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April 2002

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April 30
Analysis: Tensions in Syrian-US Relations - OBG
Analysis: Clashes between Israel, Hizbullah and Syria Imminent
Interview: Lebanese Finance Minister, Fouad Siniora - OBG
Lebanon's Banks Struggle to Keep Up - OBG
Lebanon Boycotts Euro-Med Conference - OBG
'Who Goes First, President Lahoud or Premier Hariri?'
Beirut’s Marina Tower sells 60 percent of units
Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace during US envoy's trip
Herald Tribune fails to appear in Arab cities due to pro-Israel ad
Beirut calls on UN to "force" Israel to accept refugee camp probe
Premier’s Chinese trip ‘successful and positive’
Hariri’s absence provokes constitutional debate
Central Bank raises T-bill benchmark
Pakradouni officially takes over as Phalange leader
Arabs need Western media presence
Lebanese-born activist dies in Washington
LU demonstrators oppose fee increase
Taxi drivers march in protest at diesel law
Israel: Syria not reining in Hezbollah
Lebanon news roundup
April 29
Beirut interest rates rise under currency pressure
Lebanon's BOP widens to $390 mln by end February
Lebanse prime minister thanks China for supporting Palestinian case
Chinese Premier Holds Talks with Lebanese Counterpart
Baabda Denies Acceptance of Currency Devaluation
Israel rejects Hizbullah offer to swap prisoners
Hariri praises Chinese stance on Mideast
Anti-American protesters stage Corniche campaign
Employment bill faces hefty opposition
Hajj lists Phalange achievements
Lebanon news roundup
April 28
Lahoud-Hariri Power Struggle May Devalue Currency
Hezbollah proposes swap as Israel digs in, settlers slain
Hezbollah Offers Israeli Captives For Besieged Palestinians
Hizbullah shelling wounds four soldiers at Mount Dov - Jpost
April 27
Iran's chemically disabled lambastes Japan FM remarks on Palestine
Russia urges Israel, Lebanon to ensure stability in Mideast
Mideast Muddies Picture for U.S.
Damage control under way to defuse Hariri-Lahoud feud
Southern man finally released after 9 years as detainee in Israel
Privatization key to long-term economy
Nothing ‘kosher’ about certain products, Zionist groups cash in on sales
Palestinians top agenda at Arab Network for NGOs
Taxi drivers say they are being singled out on diesel issue
Hezbollah renews border attacks, wounds four Israeli soldiers
Lebanon aims to boost exports
LibanCell: Talks with state are continuing
Recruitment service to ease job hunt
Lebanon news roundup
April 26
Hezbollah resumes firing at Israeli outposts in Shebaa Farms
Three Ex-Lebanese Militiamen Sentenced to death in absentia
Lebanon holds Toronto man as Mossad agent
Lebanese-Frenchman on Mossad spy charge
Compensation for cellular firms dominates Cabinet meeting
De Mistura says Israeli overflights did not violate Blue Line
AUB retirement plan invested in ‘pro-Israeli companies’
Murr family feud continues as by-election draws near
Metn rivals square up for electoral battle
Settle spats under Constitution, Fares says
Australian Embassy warns of scam
Lord of the Dance to reign in Baalbek
Suspected infiltration closes Golan communities
Alert on Golan after warnings of infiltration from Syria
Lebanon news roundup
April 25
Lebanon protests Israeli air violations
Second suspected al Qaida financier arrested in Spain
Air Encounter Mars Powell-Brokered Lebanon-Israel Lull
"Iran and Arab Research Periodical" issued in Lebanon
Will Beirut come tumbling down?
Murr spurns own uncle in Metn by-election
Armenians commemorate 1915 massacre
Officials claim Lahoud-Hariri spat delaying diplomatic appointments
Israel’s latest offensives may be easier to prosecute
Child’s death latest in list of land-mine victims
Speaker promises to rid roads of diesel-fueled cars by mid-summer
NGO forum calls for more transparency in fight against graft
PA official pays visit to Beirut protesters
Court upholds visits for Obeid and Dirani
Lebanon news roundup
April 24
Palestinian suspected of links to groups close to al-Qaida detained
Three Katyusha rockets found near Lebanon's border with Israel
Anti-aircraft fire over northern Israeli town

Hezbollah fires on northern border; no injuries

Lebanese, Palestinian students ask for Sharon trial over Jenin killings
Lebanon asks UN to sanction Israel for delaying Jenin investigation
Lebanon signs deal with Microsoft
Army Helicopters Fly Over S. Lebanon, a First in 27 Years
Lebanese boy killed, two brothers injured in land mine explosion
Hariri-Lahoud spat divides politicians
Murr TV boss announces plans to run for vacant Metn seat
PM tells Syrian TV Arab peoples ‘want peace’
UN and Syria will try to revive peace talks
Hariri, Talal urge Arab NGO network to help Palestinians
Prince Talal dismisses calls for oil boycott
Ukrainian president tours South
Lebanese PM: Hezbollah should enter political arena
Lebanese economy resilient despite debt - minister
Syria, Lebanon establish joint tobacco plant
Lebanon news roundup
April 23
Saudi to discuss peace intiative with Bush
Body of Syrian man found in Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms
Roed-Larsen ends Lebanon visit, heads to Syria
Lahoud-Hariri Conciliation Seen Just a Power Struggle Lull
U.N. Envoy Says Blue Line Tensions 'Extremely Worrying'
Ukrainian president inspects Kiev's UN troops in south Lebanon
Larsen stands by criticism of Jenin onslaught
Berri cools tempers after Hariri-Lahoud bust-up
Lahoud lauds agreements with Ukraine
House panel finishes work on telecoms privatization
Fragmented body politic blunts pro-Palestinian protests
Americans bring dialogue issue to Beirut
Lebanon and Ukraine sign cooperation agreements
Arabs Walk Out at Economic Meeting
U.N. envoy maintains 'horrifying' comments
U.N. Middle East envoy stands by Jenin comments
Lebanon news roundup
April 22
Mideast violence hijacks agenda of Euro-Mediterranean talks in Spain
EU signs new trade, cooperation deal with Algeria; Lebanon boycotts
Hariri explodes: 'only God, parliament can remove me, not the president'
President Sees no Escape from Wider Mideast War
Ukraine President Gets Red Carpet Welcome in Beirut
U.N. Middle East Envoy Stands by Jenin Comments
National Council of Churches delegation in Syria
Hamas leader: Hezbollah brought weapons to Palestinian territories “several times”
Hezbollah: We aid anti-Israeli fight
Hariri warns of tough times ahead
Lahoud urges US to put decisive pressure on Israel
President, PM cancel Sunday parley as tensions resurface
Jumblatt rules out Palestinian attacks
Arabs stereotyped by Italian media
Beirut puts off inking of Euro-Med agreement
Israeli enemies gang up in Gaza
Edde prefers diplomacy to war in battle for Shebaa
Rolls-Royce to power Middle East Airlines’ leased jets
Airbus deal to double Lebanon’s MEA fleet
Lebanon news roundup
April 20
Lebanese PM confirms Euromed boycott
Lebanon to Boycott Euro-Med Meeting
Patriarch Deplores Geagea's 8th Year in Jail
Ukraine's president leaves for trip in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan
Israeli Jets Jolt Beirut Residents Out of Slumber
PM reports progress in Washington
Two more Katyushas launched at Israel
Clerics back boycott of US products
Political considerations put EU agreements in doubt
Accountants tackle challenges of technology
Reform minister announces code of conduct for civil servants
‘Arabs at Beirut summit missed chance to tell their story to West’
Lebanon News Roundup
April 19
Syria to boycott EU-Mediterranean meeting, Lebanon likely to follow
Police arrest suspected drug smugglers in Lebanon
Mortar bombs fired from Lebanon land near Israel border: UN
Bush to Hariri: 'I Shall Topple Saddam. I Want Hizbullah Disarmed'
Syria, Lebanon likely to boycott EU-Mediterranean meeting
Lebanese Shiite leader pushes anti-US boycott
White House presses Hariri over South
Dark cloud around Powell ‘had a silver lining’
Boycott activists move in on McDonald’s
Hammoud stresses land for peace
MPs express concern over failure of Powell mission
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators praise Belgium for stand on Israel
Thousands turn up to mark Qana massacre
Civil war social damage under scrutiny
Amal and PSP supporters do battle again at LU campus
UN launches campaign to clean up dangerous toxins
Rise in fuel prices could bring fresh GLC demand
Lebanon News Roundup
April 18
Lebanon downgrade shows fiscal imbalances
Lebanon confirms EU partnership accord
Cigarettes the first victims of anti-US boycott in Lebanon
Lebanon's Middle East Airlines Orders Six Airbus A321s
Hariri Comes Out with Flying Colors from Senate Clash
Gebran Tueni: 'Lebanon Is Being Undressed to Pay Others' Bills'
Sfeir Makes Most Scathing Denunciation of Israel
PSP, Amal Students Clash with Sticks, Daggers on Campus
Fugitive Tufaili Appears on TV, Vows not to Surrender
Portugal Semapa To Take 21% Stake In Lebanon's Sibline
Lebanon border calm after Powell visit
Hariri’s ‘road map’ hits detour in US
EU dismisses Lebanese-Syrian call to bar Israel from regional conference
Qana massacre left 2 brothers in unique form of limbo
Beirut sit-ins to become weekly event
Ogero workers protest against privatization plan
Powell calms north, for now - Haaretz
Lebanon News Roundup
April 17
PM Hariri urges continued U.S. effort toward Mideast peacemaking
Hariri says Powell mission is "starting" point
Powell credited with quieting violence along Israel's northern border
Lebanon reinforces to southern border "blue line"
All quiet on Lebanon front but ‘unruly elements’ still a threat
Beirut has no control over Palestinians in Lebanon: PM Hariri
Lebanon, Syria urge EU to ban Israeli from EU-Mediterranean meeting
Powell Reveals Lahoud, Assad Pledged to Stop Hizbullah Attacks
Jail Terms Against Hindi and 2 Journalists Overturned
Lebanon Would Consider Peace Meeting
Hariri begins ‘mission impossible’ in Washington
Lahoud: Talks should include Lebanon, Syria
AUB unveils ambitious plan for 21st-century makeover
Lawyers undaunted as Belgian court rejects case similar to Sharon’s
Public gets new access to Environment Ministry
Beydoun: Deal is first step to privatization
Critics take aim at resistance over border attacks
Lebanon News Roundup
April 16
Columnist Says U.S. Can't Make Peace Through Sex of the Angels
Belgian court ruling throws doubt on Sharon trial
Syria, Lebanon reject Sharon's peace summit proposal
Syria Press Scorns Powell Mission, Vows Resistance
Israelis shell southern Lebanon
Powell warns Lebanon, Syria of war over Hizbullah attacks
Yankee go home: Pro-Palestinian demonstration greets Powell
Leftists accuse US envoy of war crimes
Defiant Hizbullah pledges continued resistance, support for Palestinians
Mokheiber laid to rest after emotional funeral
Rise in fuel prices could bring fresh GLC demand
Lebanon gross frx reserves dip to $4.6 bln mid-Apr
Lebanmon News Roundup
April 15
EU intelligence speaks of another invasion of former security zone
IDF: South Lebanon residents move north, expect Israeli strikes
Transcript: Powell's Remarks After Meeting Lebanese Leaders
Hizbollah Defies Powell, Vows More Border Attacks
Lebanon rejects Powell warning on Hezbollah attacks
Powell urges Lebanon, Syria to curb Hezbollah
Powell Warns of War Danger on Lebanon-Israel Border
Transcript: Official Statements made during Powell's press conference
Arabs pour scorn on US peace effort as Powell visits Lebanon, Syria
Powell asks Lebanon to halt attacks, Lebanon blames Israel
Powell: Real danger of conflict spreading to region - Jpost
Powell Addresses Hezbollah Attacks
Lebanon says Israel bears responsibility for cross-border clashes
Palestinian man pleads innocent in Jordanian diplomat murder retrial
Shebaa Farms campaign draws mixed, angry response
Independent wins Order of Engineers and Architects poll
April 14
Powell tries to stop Hezbollah attacks on Israel
Powell Turns Attention to Lebanon
Powell seeks to put out fires in Lebanon and Syria
Beirut and Damascus make no promises ahead of Powell visit
Parliament loses maverick voice as Mokheiber passes away
Sharon: I prefer 'restraint and moderation' in North - Jpost
Sharon warns Syria, but sticks to restraint - Haaretz
Leb, Syria vow to support intifada "by all means" ahead of Powell visit
Jibreel Can't Curb Lebanon Guerrillas, Warns of 'Hair-Raising Escalation'
Annan Warns Lahoud of Second Warfront from S. Lebanon
Powell to Lebanon, Syria to Discuss Hizbollah Raids
Powell to make brief stops in Lebanon, Syria Monday
Radical Palestinian chief says he can't stop attacks from Lebanon
Lebanon News Roundup
April 13
Lebanese diplomat attempts to kill his wife and commit suicide
U.S Warns Of 'Devastating' Israeli War Against Syria, Lebanon
Police Repulse Riotous Attempts to Storm U.S. Embassy at Aukar
Hizbollah Attacks Israeli Posts in Shebaa Farms
Hezbollah guerrillas and Israeli troops exchange fire in Shebaa Farms
Hezbollah hits northern IDF posts
Lebanon charges three Palestinians over rockets
Hariri tries to calm tension along border
Demonstrators clash with police outside US Embassy
Kharrazi urges restraint, fears ‘Israeli provocation’
Cabinet approves plan to rescue EDL
Candidate alleges bias in election dispute
Grassroots campaign aims at boycotting US products
Children’s New medical center will ease burden for families
Lebanon News Roundup
April 12
Dozens injured as police and protestors clash in Lebanon demo
Powell comes face-to-face with grim Mideast reality
Facing restraints, fighting in S. Lebanon is carefully calculated campaign
Iran urges Lebanon border restraint
Arafat-Linked Group Claims Jerusalem Blast -Hizbollah
Hizbollah Attacks Israeli Posts During Powell Visit
Iran Urges Hezbollah-Israeli Calm On Lebanon Border
Powell to Visit Tense Israel-Lebanon Border
Beirut won’t default for now, Public finances at ‘critical stage’ 
Hizbullah’s captive-for-fighters swap offer to Israel still firm
Lahoud says Arabs should do more to help Palestinians
Official demands total municipal overhaul
Ain al-Hilweh demonstrators decry American bias
Iran FM calls for restraint on Lebanese-Israeli border
Iran FM meets Hezbollah chief amid calls for restraint
Hezbollah offensive followed Nasrallah-Assad meet - Haaretz
Israeli jets strike south Lebanon after guerrilla attack on Chebaa Farms
Hizbullah offers to trade Tannenbaum - Jpost
Beirut Daily Star withholds IHT due to pro-Israel advertisement
Hizbollah hostage offer
Hezbollah, Israel clash on border - Haaretz
Lebanon News Roundup
April 11
Lebanese newspaper owner risks jail over pro-Israel advertisement
Hizbollah asks Red Cross to mediate captive swap
Iran's FM calls for "restraint" on Lebanon-Israel border
Hizbollah, Israeli Troops Clash by Lebanon Border
"Phony war" on Israel-Lebanon border threatens to turn real
Lebanon's Daily Star withholds distribution of IHT over ad content
Syrian Intelligence Observers Evacuate Rmeileh
Gebran Tueni: 'Army Capable of Handling Border without Syrians'
Israeli warplanes overfly southern Lebanon
Hezbollah makes powerful statement with all-out attacks
Border militancy threatens security cooperation
Unions add another voice to Beirut demonstrations
2,500 women rally near US Embassy
Campaigners call for money, medicine to back intifada
Three Palestinan militant arrested in pocession of Katyushas
Hizbullah attacks border posts
Hizbullah barrages strike at North - Jpost
Hezbollah offers captured Israeli for Palestinians in Jenin - Haaretz
Cheney fails to secure Syrian promise to rein in Hezbollah - Haaretz
Fitch says Lebanon's public finances unsustainable
Lebanon blames S&P rating cut on Mideast tension
S&P cuts Lebanon long-term rating to B-minus
S&P cuts ratings on three Lebanese banks
Lebanon News Briefs
April 10
Hizbollah steps up attacks on northern border
Israel to continue policy of restraint
Israeli army denies Hezbollah seized post, says soldier injured in assault
Hizbollah offers to swap captive for Jenin gunmen
U.S., other countries seek end to violence along border
Fighting erupts on Israel/Lebanon border
Israel-Lebanon Border Fight Erupts
Lebanon border fight raises spectre of second front
Tension spikes again on Israeli-Lebanese border
Hezbollah's number two applauds Haifa suicide bombing
Lebanese, Palestinian women protest near US embassy in Lebanon
Cheney called Assad over possible widening Mideast conflict
U.S. Warns Syria Over Widening of Mideast Conflict
US, Russia, UN, EU demand respect for Israel-Lebanon divide
Fears of 'second front' in Lebanon
Violence flares along Israeli-Lebanon border
Hezbollah mounts attacks to back Palestinians, Israel strikes back
Hezbollah says it seized Israeli post in south Lebanon, destroyed tank
Mortars fired on northern Israel
Lebanese army arrests Palestinians for firing rockets on Israel
Hezbollah raise the bar: Shlomi, Ein Kinia hit
Hezbollah fires 4 Katyushas at Israeli nothern town
Eight Rockets fired on Israel from south Lebanon
Hizbullah launches more attacks in Shebaa Farms
Lahoud promises to act for Palestinians
Franjieh calls for halt to cross-border attacks
Hezbollah steps up Har Dov attacks
Hezbollah threatens Katyushas on Haifa if Israel attacks Lebanon
Students commemorate Deir Yassin in silent tribute
Jisr rejects claim of judicial bias
Lebanon News Briefs
April 9
Lebanese president calls for Israeli leaders to face World Court
Hezbollah fires mortor rounds, katyusha rockets at Israeli outposts
Hezbollah Renews Attacks on Troops
Hezbollah fires rockets, mortars at Israeli troops
Protesters take to streets across Lebanon against Israeli offensive
Hizbollah, Israel trade fire near Lebanese border
Lebanese ministry calls for action against US paper over pro-Israel ad
Israel wants U.S. pressure to stop Hizbollah
IDF positions on Har Dov come under attack, army returns fire
Lebanon protesters slam Israel, hail Iraq oil cut
Gunmen fire Katyusha rocket from south Lebanon
Fatah criticizes rocket attack on northern Israel
Lebanon border villagers live amid fear of escalation with Israel
Lebanon Says it Won't Open New Front
Hezbollah spiritual leader Fadlallah threatens missiles on Haifa
Seven Palestinian radicals face trial for firing on Israeli troops
Israeli-Lebanese border remains tense despite Lebanon assurances
Hezbollah tests Israeli nerves with cross-border attacks
Nasrallah: Action at front will not stop Sharon
Politicians warn against provoking Israel
Battle fears ‘possible escalation’
Hariri, Sfeir hold talks on economic situation
MP tells rally that leaders will fail Palestinians
Hizbullah continues attacks - Jpost
Lebanon News Briefs
April 8
Hezbollah fires rockets, Israel strikes back amid fears of "second front"
Three Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel
Mideast Border Shooting Raises Fear
Hezbollah Leader Warns Of Wider War
Israel and Lebanon ignore UN warning
Syrian envoy: Lebanon has no intention of opening new front
Lebanon, Palestinians reject Sharon's offer to meet Arab leaders
Nasrallah: Attacks in north to go on; shepherd hurt in Hezbollah strike
Lahoud: Sharon speech a manoeuvre to deceive internationalcommunity
Hariri, Patriarch Sfeir Make Peace
Troops mobilised for Lebanon border
Hezbollah makes new attack on Shebaa Farms, sparking Israeli response
Israel, hezbollah exchange heavy shelling, Israeli warplanes hit south
Hezbollah, Israel clash near Lebanese border
Fighting heats up as Israelis lash out after cross-border attacks
Seven soldiers wounded by Hezbollah, Palestinian fire
Israeli Minister: No Gaza, Lebanon Expansion
Israeli army shells south Lebanon, warplanes overfly border area
Syrian redeployment continues in Chouf
Israel launches airstrikes, artillery after guerrillas wound six soldiers
Israel holds back as north hit again
Israel decides on limited draft of senior reserve officers in north
Israel launches airstrikes, artillery after guerrillas wound six soldiers
Unity demonstration at UN House marred by divisions
Lebanon, Iraq sign bilateral free trade deal
Arab parliamentarians leave Berri disappointed
Lebanon News Briefs
April 7
Syria, Lebanon say they cannot control Hezbollah
Six Israeli soldiers wounded, one very seriously, in Hezbollah attacks
Army orders Israelis into bomb shelters along northern border
Border Israelis enter bomb shelters
U.N. urges restraint along Israel-Lebanon border
Tensions rise on Lebanon border
Lebanese guerrillas, Israeli troops exchange fire in south Lebanon
Hizbollah Attacks Israeli Troops Occupying Shebaa
Lebanon arrests four Palestinians over anti-Israeli attack
Iraq signs trade preference deal with Lebanon
Lebanese army cracks down on border gunmen
PFLP-GC threatens to attack Israel from southern Lebanon
Five wounded in Ghajar by Hezbollah fire
April 6
Katyushas fired from Lebanon on Israeli-controlled sector of Ghajar
Israel Hits Lebanon, Risks of Wider Conflict Mount
Army Stopping Palestinians from Torching Lebanon-Israel Frontier
Peacekeepers find 2 Katyushas near Israeli border
Syrians Evacuate Forward Lines Near Sidon
Israel Attacks Areas in Lebanon
Hizbollah Hits Israeli Border, Casualties Reported
Syria Redeploys Troops in Lebanon
Tensions simmer on Lebanese frontier
Syrian army redeploys from Lebanon's coast into interior
U.N. peacekeepers find two Katyusha rockets near Israeli border
Six Palestinians arrested in Lebanon as army steps up border presence
Israel Denies Shelling South Lebanese Territory
Syrian troop redeployment draws cautious praise
Officials join protesters to condemn siege of West Bank
Politicians and clerics unite in denouncing Sharon
Canadian envoy denies wave of immigration
Hizbullah denies that its men assaulted peacekeepers
Baghdad ‘committed’ to helping Lebanese economy
April 5
Syria, Lebanon will not send FM's to Arab League meeting in Cairo
Hizbollah denies its men attacked U.N. observers
Fresh fighting breaks out on volatile Lebanese-Israeli border
Hezbollah attacks Israeli posts in disputed Shebaa Farms
New Battles on Israel-Lebanon Border
Army detains Nine Palestinian guerrillas, sends troops to border
Hezbollah fires rockets, mortar shell at Har Dov, Mount Hermon
Lebanon Detains Nine Palestinians
Lahoud warns against new front on Israeli border
Lebanese army arrests Palestinians preparing to fire missiles
Hezbollah targets aircraft; Lebanon arrests six PFLP-GC men
Hezbollah accused of destabilization
War may spill into Lebanon
U.N. chief accuses Hezbollah of trying to destabilize border
Hariri doubts Israel will listen to Bush's call for West Bank pullout
Sfeir welcomes latest move from Damascus
President trumpets ‘success’ of Arab League summit
Politicians praise Syrian troop redeployment
Recession forcing young men to emigrate
Education sector joins in anti-Israeli protests
Government and ad industry agree on close cooperation
School as usual for Kfar Shuba kids defying Israeli threat
Syria's puzzling policy
Lebanon News Briefs
April 4
US embassies in Mideast warn of violent anti-American demonstrations
Thousands demonstrate in Arab states in support of Palestinians
U.N. chief condemns Hezbollah attack on unarmed U.N. observers
Annan Decries Attack On Observers, Peacekeepers In Lebanon
Hizbollah says it knows nothing of missile attack
Middle East today eerily parallels 1982 situation
Nine missiles fired from Lebanon on Israel: Police
Hezbollah resumes firing missiles at Israeli outposts
Israel's Sharon blames Syria, Iran for aiding Lebanese guerrillas
Sharon lashes out at Syria for Hezbollah attacks
Gebran Tueni Lauds Redeployment as a Sharon Wing Clipper
Hizbollah border hits on Israel might open new front
Syria Regroups its Army at Bekaa Salient this Week
Syrian Troops Extend Redeployment in Lebanon
Five U.N. troops injured in scuffle with Hezbollah
Iraqi vice president arrives in Beirut to sign trade agreement
Hizbollah Border Hits on Israel Might Open New Front
Lebanon border tensions raise second front fear
Threat grows of second front in Lebanon
Syrian troops begin second redeployment in less than a year
Troops move 'does not signal tension'
Hizbullah fire wounds Israeli soldier
Protesters clash with security forces on anti-American march
Lahoud drives forward with Arab Peace Initiative
Bishops condemn Israeli attacks
MPs back Berri in hard-line stance on intifada
Poor image dogs relations between East and West
Beiruties demonstrate for Palestinians
Capital shops close doors in support of Arafat
Beirut worried by Hezbollah attacks - Haaretz
Syrian army planning to redeploy in Lebanon - Haaretz
Hezbollah trying to provoke Israel; soldier injured in attack - Haaretz
Hizbullah fires Katyushas at North - Jpost
Court document: Ron Arad had operation in Lebanese hospital - Haaretz
Israeli Cabinet debating tension on Lebanon border - Haaretz
Lebanon News Briefs
April 3
Syria moves troops in Lebanon after Israeli warning - AFP
Israeli warplanes attack Lebanon after renewed clashes - AP
Lebanon border nears crisis point - Csmonitor
Syrian Army to Exit Central Lebanon - AP
Syrian troops set for Lebanese border - Telegraph
Syrian army in Lebanon to make new redeployment - AFP
Syria to move troops in Lebanon to Syrian border - Reuters
Lebanon army detains Palestinians for firing on Israel: security sources
Lebanon police, protesters clash near U.S embassy
Lebanon asks Hezbollah to avoid escalation on northern border
Lebanon parliament slams US bias
Israel, Hezbollah Trade Mortar Fire
Israel urges U.N. to warn Syria, Lebanon of `alarming consequences'
New Israeli-Hezbollah shelling raises Mideast tensions further
Russian Foreign Ministry warns Israel and Lebanon to practice restraint
Israeli airman missing since 1986 had operation in Lebanese hospital
Hezbollah guerrilla killed on "war duty:" statement
Israeli army fires rockets on southern Lebanon
Hezbollah hits Shebaa outposts again: Diplomats warn of heavy Israeli response if tensions result in casualties
Lahoud wades into regional crisis
Christians drop animosity to voice empathy for Palestinians
AUB students protest Israeli attacks
Media condemns Israel’s Ramallah ‘blackout’ tactics
Clerics meet to demand tougher response to Jewish state
Qabbani: Israel will carry on aggression
Landmark trade deal between Lebanon and Iraq expected
Lebanon News Briefs
April 2
Israeli jets attack suspected Hezbollah positions in south Lebanon - AP
Israel Warns Neighbors Over Hizbollah, Italy Says - Reuters
Hezbollah fires missiles at IDF outposts in Har Dov - Haaretz
Hizbollah Fires on Israeli Posts in Shebaa Farms - Reuters
Israel raids south Lebanon after Hezbollah attack - AFP
Israel Shells Disputed Lebanon Border Zone - Reuters
Hezbollah Fires Katyusha Rocket Into Israel
Katyusha on Kiryat Shmona, 2 Air Squadrons With Tactical Warheads
Tensions along Lebanese border are ‘very scary’
Assad loosens his grip on Hezbollah
Lebanon PM to meet Bush this month: report
UNIFIL: Palestinians tried to infiltrate from Lebanon
Hizbullah urges support for Palestinians
Protesters take to streets in day of rage
Refugees’ anger reaches boiling point
Arab street united in grief
Lahoud lobbies world opinion on behalf of Palestinians
MP says break-in was attempt to intimidate Qornet Shehwan
Lebanon News Briefs
April 1
Bush: Iran, Iraq, Syria Aid Terror
U.S. Man Linked to Hezbollah
Israel DM contacts Syria, Lebanon amid border fire-fight
Arab chair Lebanon condemns world silence and US stance
Leading Shi'ite cleric OKs female suicide bombers
DFLP asks Arab states to open their borders to Palestinian fighters
Palestinian refugees vow worldwide strikes if Israel harms Arafat
Israel comes under new pressure from Lebanese militia
Palestinian refugee doctors, nurses protest in Lebanon
Israel Minister Warns of Retaliation
Israel's defense minister warns of escalation on northern border
Gunmen Fire on Israeli Border Post with Lebanon

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