrani's Captors
Fears of last-minute dispute dog progress on cellular deal
Beydoun touts privatization of oil
Advertisers aim to steer Lebanon back to center stage
Kfar Shuba residents object to British money
Sources say Syria pushing Hamas to renew attacks
British Airways increases Beirut-London flights
Lebanon QuickNews
May 19
Case linking North Carolina to Hezbollah begins Monday
269 Kurdish illegal immigrants detained in northern Lebanon
In the torrent of intelligence, the telling clues are hard to see
Arab States Stress Arab Peace Initiative as Basis for Future Talks
Israel brings Palestinians, Lebanese together - and keffiyeh becomes political fashion statement
Hezbollah fires at Israeli helicopter
Jumblat Wants out of the Government, Calls Ayrani's Case Scandal
Arab foreign ministers fail to agree on Mideast peace conference
Arab states say Israeli actions threaten Mideast peace conference
May 18
Case of missing engineer takes new twist as acquaintance arrested
Tueni announces bid for Metn seat
Pakradouni defends probe into Ehden
Murr promises to continue war on drugs
Shura ruling favors former official: Verdict puts Baabda in a tough spot
Kaddoumi in Beirut: Peace is for Israel’s own good
Arab ministers gather in Beirut to flesh out peace plan
Alternative gas is cheaper and cleaner, but is it safe?
Lecturer expounds on media, technology
Lebanon QuickNews
May 17
Report: Israel sank Gaza-bound arms ship and 20-member crew
Gebran Tueni Runs in Metn By-Election as Consensus Candidate
Franjieh Berates Gen. Sayyed for Reopening Ehden Massacre File
Government Assigns 200 Policemen, 10 Officers to Rescue Ayrani
AL chief says Arab initiative must be basis for any future peace talks
Leader of Islamic charity described as beloved community member
Heavyweights pitch in to Metn battle
Myrna Murr sets her sights on Metn’s Orthodox seat
Franjieh accuses Sayyed of opening old wounds
Arab Peace Committee to chart course amid international moves
Fadlallah: West still dominates Arab world
Medical centers to fight violence against women
Lebanon QuickNews
May 16
LF Stages Campus Protests over Ayrani's Disappearance
Gebran Tueni Prods Lahoud to Leave his Ivory Tower
Despite U.S. boycott call, Shiite Muslim cleric opposes violence
Students protest disappearance of LF member
KFC bombing shatters Tripoli’s sense of peaceful boycott
Aftershocks follow resolution of Hariri-Lahoud feud
Cellular deal highlights Damascus’ hands-off policy
Two paths to celluler solution
Cash-strapped private hospitals begin rejecting public patients
Fadlallah calls for withdrawals from US banks
Refugees resolute as Nakba re-enactment dredges up bitter memories
Belgian court will rule on Sharon case next month
Arab academic awarded Order of the Cedars
Lebanon news roundup
May 15
Saudi defense minister makes short visit to Lebanon
Belgian court to decide on hearing Sharon's war crimes case
Sharon Threatens to Disarm Hizbullah by Force
Sharon warns of danger on the northern border with Lebanon
Saudis leaning on Syria to rein in Hezbollah
Lahoud, Hariri agree on cellular issue
Syrian-US dialogue still on track
Capitol Hill takes aim at Damascus
Annan concerned at ‘volatile’ border situation
Beiteddine Festival gears up for summer concert season
Anti-drug effort could generate funding for development
Eco-groups say government ignoring hazards
Demonstrators crowd Riad Solh Square
Outlook for energy and water sector is ‘optimistic’
Workshops gear up for WTO negotiations
Visa says its cards can help spur economy
Lebanon news roundup
May 14
Lebanon PM, president cut deal for telecoms selloff
Palestinians demonstrate in Lebanon on Israel's anniversary
No-Victor, No-Vanquished Accord Ends Lahoud-Hariri Clash
U.S. Considers Iraq More Dangerous Than Iran and North Korea - paper
Lebanon aims to boost trade with UAE
Wife appeals for LF man’s return
Truce taking hold in Hariri-Lahoud row?
Assad: Resistance to last as long as the occupation
Sharaa: Sharon is a lame leader, Israeli intentions not peaceful
Metn by-election divides opposition
Addoum outraged as Phalange leader claims credit
Pakradouni pledges reform, reconciliation
Francophone MPs call for decentralization
Afghan foreign minister makes brief visit
State employees schedule protest
Lebanon news roundup
May 13
Syrian FM says Likud vote spells bad news for peace process
Afghan FM: We can benefit from Lebanon's reconstruction experience
Afghan FM visits Lebanon to share reconstruction experience
Israeli warplanes swoop over south Lebanon
Berri’s diplomacy yields ‘positive’ results
Politicians ‘block’ anti-corruption drive
Boycotters take their message to the streets
Five detained over wartime Ehden massacre
Teachers of English promote global language
Owners of Tripoli KFC condemn bombing
Doctors urge defense minister to ’modernize’ draft
Israel blows gun runners out of the water - Nypost
Report: Israel sank arms ship bound for Gaza Strip - Jpost
Israeli jets fly low over southern Lebanon; sonic booms over Bekaa
Lebanon stocks dented by delayed cellphone auction
Lebanon news roundup
May 12
Why Was Lahoud Excluded from Sharm El-Sheikh Summit!
Hizbullah wants effective confrontation with Zionists' new plot : Irna
Lebanese minister calls Israel "basis of terrorism" : Irna
Zionist Regime still stealing soil from Lebanon's Shaaba farms : Irna
Lebanese Film on Terrorism Differentiates between Truth, Reality
Lebanon cellphone firm out of licence bid -sources
May 11
Disappearance of LF man spurs rare unity
Phalange leadership offers Gemayel ‘second chance’
Berri fails to calm tempers in Lahoud­Hariri spat
Plane crash survivor receives hero’s welcome
Conditions ripened for Orontes dam construction
Berri decries end of Bethlehem standoff as ‘humiliating’
EDL strike continues as workers press key demands
Woman’s head discovered in compost seperation plant
Kuwaiti officials ask Beirut to help get prisoners out of Iraq
Conference studies ways to enact civil marriage
Former newsman exhibits wartime media
Workshop seeks sustainable use of historical cities
Yugoslav Airlines resumes flights to Beirut
Lebanon news roundup
May 10
Arab states review Beirut peace initiative
Uproar Over Police Failure to Locate Missing LF Engineer
Teen-ager wounded in bomb explosion in southern Lebanon
Shi'ite cleric supports Syria in tension with US
Arabs sounded out on peace conference
Lahoud threatens new evidence in phone row
Hariri congratulates Musharraf on referendum victory
Politicians deplore Tripoli KFC bombing
Ad fall-off threatens TV bankruptcies
‘Shaky building’ sparks panic
Relative freedom still graces media
Case against IHT representative dismissed
Lebanon news roundup
May 9
U.S. food chains targeted in Lebanon
Jumblat Mediates as Lahoud Takes Hariri to Task
Gebran Tueni Calls for Lahoud-Hariri Sandbagged Disengagement
Judge drops charges against Lebanese publisher in IHT case
Israeli jets overfly south Lebanon
LF's Ramzi Ayrani Disappears Mysteriously in Beirut
LF student leader disappears without a trace
Efforts increase to end Lahoud-Hariri feud
Hezbollah fires on Israeli warplanes for third straight day
Bomb Hits US Restaurants in Lebanon
Bomb blast rocks American restaurant in Lebanon
Lebanon blast partly destroys US fast food outlet, wounds guard
Hariri secures ‘open skies’ deal with Malaysia
Mokheiber refuses to yield candidacy
Ain al-Hilweh crowds cheer Hamas suicide bombing
Teachers strike to protest contract bill
Conference urges poor states to help themselves
Hezbollah: We shot at IDF patrol - Haaretz
Lebanon news roundup
May 8
Lebanon impressed with Malaysia's growth
Israeli troops shell near south Lebanon-witnesses
Radical Palestinian groups, Hezbollah form joint armed leadership
Mahathir urges Malaysians to invest in Lebanese tourism
Lebanon's Hariri holds talks with Malaysia's Mahathir
US includes Syria, Libya on ‘bio-arms’ list
Hizbullah, Israelis Clash in First Shootout outside Shabaa Farms
Hezbollah fighters exchange fire with Israeli patrol along border
Lahoud, Hariri hold their ground in telecoms row
President says Sharon will ‘inevitably fail’
Banks say they are ready for worst-case scenario
Berri holds talks with Edde
Elite and crowds alike hail Chirac’s election victory
Michel Murr: ‘equal’ chance of compromise candidate
Protesters picket new Starbucks venue
EDL workers strike over healthcare freeze
Downtown cathedral reborn at Easter
Lebanon news roundup
May 7
Hezbollah opens fire on army position in northern Israel - AFP
Hizbollah says trades fire with Israeli troops - Reuters
Israeli troops come under fire from Lebanon - Haaretz
Pro-Hariri Minister Assails Presidential Stance on Cellular Privatization
Syrian-Lebanese trade grows to USD363 million
Canon unveils new digital camera in Lebanon
Lebanon's May 2 T-bill sale raises $390 mln
Syrianair to operate flights from Beirut to Dubai and Casablanca
Beirut to host Arab Investment and Capital Markets conference
Leading access vendors join to expand Lebanese Internet market
Bank of Beirut in talks to buy Beirut Riyad-bankers
May 6
U.S. Diplomat Briefs Lebanese PM on Mideast Peace Conference
Chirac victory a new chance for Mideast peace: Lebanon president
Anti-aircraft fire rattles Beirut
Israeli warplanes fly over eastern Lebanon, draw anti-aircraft fire
Israeli Jets Buzz Beirut's Outskirts, Drawing Army Barrages
Lebanon's Hezbollah fires on overflying Israeli warplanes: police
May 5
US lawmakers sound out Beirut on Mideast conference
Qatar's Al Rayyan wins Asian basketball premiere club title
Lahoud-Hariri Collision is Bleeding Lebanon's Economy
Lebanon's Hariri congratulates Chirac on re-election
Assad calls U.S. to explain vision of peace
Hizbollah fires at Israeli jets over Lebanon
Israeli warplanes overfly south Lebanon, draw fire
Anti-US hatred presents acid test for Syria’s President Assad
Iran Lauds Lebanon's Resistance Against Israeli Occupation
May 4
Police seize drugs in house raid in eastern Lebanon
Authorities freeze $5.2m in suspect bank accounts
Southern border is set to become flashpoint once again
Japanese Red Army planned to attack Tel Aviv control tower
Hezbollah rejects new Mideast conference as "trap" favoring Israel
Lebanon wants Arab peace initiative committee to meet in Beirut: FM
Syrian media attacks Mideast conference as undoing work of past 10
Political haggling could hasten economic decline
Authorities under fire after toxic find
Lahoud: US must address Arab complaints
Consensus candidates elude Metn by-election
Pro-Palestinian protesters give UN ‘wake-up call’
Former detainees unmoved by compensation law
Illegal pay phones withdrawn after ISF warning
Cabinet unity faces test over cellular compensation
Lebanon news roundup
May 3
Lebanese PM to visit Malaysia, Pakistan
Arab foreign ministers to meet on Saudi peace initiative
Libancell to Trial and Offer WebTech's GPS/GPRS Telematics Device for Vehicle Tracking Service Offering
Lahoud, Hariri Stay on Loggerheads Despite Public Niceties
Lahoud Deplores Israel's Veto Power Against Security Council
Lines drawn as Metn by-election heats up
Hague suit against Israel nears
MPs agree to put mobile licenses up for auction
Anti-Israeli protesters quit Martyrs Square sit-in
May day indoor rally highlights influence by senior politician
Privatization, fuel price, VAT ‘undermining’ country’s workforce
Police report five drug-related arrests in ongoing dragnet
Israelis give UN new maps for 26 minefields
Fares welcomes debate over prerogatives of his office
Deputy premier boycotts Cabinet session
Arabs Reach for an Economic Weapon
Lebanon news roundup
May 2
Shiite leader calls for Arabs to withdraw deposits from US banks
Lebanon president blasts Annan for scrapping Jenin probe mission
Major dates in the life of Yasser Arafat
Arabs Say Arafat Release Not Enough
Six Israeli rockets fall in southern police
Hizbullah MP criticizes Arafat for imprisoning Palestinian
Lebanon's sovereign rating lowered
Lebanon forex reserves fall to $4.5 bln by end April
Rate hike fails to halt pressure on Lebanese pound
Beirut shares fall for second successive week
May 1
Rootless Cosmopolitan: Don't dismiss Dubai
White House Says Mideast Summit Premature
Hariri Asserts: 'No Dead-End with the President'
Hizbullah Fires at Israeli Jets over U.S. Ambassador's Head
Battle visits South amid protests and overflights
Legacy of occupation still haunts South
Qornet Shehwan celebrates first anniversary with attack on government
Metn race shapes up as Tueni backs Mokheiber
Premier’s China trip could boost agriculture, fishing
Qanso unveils labor law amendments
State provides hospitals with waste disposal standards
AUMC research forms new basis for tackling cancer
Telecom workers protest privatization plans
US adminstration moving to bloc anti-Syrian bill
Lebanon news roundup

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