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June 2002

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June 30
Hizbullah probing for Israel's weak spots
Hezbollah, al-Qaeda in close cooperation: Post
Hezbollah Accuses Israel of Violating Blue Line
U.S. Planning Saddam's Assassination at Baghdad Palace
June 29
Hizbullah attacks Hariri over Ouzai bridge
Aridi moves to cool tempers in stalled project
Qornet Shehwan tries to calm storm over Maronite meet
Lahoud thanks Czechs for support in ‘hard times’
Refugees protest US policy during Battle visit to Sidon
Tourists flock in for summer vacations
St. Georges Hotel, Solidere tussle over ‘public land’
Hizbollah Demands Prisoner for More Swap Talks-Paper
Lebanon issues $500 million Eurobond to restructure its massive debt
Lebanon Brief News
June 28
Hizballah Trying To Drag Israel Into War
Hariri heads to Paris seeking five billion dollar help to Lebanon
ICRC visit detained Lebanese fundamentalist chiefs in Israel
Israeli official warns of risk of new intervention in Lebanon
Hizbollah denies ties with spy held in Israel
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Ouzai crisis contained, isolated from 'foreign' dimensions - Nashra
ICRC visit detained Lebanese fundamentalist chiefs in Israel
Lebanese Jew charged with spying for Hizbullah
Lahoud calls for international conference to solve Mideast crisis
CDR suspends work on Ouzai bridge … for now
Politicians condemn Ouzai protest but split on project
Israeli boosts Lebanon’s claim to Shebaa Farms
Israeli agents arrest alleged Hizbullah spy
Hariri finds little good in Bush speech
Mikati pledges help for ‘legal’ mini-buses
Medical students protest over refusal to change military service law
Greens suspect hidden agenda in state moves
Israel worried as Hezbollah steps up espionage efforts - Haaretz
Israeli on Hezbollah spy charge - Times
Pressure off on Lebanese pound as tourists arrive
Lebanon public debt up to $28.16 bln at end-April
Lebanon's BOP deficit hits $1.04 bln at end-April
Lebanon Brief News
June 27
Lebanon criticizes U.S. president's Mideast speech
Israel warns that Hezbollah seek spy recruits among Israeli citizens
Lebanese-Born Israeli Charged as Spy for Hizbollah
Flesh-flaunting ads irk religious leaders in Lebanon
Violence flares during protest against bridge in Ouzai
Opposition divided on Maronite resolutions
Belgian court throws out Sharon case
Prague lays on welcome for Lahoud
Activists emphasize Israeli policies in call to end torture
Lebanese paper cites progress in prisoner exchange - Haaretz
Belgian war crimes law cannot be used to try Sharon - Guardian
Sharon escapes trial for war crimes against refugees - Times
Three Options Face Lebanon on Mobile Services
Lebanon's Saradar sets up new real estate investment trust
Lebanon’s electricity generation up 9.5 percent in April
Lebanon Brief News
June 26
Sharon massacre case deemed 'inadmissible' in Belgium
Israel may give up Shebaa Farms: Hezbollah official
Survivors of 1982 Palestinian massacre outraged
Lawyer in Sharon case calls Belgian court decision 'temporary setback'
Hizbollah, Lebanese govt clash over Beirut bridge
Hizbullah, Amal Mob Harirists, Block Overpass Construction
Arafat Has Stormy History With Arabs
U.S. Ambassador Grabs Headlines with Foray into Hizbullah Land
Belgian appeals court throws out Sharon war crimes case
Berri condemns Maronite World Congress resolutions as ‘alien’
Lahoud takes dim view of Bush speech
Mallat expects ‘positive’ ruling in Sharon trial
Diplomats take tour of Khiam dungeon
Karam denounces ‘retarded’ Franjieh
Mini-bus drivers see red over diesel ban
Ben-Eliezer: World ignoring Iranian nuclear threat - Jpost
Censored: Saucy billboards face the axe
Lebanon Brief News
June 25
Government Arm-Twisting of LibanCell/Cellis May Sabotage Privatization
Beirut Media Calls Bush's Peace Vision a Recipe for War
Lebanon parliament chief slams Bush for ignoring Arab peace plan
Syrians Ignore Bush's Criticisms
Lebanese president makes trip to Slovakia, Czech Republic
pdf.gif (130 bytes) Bush warns Syria of exclusion from 'peace camp' - An-Nashra
Lahoud stresses vital nature of unity across confessional dividez
Franjieh lashes out at Qornet Shehwan
De Mistura: Israel must stop violating airspace
Explosion destroys car near Ain al-Hilweh
Ouzai row draws fire onto handling of public funds
Mini-bus drivers protest diesel ban too
Baalbek shopping festival aims to raise profile of neglected region
Engineers, contractors threaten freeze on public projects
15 percent more tourists arrive in Lebanon in May
Lebanon Brief News
June 24
Bush says Syria must choose "right side" in anti-terror war
Belgian court to rule on warcrime trial for Sharon
Girl, six, hurt when booby-trapped car explodes in Lebanon
Car bomb explodes near Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon
Los Angeles Maronite Conference Triggers Controversy in Lebanon
Israel: Conflict on northern border 'unavoidable'
Beirut touts success in countering Israeli claims
Hariri linked to scandal over Chirac’s campaign finances
Israel prepared for terror attacks mounted from the air - Haaretz
Assaulted bishop uses sympathy and celebrity to peddle his cause
Hermit family shies away from the world
MPs challenge legitimacy of fund created to manage public debt
Jumblatt to court Qornet Shehwan
Chirac accuses secret services of digging for dirt on him - Times
Eido slams Hizbullah blockade on bridge
Harb blasts security forces
Refugees plead for protection
Lebanon Brief News
June 23
Lebanese convicted of resistance aid
Two infiltrators from Israel arrested in southern Lebanon
Hizbollah Anti-Aircraft Shells Hit Israeli Village
Lebanon welcomes removal from laundering list
Tensions heat up on Israeli-Lebanese border
Chirac Firing Intelligence Chiefs for Investigating Hariri Elections Funds
Hizbollah targets Israeli jets flying over Lebanon
Lebanon mounts PR drive in fear of Israeli attack
Syria rejects terror charges, supports Palestinian attacks
EIB approves Sterling 45 million loan for Port of Tripoli
World Bank loan to ease traffic congestion in Beirut
June 22
Agency accused of investigating Chirac deals in Lebanon and Japan
Hezbollah seeking to acquire Berlin premises: German press
Iran denies al Qaeda charge, U.S. to get suspect
FBI Rules Lebanese Tip of Las Vegas Terror "Not Credible"
Beirutis dance to Brazil’s beat as World Cup fever hits town
Hammoud counters Israeli ‘falsifications’
Business lays down law on political bickering
Hariri briefs bankers on state’s economic management plan
Hamra protest singles out Starbucks as supporter of Israel
Task force takes Lebanon off list of dirty-money havens
LBC Sat, Al-Hayat forge merger plan
Brothers face US jail for aiding Hizbullah
Handicapped groups praise law for disabled
Man charged with $29,000 heist from bank
Lebanon Brief News
June 21
U.S. signal is turning green as Sharon weighs blow against Syria
U.S. relations with Syria start to thaw
Prosecutor: Accused swindler shifted assets to Lebanon
Lebanon warns of Israeli border reinforcements
War Mood Grips Mideast as Syria, Israel Alert Armies
Pro-Palestinians protest at Starbucks in Beirut
Two Convicted in Hezbollah Smuggling
Task force removes Lebanon from black list on money laundering
Verdict Near in N.C. Hezbollah Case
Beirut takes its case to the ‘Big Five’
Telecoms Ministry accuses LibanCell of interference
Officials scoff at Israeli claims
Massive bomb found under road near Blue Line
Hariri courts UK financiers with economic reform plan
Hizbullah hosts tour of liberated territory
Taxi drivers’ union insists fare increase is here to stay
ESCWA launches training program for IT
NSSF secretary slams ‘abuses’ by Labor Ministry
Consortium protests minister's decision to suspend dam contract
Beirut market gains, cautious of asset sale plan
East Med group fosters tourism, gas cooperation
Lebanon Brief News
June 20
Hizbullah fires anti-aircraft shells at Galilee for second time this week
Lebanon on diplomatic offensive to confront Israeli 'threats'
Hezbollah, Israeli soldiers watch each other on tense border
Israel has little evidence to back up warnings of Lebanon border blitz
Iranian minister tours southern Lebanon with Hezbollah officials
Bombs found in Lebanon near Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms
Lebanon calls for halt to repeated Israeli "threats"
Israel Attacks Syria if Hizbullah Strikes from S. Lebanon
Lahoud said to be preparing all-out response to Israeli propaganda
Jumblatt reinforces ties with Christians
Phalange accuses Gemayel of spurning unity
Abi Nasr joins chorus of complaints on dam delay
Legislators throw weight behind Palestinian groups
Hizbullah blames graft, sectarianism for lack of development
Angry mini-bus drivers besiege Berri’s home
Mikati allots cash for roadworks
Microcredit brings start-up cash to disabled entrepreneurs
Students launch environmental rescue bid with film
Ministers move forward with Mediterranean gas pipeline project
France Telecom Lebanon affiliate's contract to expire on Aug: company
Lebanon Brief News
June 19
INTERVIEW-Lebanon debt problems unlike Argentina's - Hariri
Anti-Israel conference supports "all forms" of Palestinian resistance
Israel Puts Army on Alert for a Hizbullah Hang Glider Assault
Lahoud scoffs at Israeli Al-Qaeda accusations
Carnage overshadows Hariri’s UK agenda
EU ministers urge restraint in South
Palestinians ‘need more Arab support; Iranian MP urges street to act
Labor unions divided over hike in taxi fares
MPs, critics attack Beydoun for ‘blocking’ work on new dam
Berri vows to press green campaign with assault on quarries
Beirut wins bid to host Special Olympics
Smoking on the rise in Arab world
Dentist leader accuses NSSF of sectarianism
Global Refund to manage Lebanon’s VAT returns
Lebanese tourism drops 12 percent
European consortium to raise Lebanon’s electric capacity by 20 percent
Lebanon Quick News
June 18
Anti-Israel Militants Praise Bombings
Lebanon PM urges Bush to speed Palestinian state
Al Qaeda in Lebanon, Israeli Military Source Says
U.S. prevented major Israeli attack on Syria
Jury to Get Hezbollah Smuggler Case
Mideast leaders back suicide bombings at conference in Beirut
leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah praise attacks
Hezbollah: Israeli settlers next target
Hizbollah Rockets Set Off Fire in Israeli Town
Five men injured in bomb explosion in south Lebanon
Israeli Warplanes Violate Lebanese Air Space
Hizbullah Denies Israeli Plot to Kill Nasrallah in Beirut Ambush
U.S. Pushing Lebanon, Syria, Iran to Coerce Hizbullah
US Prosecutor wraps up smuggling case against Lebanese men
Diplomats see no reason for EU to target Hizbullah
Hammoud signs Euro-Med deal on note of optimism
Hariri takes London by storm with sales pitch
Jumblatt touts virtue of cross-party dialogue
EU: Expect a strong economy
Jisr leads talks on electoral reform
Taxi drivers double fares as opposition to diesel law falters
Bishop’s assailants to face prosecution
U.S. calls on Lebanon, Iran and Syria to restrain Hezbollah
Film-makers to document history of Maronite Church
Postponing AIDS intervention carries high cost
Iranian Tractor Company Wins Lebanese Golden Statue Award
Tax exemption granted pipeline builders
Greens call on state to close incinerators
Lebanon Quick News
June 17
U.S. Worried About Hizbollah Threat to Israel
Eastern Mediterranean gas pipeline mechanism agreed at Amman meet
U.S. Planned to Invade S. Beirut to Abduct Al Qaida Commander
Lebanon Opposition flies high after Metn storm
Diesel ban kicks in, but with yet another deadline
Lebanese prime minister holds talks with Blair
Hariri begins crucial trip to London
ISF troopers charged for failing to protect bishop
Residents of South get computer training center
Lebanon agrees EU trade deal
EU, Lebanon sign association deal
EU keeps Hizbullah off terror list
Lebanon Quick News
June 16
Syrian man arrested at Beirut airport for smuggling drugs
9 Policemen to Stand Trial in Archbishop's Beating
Hariri Leaves to London, Paris
Mossad opens files on lost airman
Hezbollah Buildup in Lebanon Cited
Tensions on Lebanese Border Cast a Pall Over Peace Effort
Lebanon to sign association agreement with EU Monday
EBI to retain 10pc stake in Bank of Beirut
Joint company to run gas pipeline linking Egypt with Jordan
June 15
International conference urges Lebanon to sign Treaty of Rome
Lebanese police crackdown on taxis using heating oil
Lebanese police crackdown on taxis using heating oil
Hizbullah Joins Nation-Wide Protests Over Haddad's Beating
9 Arrests Made in 'Security Scandal', 10 Policemen Disciplined
Lebanon's president condemns attack on priest
Bishop’s assailant arrested after TV broadcast of assault
MPs take aim at law on cell licensing
Authorities under fire for failing to solve 1999 Sidon massacre
Budget cuts ‘help put economy on right track
International court faces opposition
Online learning meets the Arab world
Hariri says easy visas will help boost tourism
Arab Ministers Discuss $1 Billion Gas Pipeline
Banque Audi, Libano-Francaise confirm merger talks
Lebanon Quick News
June 14
U.S. tries to calm tensions in Bekaa
Lebanon: Entry visa on the spot
Two Christian extremists, 10 policemen detained after beating bishop
Lebanese bishop beaten up for his religious program
Palestinian official's daughter injured in Lebanon blast
Palestinian Urges End to Militias; Hezbollah military buildup underway
Man accused of smuggling cigarettes to aid Hezbollah denies...
President, Premier Clash Over Secret Service
Aoun's Return Seen 'Imminent Certainty' Without Prior Permit
Hariri asks ministries to cut spending in next state budget
Cellphone company seeks arbitration over Lebanon contract termination
Lebanon's Hariri to travel Sunday to Britain
Lebanon expresses reservations about international court treaty
Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace
Diesel Drivers Block Intersections, Thoroughfares Unaffected
Mohamad Hammoud to take stand in own defense
Government warns taxi drivers to obey ban on diesel
Former US senator calls for change in US policy
Maronite League prepares for ‘national dialogue’
Hezbollah case in US court
Legislators to discuss ways to support Palestinians
Baalbek-Hermel forms council to aid culture, development
Local UNESCO project provides global model
'Pro-Israel' ad blocks sales of Int'l Herald Tribune Lebanese edition
Libano-Francaise, Audi banks in merger talks
Central bank defends Lebanese pound
Beirut market down, Banque Audi gains
Lebanon budget gap 41.4 pct of spending by end May
Lebanon QuickNews
June 13
Advertisement blocks Int'l Herald Tribune distribution in Lebanon
Taxi drivers protest near cabinet offices in downtown Beirut
Army Rings Tufaili's House After Checkpoint Dustup
Christian Fanatics Attack Liberal Catholic Archbishop
Papal Mission Burglarized, Baalbek Church Ransacked
Prosecution rests in N.C. case linking cigarette smuggling to Hezbollah
Man detained at Larnaca airport hospitalised after cocaine pellet bursts
New moderate Christian opposition takes shape
Countdown: Taxi drivers vow to fight diesel ban
Money exchangers demand protection after spate of robberies
Aridi instructs media to avoid provocation
Council pushes for safety code at construction sites
Bank of Beirut takes over troubled bank
Lebanon Quick News
June 12
Syria Using Natural Gas To Strengthen Control Over Lebanon
Witness: Hammoud threatened anyone who tied him to Hezbollah
Taxis block Beirut traffic to protest heating oil ban
Washington advises Lebanon to release Geagea, permit Aoun's return
Israeli troops fire at Lebanese village -witnesses
Israel wins small victory over Syria - Jpost
Lebanese PM Holds Talks With Japanese Envoy
U.S.:'Iran Exports Bin Laden's Runaway Terrorists to Bekaa'
Ex-information chief wants his job back
Sidon beach cabins to come up for grabs this summer
Computer courses target public sector
Opposition presses for Elias Murr’s ouster
Metn by-election fallout continues to mount; Poll fiasco haunts gov't
Taxi drivers threaten to block streets over diesel rules
Bekaa welcomes fighter freed after 14 years in Israeli prison
Wanted car dealer arrested after chase in Sidon
Laser sharpens view on eye surgery
Lebanon expecting 1.1 million tourists this summer
Passenger traffic through Beirut airport up 7.2 percent in May
Lebanon produces 1.44 million tons of waste annually
Lebanese industrial exports up 47 percent in April
World Bank upgrades sanitation services in Lebanon
Gulf Group acquires Lebanon’s Goodies supermarkets
Lebanon unemployment rises to as much as 15 percent, experts warn
Lebanon Quick News
June 11
Russia asked to help with Mideast peace
Israeli aircraft violate Lebanese airspace
Lebanon on High Alert Against Mad Cow Disease Infiltration
Cyprus police say smuggler hid cocaine in stomach
Lebanon Urges Russia to Help Resume Mideast Peace Process
Opposition Vows to Oust Minister Murr, Flirts with Gen. Aoun
Happy with White House talks, Sharon visits leaders of Congress
Metn saga aftermath: No defeat, only a ‘compromise’
Jumblatt defends ties to Christian opposition
Russia backs July peace conference
Israel frees fighter captured in 1987
Forest fires set to sweep nation
Land mines: awareness up, casualties down
Lebanon receives its first shipment of Syrian liquid natural gas
French Dumez to construct Lebanese dam
BoB-Beirut Riyadh Bank merger approved
IDF: release of Hezbollah man not part of prisoner exchange deal
Lebanon Quick News
June 10
Hezbollah denies plotting to blow up US, Israeli ships in Singapore
Software Piracy on Increase Worldwide
Former Hezbollah prisoner gets a hero's welcome in hometown
Israel frees Hezbollah man in hope of possible swap for MIAs
Crisis defused as Lebanon declares winner in tense by-election
Gabriel Murr Formally Proclaimed Metn By-Elections Winner
Dispute over by-election resolved
Lebanese freed by Israel returns home after 15 years in jail
Liquidating Hezbollah high on Bush-Sharon agenda
EU envoy tackles association agreement in Lebanon
Opposition smells blood after Metn by-election debacle
Myrna Murr set to ‘cry uncle,’ concede Metn seat to Gabriel
Sept. 11 sparks return to Lebanese universities
Campaign to boycott American goods faces uphill climb
Hezbollah ‘tried to set up cell in Singapore’
Israel set to release Hezbollah prisoner detained for 15 years
Aley, Metn call for release of IMF cash
Bishara lawyers claim Hezbollah is legitimate
Lebanon Quick News
June 9
Hezbollah missiles fired at Israeli warplanes; no damage caused
Report: Hezbollah had plans to blow up American and Israeli ships
Hizbollah says fires at Israeli warplanes
Israeli aircraft violate Lebanese airspace
Hariri, Murr Make Peace But Metn Results Still Deadlocked
Singapore: Hezbollah tried to form cell here - Haaretz
June 8
Gina Hobeika Becomes Lebanon's First Woman to Head Political Party
Hizbullah and Israeli Army set for ‘serious clash’
Metn By-Election Plunges Lebanon Into Full-Blown Crisis
Options open in deadlock over Metn poll
Duplicated vote count provides exit for election impasse
Gabriel Murr’s poll victory ‘proof of popular discontent’
Fadlallah explains religious basis for suicide attacks
Southern agricultural cooperatives take steps to stand on own feet
Cabinet shaking under mutual accusations - An Nahar, Arabic
Legal and constitutional crises confronting Lebanon - Al Qanat, Arabic
Activist blames air pollution on corruption
Lebanon Quick News
June 7
The blunders of Lebanon
Peres: Syria to blame for Megiddo attack
Security experts fear bolder terror attacks
Boycott: The other face of Mideast war
Hamas, Hezbollah vow anti-Israel attacks
Israeli troops shell Lebanon from Shebaa Farms region
Aoun Returning on Private Jet
Minister Murr Threatens to Quit, Says Hariri Overturned Metn Vote
Battle of Metn threatens to break out anew
Aoun welcomes Metn ‘victory’
Interior minister stays away from Cabinet meeting
‘Let’s not speed and let’s try to live to be 90’
Municipalities snipe at Murr over failure to distribute funds
A long hot summer: Beirut public beaches disappear
New team to look into the fate of navigator Ron Arad - Haaretz
Lebanon pound stable after hard currency inflows
Lebanon Quick News
June 6
Lebanese and Palestinian groups vow support for suicide bombings
Gabriel Murr urges end to tensions
Michel Murr supporters run riot after defeat
Metn MP: ‘Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’
MPs hail triumph of ‘wisdom and rationality’ in poll controversy
Sharon to `exercise restraint' in north - Haaretz
Burns stresses futility of violence, force
UNIFIL presses Israel for location of land mines
World Environment Day not wholly a joyous occasion
NSSF-approved list of medicines ‘idiotic’
Youth hostels launch bid for traveling backpackers
Hizbullah Seen Planning Missile Assault on North Israel
Shaath: PA not to take part in conference without Syria, Lebanon
Lebanon Quick News
June 5
It’s all over but the crying: Gabriel Murr wins Metn
Leaders weather Metn by-election storm
Saying no to ‘irregularities’
Spurned Jumblatt switches to Baabda
IDF Intelligence Chief: Hezbollah planning attacks in north
OC Intelligence: Hizbullah aiming to strike soon
US envoy urges Beirut to restrain Hizbullah
Shaath discusses peace confab with Lahoud
Ain al-Hilweh leaders take steps to contain recent violence
What an ombudsman would do
Burns: Mideast political solution possible
Lebanon Quick News
June 4
IDF Intelligence Chief: Hezbollah planning attacks in north
OC Intelligence: Hizbullah aiming to strike soon
Burns urges calm on Lebanon-Israel border, support for US peace bid
Burns Expresses U.S. Concern Over Hezbollah's Activities
Crisis defused as Lebanon declares winner in tense by-election
Lebanese Politician Declared Winner
Lebanon narrowly averts political crisis after family feud mars polls
Gabriel Murr Confirmed By-Elections Winner by his Nephew
U.S. envoy cautions Lebanon over border clashes
Burns arrives in Beirut for Mideast peace talks
Jumblat Pleads with Lahoud to Announce Gabriel's Victory
Opposition warns state not to steal race from Murr - for Murr
Legal minds dismiss ballot box annulment
Doubts rise over election procedures
A reporter’s Metn notebook: You had to see it to believe it
Metn by-elections signal birth of strong Christian alliance
Crisis looms as Lebanon awaits by-election result
Gabriel Murr's Cliffhanger Win Over his Niece in Doubt
Confusion reigns as conflicting claims of victory echo in Metn
Lebanon presents best trade finance potential in MENA
Lebanon gross fx reserves at $4.3 bln by end-May
Lebanon Quick News
June 3
US envoy due in Beirut to tout Mideast peace plan
Saad calls for local independent mediator to field complaints
Refugee camps quiet after April’s mass protests
Syrian army brass in Lebanon grumble about Hezbollah action
Solana calls Syria and Lebanon essential to Mideast peace efforts
Palestinians will boycott peace conference if Lebanon excluded: Shaath
France, Arab League want Syria, Lebanon at Mideast peace talks
Voting protocols questioned
Journalists blocked from covering balloting
Beirut buildings: not on verge of collapse
Opposition Candidate Ahead in Lebanon
Gabriel Murr likely to be announced by-election winner
Both Murr's claim victory as Metn race goes down to the wire
Troops move in after candidates declare victory in Lebanese vote
Rival candidates declare themselves winners in Lebanon bi-elections
Berri thanks Kuwait for aid
Coca Cola plants cedar forest in Jezzine
Lebanon's fx reserves flat at $4.4 bln by end-May
June 2
Amman confirms release of Hezbollah militants
Grenade attack fails against Fatah chief in Palestinian refugee camp
Lebanese vote in crucial parliamentary by-election
Metnis Go to Polls As Nation Focuses on Mondiale
Lebanon Hosts Women Diaries Film Fest
Rise in university fees angers Lebanon's Palestinians
2,000 Troops, 6 Helicopters Guard Bone-Breaking By-Elections
Israel denies claims of imminent Shebaa pullout
Opposition accuses government of interfering in Metn poll
Mokheiber: Don’t blame me for lack of consensus
Solana promotes peace conference idea
Waldheim revisits politics in Beirut
Workshop to discuss role of national ombudsman
Report: Syria supplying long-range Katyushas to Hezbollah
Lebanon QuickNews

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